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  1. JustinLFC

    Hello i'm Justin

    Thanks everyone. Thanks i love Graphic Designing, as for people been rude i rather no mention names/staff names, no point in making drama.
  2. JustinLFC

    Hello i'm Justin

    Thanks for the welcome yeah it seems lovely though i have ran in to some really rude people sadly but anyhow not let them get in the way
  3. JustinLFC

    Hello i'm Justin

    Hi there I'm Justin (JustinLFC) i will keep this short and sweet. I'm a Liverpool support as you can tell lol, my hobbies are graphic designing and playing FMM. I am still fairly new here and still exploring the site. I also had huge plans here too as i was ment to be working under Kyle as a Graphic Designer i learnt quite alot from him. As things have changed i am not sure what will be happening. I hope to get involved with the Community here. Oh is there any LFC Supporters here? Thanks Justin.
  4. I will most likely buy it so i can do graphics content.
  5. JustinLFC

    Difficult Time - Stepping Down as staff

    A real HUGE loss to the site, this has really shocked me as we had plans to work together. In any case i wish you the very best and all goes well for you. May i ask why you are stepping down?
  6. JustinLFC

    Howdy, I'm Mcandrew003

    How come some people here are so rude? All i see is H.
  7. JustinLFC

    In game editor

    I get it to check players stars and also move players as transfers go ahead.
  8. JustinLFC

    Site Upgrade

    Great job guys liking the new look.
  9. I think Scotland would be better so we could go up against England as a rival
  10. JustinLFC

    FmmVibe - Season 1

    Shame i missed the signup maybe next time interesting to watch though. well done kyle.
  11. JustinLFC

    How Fast Is 20 Pace?

    interesting read well done
  12. i love the icons and i can not wait for the champions league skin