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  1. Just over half way through the season and Redmond is much the better player. Podence will be sold at the end of this season as he only has the 4 goals and 2 assists
  2. Well the first game didn't go to plan.. Podence didn't appear in any of the chances so I'm not entirely convinced with the tactic however it is only 1 game I suppose
  3. Yes, had the same happen to me with Coman, stats are all there just does not perform. added 0 minutes later Interesting, will give it a go cheers
  4. Had an offer for £31.5M which I rejected he's probably only worth that but I did want to atleast get my money back or make a small profit.
  5. Yeah I completely agree, its not often a mid table Italian side have £80M in the bank so it was a shame to waste half of it
  6. Just an update for you all, I have decided to sign Nathan redmond because podence's performances did not improve no matter how much I tried and finished the season with just 2 goals and 4 assists in 31 games... Redmond however has scored 1 goal and assisted 5 in his first 4 games so things are looking good in that area of the pitch finally! £12.5M was a fair price also.
  7. What would you class as decent Ariel/strength? I've got 2 strikers with 13 and 14 in both areas is that good enough?
  8. Tom476

    Best bargains?

    Looks very solid in all stats maybe something to consider in the next transfer window!
  9. My Strikers are all very prolific and sometimes I may even play a 4-2-2-2 wide and put him on the left instead of right but still doesn't make a difference. I may consider selling him at the end of the season or just give him some more time because for that kind of money I need consistentcy Here is my main stiker and as asked, podence's traits as an inside forward.
  10. I play a 4-2-3-1 balanced formation.
  11. So I decided to sign one of my wingers since I couldn't really turn down an £80M offer for him and to be honest he wasn't worth that at all for my team. So this was the perfect chance to get a few quality players in to improve my team on all areas but I did decide to cough up £40M for a new winger, 22 year old Daniel Podence from Sporting, over priced maybe but he had the potential and stats were very solid but he has not done very well at all for my team and considering the price I'd expect a few goals and assists. Is there anything i can do to improve him?
  12. After endless offers and searches I do struggle to find good players at a decent price however it does happen! I managed to pick Jordan Pickford up for just £625k 3 years into the game. I know he's not exactly world class but certainly does the job and can't go wrong with that price! What's your best bargains?
  13. Tom476

    How do you counter the counter?

    I would think about using the offside trap, to catch that last man running in behind your defence or ease up on your attacking formation and limit your pressing as this will leave gaps for them to run into.