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  1. militantslash

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    Pretty sure this is a winner for high scoring :-)
  2. militantslash

    FMM18 Bug List

    Well this sucks :-(
  3. I didnt play FMM17 but in FMM16 I could go off on Facebook, make calls, play other games etc etc and when I pressed the FMM icon it would load straight into the game. FMM18 seems to close itself in the background as soon as I come out of it. Is this expected behaviour? I preferred the old way of always keeping it open and hoping I have missed something and can set it that way Thanks
  4. militantslash

    re download data

    Which folders?
  5. militantslash

    re download data

    What a poor feature. Should be an option to upgrade your the install. Guess I need to reinstall then. Cheers
  6. militantslash

    2014 re download data

    I selected basic data download initially. Is there a way to re download ingame? Or should I back up save and reinstall? Thanks
  7. militantslash

    unable to buy in the store

    Cheers. Ended up uninstalling and reinstalling and it fixed it
  8. militantslash

    2014 unable to buy in the store

    Been trying to purchase sugsr daddy. Whwn I go to the store and click on 'buy' nothing happens. No google play box, no error, nothing...any thoights?