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  1. Where am I going wrong?!

    👍 You can use the load/save selection feature, speeds things up a lot. I thought if you wanted to take things to the extreme and you had the monies you could even have 3 teams, league home/league away/cup. I've never tried that tho, a lot of ppl prolly use a cup team already anyway.
  2. Someone explain please

    Mine is the same it would never let me have more than 2 players
  3. Where am I going wrong?!

    Ps it gives you a massive advantage come the end of the season when every team is blowing out there ass and yours is fresh. Could probably be possible to achieve in first season with Chelsea if you buy smart, I spunked all 150m on cavani and pogba so didn't start it till 2nd season.
  4. Where am I going wrong?!

    You could try something that I did on fmm16 and have been doing in my current save on 17. On 16 I had a Real Madrid save, by the start of season 2 I had 2 full first teams and rotated the whole outfield every game. obviously with the players rotating every game they are always in top condition, hardly get injured and morale is high because every player in the squad is playing, I only had a squad of 22. during must win games like cup finals and semis I combined the 2 teams to make the strongest possible. im doing the same with Leeds now on 17 but it's taken me 5-6 seasons to reach be able to rotate between 2 teams, won the PL last season doing it tho.
  5. Trimond 442/433 by gazroid

    I think without the wingback there is not much forward threat from the left. The IF will play as a striker much of the time, only stays wide when the opponent has possession. I think wing backs in a flat back 4 don't get forward as much as I'd like.
  6. ooooooo so as the team has improved every season there star levels might gradually decrease due to the comparison to the better players in the squad? makes sense. according to that then the 18 year old cb I have that is still 5 star PA could really become world class
  7. Trimond 442/433 by gazroid

    👍 Yeah please do. It's really not bonkers at all in match, the team has a good shape. its untested tho, this is the only save I've used it with long term and never tried lower league. its on EME by the way.
  8. There's my record and achievements using this set up. 1st two seasons in the PL we had 0 transfer funds and had to rely on loans, got some good loans out of Denis suarez and olivier ntcham and managed to finish 6th and 5th pretty much still with the championship squad. 3rd season we won the europa to qualify for CL and then the board woke up. Signed ousmane dembele for 49m and have been unstoppable in PL since. Couple of EFL cups and a couple of final defeats as well, once in the FA. CL I have dominated in the group stages but have had some very dodgey knockout defeats and not managed to get past the quarters yet. I call it the trimond due to the 3 diamonds, they make the formation excellent for possession play and also fast counter attacking, here it is. It is well balanced between defense and attack and it could be seen as either a modified 442 or 433 I suppose. I've never tried but I don't see why it could not be mirrored so that the IF and WB is on the right instead to suit certain players/teams. The main bulk of your goals will come from the IF, kemal roofe scored 41 in his best season, 170 goals all together in 6 seasons and got multiple PL player of the year awards. Raheem sterling last season... The striker will grab a few goals as well but nowhere near as many. The AP is the creative force and will get most of the assists, Ross Barkley has got over 20 in both his first 2 seasons. I recommend using cms and cdms with high strength and stamina. I also recommend using a wing back style player for the wide midfield as they need to be able to defend as much as attack. Someone like dani alves or this guy... Instructions wise I start every match balanced. If I am winning by more than 1 goal I will switch to the defensive counter set up at half time, otherwise wait until around the hour mark, if you don't defend u will concede a lot of late goals. If the game is level or I am losing by only 1 goal I will wait till around 65-70 and switch to the attacking set up. Have had a few crazy comeback wins with this. Last few minutes will also switch counter attack off and turn men behind ball and long balls on to defend a lead. I think I've covered everything now, give it a go if you want. Cheers.
  9. Tactic positions

    The positions are still wrong tho, top has 2 cdms, bottom has 2 cms.
  10. Tactic positions

    it all depends what device it's on, different screen sizes and such. The top screenshot is a psp or vista? Bottom looks like android tablet or phone. Different layouts.
  11. You're pretty much saying the game is not that sophisticated? But how would I be able to know which young players to sign without these 'arbitrary' stars that mean nothing? All 16 year olds have terrible stats so without the stars how else do you know which ones have potential or not? I might be wrong, but I've always thought that if a players CA matches his PA, then he has no further room for improvement, he will not get any better, or at least not massively. So I never think, 'Willmotts playing good, he's a good player', I think how much better could he have been? That's with young players anyway, older players obviously different. I want these young players to end up the elite world class players not just good players. anyways, last night I upgraded the training facilities to state of the art and immediately noticed an increase in stats for every player in the squad, so 'on paper' they all improved over night 😆. I also noticed willmotts PA star went up to 4.5. So the facilities at your club have some effect I now know. I also have a player called Coleman who is 18 now, he spent 2 seasons out on loan and then played in my first team last season and the same happened, his PA went down over the season until I upgraded the facilities and his PA went straight back up to 5 star. For the new season I've sent him out on loan again to Everton in the championship, he should play every game. At the end of the season I will compare him and willmott (he's playing in my team still) and see if either has improved or stayed the same, I have a feeling loaning players out is the best way to go but I will see.
  12. Hello to all, new member here. question to all as the title says, how do I get young players to reach their maximum potential? Im in 2022 on my current save, been doing really well, just won 3rd PL on the bounce. Problem I have had over and over again tho is that any 5 star PA player I started with or buy never reaches 5 star CA. This has happened in all my previous saves as well. ronaldo vieira started the game 5 star PA and has ended up only 3 star CA now aged 23. He's been in the first team from the start and still is now, has decent stats but should have been better??? i signed Leo da silva-lopes in 1st season and he had 5 star PA, he's also been in the first team the whole time but only reached 3.5 star CA. looking at them 2 I thought maybe they played too many games? Can this curb a young players progress? I bought a 16 year old regen called lee willmott who had 5 star PA. Sent him out on season long loans 4 years in a row, his stats got better and better and his PA stayed at 5. Start of the current season which I am about to finish his stats were better than the players I had in the first team so I called him up, now 20 years old, 3 star CA. I have rotated him so he has only played every other game, 26 in total, his performances have been excellent but now at the end of the season his stats have not improved at all, his CA has stayed at 3 and his PA has gone down to 4. Would he have carried on improving if he'd stayed out on loan? Training wise I've had him on medium for everything apart from intensive defensive and goalkeeping to none. He is a CDM/MC with recommended role DLP, but I play him in CDM position with CM role, would this effect his progress??? would it effect his progress the fact that I don't have a youth coach??? I am planning to sign another 16 year old with 5 star PA in the next window and loan him out over and over until his CA matches his PA and see if he reaches 5, but this will take at least 5 or 6 seasons, maybe longer, which will take me ages, takes me weeks just to complete 1 season. So anyway, has anybody been able to get the best out of a players potential? And how? Apologies for rabbiting on a bit.