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  1. You are welcome brother . I will ask a question . Where did you download the logo pack?
  2. Hello again, forum. I finally got the opportunity to test this tactic. And I made a few changes. I'll tell you, Anders, if you let me. Firstly I retracted my left and right back players and I started playing in the role of FB. Then my left and right wing players I changed from IF to IW and this b gave me more support from the flanks in final third . And finally I made a change in the roles of the strikers. My player playing on the left I changed from AF to PF, and my right-hand player changed from PF to P. Original tactic only in the offensive zone only shoots on sight option is selected, but I made a change here as well. Firstly By ordering through balls, I aimed to find variety and more positions in offense. (If you prefer creative play in your play style, it will be more effective. Secondly, he aimed to find more players on the opponent side with the order of work into box and to catch carom.(If you prefer to play your attack more individually, you can use shoots on sight.) I adjust my passing focus according to the match, if my AP player is not enough I use wings.. If my wingers are not enough, I use the center. Finally you can play the game in a creative, fast and attacking game. THANKS FOR YOUR READING HOPE IT WILL BE USEFUL FOR YOU
  3. Hi buddy . I have a question for you. What characteristics did you pay attention to in the player you use as a Libero?
  4. Yes man, this happens with me too. I guess a bug of the game.And a very lucrative bug.
  5. Do not worry . He will play better than the Real Madrid era. 😉😉
  6. I will also try your tactic in Fenerbahce, my friend. In addition, I will add Mesut Özil to the my squad ☺️ ☺️
  7. Thank you so much my friend . But I have to make a fix. I haven't tried your tactic yet😄😄😄😂😂. I've been looking for an effective tactic for a while and found it thanks to you.
  8. Does it work in Football Manager 2021 Mobile?
  9. Pretty good tactic. This saved my life. Thanks dude. I will follow your work.