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  1. All Hail the Kings Leeds United, they used to be a really dominating and a top level club in the 90s, however after some ownership and manager changes they saw their downfall happen. So here I will be doing two Parallel careers , In one I will be using Sugar Daddy cheat so that I can buy Football Meastros like C.Ronaldo, L.Messi, E.Hazard, G.Bale, S.Aguero, L.Suarez, ETC. and in one save I will be using no cheats and try to conquer the EPL title by first getting Promoted and winning other trophies. So i need some suggestion, I will be playing in 4-4-2 Attack Formation.And I already have sugar daddy on, so budget isn't really a problem, I am going to put up a total new team. I sold all the Leeds players and somehow got €45.75m. + Sugar Daddy.So now the thing is that I will only be having upto 25 players in the team. So what all players should I sign for the following positions. #1 GK - Neuer (Bought for €57m) #2 DC {Who should I sign} Need to be a young one as I don't really see him as a first choice CB. #3 DC - Pique - (Bought for €59.5m) #4 DC - Ramos - (Bought for €62m) #5 DL/R - #6 MC (Defensive) - Pogba (€92m) #7 AML - C.Ronaldo (€125m) #8 MC (Playmaker) {Who should I sign} #9 SC 【First Choice Striker】 {Who should I sign} #10 AMC/SC - L.Messi (€135m) #11 AMR {Who should I sign) #12 DL - Marcelo (€67m) #13 GK 【Second Choice GK】 Courtois #14 SC 【Second Choice ST after #10 & #9】 #15 DR Carvajal (€55m) #16 DMC Casemiro (€52m) #17 AMR (Who to sign?) - Not first choice #18 DC (Who to sign) - Limited Def/ Back Up #19 MC Modric (€72m) #20 SC (Who to sign?) Back Up #21 DR/L (Who to sign?) Second choice after Carva or Marcelo #22 AML/R ( Who to sign?) BACK UP WINGER #23 AMC (Who to sign?) Back Up attacking mid after #10) #24 DMC (Who to sign?) Back Up #25 GK (who? - Youngster) 3rd choice. So those at back up and third choice i don't really want. High level player as they might find less playing time then those first choice so just either some youngsters or a player who doesn't exactly play very often. Thank you, will be seeing the suggestions and then update the game and posts
  2. U shud buy Cornelius, Odegaard, Jorgensen, Pohj, they are indeed some good players
  3. Honestly I wont like to see Neymar leave Barcelona altho I am a Madridista. See Neymar had made his image as a Barca god, that MSN line has been dominating around and against BBC but this will be broken soon and I won't really be happy bout it, at PSG Di Maria and Moura will get under Neymars Shadow. Alves, T.Silva, Moura might be happy bout it, but I don't really think Di Maria, Kurzawa, Pastore or Cavani will be as Neymar might be gettin too much attention. Also I do have a bad feeling bout Neymar that he might not be what he was a at Barcelona, Di Maria + Cavani + Neymar (DCN/NCD/NDC/CND/DNC etc.) Might not really be a good line
  4. Okay so most of the guys follow a club as they live in the same city the club has been founded in, or else the club they follow has a large fan base due to a good commercial image. So clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, A.C Milan, Juventus etc. Have a good commercial or market image making them more famous then others, tho they also had a great success in conquering titles, but sometimes they too are not exactly what they should be for example of course Leicester City did something what none of us wud have heard of. Now which club u shud follow is on to u, of course the clubs stated will always get ur more attention due to their image, but if u are really a good football enthusiast like most of the other FMH players then u shud follow clubs like Middleborough, Leeds, Watford, West Ham, Norwich City, MK Dons, Hartepool, Ipswich, Huddersfield in England; Mallorca, Zaragoza, Osasuna, UCAM, Las Palmas, R.Sociedad, Cartagena in Spain; Fiorentina, Spezia, Pescara, Empoli, Palermo, Verona, Torino, Genoa in Italy; Stade Renneis, Saint Etienne, Auxerre, Caen, Amiens, Angers on France and alot of but all depends on u. I will surely advice u to follow R.Madrid,as me being a Madridista however thats an obvious club to follow so follow Mallorca, it is an excellent club with great players
  5. RIP Bradley, for a tribute I have already started a Sunderland Career, with Editing a Player as Bradley Lowery, unfortunately his age had tob3 over 15c uso I decided to make him a 16 year old Attacking Mid, with ability to play as a striker too and decent enough on the flanks. Had his stats copiedx from that of Jermain Defoe (offcourse, why not), already halfway through the season, Bradley has been decent (12 Goals in 28 appreances) and have started getting offers from other English Clubs (Value now (12-Jan-2017) at €3.5m, season start (€975k) (Stats upgraded like Shooting, Positining, Movement, Strength etc)(Offers from Man. City, Stoke, Swansea and Everton)
  6. Rashford, he is young and might have a great potential. U can then play other strikers who are good but have age over 27
  7. Wow so Sporting Lisbon now, They have good defence, Gotta Play Attack specially Wings, Chamberlain, Sanchez and Wacott are der rite?
