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  1. Chrisbhoy88

    World League

    Do i have to back up my original files before moving these in case I want to go back to original leagues again ?
  2. This is my 1st year playing football manager mobile! Im loving it but can someone please explain how player regens work and how to find them? Also how long after a player retires does there regen get released ? Appreciate everyones help and advice Thanks
  3. Chrisbhoy88

    Fmm 2019 eme (youth)

    Thanks for your reply. The only thing with that is you can't see there potential stars though so when manually searching you still have to scout each individual player ? Is that correct ?
  4. I'm new to fmm and looking for tips on scouting youth players! Do you all select any specific country's to send scouts too? And is it just your luck of your scout comes back with good potential players ? Also whats best to do for bronze and silver scouts .. release them and buy in a gold or put them through an exam ?
  5. Chrisbhoy88

    FMM 2017 ARSENAL

    Thanks for your reply, I've started season now and signed dybala & Grimaldo. Playing a 4231. Going to get a GK after 1st season then I need to find a decent box to box CM that will be happy to be a rotation player!
  6. Chrisbhoy88

    Help FMM 2017 ARSENAL

    Hi I am new to mobile football manager. I want to start a career with arsenal. I don't have the editor or sugar daddy so can anyone help with some tips please. 1. Who i should sign? 2. Who to sell? 3. Whats the best formation and tactics to use? Thanks