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Found 100 results

  1. Enhancing Your Experience - International Management. Hello Vibe and welcome to a new article from myself. After a week away from writing, I'm back talking about a feature I love bit doesn't get much interest because of its simplicity - International Management. As you may have noticed, I love this feature, and the way I play makes it a lot more interesting for myself. I'd like to share some of the ways you can play to help you all get more invested in an International Save. So, let's see what we can discover, eh? Picking On Form Something that the real England manager should do more is pick players on Form, not Value. Of course you want your best players in the team, but if that Hull CB is outperforming your back up Chelsea CB, why not swap them around? It adds excitement as you are picking different players, and finding diamonds where you may not have looked before. If you are against a lower ranked team, picking a shining star over an underperforming regular is more rewarding, as you can see if he is good enough to surivive at International Level. Preliminary Squads Dont have a screenshot for this one Anyway, these are a great way to judge your players form and attributes before a big competition. Why not spend a few minutes going through the stats of your 24 year old RB and your 30 year old RB, and deciding who to take? This can be a great way to give youngsters a chance too, looking at their form and past performances and seeing if you have the space to take them. Picking the most valuable players is boring, change it up a bit and select a younger player who needs a pitch why don't you? Setting Cap/Goal Targets Adding yourself little targets throughout a career can make or break it, and it's no different in the International scene. If you see an aging player who deserves success, why not stick him on in the last 30 minutes to claim his trophy? Alternitavely, you could try and take a player to 100 caps, or 100 goals if the oppertunity arises. Even if you see a young player and think 'he's my new captain, let's get him a trophy!' That's still a target which can keep you entertained. Setting yourself small targets which can give you a new experience is a great way to keep a long term save fresh. Raising A Smaller Nation Look at Serbia, a nation with such quality players and staff so low down in the rankings. It's your job to take them to the top once more. You take control, tell the regulars to buck their ideas up and inject a young breed of player into the squad. The results come, and so does the success. This applies for any lower ranked country. Any success is appreciated by the board, but can you take an under-ranked team like Ireland, Serbia or Denmark to worldwide success? Only 4 things, could go on for ages but wanted to keep it shorter for you guys, hope you enjoyed and would love to hear of your International Experiences! Thanks for reading!
  2. Walter Kannemann is an Argentine footballer, playing for Grêmio in Brazilian Série A. 4-star CA should see him playing as starter for a mid-table or even Top 6 subs in PL. He should be willing to sign for any sides in Championship and promotion-seeking League 1 sides (Bolton, Charlton) provided you're able to raise 2 millions of pounds, and as evidenced in the IGE tab above (already signed to QPR), he won't ask for wages higher than 20k of pounds. The final nail is his second nationality. Work Permit shouldn't be an issue. Here's hoping every Vibers has yet to discover him, especially @BatiGoal.
  3. How Fast Is 20 Pace? Such a simple and exciting question which hasn't been asked before going from my memory so I decided to do the leg work and discover just how fast these speed demons are! Before we begin however it's important to take a look at the FMM 2017 manual and check what the pace stat covers. "For example, under 'Physical', you will find a player's Pace attribute. This takes into account his flat out speed, his acceleration and his reactions, and displays an attribute that takes all of this into account. In short, the attribute display doesn't take anything away, but merely streamlines the information into a more succinct format." The pace stat is a combination of a players top speed, acceleration and his reaction time simplified into an all containing attribute. We can basically ignore the reaction aspect as we're focusing on a speed value while the acceleration part can also be overlooked as we aren't looking at how fast the players can accelerate/how long it takes them to hit their top speed. Players With A 20 Pace Attribute 1. Aubameyang 2. Bellerin I loaded multiple saves looking for any players with this golden attribute but only these two were appearing which is no surprise considering they're considered two of the fastest players in Europe. How Fast Is Aubameyang? According to the research a quick Google search provided Aubameyang has been clocked at a staggering 34.60 KM/H which is 21.49 MP/H! How Fast Is Bellerin? Again after some research I found that Bellerin's top speed is an even more impressive 34.77 KM/H which is 21.60 MP/H The Average With only two sets of results doing an average might not mean much but for those interested the values are 34.68 KM/H or 21.54 MP/H. The Limited Findings With the limited information we have available we'll have to assume a 20 attributed players top speed is in the region of 34 KM/H or 21 MP/H. For reference Usain Bolt's clocked top speed is a mind blowing 44.72 KM/H which is 27.78 MP/H! It's safe to say Bolt would need a whole new pace system implemented if he ever got his dream move to Manchester United! Oddities One interesting fact I found while researching this article was that neither of these two players have the highest top speed in real life! According to research coming out of Mexico this year Gareth Bale is the fastest player on the planet with a 36.9 KM/H top speed to his name! Bale is no slouch in game with a respectable 18 pace stat which leads me to believe his acceleration or reaction attribute must be lower than the two players with the perfect 20's. Something else that caught my eye was Shane Long from Southampton was given a 35.31 KM/H top speed from Opta which would place him above our more well known speed demons and his pace stat in game is 17/20. Then you have Wayne Rooney who's not really known for his pace yet according to my research he hit a top speed of 31.20 KM/H this season yet his pace stat is a rather average 12/20 in game. The Hidden Stat Breakdown What this shows is how the hidden stats combine to create the stat we all see on a players profile. From these findings Bale can eclipse the speed of the two 20 attributed players while someone like Shane Long can also out speed them. We'll have to assume maybe these two top tier talents have a slightly lower top speed but maybe higher reaction and acceleration attributes which counteracts the top speed stat to keep them top. Without being able to access the hidden information personally we'll just have to assume this at this point. What it does show however is signing a player with a 20/20 pace attribute doesn't necessarily mean you're signing the fastest player on the game in terms of pure speed as he could have a lower top speed but a stronger set of complimentary attributes. Disclaimer I'll be honest and say i have no idea what I'm talking about relating to this topic so if all this is rubbish I apologise as this is just meant for fun. Using the research available and taking logical (to me) leaps this article was put together for enjoyment so hopefully it has some legs. Obviously I'm dealing with top speeds and not average speeds for a season and I'm having to work without context (distance covered etc) and I'm sure those things would impact this. Like I said this is just for fun and I did the best I could with my knowledge and information available. Source Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it, as always all comments are appreciated.
