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  1. One more thing, does your regen like number 7 @kyan91?
  2. Look at my screenshots, Cox and Ronaldo have same physical attributes, leadership, postions, left and right foot. Regan Cox: And Ronaldo I also check some of Cox's hidden attributes like consitency, important match, free-kick, corner, flair, ... (using hex editor) and there are matched with Ronaldo. Look at the screenshots below: Highlight are Cox's consitency, aggression, big match, injury prone, leadership, versatility, free-kick and corner Same as Ronaldo Neither Crough nor Mandzukic are good set-piece takers. So i think this is exactly Ronaldo's regen but imperfect version.
  3. No, he is Cristiano Ronaldo's clone and he appears in every save. If you sign him, another one will be recreated 😂
  4. I just wonder why this game regenerates many youngsters whose technical attribute is 20 but other attributes are all red? How can a player who has very good technique but can't shoot, pass or dribble?
  5. KaitoLee

    FMM19 Bug List

    I bought Manager's son in store, then saved and closed the game. Then I reopened and continued to play until 9 months later in-game but I didn't see any boy. If SI doubts my fertility, please returns the money I paid :(
  6. KaitoLee

    FMM19 Bug List

    I'm using Samsung A8+ (2018)
  7. KaitoLee

    FMM19 Bug List

    My "Edit" button is covered by the "Offer Non-Playing Role" option -__-!