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  1. When will they update it for iPhone X?
  2. Ok so I bought FMM the day it came out and I had no problem loading up the game. It loaded up very fast. After installing the Face pack + Logos pack from here, and I open FMM, it takes ages to load. It stays at the screen where it shows the sponsors of leagues, and I even counted how long it takes to open up (3-5Minutes). Can someone please help me find a fix for this annoying issue. (I have an iPhone)
  3. Thank you for the info! I hope he does!
  4. SEASON 2 UPDATE + SEASON 3 TRANSFERS: Hey guys here's an update! Progress: Statisics: Le classique: SEASON 3: Welcome to the start of season 3! We've come a long way! Thanks for sticking with me! Season 3 transfers: Thanks guys for keeping up with this! Until next time!
  5. Thank you! I left doria on the default training!
  6. SEASON 2, JANUARY UPDATE: Hello everyone! Sorry for the long wait. I was busy with school, but none the less, here's a nice update Progress: January transfers: Le classique: Again guys I'm sorry for the late update! Hopefully you guys are still following this (the 5 or 6 of you) Hope you enjoyed this one and I'll be back soon with season 2 completed! Can we win the UCL? Let me know!
  7. @Massey127 @Risheek @Harish Thanks everyone! Sorry for not updating you soon, I've been busy lately! I've been playing but not finished yet!
  8. Glad you're enjoying it!
  9. Yeah! It's gonna be a tough game!
  10. UPDATE: Welcome back! So I've just finished season 1, and I can't wait to share the results. I also have a couple transfers for this summer of season 2! Season 1: Classique: Season 2 Our first season with Les Olympiens went well! Even though we didn't win any trophies, we still had an incredible run in the league, and managed to reach the play offs of the champions league! I'm happy that Marseille are back in champions league football! Like they used to be! My goal for season 2 is to pick up silverware. I want at least one trophy. Let's get started! Summer Transfers: First playoff match: Thats it for this update! I hope you guys are enjoying this so far, because I am!
  11. Nufz

    Who to manage?

    Thank you for this! This will be on my list!
  12. You're right! Thanks