  4. Wayne Rooney [ Man United to Everton ] After 13 at United, Rooney will be back to the club he started his professional career. Season 1: First when I made the offer, Man Utd accepted but in the contract windows it said that he didnt want to join his old team at the moment. But ofc when I offered him more money he accepted it. He scored in the last game of the season vs Tottenham The table at week 38: Wayne Rooney Stats: Everton also beat Man City in FA Cup Final: Meanwhile at Man United: LUKAKU Stats: In 29 he managed to get only 6 times on the scoresheet. Maybe because of Ibrahimovic's incredible form:
  5. 7 Breakthrough Talent - La Liga Hola todos and welcome to the second installment of my 'Top 7 Breakthrough Talents' articles! Today, we will be taking a glimpse into the beautiful country of Spain, where the football is great and the talent even greater. After my previous attempt at this article, I think I should make a few things clear: Players Will Be No Older Than 24 Based On Goals, Assists and Average Rating Different Positions I want to make this as interesting as possible for you guys to read and hopefully react with a comment, so I will try and fish out a few players that may class as 'Unknown'. However, it's hard to do that when it's based off real life, so please understand if these are fairly popular players. Now that that's out of the way, I think we should begin. So after some extensive research on the brilliant, which you can find here, I present, the Top 7 Breakthrough Talents of La Liga! 7. Alex Berenguer - Osasuna Berenguer is a fantastic young talent who isn't too popular on the forums here on Vibe. Some of his stats for his age are incredible, with 15 Dribbling making him very hard to tackle on the wing. Even better, he can play on either flank, meaning he is extremely versatile. Osasuna seem to have noticed that this year, as he has played in LB, RB, CM, RW and LW for Osasuna in the 16/17 season. He isn't just a pretty face however, as he racked up 2 goals and 6 assists for the Spanish side. If you are looking for a versatile Chance creator, Berenguer is your guy. 6. Gabriel Pires - Leganes Pires is another playe who isn't seen too often in the forums, but is actually a fantastic player. At 22, he has some great stats for La Liga, and will only blossom under you're management. 15 Technique for a CM means he'll be the creative spark in your Midfield, while the option to drop him deep with stats like 12 Tackling and 14 Passing means he can instigate your attacks from most places down the spine. In real life, Pires has just lead Leganes to survival by the skin of their teeth, and his 5 goals and 2 assists from the Midfield spot means he cemented his place in the team. Despite his 9 aerial, he averaged an incredible 4.4 aerial duels won per game, so I wouldn't undermine his heading ability. Looking for a player as solid as a rock in midfield? Pires might just fit that role. 5. Theo Hernandez - Real Madrid Don't be fooled by the poor stats, Hernandez turns into a gem of a player. After a hugely impressive campaign in which he helped Alaves finish 9th in their first year back in La Liga, he was snapped up by Real from their arch rivals. Even for a 19 year old, he possesses some decent attributes such as 14 Crossing, 13 Dribbling, 14 Movement and 14 for all Physicals. These stats are backed up by his impressive performances in La Liga in 16/17. He managed to grab 2 goals and 3 assists from the LB position, a huge feat for a teenager. Oh, did I forget to mention st he can play all up the left side? This versatlility and adaptability caused him to play in 2 different spots for Alaves this year, showing how capable he his up and down that left flank. Snap him up whilst you can, before the big boys come calling. 4. Sandro Ramirez - Everton (Formerly Malaga) Wow! This is by far the best player we have had so far. After failing to impress at Barcelona, Sandro was shipped off to Malaga, where he found the back of the net 14 times in all competitions. This prolific nature cause Everton to shell out a few million for his services this summer. If we look at his stats, he has a few there that are good enough to rival even the best players on the planet. His 19 Shooting, 17 Dribbling, 17 Movement and 15 Pace show just how dangerous he is as a striker, and why he got his big move. Aswell as his 14 goals, he managed 3 assists for his team-mates in 16/17. Sandro can be deployed on the wing comfortable aswell, a position Malaga never used him in but you definately can. Sandro is a lot better than most young Strikers, are you willing to take a punt on him like Malaga did? 3. Marcus Llorente - Real Madrid A player I've brought up a few times in previous list is Marcus Llorente, who, aswell as Hernandez, was one of the key figures in Alaves' impressive La Liga finish. For a 21 year old, his stats look well rounded and even impressive in a few places, including his 15 Passing, 14 Technique and 14 Stamina. He is yet to break into the Madrid first team, but with a season like this he is likely to be in contention. He managed to grab 2 assists from the CDM spot this year, but his high average Rating of 7.16 shows how he was a brute in the midfield. He isn't half bad at passing either, with a 87% pass completion rate. If this is anything to go by, Llorente could become a world beater in a few years time. 2. Yeray Alvarez - Bilbao Another player whose attributes don't quite match his ability is Yeray Alvarez, who had a great year with Bilbao. Playing as a CB, he averaged 2.3 tackles per game, which is a fantastic record when you consider his age. This tackling statistic is backed up by his 12 Tackling and 14 Positioning in game, which shows he is a trustworthy player to have at the heart of your defence. A similar player to Ramos in many ways, Yeray also achieved 2 assists from the back line, showing his creative prowess alongside his defensive one. For a cheap fee and years of solidarity, Yeray is the perfect candidate. 1. Dani Ceballos - Real Betis Dani Ceballos is the next Andres Iniesta. There you go, I said it. For a 20 year old, his attributes are absoloutley phenomenal, Andy he is capable of out doing most CM's around the world. Amongst his impressive arsenal is 15 Passing, which makes sense when you consider he averages 1.3 Key Passes per game. His 16 Technique is easily seen aswell, with him grabbing 2 goals and 2 assists in 24 games for Betis. His pass completion ratio of 80.8% means he became a mainstay in the starting 11, and proved his worth with a 7.32 AVR. He may cost a lot, but the success he will bring you will be all worth it. There you go! I hope I put enough detail in here to make it interesting for you guys, please let me know what you think about these players. Any feedback, comments and opinions are welcome. Thanks for reading!
  6. The New Gloveman at Goodison Welcome guys, and Everton are having some summer aren’t they? £85M spent and £93.6M made makes for a seemingly rising challenger to the Big Six, even in losing Big Rom to the red half of Manchester. Before anything though, they started by making the most obvious signing, and the main point of this article – Jordan Pickford. Signed from Sunderland for £25M, with an extra £5M in clauses, he represents an upgrade at the very least over the pair of Joel Robles and Marten Stekelenburg. Some Evertonians have even hailed him as the second coming of Neville Southall, and with that price tag coming after a miracle-working performance this season for Sunderland, what does the future hold for him as a Toffee? This experiment aims to find out. Disclaimer: This experiment only covers one season due to stat growth projections not scaling with his real life performances. Suffice it to say the stats you see are based on 15-16 Pickford. Also with all the other transfers Everton have made IRL these feel like completely different squads. Player Profile: Jordan Pickford was born on March 7 1994 in a town inside the Greater Sunderland area, and entered the Sunderland academy in 2002. After graduating to the senior side in 2011, he spent several spells on loan around the divisions, with Darlington, Alfreton, Burton, Carlisle, Bradford and Preston being some of his ports of call. He made his senior Sunderland debut on Jan 9 2016, and his first Premiership start the week later. He managed to win the starting job due to an injury to erstwhile first-choice keeper Vito Mannone and the rest is history as we’ve seen this season. He's also represented England at all age groups up to U-21 and recently backstopped England to the semifinal of the U-21 Euros. 16-17 RL stats: 32 appearances, 29 in the Prem,4 clean sheets, 146 saves, 56 goals conceded. Signing him for Everton In-game, Everton were able to sign Jordan for £20M. His initial value at Sunderland was £9.5M and after signing, his value jumped by a million quid. His stats are below, along with an initial star/coach report and stat progress graph. As you can see in the initial stat report, his best technicals are Kicking and Reflexes, while that relatively low communication stat could be excused by his youth but is a point of concern. The bigger concern is his slowness off the line, as noted by the coach report. End of season report After a full season, here’s Pickford’s stats/coach report/progress graph Something to note is that his Aerial and Agility stats made the biggest jumps, with his Handling and Communication making medium gains. His coach reports remain the same and his progress graph shows an overall medium gain in his overall ability. Pickford FM stats: 45 appearances, 36 Premiership games, 43 goals conceded, 10 clean sheets Highlights of his season include: His nerves holding well in the EFL Cup Final as he win his first piece of silverware against Man City... Blanking Chelsea and Man Utd back-to-back weeks... getting picked apart for four goals early against Boro... and leading Everton to 5th, leapfrogging Liverpool on the last day. Final Analysis: While of course a heavy course of YMMV is encouraged, in-game Jordan Pickford is very much a work in progress still. What I noticed was 3 major flaws in his game: 1. He needs a veteran defence in front of him to compensate for his relatively low communication stat 2. He’s pretty slow off his line so Poachers have a field day with him 3. He’s a good GK to pack in with Target Men and Poachers since he can set them up with booming clearances. With all the information I’ve gained from this experiment and also balancing with the knowledge his stats will take a big jump up in FM18, I would rate Jordan Pickford to Everton as a 7/10. With Michael Keane also joining Everton recently that backline should improve quite a bit and all the attacking options in front of him should ensure he gets some pressure eased on him. Anyone else you’d like to see experimented on? Let me know! Have a good one and keep on trucking!
