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  1. LB: Grimaldo RB: Hysaj CM: Marko Rog CM: Leon Goretzka
  2. Aridity

    inside forward

    @desmon111 yeah, they are called inside forwards because while, for example, you have him on a right wing and his stronger foot is left, then if he gets ball he will try to get in front of a goal by cutting inside exactly like Robben, he is well known for this, look him up. Wingers as their stronger foot is right on the right side will try to get to the side and pass high balls into the box - the best scenario is Target man (good aerial) waiting for those passes. Inside forwards doesn't care who is infront of a box and are expected to be a bit selfish - shoot without passing.
  3. Aridity

    inside forward

    This is like very classic tactics that works. I inserted Lemar because he is an interesting example that good inside forward on left wing can have his left foot as stronger although it doesn't make sense. As a winger in real life I know I wouldn't cut inside :D. I am not playing him as a advanced playmaker because I hate them on wings as they belong to the midfield.
  4. @FuddledFox thanks, that would make sense. Pitty
  5. Nice work. But I would love to know, how is it with German national team. I may have missed something because no one mentioned them before despite the fact they have top 3 team. Even while managing club their national team doesn't work for me. They have just team builded up from nonvalued and not useable players. Thanks
  6. Aridity

    Player is mad at me

    @BatiGoal maybe if there would be more options, it would have bigger impact or it would build up your image, personality. Depending on that players would for example be more frendly - low leadership but tendency to stay in the club, or as a cold professional, players would take it as a deal. Have a good season and depending on offers go on + having high leadership, even Balotelli :D. No, it would be complicated. By the way Insigne doesnt believe that the club cant meet his demands. I dont know if there is ever a possibility for the demands to go down so i could renew the contract that he rejected. I would sell him for monstrous amount of many but i like him like the Napoli man. The team wold not be the same without him :(. But i guess he has to move on.
  7. Aridity

    Player is mad at me

    Yeah @Taff, thats exactly what i thought picking that option, no manager would be like Oh boi hes too fcking good, he saves our asses. What a great player and so on. Thanks @samhardy, Ill give it a try. @BatiGoal if SI would work on it could be even usefull. It is silly even more when he holds the grudge against person he has as favorite. Why
  8. Hi, recently on my Napoli save I had a great season mostly thanks to performances of Lorenzo Insigne. On the end of my years run I was asked about my opinion about his current form and I as a professional ( ) answered, that it is important for him to stay grounded and that he is a big factor in our wins. For some reason I was told that agent of Insigne expected more supportive speech. Lorenzo got that feel as well and now he FEELS NO SUPPORT FROM HIS MANAGER. Plus he hates Pavoletti, now even Ghoulam. It lasts for 5 months now. Problem Pavoletti is easy, I guess firing him is the resolution, but I have no idea how am I supposed to get him well with me. I cant be all the time praying him for his morale to rise. Plus he is too important for my team to let him go. Every suggestion welcomed. Thanks, Aridity
  9. Hi community, i would love to know if i can improve shooting skills of my team. Because this isnt normal: To me it looks like the game told itself: the game will end 1:0 for ACM no matter what. With damn Insigne, Mertens, Mbappé and Giovinco on the gunning spots it is almost imposible to end like this. I dont know. Thanks for every suggestion.
  10. Aridity

    Adapting oponents?

    Thanks for a quick answer, I will try to find another fitting tactic as you mentioned :). Still wondering how big problem is my teams adaptation to a new lineup. Now If i think about it, your absolutely right because this problem was just in cups and league, not in Champions League where I am smashing opponents quite easily. I guess it is because they didnt have time to adapt. Anyway, thanks bro!
  11. Hi guys, currently I am fighting with one problem. 1st season I found tactic that earned me Premier league title. 2nd season with the same tactic and players started with 0 wins, 6 draws and 10 loses. So I ask if i should have more line ups for my team because others can be adapting to my most used one making it unaffective? Thanks
  12. Aridity

    Arsenal Tactics

    Thanks, helped and i retook 1st place in premier league :). Still wondering how much does tactics affect the result and if here exist something like countertactics.
  13. Hi community, I would like to ask you on your proved Arsenal tactics and to know your opinion on this one I am trying at the moment. I am not feeling confident with it and I would like to know what should i improve in it. Thanks