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  1. Send me your changes.txt file to see what is wrong
  2. Not delete, overwrite...you must read, read and read. If is correct to delete, i will write delete, but i write OVERWRITE
  3. Maybe he was on free and Fiorentina buy him...im not sure, i must tested. He is put proper in Juventus, you can see in changes.txt "PLAYER" "Mattia" "De Sciglio" "A.C. Milan" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Juventus"
  4. If you read all posts, you can find reason. I can't explain again.
  5. Not only Turkish, i didn't make all transfers of any of leagues. Im making this for my enjoying. Who can better have chance to make.
  6. Yes he is in PSG, all of your problems is problem with your android. Changes file is so simple to be failed or something. Sorry u have problem.
  7. I was uploaded DATABASE file again and new version of changes.txt (problem with some transfers is same)
  8. Boateng, Bobadilla, Guardado... and many players you can see your free transfer players. Some of players can't be free, some of them can't transfered in new team Emre Mor etc... When you start australian league, i see all transfers from changes.txt
  9. This is problem with your game. Everything working correctly.
  10. Do u know reading? If you know, please read article....when i put new updated...etc... if you don't sorry isn't my problem....
  11. I will put database on wetransfer again 06.09.
  12. Pepe and Danilo is now correct, have some mistake with full name of this players. Everything will be ok in next version
  13. Belhanda, Gomis, Fernando, Ndiaye are already in Galatasaray Maicon not exist in database Asamoah not signed yet (last offer Galatasaray send tonight for Asamoah) added 0 minutes later Not confirmed yet
  14. link for new version is below with name changes.txt