  7. Jermain Defoe (Sunderland to Bournemouth Free) Jermain Defoe will be returning to Bournemouth 16 years after his last game for the club, having scored 18 goals while on loan from West Ham during the 2000/01 campaign. Career so far... Defoe began his career at Charlton Athletic, joining their youth team aged 14, before moving to West Ham United aged 16 and rising through the ranks. He made his first-team debut for West Ham in 2000, and after a season-long loan spell at Bournemouth in the 2000–01 season, he established himself in the West Ham line-up. After West Ham's relegation in 2003, he would move to Tottenham in January 2004, where Defoe played for four years before being sold to Portsmouth in January 2008. He spent one season at Fratton Park before returning to Tottenham in the January 2009 transfer window.After 5 years at white hart lane He would leave Tottenham for Toronto FC of the MLS in 2014, before returning to England in January 2015 to sign for Sunderland. In April 2011, Defoe became the 20th player to score a century of Premier League goals, and is currently the seventh-highest goalscorer in Premier League history.He became the fifth highest goalscorer in Tottenham's history in September 2013, and the club's highest goalscorer in European competitions in November 2013. On 19 November 2016, Defoe scored his 150th Premier League goal, becoming the joint tenth-highest goal scorer in Premier League history. Jermain Defoe has played 535 club games scoring 198 goals as well as being capped by England 57 times and scoring 20 goals. Will this return have a fairy tale ending or will it be mistake for one of the premier league's most prolific marksmen let’s find out. Season 1 So a decent first season back at Dean court for Defoe netting 16 goals and 4 assists in 35 games. As he helped Bournemouth to premier league survival finishing 16th. Defoe would finish himself 7th in the scoring charts and when you look at the company in that list it’s not a bad return for a free transfer. Season 2 Would it be second season syndrome for Defoe now at the age of 34 will he still be able to cut it in the top league. Bournemouth had a much better season this time round as they finished 11th but how did Defoe do. Well it wasn't as nearly as prolific making 28 appearances he scored 10 and assisted just 1. But this is not a bad return as by December in the test he hadn't scored in 11 appearances so if you take the second have of the season on its own 10 goals in 17 is not too bad for a player at the end of his career. Season 3 This really was the end of Defoe’s career this season. Bournemouth would sign Jordan Rhodes and Defoe faded to the back of the line only making 5 appearances and getting one assist and zero goals. Bournemouth would go on to finish 14th in the league. They would then release Defoe at the end of the season. So last season aside the return of Defoe yielded 26 goals over 2 seasons.not bad business for a free transfer signing. For a team like Bournemouth that could be crucial in their bid to stay in the premiership.
  8. Top Seven Breakthrougn Talents To Watch Next Year Every year we have our dose of wonder kids. Last year, it was local boy Marcus Rashford making a scene, and this year we have had many more. This list is in no particular order, just players to watch next season and in next years game.... 7. Ademola Lookman The young attacker, bought from Charlton in the January window, has been a joy to watch this year, when given the chance. Having started 3 times this season in the league and coming off the bench 5 times, it's clear to see Lookman is regarded as a wonderkid by the Everton faithful. This season seems to have set him up for great things in the future. 6. Jack Stephens The Englishman has had his breakthrough season with the Saints this year, starting 13 League games after the unexpected injury of Virgil Van Dijk. His partnership with Maya Yoshida has secured Southampton a mid table finish, if they keep up their current results. His Aerial duels win ratio of 1.6 a game show he is no pushover, and could become a favourite on FMM in coming years. 5. Harry Maguire Our third Englishman on the list, and not the last. Maguire has been a revelation since coming into the Hull backline, being a major part of their fight against the drop. Having started 24 times in the League and coming off the bench 3 times, Maguire is now a key player for Hull. If you aren't convinced, throw in the stats of 3 MOTM's, 2.4 Aeriel Duels won per game and 2 Goals and 2 Assists this season, Maguire should be a starter for any Premier League side you plan to manage. 4. Tom Daives After coming in towards the latter part of the season, Davies has been a mainstay in Everton's midfield. Having started 17 League games this year, Davies has scored 2 and assisted 3. His arrival into the first team spells the end for such fringe players like Tom Cleverly and Gareth Barry.He looks to be another superstar academy graduate from Everton, will you be the one to snatch him up? 3. Leroy Sane A more well known player around the world, Sane's big money move to City has been their best investment in a while. The German Winger has started 17 times in the league for City, and has managed to find the back of the net 5 times in that period of matches. He often becomes a world record transfer in FMM, will you swoop in and grab him first? 2. Ramadan Sobhi The Egyptian mystro joined the Potters from Al-Ahly in the summer for around 4 Million, and since then he has gone on to inject some energy and skill into Stoke City's performances. Having started 7 in the League, Sobhi has scored once for Stoke, but his talent has gone further than that this year, playing once off the bench for Egypt during AFCON. Next year promises to be an exciting one for the youngster, with Walters aging and Aurnautovic wanting to leave, it could be Sobhi's year to shine. 1. Marcus Rashford....Again I'm sorry but I had to. Rashford has been a revelation this year for United since he took the reigns from Zlatan up top, banging in 12 in all competitions this year. That's 4 more than last year, meaning Rashford has developed into an already outstanding goal scorer and player. With Zlatan aging and Rooney falling down the pecking order, will next year be THE year for Marcus Rashford? Notable Mentions Jordan Pickford The young Englishman misses out on the list due to Sunderland's relegation. However, he still had a largely impressive season, picking up 3 MOTM awards and an average rating of 7.13 for the Black Cats. It's no wonder Premier League clubs are after him, and he could be an International in the next few years. Cheers for reading lads! Anybody I missed out? These players are likely to be superstars in the future, would love to hear how they did in your games!
  9. Hi mates, Here I want discuss with you my knowledge about "Large Database" Option. What is "Large Database" Option? "Large Database" option is not a new option for FMH/FMM series. You can find it in the start page from "preference". What is the difference when we turn on "Large Database" Option? 1000 more players! Yes, when you turn on this option, 1000 more players will be added into your save. Before turn on "Large Database" and start England only. 5405 players in save. After turn on "Large Database" and start England only. 6405 players in save. Where do these 1000 players come from? Maybe you will ask where do these 1000 players come from. As what I know, these players are picked from "Extension" database. If you are familiar with FMM/FMH database structures, you should know there is an "Extension" folder in database. In FMM2017v.8.0.2, there is 8147 players in extension database. When you start a save with "Large database", the system will select 1000 players from 8147 players to supplement you selected database. What is the rule to select 1000 players? I am wondering this question for long time. When I ask SI this question, SI refuse talk detail about it. The rules as I know are below: 1. Players who already exist in selected database will be not be added again. (Obviously, haha!) 2. The players will be picked who's club are already in selected database. For example, player A is in club X in extension database. If we start a save by select England solo database and club X is not in it. Then Player A will not be added anyway. 3. Players will not be added to clubs which already have 38 players and no B team in selected database. 3. The selection maybe is based on reputations. ... (not confirmed) The player list for extension database is prepared by me. I will upload to vibe soon. Can we customize the "Large Database"? Based on my test, the answer is "YES". We can do something about it. For example, if you start an "England+other+large database option on" save, there is only one Chinese player, Zhang Yuning who is in Vitesse. But these is another Chinese player, Lin Liangming who is in Castilla in extension database file. It is possible to make him appear by edit extension database file only. Update: 4 saves for USA, BIH, Czech, Norway national team have been updated in download section.
