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  1. Delighted with the win today. Brilliant result, but Chelsea outplayed us in the first half and could easily have gone in ahead. At times our attackers were taking far too much time and touches, as if waiting for space to magically appear for them. We seriously lack creativity. We only started to dominate once we went three up, but the fact that we were ultimately able to dominate Chelsea (albeit a heavily depleted Chelsea) at home is hugely encouraging. Our backline looks far more secure than last season. De Gea looks back to his best. Hugely encouraging that Tuanzebe made the bench ahead of Smalling and Jones. We lack technical ability, the amount of times our forwards, McTominay and Pogba in particular, lost the ball was worrying. Sensational assist from Pogba though, and our main (only?) creative outlet. Keeping him in form will be key to a good season. Rashford had some great finishes, really hope he can step up for us this season and grab 25+ goals. Martial looked sharper than last season too, looks hungry which is important for a moody player like him. AWB is a phenomenal talent - at 21, he was an absolute bargain at £50m. So secure at the back. Maguire made a great start to life at Old Trafford too. Delighted for Greenwood to make a (brief) appearance - hopefully there's much more signs of him, Gomes et al. this season. Great for McTominay to play ahead of Matic too - he really seems a warrior in the centre of the park, though needs to improve technically. We're a much better team than Chelsea on paper, and I'm delighted we showed it today - onwards and upwards for the season with our young squad.
  2. [Dec removed the quotes of members] Jay and I will be writing a United blog, hoping to keep you all entertained with insightful and interesting pieces. There may even be a funny article or two Enjoy!
  3. Who dared predict a loss for the mighty Éire?
  4. Beaten soundly by a much better team, but how many fans in the world would sing so loudly, so passionately, down 4 goals? It was a victory for football fans, but them you see some comments here and realise how awful some of them are. At least some, but a minority, wont resort to taunting a lesser team Looking forward to Danny and ash tomorrow, hopefully England will play on the floor and allow them to show how good they are
  5. Which is exactly why you always post about us
  6. You need like 75% of your national team games over 2 years among other things, it tends to vary
  7. Ollie I was talking to jay
  8. Quit your propeganfa mate you're better off on redcafe
  9. Even someone like Torres can score against Ireland only 1-0, the miracle's still on...
  10. Roberto di Matteo has been handed a contract at Chelsea for two seasons. Knowing Abramovic those two seasons are summer and autumn
  11. Three goals for manzucic now
  12. Agree fully, Balotelli is so overrated it's not funny
  13. I think he uses the same technology as William, not sure what tech stuff William has though :lol: But they look the exact same in terms of quality. Fine software whatever it is
  14. I don't know. From what I do know though I think the money is spread evenly between the 20 teams, whereas in Spain Barca and Madrid get the most as they are shown the most on TV
  15. Premier League getting over £3bn for TV alone is scary
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