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  1. Yeah, I only posted on him because I hadn't seen anything on the 2018 forum. He was on the wonderkid list for 2017, but I guess he aged out, and I worried people would miss him.
  2. It's so weird, it's always a different number, have gotten him as low as 2, and as high as 12.
  3. Maybe I'll do a proper iScout later on this guy with some screenshots, but I wanted to just sing his praises for a minute. I sign him in every save as soon as I can afford it. He plays for Maccabi Tel-Aviv, and is in every combination of loaded leagues I have ever had. He ranges between 4-5 stars when I've check him on the IGE, and starts with a 14 in leadership so he's a great captain for a LL squad. It will cost you about 7-10mil to purchase him right off the bat, however, I just bought him in July 2019 when my El Ejido team got promoted to La Liga for a cool 2mil (!!!). He develops into a lights out keeper that can be your #1 for years until your Buffon/De Gea/Julio Caesar regen is ready for prime time. Seriously, sign him in every save, you'll make a profit later at worst, but I'm betting that after putting him between the pipes for a while you'll grow attached to this beautiful Serbian brick wall.
  4. I want to love MLS (and I have a save like 6 years in, so I do play it), but the problem is that you quickly "max out". I've ended up with a budget similar to PSG's at Atlanta United (no Sugar Daddy) by buying cheap South Americans and selling them after a few years for a massive profit, all while winning everything except the Club World Cup every single year (won Club World Cup a couple of times, but tough luck against the top teams sometimes). I like England a lot. Currently taking my first foray into La Liga with El Ejido. Just got promoted, and I sold some players to get a nice little budget. We'll see how it goes.
  5. One thing I have noticed is that the tactic as a whole is most effective with a AP who has BBM stats, especially Aerial. If you just have one guy in that CM spot, he needs to be strong and capable of winning headers.
  6. He definitely performs well. I also do well with the DF, but I was able to sneak the Diego Forlan regen onto my team, so the DF is more talented than most available.
  7. Okay, can I just say I love this formation? Lots of success here with a few tweaks. After getting El Ejido promoted to La Liga 123, I started getting hammered. Switched to Counter Narrow Balanced Line, Sit Back, Normal Tackling (turn on Commited at the very end of a tight game) Lots of success again, against teams I'm not favored against. @kts365 this is great stuff, new formations to tweak helps keep the game fresh for me, so thanks so much for posting.
  8. Hmm, so it looks like I'm at least sort of right. My biggest concern with committed is that I seem to get quite a few red cards or at least double yellow when I'm managing lower leagues. I'm sure that the quality of players has a massive impact in the ratio of cards to successful tackles.
  9. So, I've been playing around with a few tactics using a high line and all over closing down, and while most of the tactics I've seen here call for Committed or Normal tackling, I'm experimenting with Cautious tackling. Here's my logic: If we have a defense that it intended to be closing down on the ball anywhere on the pitch, and playing a high line with offside trap, would it not make sense to be cautious in our tackling, instead focusing on maintaining defensive shape and cutting off passing lanes? I could be completely off base, but it makes sense to me. Anyone already done these experiments?
  10. Will try with El Ejido. Thanks for sharing. EDIT: Lots of cards, but winning so far and scoring a LOT. Switched from Slambo's LL Tactic. Both are effective, Might use them in rotation.
  11. Love the tactic, always have. Out of curiosity, since this is your 1k tactic, designed to funnel through the striker, if you were aiming to simply score as much as possible, what would you change? Just turn off work into box? Thanks!
  12. I have used all sorts of strikers as CF, and some may have trouble, but try them out anyway. If they do struggle, switch to AF. If they still struggle, switch to Poacher. If they still aren't scoring, buy a new player. (credit for that strategy to @BatiGoal)
  13. It's EME, I've only used it since the update, so I don't know how it was previously, but it's a very good tactic.
  14. Working nicely with York so far. Thanks for your hard work!
  15. Would also be interested in seeing results screenshots. Tried with York and it went... poorly. Perhaps I just didn't have the right players for it, but this doesn't look like something that would work very well, and thus far with York, it's giving up just as many goals as Rami's Heavy Metal, and scoring about half as often.