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  1. Fun/Games The Mid-week Quiz

    I may be trash at FMM, but if there's one thing I'm good at it's finding things on google.
  2. Fun/Games The Mid-week Quiz

    Took me forever to find some of the stadiums...
  3. Fun/Games The Mid-week Quiz

    I think I got them right...
  4. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    And my chances at winning this week dropped to 0%
  5. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    Calhanoglu having a hat trick against Roma and 2 goals against Juventus to end the challenge while Kalinic and Silva have a below 6 rating just about sums up most of this challenge. Can I use my save on the next challenge?
  6. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    Calhanoglu is the one striker out of the three to consistently score... too bad over half of his goals were taken away. Silva was trash for me most of the time. Kalinic is a missed penalty machine.
  7. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    Nearly done and I don't think I have ever seen a single player have four goals taken away by being offside until this challenge. Calhanoglu..... why must you be offside 90% of the match.... He has more goals taken away than all three of my strikers combined.... Also working the ball into the box apparently means all midfielders and defenders attempt shots from 30+ yards away.... Every league match: 50% offside goal by Calhanoglu 49% midfield and defenders launching the ball towards the goal 1% One of my strikers scoring Also, Cutrone is a goal machine in the Euro Cup... He has more goals in the Euro Cup than Silva does in the league....
  8. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    Is it my tactic being bad if the people I want to score aren't scoring, but the backup strikers are lighting up the other teams in the EURO cup?
  9. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    Hey anyone else start off with 4 injuries before the first league game? Just me? Ok.... Edit: Make that 5
  10. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    Is it possible to be excited and nervous because I am that right now. Ready for my first vibe competition!
  11. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    I'll join. Never went up against anyone on here before.
  12. Fun/Games Futsal 3

    There's the Andrea Belotti and Mauro Icardi I was expecting!
  13. Fun/Games Futsal 3

    Can’t be too disappointed with my team so far when I’m in 5th. Wish that Icardi got more points than 19 though...
  14. My college semester is over in a few days so that’s when I’ll most likely start the new save. Can’t be thinking about logarithms and how to graph them when managing a team.
  15. Yeah I lost the first game of the season then I had 8 games of no losses then lost 4 in a row (which led to the sacking) where we were up right away then we threw it away when the other team started launching missiles from 30 yards away.