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  1. Hello guys, I've never come on here before, so please... Pardon. I'm rather new to this franchise, merely 2 years or so. I bought it this time because I think it's worth every penny. Anyways, here goes: What's the best way to get a stadium named after you? I've many good tactics I use to beat the AI, so I have a lot of trophies. I spend up to four, five, six years at one club winning every time and still the board is stubborn! What's the way around? I think I deserve accolades. Then the World Coach of the Year award is a bit confusing. I can understand the difficulty of the Hall of Fame rankings, but Pioli of Burnley??? Really???? I've discovered there's absolutely no kind of setup you can't win with. Everything just needs a little fine tuning. It could take a few in game seasons, if you're lucky you get one season... But eventually, you win. I've used 3 man backlines, lone poachers, as many four wide midfielders, zero inside forwards, three deep sitting midfielders... The list is endless. But I have a few favorite roles: Trequartista If you get a trequartista who has good shooting, dribbling, creativity and decisions, you're well on your way to getting a sure hitman. Trequartistas are invaluable in that they're the likeliest role to stack up scoring points (alongside the poacher role). Pace, technique and strength are bonuses. Deep-lying Playmaker This role is tough. It lies in that dread region of low ratings we all dislike FMM for. Even a ballwinner with good tackling, aggression and teamwork won't always rate well in overload tactics. What you need is a deep lying playmaker in the mould of Pirlo. They're scarce regens, but if you luckily find a dead ball specialist, you have a great opportunity. He takes all your set pieces. With the right tactics you stack up assists from open play too. He should have good passing, movement, creativity and decisions. Positioning, aggression, tackling and strength are defensive bonuses. Now we're lucky to be able to train one stat. You can improve his shooting and he'll be even more effective from set pieces, even if he isn't a dead ball specialist (minimum of effective set piece/freekick taker. Full back Very, very underrated. For now, I'm going with variations of three man backlines with Milan. But I'd still recommend this, particularly if you play back fours. It's very easy to get carried away by a flying wing back. For more defensive solidity, I'd recommend this. Full backs are great at stats too. The very best rank in the world XIs. Finally... How does one increase budgets for signing on fees?
  2. I use 3 at the back with my Juventus save. I have 3 powerful centrebacks with one of them having excellent technical abilities as a BPD. In midfield, it's two wingers with great pace, crossing and movement. A winger with good teamwork is an added bonus as well. Then I use two cms with one BWM and one DLP/AP. Further forward, I use one trequartista (very important) and two strikers(one AF and one poacher). It's a counter-attackimg setup, scores a lot of goals (especially the trequartista role). I have a lot of extremely good players though, but it's worth trying out with lesser teams.