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  1. Yeah that is right...frustated by the fact that i sold him and just move on...
  2. That is a good question...i was facing a dilemma as i was forced to chose between using silva as dybala's strike partner ( which i've tried but didnt came to a fruition ), use him as a super-sub ( like how Morata was at Real last season ), or sold him on a nice profit...i ended up choosing the last one because he was a great player, i don't want his development to stall...i'd be better off watching him banging the goals from afar as he made a name for himself in football, sorry if he was a favourite of yours....
  3. REVIVAL ~ An A.C MILAN CAREER Season 2 has begun...And this time it's to be going to be a more interesting season than the last one...I'm hoping that this time it will be our season to season to shine, and from the picture you could sense what has happened in the summer that has passed....right??...if not then lets this show on the road, shall we?!But first the objective for season 2 and that is : - Reach QUARTER-FINALS of UCL!! - Win the League!! Now it's time to start Season 2....so without further a due lets hop on into it!! 1 ) TRANSFERS 2 ) COMPETITIONS A : DOMESTIC B : EUROPE VERDICT : A Solid 1st half of the season...But we're not done yet, there's even tougher challenge ahead of us, so we can't be ahead of ourselves just yet...but overall good 1st half of the season i'd say.... And before i close this update...i just to tell you guys about our marquee signing, Dybala, missing out by a whisker to Marquinhos, who in the end won Ballon D'Or...still great moment for Dybala.... Anyway please...STAY TUNED...
  4. REVIVAL ~ An A.C MILAN CAREER Season 1 : End Of Season With the 1st season set to a close, let's review how we have been doing in our quest for glory....!! 1 ) TRANSFERS 2 ) RESULTS 3 ) ACHIEVEMENTS A.TIM CUP THROPY B.SUPERCOPPA THROPY C.CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FOOTBALL....FINALLLY VERDICT : All in all...its a great debut season for us...Lets hope we can continue this form we are in to the next season...Season 2 will be out in the next few hours...so until then..... STAY TUNED....
  5. Nah....i did play em a few times, and boy i his value is just fearsome £62 million value right after a free transfer...
  6. REVIVAL ~ A.C MILAN CAREER Season 1 : Midway Point 1 ) TRANSFERS 2 ) COMPETITIONS 3 ) GOLDEN BOOT RACE VERDICT : It's been great so far...but i believe we can do better, as January looms, it is time to step up our efforts a gear and beat Juve to the throne of Serie A, can we do it.....for that, pleasee... STAY TUNED.....
  7. Thanks guys for the interest!! Yes...made a view update to it aswell..moved neymar to PSG
  8. HelloVibers...Welcome to my first Article here at the Vibe, here i'm going to test myself to go on an adventure as i ( aswell as you guys! ) try to bring back one of the slumbering giants of european football...and from the title you can already guess who they are...It's.... Yup...that's right A.C Milan!! BACKSTORY : It's been long since the day where the San Siro was once a ground where people would rejoice upon seeing their heroes of football taking some of the best teams in the world and competing for thropies far and wide...it is a rare comodity in it by itself nowadays...But with the takeover by the chinese investors completed and the way they have spent in their quest for glory, there is a sense of hope that burns through the veins of every Milan fans out there....Can A.C Milan be the champions they once were...?! So with that being said here is our objectives for SEASON 1: - QUALIFY FOR THE EUROPA OR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE So as we enter the season with High Expectations, can we rise up to the CHALLENGE or will we buckle under the PRESSURE...Only time will tell, but until then... STAY TUNED...
  9. That's okay...i'm hoping it to be a blockbuster ending to the season...lets wait and see
  10. Allegri on the form of Warlock Utd : "You know, it is not the position we want to be in, no one likes to be at mid-table, but we have a good season so far, there's 5 matches to go, we still have a shot at champions league playoffs, you never know, i'm optismistic we can break through to the top 5"
  11. Massimiliano Allegri on Failed Tranfer Attempts : "Of course it is frustating to fail because it's not good for the players and the club as a whole...but i hope this can change quickly...i know Roga can bring the deals i want"