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  1. It worked okay, but leaked goals and had trouble with fitness. Trying something now with 2 Forwards and 3 AM (AP-SS-AP) and no pressing that's working a little better for me. The concept is good, I just didn't care for the way my players executed it.
  2. Really dumb question here. On Android: The zip file contains a folder, which contains all of the images. Should the images themselves be in the "faces" directory, or the folder containing the images? Thanks!
  3. Chat 9.0.4 on Android

    Roger that. It's a tiny little detail, and I almost felt bad bringing it up
  4. Chat 9.0.4 on Android

    I'm not really having huge issues with giving up goals, but then I'm using a balanced line, falling back, with cautious tackling and a short passing control setup. My one big gripe with the game at the moment is simple and easy to fix. Atlanta United moved into their big giant "Mercedes-Benz Stadium" in the middle of the year, and even in 2020, I'm still stuck having to see Bobby Dodd Stadium as their home. MBS has a capacity of 45k, expandable to 72k, and I'd love to see this adjusted just for immersion's sake. That being said, love the game so much, have poured way too much time into it, and I want to thank you folks for your hard work.
  5. Will try this in MLS, thanks.
  6. I'm not even talking about regens specifically, there are just so many players in the SA leagues that scout out as 3.5-5 star vs MLS roster. It's really not hard to find attackers specifically to build depth that can be worked in and sold to lower tier Europe for a tidy profit. Edit: But yes, you're dead on, there are always cheap regens in SA
  7. So, I'm a couple years into my ATL career, and I've noticed it's almost way too easy to build/win if you just scout out South American youth and build them up. No work permits needed, so you can scoop up talent that can't get into England yet, they do fine in MLS even at 17-18 years old, then they sell for 4-6 times what you paid in a few years. Anyone else had success this way?
  8. Or we might assume that you made a small typing error in a vast, expansive, beautifully researched article that provided us with useful information free of charge with no benefits to yourself other than the thanks of the readers and we'd overlook it. Then again, we might make a snide remark, then follow it up with more ungrateful responses. It would depend on how dense we were.
  9. I think what he's saying is that your ungrateful nitpicking is way more annoying to the rest of us readers than the original mistakes.
  10. Chat regens time of generation?

    It's usually a few months after the player disappeared from the game. I've noticed some come in at odd times if they're in a league that's not playable. I usually do my regen search a few days into July. Most leagues take entry from June 24th through about July 4th.
  11. Chat Regens

    I've found Robbie Keane and Carvalho so far. Seems the same to me.
  12. Chat Update 9.0.3

    Teams like Tampa Bay and New York Cosmos. When I'm on the 2nd team screen with Atlanta United, sorting by appearances, none of my loan players have appearances with any teams in the US but not MLS unless they were in a US Cup match. I would also really love to know the behavior associated with Second Team, ie, does the game simulate match time for the reserve team if they are not loaned out, or is it treated the same as not playing on the First Team. Thanks for the response!
  13. I bumped my payroll budget up to 30+mil and bought a couple more South Americans, including Vinicius Junior for 10.5mil. Already turned down 20mil offer for Villalba, and 9mil offer for my English striker: I late subbed him in a bunch of games just to keep him active.
  14. Awesome stuff here guys. Great job! Ochs was a favorite of mine in FMM17, and McKennie just scored in his first US Senior cap, so it's cool to see them here.
  15. Chat Update 9.0.3

    Not sure if this is a good place to ask, but since devs are here... Playing in MLS, when you loan list a player, the only teams that respond are generally teams with no fixtures, thus a few months goes by with no appearances. (Maybe I'm just unlucky) Also, it's unclear what being on the Second Team does, ie do they play as a reserve team? It would be very helpful to know exactly how MLS Second Teams work, as right now, I'm unclear as to how to develop my youngsters without starting them in the first team.