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  1. I know but that was my idea of using the BWM. I already have 3 centre backs in charge of the middle of the pitch. This 1 BWM is allowed to float on flanks to intercept/defend
  2. I have to agree, this tactic would never work in real life and might look a bit chaotic when watching your FMM game. But it's efficient, so... To limit the flanks weakness, I wanted 3 defenders and 1 midfielder with a defensive mentality, hence the BWM role for the latter. I've looked for defenders that were all: good in the air, quick, with good tackles and placement and decision making (plus passing for the BPD role). The BWM had pretty much the same: good at tackles, placement, decision making, stamina and passing. That results in receiving a little less than 1 goal per game (0.9) but when you score more than 3 (3.2), it's acceptable. I however notice that this tactic was better defensively speaking in the 2017 version. I also notice that in my second season, opponents seem to have adapted to my tactic and tend to score more (1.2)... even though I do score more as well in this second season (3.4) I'm currently thinking of a new tactics and will come back with another topic if successfull
  3. I mainly used Thomas Lemar (I've thought him to play in this role). I was looking for a player with the following: Excellent passing Excellent decision making Good dribbling Good shooting Collective player He finished the season with 10 goals as you can see in the print screen and nearly 40 assists (no proof of this one, you'll have to believe me ). Let's have a look at the roles and definitions: AM - "[...] he fashions chances for himself and others in final third[...]" T - "[...] drops into the holes between the opposition's midfield and defence [...] drifts around looking for space when the team is not in possession[...]" AP - "[...] drops into the holes between the opposition's midfield and defence [...] aiming to turn defence into attack in an instant SS - "[...] agressively pushes forward into goalscoring positions as the ball move into the final third [...]" Basically, I didn't select SS as I already had two strikers and two inside forwards. That's already 4 players looking to score goals. AP & T sounds to me like players that are usefull to hold possession of the ball and/or becoming additional striker when in transition phase. AM was exactly what I was looking for: a player that can give killer passes to my strikers and inside forwards and that, time to time score some goals. Regarding the strikers roles the idea is pretty basic as when you have two strikers. One is fast and runs past the defence, the other one is powerfull and can hold the ball for the team to come up the pitch or flick the ball for the quicker players. What could be changed in this tactic are the outside players. These could be wingers with good crossing abilities but then you'd need to specify this in the attacking instructions. I'm pretty sure it could work out nicely. But that wasn't my choice Instead I wanted players with freedom to penetrate from outside to inside or to outflank and cross. That's why I gave very little instructions in the "Final Third" section of the Attacking Instructions. Hope this answers both your questions
  4. The mighty 3-2-3-2 EME: Been using this tactic since the 2017 edition and finally decided to present it to you guys Tactical shape: Defensive instructions: Attacking instructions: How did the team perform?: 8 players being above 10 goals in their first season ! Concluding Had already used this tactic in the previous version, as well with smaller teams and got pretty successfull everywhere I got. Examples: Became champion twice in a row with Oxford City, climbing from Vanarama South to League Two, before joining Bari in Serie B, and leading them to European Qualifying place in Serie A. Then joined Schalke 04 where I won pretty much everything there was to win with them. I'm sure you can get better results with better players and/or by fine tuning the tactics, but that was pretty decent for a first season