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  1. TheMoronicalClown


    Do you manually edit which roles your players train in and the primary attribute focus or let the assistant do it?
  2. TheMoronicalClown


    I wish you could just choose which roles you want them to train in, and leave him do the rest. By the way, could I just buy a player cos’ he has the attributes to play a role that he can’t actually play in? Like say he’s a Full Back but can’t play as a Wing Back, but has the attributes for it. Could I just stick him as a Wing Back anyway? Like I hope that makes sense. xD
  3. TheMoronicalClown

    4-1-2-2-1 Auto Win - EME

    DId you manually adjusts the training or leave it the the assistant manager by any chance?
  4. TheMoronicalClown


    Likewise, I actually preferred the old training setup. xD
  5. TheMoronicalClown

    Help Training

    I was wondering if you could still have a good career with a club while your assistant handles training? I know that he selects the roles that the players train in, so that’s why I’m asking. Should you always do it manually yourself? Thanks from reading.