  10. Good afternoon everybody and welcome to this article, where I will run over 5 things you can use the editor for to enhance your current or future careers on FMM. The IGE is a wonderful tool when used correctly, as I have found with my Chairman save, so how can you guys use it to your advantage? Read on to find out! 1. Create your own club with more control As promising as MyClub was when first introduced, it hasn't quite lived up to expectation, with limited options when creating the club of your dreams. With no control over finance among other small details, the In Game Editor can help input these features As you can see, you have lots of control over things like Finance, Stadium capacity and attendance and the facilities your club has, meaning you can mould the club in your exact image. 2. Using it for challenge purposes From what I gather, few people have thought to use the IGE for challenge purposes over he years, due to a lack of ways of no cheating being shown. However, as UkFootballScore has shown us a few years ago, it is possible to make a challenge scenario, with his 'Win one take one' challenge being very interesting back when it was first created. Having that little symbol in the corner gives you so much power in a challenge creating sense, wether you are the agent of a manager, or need to release someone every month, there are so many options. 3. Editing that awful player ( not permitted in challenge scenarios unless specific rules) Ever bought a player and saw he is actually awful? Well with he editor, you can iron out these inconsistencies easily. Maybe he needs that 1 extra pace, or his stamina is just a bit too low, the editor is useful for upgrading your mediocre players to become world beaters (not recommended in challenge scenarios) 4. Flexibility when needed The editor has so many features, including being able to edit positions. This can be fantastic when you discover your new Winger actually CANT play on the left side, only the right. Or maybe instead of being a Winger, you want your wide player to cut inside, and change his favourite foot and his role? The editor allows much flexibility in this regard, and can be the difference in a personal challenge or just a stand alone save. 5. Using it for experimental purposes Maybe you are like me and many other FMM players and want to see what happens in certain scenarios? By editing Player and club stats, you can conduct experiments within the walls of your game! Maybe you want to edit the reputation and see what happens to Manchester United? Or maybe, you want to see what happens if Gareth Bale goes back to Southampton by editing his club? Either way, there is so much choice! The reason I post this is because the editor is barely used on the site these days, and there is so much potential if the editor is in the right hands! I would love to see some challenge ideas using the editor! Thanks for reading!
  11. What Does The Future Hold? This Episode: The Next Ronaldo Good afternoon. This article is something I think could spark a few discussions in and around the community, maybe spark a few ideas and give people an insight into the future, hopefully. What is this, you may ask? Well, basically I am going to simulate 7 years into the future, and pick out who I think could be the successor to Ronaldo's ledgendary throne. I will judge these players on 5 categories. Here are those categories. Category/Player 1 - Playing For Real Madrid Category/Player 2 - Same Nationality As Ronaldo Category/Player 3 - Similar Attributes To Ronaldo Category/Player 4 - Similar Statistics To Ronaldo Category/Player 5 - Similar Career Path To Ronaldo So, they are the 5 types of players I'm going to be showing you in this article. I personally feel number 5,4 and 1 could be interesting, however I hope they all keep you hooked. Anyway, the door is open, feel free to step inside the time machine. There might be a bang, but don't worry, everything should work ok. The first test subject only got electrocuted, so it shouldn't be too bad. Hopefully.... Category 1 - Playing For Real Madrid Wow! That was fast! Welcome to 2023, a strange place where United have won 6 titles in a row, Ancelotti just retired, leaving Bayern after years of success, and Mexico are preparing to host the World Cup. In this category, we are going to look at the player who is making a legacy at Madrid currently, just like Ronaldo is, or did. Super Gabriel is our pick for Category one, being Madrid's new talisman after Ronaldo's sudden retirement a few years ago. Some of his stats look incredible, including the 19's in Shooting, Movement and Dribbling, and a solid 15 Technique amongst other things. How has he taken to life in Madrid? He has managed to bang in a good amount of goals, not quite hitting Ronaldo's other worldly standards however. He has just lead Madrid to their first title since the beggining of the simulation though, and their first CL Title. Apart from that though, it has been rather underwhelming. In conclusion, I think Jesus looks good on paper, but isn't quite the next Ronaldo. Remember to leave your thoughts on him with a comment. Category 2 - Same Nationality As Ronaldo I've tried to keep these fairly unknown players, but it's quite hard to build up somebody as the new Ronaldo without solid evidence. After a rather underwhelming trip to the Bernabau, we head to the red side of Madrid where we visit Ronaldo's national counterpart.... Diogo Jota! His international record is good, with a solid 17 strikes in just under 50 caps. Aswell as this, he has some overwhelming stats that put him on par with Gabriel Jesus, including 18 Dribbling, 20 Movement and 17 Shooting. He definately looks like he could rival Ronaldo's legacy, can he though? I would say so. 102 strikes in 7 years at Atletico from the left wing, he has certainly been an asset for them, helping their domestic and European performances. Aswell as this, he has racked up a fair amount of assists in his time in Spain. However, he hasn't managed to win anything with Portugal, unlike Ronaldo. Their best achievement in the Jota era is a Runners Up medal in the European International League, which isn't impressive at all. In conclusion, I think we can definately say he is up there, but just a bit off the level of the Ledgendary Ronaldo. Category 3 - Similar Attributes To Ronaldo This one is a bit difficult to judge. After our trip to Madrid, we need to visit Madeira to ask Sir Ronaldo himself about his stats from his playing days so we can judge.... Ah, right. He might be being a bit bias here, I mean it is Ronaldo. Anyway, I suppose we better go hunting. Just imagine some of that music you get whilst your on hold on the phone for a minute.... Right, I've got it. Behold! Anderson Talisca is my pick for Category 3. Some incredible playing stats, his mentals and physicals aren't as good but I think his statistics later on will make up for it. Some of his incredible stats include a quality 18 Shooting, 16 Technique and an array of 15's. But can this translate into Ronaldo-like stats? Missing his 24 goal season below the end of the stat chart, but wow. In his 6 years at SLB, he has banged in a quality 126 goals. If we compare that to Ronaldo's 6 years at United, he has scored 42 more than Ronaldo. This is no normal feat, and means Talisca is the best goalscorer we have come across since the start of our journey. Aswell as this, he just lead SLB to the Europa League final, where they unfortunately lost. In conclusion, I think Talisca is the closest we have seen to Ronaldo's legacy so far, with some incredible attributes and stats. Category 4 - Similar Statistics To Ronaldo For this one, we need to see Ronaldo's career stats to date. These are placed below. Games: 465 Goals: 352 Wow! Maybe he was a bit bias again, but it doesn't matter. I've typed these stats into the time machine, and into the wilderness we go! This lad is very well rounded. We travelled to Milan to see if there was a top superstar, and it seems the time machine got it right. Cornet possess fantastic physicals, including an eyewatering 19 Pace! Accompany this with his 16 Shooting and 19 Movement, and it shows why he is so prolific. Now now, I agree. Nowhere near the stats of Ronaldo, but to be fair, is it realistic to be? All of the lads I looked at who played in similar positions had nowhere near that number, so in the end I put it down to 1 thing. Who is most prolific? Cornet has an average of around 13 goals a season, which makes him Inter's top scorer most seasons. Alongside this, he has lead Inter to a Runners-Up medal in the Italian Cup and Super Cup. In conclusion, I don't believe Cornet is quite up to Ronaldo's standards as he isn't as successful or statistically there, but not the worst we've seen. Category 5 - Similar Career Path To Ronaldo Ah! Back to the futuristic Madrid we go, where Casillas and Arbeloa own a Pub near the Bernabau. Hopefully, we have picked someone not many of you have heard of hear in En Nesyri. Some of his attributes look immense, almost replicating a young Ronaldo himself. A brilliant 20 for Shooting and Dribbling, aswell as 15 Aerial and 17 Pace makes him almost the perfect striker, capable of scoring with any part of his body. Aswell as this, he averages 0.75 Goals Per Game for Morocco, which is no mean feat. How does this follow Ronaldo's path you ask? Well, he starts at his youth team, impressing and making a breakthrough. He goes for a big money move, in this case to Dortmund for a massive 25 Million Pounds. Finally, his performances earn him a big money move to Madrid, except the other one. His career has been phenomenal so far, becoming Atletico's major threat and averaging 14.4 goals a year for the Madrid based side. In conclusion, I believe En Nesyri's prolific nature and similarity to both Ronaldo's career path and International exploits with Morroco mean he is maybe the best contender for Ronaldo's throne. The Verdict After judging 5 players based on certain categories, I think it's fair to say it comes down to 3 players to take Ronaldo's crown. In my opinion, it's between Anderson Talisca, En Nesyri and Diogo Jota. Jota's goalscoring exploits for Atletico, accompanied by his incredible stats and national relation to Ronaldo make him a good candidate, however he didn't seem prolific enough I'm my opinion for the Portugal national team, and didn't lift them to the heights Ronaldo did. Talisca was born goalscorer, hitting a very respectable number of goals in his career so far at SLB. On the other hand, his stats weren't a match to those of CR7's in the height of his powers and he didn't enjoy any major success with Benfica. En Nesyri's career path has almost been a carbon copy of Ronaldo's, except for different types of teams. His national record for Morrocco is immense, aswell as his club record for Atletico. The only downside is his stale shooting at his previous clubs, aswell as not being as statistically well rounded. If I had to pick a player to take the reigns off Ronaldo, it would be En Nesyri, as his overall player ability, stats and attributes are more convincing than anything I have seen in my time in 2023. However, your opinion is very valuable and I want to know what YOU think. Thanks for reading this piece. I especially enjoyed writing this and would love to turn it into a mini series. If you want to see this, make sure to let me know which player I should pick next to find his heir. Remember to leave your thought on this article!