  8. Did it with Mallorca (Resigned Asensio), Defeated F.C Barcelona in Copa Del Rey Final and Real Madrid in Champions League. Got full points - 114 (won 38 matches) GD - 92, GA -27. Well I had some good players. But only after 5 years at the club it was possible. But after that year almost all my players left including Asensio (Back to Real Madrid for €67m)
  9. Thanks all of you, have decided to give a try to Schalke and Cardiff City in two different saves. Have been searching the web bout both the clubs and knowing who all are the players there and whom should I allow to depart and sign. At Schalke; Goretzka (Interests by Bayern, Man. City, Atletico and Real Madrid), Bentaleb (Wolfsburg, Juventus, AC Milan), Insua (R.Sociedad, Valencia, Inter Milan), Howedes (F.C Barcelona, Man. United), Burgstaller (Hannover, PSV, Fiorentina), Konoplyanka (Sevilla, Atletico, Chelsea) and Meyer (Chelsea, Man. United, Real Madrid ) are wanted by Elite clubs. Whom should I sell and who should I stop. Meyer wanted a move to Atletico who offered me €37m but I rejected and he is not quite happy about it. Have Decided to sign some gome young Striker (Poacher/Trequarista) and a Central Defender (Ball Playing). Whom should I sign??
  10. I'd always Suggest Scavenge Dutch clubd like Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord or go up in Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden, Norway) they have some cool young players. Anyway goodluck, looking forward to more of your Arsenal stories.
  11. Hello, Vibers. This is my first time playing FMM. My cousin brother plays this, and I only play FIFA or PES type games. So he suggested me to play this and god I loved it. Unfortunately he is in college now and I don't really have any one for guidance in the game, so he referred me here on this website "fmmvibe". So right now I know that fmm18 is gonna be out in about 2-3 months (as stated by my cousin). But it's my first time playing Fmm17, so i wanted to ask which Team to manage, I mean obviously I know that Elite Clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man U, Chelsea etc. Are available to manage, but I want to manage a decent club. So off course preferences are:- 1. Club in England/Spain/Germany/France 2. Most should be young players or totally old (plz specify if they have young or old) so that I can loan them or sell them respectively and buy new players. 3. Have a decent budget (In millions off course) 4. Many players wanna leave (don't exactly know whether there is a club like that) 5. Should have more then 45% Domestic Players. (11/12) I have sugar daddy unlocked, thanks to cuz. But I don't exactly wanna use it as, With it even Middlesbrough or even Carlisle will be able to Afford Cristiano Ronaldo. So yeah plz suggest me some good clubs with preferences stated above.
  12. Wow, Selling Giroud to Milan , Tho u got a good Replace . Lacazatte is here. For youngsters , I would suggest Youri Tielemans, Theo Bongonda, Haschim Mastour, Alper Ademoglu, Enes Unal, Siebe Schi...., Richairo Zivkovic, Zakkaria Bakkali, Ruben Neves, Jesus Vallejo, Ruben Vezo, Martin Odegaard, Joe Gomez, Reece James, Josh Murphy or Jacob Murphy Kudos, Good Luck. Go for the Gunners. Also try not to spend very much, stick to the Arsenal Culture of spending too much ?