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  1. gazroid27

    Squad atmosphere

    In my experience when they say they feel like they have been treated unfairly it's because they've been transfer listed. Otherwise it's because they feel like they should be in the first team. if they are not good enough for the first team and never will be then release them. If you don't want to pay the release fee then offer them to clubs for free, I don't think there's any other way to improve the atmosphere apart from getting rid of the miserable ones.
  2. NP. If you are winning every game comfortably and u just wanna race through it then sure it's ok to play games on fast, even with text only. But if games are close or u r struggling or you are trying out new tactics then extended and medium or slow is the only way to really see how your team is playing compared to the opposition. Like I said you can see exactly the point when the opposition has started pushing more players forward and you gotta switch it up.
  3. I watch every game on medium speed with extended highlights on. You can see late on when the opposition has gone gung ho to get a late equaliser. If you don't counter it then you're gunna be over run in defence and face the risk of conceding. I start every game balanced, short passing with pressing. If we have a lead and I notice the opposition start getting a few more chances (usually around the 60-70 min mark) or pushing more players forward, I turn pressing off and switch to defensive, direct passing, counter attack. This can usually get us a goal on the break. Last 5-10 mins if I notice the opposition pushing everyone forward I park the bus. Turn counter attack off as this can draw the team out of its defensive shape. Turn men behind the ball on to get as many players back as possible. And switch to long balls, clearing the ball to safety is all we need to do. Very rarely concede this way. Can also pull a midfielder back to dm to add more cover.
  4. gazroid27

    Need help on final save

    This is what I was going to suggest 👍 Guiseley or Harrogate town to overtake Leeds Bradford PA to overtake Bradford city. by the time you get a good few seasons in Leeds and City would probably still be outside the PL so overtaking them shouldn't be too hard.
  5. gazroid27

    Manager profile Discipline

    I have never seen a player request to be retrained 🤔
  6. gazroid27

    Your best goal on FM?

    nobody will beat this 😆
  7. gazroid27

    FMM 18 - Wish List

    there is no tablet version. You just have the full game on pc and mobile version for phones and tablets, it optimises depending on what format you are using. i understand what you mean tho, if you have a mobile or tablet that has the capabilities then why not be able to play the full pc version game on it?
  8. gazroid27

    FMM 18 - Wish List

    ☚ī¸ That's a shame, it would be amazing to be able to play my mate in Ireland, or have vibe tournaments. can you explain why it would be risky? A huge amount of mobile app games are multiplayer. thanks
  9. gazroid27

    FMM 18 - Wish List

    This as well would be very good. In depth Competition and club records, to have a top 10 list of the competition or clubs top scorers, most assists, most appearances. Something to aim at for your young players. One more thing, match day sounds. First Si game I got was championship manager 97/98, it had no 2d match engine, just text to read but it had match sounds which made it really good. It sounded like you were sat in the dugout or in the stand of a real game. You could hear the ball being passed about, players shouting at each other, the crowd chanting, cheering, booing, the lot. The sound of the ball smacking the bar followed by the crowd groan or the sound of the ball hitting the back of the net with the crowd going nuts added so much to the match day experience. Imagine the sound of your fans in full song singing marching on together or whatever they sing when the players are coming out or after you've taken the lead, being cheered or booed off the pitch at the end. If you managed in a South American country you had the carnival sounds, fireworks going off and so on, my dog used to go crazy. Sounds alone would transform the match day engine.
  10. gazroid27

    FMM Transfer Straregies

    🙊🙉 crap, I didn't know you could do that. 😭
  11. gazroid27

    FMM 18 - Wish List

    i was gunna read through all the previous posts and add my ideas but then I got high, I mean bored. here is my wish list, nothing too complicated I don't think, end of the day this is still only the mobile version so it can't be too in depth. 1.) network play. This was on the psp version, you could play single matches via Bluetooth, was good but screw that now, I want full network play like on the pc. On the pc I used to play my mate he was ac Milan and I was inter, we had about 5 seasons, was so good. There is no reason why this wouldn't work on fmm. 2.) January transfer budgets. Same as IRL if you are Chelsea and you spend your transfer budget in pre season, roman should throw another 100m your way. Actually if you are at a club like Chelsea, Man City, PSG or any club that is not self sufficient there should be no budget, it should be unlimited funds and the board just sanctions all transfers. 3.) agent interaction. Agents are a huge part of football, every player has one. A players agent should be displayed on the players information. You should be able to contact certain agents and see what players they are managing, build up relationships with certain agents. Agents should be contacting you offering certain players and so on. This leads to number 4. 4.) Showdown talks/transfer deadline day. It gets to the last day of the transfer window, you just sold a player and need to replace him quick, yet you can only put in a certain amount of bids before the window closes, why? You should be able to set up a meeting, phone call or whatever with the player/agent/club, grind out a transfer fee and a contract and get it done. Same for any out going transfers. Transfer deadline day is huge IRL but nothing happens on the game. 5.) developmental team/academy. Scrap the reserve team, there is no such thing in English football anymore. Have a developmental team like IRL where u have all under 21s with a set amount of senior players allowed each game, and have the developmental league so your youngsters are actually playing football. Have a proper academy with proper players and an academy manager and coaches, every season you decide which players get promoted to the senior squad and you can sign kids to the academy. This one might be a bit too much for fmm but would be nice. 6.) ability to watch the game in full instead of just highlights, this might also be too much for fmm. 7.) more tactical control, just as everyone has stated. Thats all off the top of my head but might think of more. Any thoughts on these?
  12. gazroid27

    FMM Transfer Straregies

    Am I wrong in thinking that any budget not spent by the end of a season is just wasted anyway? If you have 50m at the start of a season and don't spend a penny of it, it doesn't get added to next seasons budget, in fact I've gone into the next season with a smaller budget sometimes. thats why i always try to spend nearly all of it, if I can't improve the first team I'll spend it all on young players. only reason I try to save some after January is incase any player wants an improved contract before the end of the season.
  13. gazroid27

    Trimond 442/433 by gazroid

    😲 god knows then, maybe it is ok for lower league, in the right hands.
  14. gazroid27

    Trimond 442/433 by gazroid

    😃 it's still working wonders on my Leeds save and I was unbeaten in the league after 15 on a Chelsea 1k I started recently, ditched it due to a injury shocker tho. BUUUUT the Parma test was a disaster. It would need tweaking for lower leagues I think. And it probably relies on having half decent players at least.
  15. gazroid27

    FMM Transfer Straregies

    I like to spunk the lot on 1 player 😆