  12. After the announcement that two new leagues will be added to this year’s game, we thought it would be a good to tease your tastebuds and ponder over what league’s might be available at your fingertips - and the challenges they’ll give you… Credit to Dec for the graphics Argentina Brazil’s biggest rivals probably get overlooked as a new nation because the talk of a new nation is focused on Europe. However, Argentina offer’s some unique and, quite frankly, bizarre challenges. The country is stepped in historic glory. River Plate have a huge 36 titles to their name whilst Boca Juniors have won 31 domestic league’s. The Azul y Oro’s most recent league win was last year - well, that was before Lanus won it sometime this year. Which brings us onto our next point: the league structure. Maybe not as confusing as the MLS but when you see a ‘division’ with 30 teams in it, you’re in for a nightmare. After studying it more for five minutes (we don’t recommended you looking at it any longer otherwise you can find steam coming out of your ears), I can’t get my mind around it. It just seems to be a case of fly wherever you like, play whoever turns up. If anything is going to stop Argentina being in FMM this year, it will be for that exact reason. Russia The Motherland has been suggested as a new league in FMM for so long, you would have thought it would have crept its way in somewhere. Alas, it still hasn’t. Russia has gone through a variety of changes over the past decade. It wasn’t known as a reputable division not so long ago, just a tough place for a European away day because it was so far away (this is still the case mind). When money flooded the league and Anji started to wave money in the faces of anyone they could speak to, the league became known as a retirement place for ageing stars. When Hulk and Witsel moved to Zenit St. Petersburg the following year, that tag was patted down even further. Since then, the league hasn’t been as rash with its cash. Financial fair play has stamped out that ability and club’s have been a lot more conservative with their finances. So, why would Russia be any fun if there is no bucks to splash? Well, first off, we doubt the game is going to implement FFP anytime soon so that barrier isn’t there. Also, the Russian Premier League is hardly the most attractive and glamorous of divisions, so though you might be stacked, signing superstars won’t be easy. Oh, and no Russian club has ever won the Champions League - so you can create some history (which is what the game is about, right?). China Now, if there is a league which is flooding the market, that will be China. Already home to Sven-Göran Eriksson, Felix Magath and Luiz Felipe Scolari, you won’t be rocking up in a country which only has familiar names on the pitch. Course, being in China, the major prize is the Asian Champions League, which has been dominated by Guangzhou Evergrande in the past few years - first won in 2013 under Marcello Lippi and then 2015 under Scolari. They’ve also won the league for the past five seasons. They’re the team to beat. Not every team in China is willing to lob money at the world’s biggest names for some are just financially stable. The league is growing and becoming far more attractive, as seen with the signings in January of Ramires, Jackson Martinez and Alex Teixeira. And, if rocking up in a league dominated by money doesn’t convince you, don’t forget the bigger picture here - China want to win the World Cup. Could you be the genius who creates that dream a reality? Greece From the very rich we go to the stark contrast: Greece. Now, I’m not going to lie - the Greek Super League isn’t the most captivating of picks here. After all, in it’s 80 years of existence, 63 have been won by either Panathinaikos or Olympiacos with the latter having won 43 (yes, forty-three) of those. To put that into perspective, the only team you would be able to achieve more titles overall than Olympiacos is Panathinaikos (if the 30 season cap is still in place). The third most crowned team in Greece, AEK Athens, have 11 league titles. The apparent attraction here is stopping the Olympiacos domination - and it is domination. In the last 20 years, they’ve only missed out on the title twice. Shoestring budgets and low profile names means it will be a long-term job, but one which would be mighty rewarding. And, much like China, there is certainly a national team restoration which would be helped by the league being added. And by restoration, we mean you to replicate one of the biggest stories in footballing history - being European Champions with Greece. Now, how’s that for a new league? Mexico Ranked the top league in North America and the 20th worldwide; in theory, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see the Liga MX added into the game next year. Unfortunately, like all leagues in Latin America, it’s as confusing as the next and the guidebook is long enough to make the dictionary look like a quick read. However, confusing league systems and a league in region uncovered by FMM is what the game might need to keep it fresh all year round. The ultimate prize in Latin America, is the Club World Championship. In fact, the tournament which is so used to being mouthed and moaned at by Europeans is glorified in other continents. The tournament is hugely celebrated, and winning the competition is treated nearly as highly as a national World Cup win. The aim here? Well, before setting your sights on December’s annual tournament, you’ll have to assert some dominance domestically. Unlike other leagues which tend to feel like sprint races, the Mexico's Premier Division has nine teams who have won a league title more than five times - América has the most titles with 12. And you won’t be without familiar names. Mauro Boselli (remember him?) plays for Leon whilst Andre-Pierre Gignac swapped Marseille for Tigres in 2015 despite strong interest from the Premier League. Would you be able to turn the tide and become a name associated with Mexico’s top division? Will you be the first person to guide a Mexican side to the Copa Libertadores? Korea Another potential Asian nation which could featured in the upcoming game. Though admittedly not as much as an attraction as China, it does solve the game’s lack of presence in the continent. So, what’s the catch with Korea? First off, the nation has performed better in the Asian Champions League than any other. Since it’s formation 49 years ago, the ACL has been won 10 times by Korean sides and has had six runners-up. You won’t be diving into a nation behind the times - you’ll be in with the continent’s best sides. And before you get worried you’ll be the first Brit out there - you won’t be. Good ol’ Martin Rennie from Scotland managed Seoul E-Land FC until June this year. Oh, and that’s the next thing - the team names are second to none in originality. While Rennie sounds like he managed a club aiming to challenge Samsung as the biggest technology business in South Korea, there is also Gangwon FC, Daegu FC and Busan IPark. What’s not to like? Switzerland The Swiss Super League is emerging as one of the biggest leagues in Europe currently; massively down to improved performances in Europe thanks to Basel. Switzerland has garnered a reputation for producing some of the hottest talent in Europe. In recent seasons we have seen Graint Xhaka go to Germany before moving onto Arsenal and this summer, Football Manager favourite Breel Embolo followed the same path as he swapped Basel for Schalke. Whilst toppling Basel may not prolong your interest for long, the real question is whether you can make an impact on Europe’s biggest stage. It wasn’t so long ago that Basel knocked aside Tottenham in the 2012-13 Europa League before losing out to eventual winners Chelsea in the semi-finals. While Basel swoop up league titles and wave the Swiss flag midweek, there are sleeping giants galore in Switzerland. Grasshopper, who have won the most domestic league titles and were the first Swiss side to qualify for the Champions League, last reigned Switzerland in 2003. It wasn’t until 2013, 10 years after that title win, that