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  1. akbrim

    FMM 19

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES I hate trying to send out my 15-19 year old wonderkids out on loan. I want to train them myself, but still get them time. Once they're good enough to be a dominant lower league player, but not quite good enough to crack my squad, THEN loan makes sense, but when my Red Star FC team brings up the next Giroud, I want him learning how to grow his beard in MY facilities, not wasting his youth getting kicked around a 2nd division dump.
  2. Mentality and shape. It's a theory of mine that the AI might not be smart enough to adjust to what you change to mid-game, that it just learns from your starting formation. When I start on Balanced mentality and width, the AI starts defensive and narrow almost every time, and I can change asap to Attacking/Wide.
  3. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you enjoy good game design), the AI seems to adapt to just about anything, so just about any tactic will begin to decay very quickly. Most of my success has come with a 4-2-3-1 with IFs. Rotating AP-Treq in the AM spot, and AP/DLP/CM in the midfield. One easy way to be sneaky and keep the AI from learning your tactic is to start the game Balanced all the way on your shape, and immediately change after the game starts based on what you see from the AI. All in all, it's a good game design, keeping the player from just plugging in the same tactic season after season.
  4. Unfortunately like most post update tactics, this one flamed out hard after about a season. *shrug* Back to the drawing board.
  5. This is a very effective tactic. Only change I made is FB instead of WB. Didn't notice a drop in goals, and far less leaky.
  6. Just saw that there is a sale on FMM18 for $3.99 on the Play Store. I'm sure everybody here has it already, but if you've got friends you're trying to recruit, now's a great time to get it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sigames.fmm2018
  7. akbrim

    Work Permit Unlockable

    This exactly. Also, with Man City, you can do the Transfer unlockable at the same time. Just list Aguero, Sterling and KDB, make as much as you can, keep selling if it doesn't unlock, all while signing free 30+ year olds with 20+ caps. Just make sure that the player you sign requires a permit, if you don't get the message "Billy Bob Vasquez's signing has been delayed due to work permit" you aren't getting credit toward the achievement. Just cancel the signing if the message doesn't pop up. Only takes about 15 minutes to unlock both.
  8. akbrim

    DutchTony's 3-3-4 EME

    Thanks for posting, I love 3 at the back tactics. Never had any use for FBs. Messing around with it on the new update, with Run at Defense turned on, seems beastly.
  9. So, after reading a few opinions I decided to try setting Creative Freedom to Disciplined for derby day. In what I'm going to refer to as the Merseyside Massacre, the boys in red put on a show:
  10. Sorry, I wasn't disparaging Arsenal, I've just never used them, so I don't have any opinion whatsoever on their tactics.
  11. The longest I've had him was 6 years with Atlanta, never had any issues (he was my captain).
  12. 👍 I agree that it doesn't look correct on the tactic page, but using the extended highlights option, I think you'll see where I'm coming from. To be honest, I really don't have a clue how this would work with Arsenal personnel. Thanks for trying it!
  13. Just occurred to me that my prices are in US Dollars, so that might be the difference.
  14. Perhaps you might just post a shadow striker tactic to get Rooney one last ride? Can't we all have a little fun? What's wrong with posting a tactic that's completely different from any other 4-3-3 on the site? Blah, first time I've seen a post get shit on and of course it's mine.
  15. With the February transfer update out, I was dying to start a new Liverpool save with a tactic that better reflected what I think I'm seeing when I watch Klopp's tactics. Note, I started this with what I thought I was seeing, and adjusted to get better results. It's a little odd shaped, but I think it makes sense. Here's the tactic: Nobody embodies a DF quite like Bobby Firmino. Hard working, can score, but a selfless passer and relentless on the press. I struggled with the role for Salah, but I think I'm settled on AF. You can try IF for yourself, but I found I got more of the long through balls to put pressure on the back line with the AF role. Mane is played a bit closer to midfield than Salah, again, the role is a struggle, but I've gotten the best results with him as a Winger, rather than the suggested IF, or even the more accurate AP role based on how he's been playing lately. The Midfield 3 looks really weird, but let me explain. Based on what I'm seeing, you've got one man (Ox, Lallana, Gini) playing more advanced, but willing to track back if needed, one guy patrolling the middle (Can, Milner, Gini, or in this save, Goretzka, since I got outbid on Keita) and assisting in both attack and defense, and one guy playing deeper (Hendo, Can) where he can help play the ball out of the back. The roles reflect the discipline that is being required due to the freedom given the front 3. I found that AP/BWM or BBM/DLP leaked goals, and failed to maintain possession even against lesser opponents. AM/CM/DM staggered and offset gives coverage to each level, and makes sure that the heroes are the guys up front. Wing Backs bombing forward is an obvious choice, as is BPD, and given Karius' penchant for coming out, SK is the choice. Attacking is the choice, although I will often switch to Control once I have a lead. Wide because we want space to be creative and get good coverage all over the pitch. Expressive because I refuse to stifle Bobby, Sadio and the Egyptian God. EDIT: I'm experimenting with Disciplined, to some pretty good results, you might give it a try. Defense feels obvious, although sometimes the Offside Trap can be problematic if the wrong tactic is used by the opponent. I felt that Through Balls was a must for this tactic, as well as Overlap, which meant finding the right setting for our middle option. I feel like I've gotten the best results with Work Into Box, but I've tried SoS and none as well. Your mileage may vary. Short passing for possession, Short GK Dist so we get those line-breaking Van Dijk passes. Here's my last 3 games (the only one's I have recorded so far with this EXACT tactic, personnel rotated a bit in the midfield and defense): Still early in the season, so there's some more time for IT to work, but I like the results so far. Hopefully we'll get a little better at finishing our chances. Please let me know how this works for you. You'll Never Test Your Tactic Alone!