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  1. Well done. It s impressive what you have achieved until now.
  2. Not yet because I have to found a tactic that suits this three players with the rest of the team. It s not a France or England.
  3. Season 2 Transferes in Transfers Out Betfred Cup Scotish Cup League Champions League EuroSuperCup Fixtures The surprise Ireland National International Goals European Championship The match against France will be played in the next season but I think i m noit going to pass in this group. Unfortunettly i draw against Albania. International Goals Note: Adam idah had already a goal when I pick up the irland national team so it wount count that goal. as you can see this goals were a bonus on a season with many injuries and yet they raise the bar. Total goals So now I have to do the maths Cassidy Total goals season 2: 34 + 4 International goals = 38 total Goals overall: 38 + 28 = 66 goals Idah Total goals season 2: 29 + 16 International goals = 45 goals total Goals overall: 43 + 45= 88 goals Parrot Total goals season 2: 34 + 14 International goals = 48!goals total Goals overall: 30 + 48= 78 Goals A season that I can thankx to Ireland national team for this number of goals of each one but I know I can do better. Thank you for the reading
  4. Great job with unusal players
  5. Season 1 The players Transfers in Transfers Out Betfred Cup Scotish Cup League First in the league but I can do better in next seasons Champions League Awful champions in a hard group EuroCup Wasn’t expecting to win this competition. Fixtures A lot of draws and losts so I hope I can do better next season Total goals: Cassidy - 28 goals Idah - 43 goals Parrot - 30 goals my first season is ended with mixed feelings but I know with time my boys are gonna get better. Thank you for the readings and the posts.
  6. Yea the lack of matches in Portuguese league or a possible lesion may ruin the gold but I know if someone can do it it’s you. good luck
  7. Thank you mate. Next I will update with the first season. I had the day off so I run on the first season.
  8. I was almost to buy that one Instead of cassidy. Good luck for your career.
  9. Thank you for the luck i Will need all i can have.
  10. Awsome job mate. Just finish my reading of your career and i can say that will be a mark hard to beat for everyone because 3 stikers tactics that make all the three scores like that its very dificult to build. congratulacions
  11. Thanks mate. I think it wil be a challenge to put them scoring as i want and Need in the first three or four seasons considering Their stats. So i Will put the team all ofensive regardless some disapppointing results or awards in this time. Also the players are very expensive, i had to Sell a lot of players to buy this and put a workable team at my disposable
  12. Is it possible to reach 2000 goals? It will be very difficult. Hopping that Silva mantain his scoring abbility high. Do you think that silva is capable to complete this challenge?
  13. Ricardo Neves

    The Spinal Alphabet Challenge

    You are a master in tactics and challenges. Well done. for sure a challenge to try in nearest future
  14. Ricardo Neves

    Geordiekrispy's UK Goal Challenge v2.0 - failed

    It was indeed a shame. Congratulations for you results. You should try again
  15. After the first 2 months triyng to understand fmm2019 finally i am returning to a more active member of the vibe comunnity. My english its aufful and my smartphone is not hellping because doesn t recogniZe a lot of english words. Starting the challenge The Challenge The Triple Threat Challenge This challenge was originally created by @J-savage The Challenge This challenge is simple yet challenging as the aim of the game is to get three strikers to score 1500 goals as a trio. Rules Own formations only. No use of the editors, myclub or anything like that so no created players or editing of existing ones. Original database only. No cheating which includes reloading. Photo evidence will be required so i suggest posting a career thread for us to follow. All three players must play in a striking position (FL-FC-FC-FC-FR) Any league and any team is fair game. No unlockables unless earned in that save. International goals only count towards the total if the three players share a nationality and when you become manager of that country. The mission: Try to reach 500 goals each and then see what they can do after that until someone retires. The club The players I Will try to update as soon as possible. thank you