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Tommy 922

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  1. Tommy 922

    More realism in the game?

    Has the German and Russian national squad list been added yet? If not I Would like to see them be added in future releases Is it not? I saw this feature in FMH 2010
  2. Tommy 922

    More realism in the game?

    But isn't it the managers job to hire their own staff? What I'm implying here is that the manager should gain the ability to hire coaches such as doctors and physios and position coaches. I know that it is possible to already hire assistant coaches.
  3. Tommy 922

    I have two questions

    I would let them leave as you don't really need big players to make the best team. At the end of the day the team with the best togetherness and chemistry will suffice.
  4. Hello, this is just a general thing that anyone can have any sort of point of view on so feel free to give me your point of view. Does anyone else feel like FMH needs more realism? Yes we have tactics and transfers but do you think that things such as injuries should be more under the managers control? when I say this I mean the amount of time injured to possibly decrease providing things go to plan medically. I should also say that FMH needs to implement things such as buy out fees ect. What do you think?
  5. Tommy 922

    Everton - New champions emerging

    Please would you lock this career? Its an old one.
  6. Tommy 922

    Woking - woking hard

    Anyone who is responsible for locking topics could you please lock this one? This is currently inactive and I feel I want to move on to a new challenge
  7. Tommy 922

    Woking - woking hard

    i'm expecting a tough first season to get the style of play across
  8. Tommy 922

    2013 Woking - woking hard

    Woking has been waiting for a hero for a long time. A hero that can boost the club and begin the upward spiral. I know what must be done. Ive seen people triumph and ive seen some fall. Can I be the one to set the standard? Tactic: 41221 Name of manager: sam archer Aim: to triumph
  9. Tommy 922


    is there an fmh 14 for psp?
  10. Tommy 922

    Why cant this striker score?

    ive noticed my poaching style is scoring more goals nikica jelavic is a poacher
  11. Tommy 922

    Why cant this striker score?

    hes scored one this season and im playing on the psp
  12. Tommy 922

    How To Play Like Brendan Rodgers:

    I use this tactic often and I see sometimes a slump comes through once or twice
  13. Tommy 922

    Why cant this striker score?

    im using the brendan rodgers tactic
  14. Tommy 922

    Why cant this striker score?

    I play on psp
  15. Tommy 922

    Why cant this striker score?

    What does this mean?