they then won their next piece of silverware. Notable other mentions go to Servette FC who, having won the second most league titles, now flirt between the first and second divisions. FC Zürich and Young Boys’ trophy cabinets are starting to gather dust - the question is, will you be able to overcome Basel? Or will you be the one to guide the Champions League to Switzerland? Turkey People will argue that Turkey and Russia are of a very similar mould: both leagues attract ageing stars; but this isn’t true. Whilst Russia has only been able to attract recognisable names for the past few years, Turkey has had a huge appeal for decades. In recent years, club's have arguably been pulling above their weight. Wesley Sneijder moved to Galatasaray (despite interest from Manchester United) off the back of Internazionale’s Champions League win. Robin van Persie was a huge coup when he moved to Fenerbache last summer, even though he could have easily stayed in western Europe. Mario Gomez guided Besiktas to their first league title last season since 2009. It’s not just big names on the pitch Turkey are attracting. Roberto Mancini and Cesare Prandelli have both been employed by Galasatary in past seasons before being dumped off. The late Luis Aragonés joined Fenerbache after his Euro 2008 success with Spain. Vítor Pereira, who was manager of Sarı Lacivertliler before being sacked at the start of September, has recently been replaced by Dick Advocaat. But while the big two throw punches and try and beat each other in every way possible, the Turkish Super Lig is always susceptible to a huge upset. Last season, Besiktas won the top prize in Turkey; Bursaspor won their first championship in 2010. A mad league, temperamental chairmen and a big enough reputation to entice some of the best players. There’s no two ways about it - Turkey is one we would love to see next year.
  13. Hey guys! I decided to make a top 15 list of young talents of the Ligue 1 or just French talents. Obviously I'm not going to include players that everyone knows. These players are not known, maybe two or them, but have lots of potential in FMM. I also simulated a season per player to show you guys an example of their development P.S this took me verrrry long to make 1) Kevin Soni Club: Bordeaux (Loan to PAU) National League Cheap/Pricy: Cheap Simulation: 2) Florian Ayé Club: Aj Auxerre Cheap/Pricy: Cheap Simulation: 3) Yann Karamoh Club: SM Caen Cheap/Pricy: Pricy Simulation: 4) Junior Sambia Club: Chamois Nortoias Cheap/Pricy?: Pricy Simulation: 5) Yehvann Diouf Club: Estac Troyes Cheap/Pricy?: Cheap Simulation: 6) Ferland Mendy Club: Le Havre Cheap/Pricy?: Cheap Simulation: 7) Jean-Eudes Aholou Club: Strasbourg Cheap/Pricy: Cheap Simulation: 8) Rayan Senhadji Club: FC Shochaux Cheap/Pricy: Cheap Simulation: 9) Aly Ndom Club: Stade de Reims Cheap/Pricy: Cheap Simulation: 10) Sébastien Amoros Club: English Leagues Cheap/Pricy: Cheap Simulation: 11) Jonathan Bomba Club: Saint Ettiene Cheap/Pricy: Cheap Simulation: 12) Anthony Maisonnial Club: Saint Ettiene Cheap/Pricy: Cheap Simulation: 13) Nicolas PépéClub: Angers Cheap/Pricy: Very Pricy Simulation: 14) Kenji-Van Boto Club: Aj Auxerre Cheap/Pricy: Cheap Simulation: 15) Tony Mauricio Club: USBCO (NATIONAL DIV) Cheap/Pricy: Cheap Simulation: Thank you for taking the time to look at my list. Again this took me hours and hours to make. Im very sorry about the language in the screenshots not being English, that's on me. Anyways, should I do a part 2?
  14. The Danske Bank Premiership - And All It's Secrets Good afternoon and welcome to my newest guide! A while ago, you may remember my guide on the Turkish Super League, well this is a follow up to that! I plan to make a few of these, showcasing leagues that are barely played by choice and hopefully see you guys play there some more. I have taken on some of the feedback from the last league guide, so this should be tidier and a better read. Enjoy! Division History The Northern Irish Football League, or the Danske Bank Premiership, was founded in 1890, and is the second oldest top division in the world. It became a member of UEFA in 1954, and a member of FIFA in 1911. The league was originally the league for all of Ireland, but was restricted to just Northern Ireland in 1921. The first ever league match to be televised from this division was in 2007, when Cliftonville and Linfield faced off at Solitude. Since then, Sky and other broadcasters have had more involvement in the league, meaning it is growing at a fast rate. League Format The league consists of 12 teams, with 1 being relegated each season. The team who finish in 11th will qualify for the relegation playoff. However, at the other end of the table, the top 6 teams qualify for the championship group, where they battle it out for the 1 second phase qualifying spot in the Champions League, whilst 3 other teams qualify for the First Qualifying round of the Europa League. League Rules/Qualification The cup winner takes a European Place, like in most leagues, whilst the previous Playoff winner also takes a spot. This may seem confusing, but as you play a few seasons it becomes routine. Any Other Rules? Portadown start the season on -12 points, so be careful when picking your team. Cup Competitions Northern Irish Cup Northern Ireland has over 5 cup competitions, and all have pretty similar rules. We will start with the Northern Irish Cup, which is the equivalent to the FA Cup in England. This competition has pretty standard rules, with the only exception being that the worse league team is allowed to play at home for their fixtures. Apart from that, it is pretty routine. Northern Irish League Cup Another standard cup competition, this time the equivalent to the EFL Cup in England. This cup has no strange/different rules to speak of, just another piece of silverware to add to your cabinet. Co. Antrim Shield Here is the Co. Antrim Shield, which is the same as the League Cup from before. This cup has no special qualification, just an early season competition to get your team ready for the season ahead. Northern Irish Steel & Son's Cup Another competition for competition sake, this is the same as the previous 2 competitions except for the fact that it is played a few days later. As you can see, N.I have a lot of competitions. We didn't go over the Mid Ulster Cup or the Intermediate Cup as they are likely to have the same rules as the 4 we have covered, but if wanted I'll happily go over them. Who Rules The Roost? Linfield are the current champions and lead the table for most titles won by 29 league titles. Their dominance is nowhere near matched, with Glentoran the closest behind with 23. Belfast Celtic are no longer in the top division, but are 3rd with 14 titles. This is were you come in. Can you take one of the teams not on this list and dominate? Can you take Glentoran and break Linfields record? Teams To Try Ards Ards last won the league in 1957-58, and have since bounced around the table. They possess a 2,000 seater stadium, aswell as Basic training facilities and Average youth facilities. Some of their players include Frenchman Guillaume Keke, who is likely to be one of your big threats, and former Wolves Centre-Back Johnny Taylor, who is reaching his peak and will be crucial to your defensive performances. Can you take this team to new heights, and achieve success? Portadown Portadown are an interesting one. Founded in 1887, they have managed to win 4 league titles, with the latest being in 2001-02. They have a 3,660 seater stadium in their possession, aswell as basic youth and training facilities. As good as this sounds, Portadown were relegated this year after a 2-0 defeat to Ards, AND they start the season on -12 points in-game. Despite all of this, they have Northern Irish international Robert Garrett in their ranks, aswell as former Hearts Winger Sean Mackle. Can you lead this troubled club to glory under your management? Thanks for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed this piece, I have some big ones planned so look out for them, and please leave remember to leave a comment on the article. Cheers!
  15. Vibe Content List 2016/17 Today, we are going to go over EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CONTENT that has been produced on the website for this years game. This will hopefully help you pinpoint exactly what you need on the website, and get you there with ease. This has taken me a while to create, so I may have missed a few through sheer complacency. If I have missed an article, let me know and I'll add it in. This list is ordered in categories, and then dates. Club Guides/Reviews 29.6.17 - Damilare - Manchester United Team Guide 5.6.17 - samhardy - Juventus Team Guide 3.6.17 - AndersJ - 5 Smaller Italian Clubs To Be 1.5.17 - BatiGoal - Monaco Team Guide 17.4.17 - KennyMiller27 - 6 Lower League Clubs 7.4.17 - Niall C - Top Transfer Budgets 17.2.17 - Mollers01 - 5 Teams To Play As Before The Update 8.2.17 - Mollers01 - 11 Teams To Play As Post Update 10.1.17 - SladePT - FC Porto Guide 9.1.17 - BatiGoal - Fiorentina Team Guide 20.12.16 - Real_Random - Villarreal Team Guide 8.12.16 - Mollers01 - 8 Teams To Manage 12.11.16 - Dar J - AC Milan Team Guide 7.11.16 - Chelsea8 - 5 International Teams To Be 27.10.16 - Aencinaz04 - 4 Exciting English Teams To Manage 23.10.16 - Robbrown172 - 3 Challenging Teams To Be 22.10.16 - Aencinaz04 - 4 Fallen Giants To Restore 27.8.16 - UkFootballScore - 5 Teams To Look Forward To Managing League Guides/Reviews 22.6.17 - KennyMiller27 - Segunda B Guide 14.6.17 - KennyMiller27 - 3. Liga Guide 7.6.17 - Dar J - Liga Pro (Serie C) 2.6.17 - Niall C - Republic Of Ireland League Guide 31.5.17 - mcandrew003 - Northern Ireland League Guide 19.4.17 - Mollers01 - Interesting League Formats In FMM17 7.4.17 - mcandrew003 - The Turkish Super League And All Its Secrets 16.11.16 - Robbrown172 - Ekstraklasa Review 4.10.17 - Chelsea8 - 5 Nations We Could See In FMM17 Player Guides 8.7.17 - mcandrew003 - Top 7 Breakthrough Talents - La Liga 25.6.17 - mcandrew003 - Cristiano Ronaldo's Heir 17.6.17 - Niall C - Cheap Wonderkid XI 11.6.17 - AndersJ - The Future Of German Football 10.6.17 - mcandrew003 - Young Lions - Analysing The England U-20 Finalists 2.6.17 - KennyMiller27 - The Pot's Treasure - 7 Great Irish Prospects 2.6.17 - Rami - How To Find Regens 17.5.17 - KennyMiller27 & mcandrew003 - Top 50 Breakthrough Stars 13.5.17 - mcandrew003 - Top 7 Breakthrough Stars 22.4.17 - Kumail - 3 Great Cheap Players 7.4.17 - Mollers01 - Top 8 Bargains For Top Flight Clubs 27.3.17 - Niall C - Free Agent Guide 16.3.17 - Jens - Top 10 Belgian Talents 10.3.17 - Mollers01 - 8.2 Wonderkid List 6.3.17 - Mollers01 - 5 Strikers Who Deserve An Upgrade 5.3.17 - Mollers01 - 7 CM's Who Deserve An Upgrade 8.2.17 - Robbrown172 - 5 WB/FB's Who Deserve An Upgrade 1.2.17 - Robbrown172 - 5 GK’s Who Deserve An Upgrade 28.1.17 - Dar J - What Makes A Goalscorer Part 2 12.1.17 - Kun Aguero - Euro U-21 TOTT, Where Are They Now? 9.1.17 - Robbrown172 - 5 Players To Look Out For In AFCON 4.1.17 - BatiGoal - BatiGoal's FIFPRO World XI 28.12.16 - Massey127 - Stats, Ability, Rep, Consistency 27.12.16 - 62Tuffy - Big Club Bargains 10.12.16 - Dar J - What Makes A Goalscorer 9.12.16 - BatiGoal - Battle Of Captains 25.11.16 - Mollers01 - Scouting The Championship - Defenders 22.11.16 - Mollers01 - Scouting The Championship - Goalkeepers 21.11.16 - Robbrown172 - 5 Championship Youngsters You NEED To Sign 14.11.16 - Dar J - FMM17 Wonderkid Vanja Milinkovic Savic 7.10.16 - Fish18ish - 5 English Players Who Need A Stat Boost FMM Experiments 6.7.17 - Niall C - Defoe To Bournemouth 4.6.17 - mcandrew003 - 2 Footers VS 1 Footers 3.6.17 - Niall C - Bernardo Silva To City 27.1.17 - Mollers01 - Deulofeu At AC Milan 26.1.17 - Robbrown172 - Niang And Zarate At Watford 26.1.17 - Mollers01 - Hogan To West Ham 25.1.17 - Mollers01 - Lazar Markovic To Hull 20.1.17 - Robbrown172 - Griezmann To Manchester United 17.1.17 - Robbrown172 - Payet To Marseille 11.1.17 - BatiGoal - Did Odeegard Make The Right Choice? 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  16. Cheap Wonderkid XI One of the best challenges in FMM17 is uncovering the next great talent. But sometimes it isn't the cheapest of endeavors. For example Marcus Rashford was a unknown player just over a year ago, he now starts the game worth a eye watering £20 million. A lot of money for a 18 year old, So with that in mind I present a starting XI of future world stars that won’t cost you more than £10 million each. So let’s start our money saving search. GK-Pedrag Rajkovic-Maccabi Tel-Aviv £1.5m This Serbian shot stopper is a steal at just £1.5 mill. As you can see just after one season he is already worth ten times that. As you can see after one season he is increased in handling and decision making and he is already worth ten times what we payed, DL Philipp Ochs £9.5m This guy was interesting. As upon reloading the test save to purchase him. His value had jumped to £10.75 million. Still I bid just £8.75 million already worth ten times and after a couple more bids and a tantrum from Ochs and I managed to snatch him up for £9.5 million He will come back after initial contract offer of his requested wages of 15-20k that he would find it hard to leave Hoffenheim. But you can offer him a new contract of his demands of 50-60k a week and he signs. DC Jerry St.Juste £7m A quality strong Dutch center back. With bags of potential. Within one season he improved in tackling and positioning,At just £7 million a worthy investment for years to come. DC Mathijs de Ligt £7m Another Dutch center back with bags of potential. At just 16 he could lead your defense for years, In one season you see he is already improving in key areas (aerial, positioning) and if he improves as quick as he has in one season he will be world star in any top European side. DR Hidde Ter avest 7m Not a whole lot of improvement in stats for this Dutch right back with only slight improvements in tackling and positioning. But this is only after one season. Given his adaptability to play at CB as well as Rb makes him a worthy investment and at just £7 million. AMR Pavon £7.75m Not really an unknown to experienced players of FMM17 . 7.5 million for a 21 year old ready for the first team and given that he can easily play on the left or right makes him a worthy acquisition for our team. AML Hirving Lozano £8m Again another well known wonder kid. But another ready made first team prospect. Capable of playing on either wing. Also could do a job up top if needed. With recent media reports linking him with a move to Man City this summer this may be the last chance you have to snap up the Mexican winger. MC Flippo Melgoni £3.5m. Decent young Italian central midfielder.that has the potential to play in a number of roles with some training. As you can see here after just one season he has already got a passing rating of 15 also he has risen more than three times in value and he is only 17. MC/AMC Alfonso sousa £7m If your looking for an advance play maker for your team. Look no further than FC Porto’s Alfonso Sousa. Easily adaptable at playing in the center of midfield. Although not much improvement in once season but he is still only 16/17 years old so has much time to improve. He is also in this test save he is also competing with Man united players such as Mata, Mkhitaryan which may have stifled his development. ST Thomas Buitnik £7.25m Yes another Dutch wonderkid. Upon doing this article I am beginning to think we could be entering a golden age of Dutch wonderkids in the next few years. Or at least that’s what SI are predicting. One season in and his value is risen considerably and his shooting is 15 and dribbling 14 and he is still only 16. ST Albian Ajeti £10m The most expensive of our wonderkids but as you will see after just one year he has got a shooting rating of 16 and he is already worth £16 million and still only 20. So there you have it a Starting XI with a total cost value of just £68.5 million with huge developments in one season that should be noted was holidayed and controlled by the AI. I expect them to grow even more under player control and perhaps with the use of the Intensive training could grow even more . Also the key to purchasing these players I should say is to be strict with your transfer offers. Offer the player’s value or below it as an initial bid and then increase in small increments more often than not the player will throw his toys out of the pram and demand a move Hope you enjoy the read, Feel free to add your wonderkid discoveries below and share those gems.
  17. The Forgotten Paninis When i was young collecting Panini cards was the big thing. I had no Ipad, Iphone or even a computer. But we had an old tv where I could see football from Italy and Spain. The teams I watched the most in Spain was the magicians from Barcelona and Real Madrid, but also teams like Salamanca and Albacete really caught my eye, but that’s another story. This is PANINITIME. I don’t know if it was the grease in their hair, or the colours on the cards, but I loved collecting those cards from Italy - and of course dream that I was Marco Van Basten when I played with my friends. Thinking back, the older boys surely didn’t make a fair trade with me in terms of exchanging paninis, but I still remember it as a great time in my childhood. Some teams I liked simply because of their colours, others because of their style of play. The first was their style of play. Zeman was their manager and we all know that means attack, attack and attack. I here give you 5 teams you could choose to manage in FM. Give it a go and bring glory back to their part of Italy. 1. Foggia FORZA FOGGIA! In this community I have recently joked about Foggia Calcio ( newly promoted to serie B ) and my old love for them. Former stars such as russian Shalimov, Baiano and striker Signori. They have gone bankrupt two times in their history, but how about becoming their new manager ? They are currently in Serie C/C, but next season they are in Serie B. Club Information Founded: Foggia were founded in 1920 Success: Under Zeman they created the attacking football all wanted to see, and a style of play Zeman since has made his trademark. Tragedies: Poor financial control, and allegedly tried to bribe the referee when they last visited Serie A, which caused uproar in Italian football. The Board expects promotion, but be aware, although your squad have okay players, the training facilities are poor. Here are som of the 3 best players in the squad and the whole squad. There are alot of young players from age 17-18, but you will need to upgrade the squad to be promoted. 2. Lecce Lecce have been in the top flight more than one time and now has fallen through the leagues, do you want to promote the club with former stars such as Vucinic, Popescu, Oddo, Pellé and least of all this fine young footballer. They are currently in Serie C/C also Club Information: Founded: Lecce were founded in 1908. Success: promotion to Serie A a couple. Tragedies: Found guilty of match fixing. The Board expects promotion and rightfully so, the squad seems above average and will only need small improvement. Here are som of the 3 best players in the squad and the whole squad. the whole squad 3. Reggina The club have spent 9 seasons with the best, but are now in Serie C/C together with Foggia and Lecce. Reggina have a great stadium and a lot of history. Can you get the old team back where it belongs ? Club Information Founded: Reggina were founded in 1914 Success: promoted to the Serie A in 1999. Tragedies: Being part of the Serie A scandal in 2006 and deducted 15 points. The Board expects promotion, but be aware, although your squad have some okay players, it needs improvement asap unless your are running a youth club. Here are som of the 3 best players in the squad and the whole squad. Here is the squad with okay defensive players, but it needs improvement asap in the last third. 4. Parma Calcio Parma Calcio - no need for further introduction. The club had superb players when they played their best football with Buffon, Thuram, Veron, Crespo and so on - can you create a dream team once again? You find Parma in Serie C/B. Club Information Founded: Parma were founded in 1913 Success: Although Parma never won a domestic league title and never competed for major trophies until the 1990s, it won three Coppa Italia, one Supercoppa Italiana, two UEFA Cups, one European Super Cup and one UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. Tragedies: The main sponsor for the team Parmalat, went bankrupt in 2003 and therefor the club was in financial trouble til 2007. In 2015 the finally went bankrupt. The Board expects to win it all, and with the best budget of the five, you really have no excuses. Here are som of the 3 best players in the squad and the whole squad. Some in the squad are searching for the wheelchair, but they should could secure you promotion in the first try. 5. Cremonese Last but not least, I give you my personal most missed italian club, Cremonese from Serie C/A. The red and grey colours….well eye candy they are not, but the former players say it all, Favalli, Chiesa and Gianlucaaaaaa VIALLI. You can sit on your arse and see the grey and red blinks when they just trash the opposition on their way to the Serie A again. Club Information Founded : Cremonese were founded in 1903 Success: Won the Anglo-italian Cup beating Derby County at Wembley in 1992/1993. Tragedies: The colours of their badge! The Board expects promotion, you have an okay squad for this goal, but less finances than Parma fx. Here are som of the 3 best players in the squad and the whole squad. As you can see finally some attacking and creative force to use, but still room for improvement in the squad as a whole. To Finish…. Hope you got inspired to choose differently next time you start a new career. A huge thanks to @mcandrew003 for helping me with the layout and setup of this article. Best regards Anders.
  18. Spanish Summers: A Primer to the Segunda Division B History First organized in 1929, Segunda B was then the third division of Spanish league football behind the Primera Division and Segunda A; it was then reorganized after the 1929 season as the Tercera Division which then existed until 1934. Reactivated in 1943 after an interregnum mainly exacerbated by both the Civil War and WW2, it carried on the Tercera name until another reorganization in 1977 saw the Segunda B name readopted, and Tercera used to refer to the 4th-tier league. Initially conceived as a 40-club division with 2 groups of 20 teams, it was streamlined in 1986 into a 22-club single table division, before being re-organized the following year into the format used today – 80 clubs grouped into 4 20-club mini-leagues based on region. Organization Each group in Segunda B plays 38 games with each other; the 4 clubs relegated from Segunda Division and the 18 clubs promoted from Tercera Division are assigned to the appropriate regional group. Reserve sides are eligible for promotion assuming their parent club is in the Primera Liga, while clubs in Liga 123 who have their reserves in Segunda B will have their reserves relegated should the parent club get relegated; the reserve side is also barred from promotion. The 4 group winners go on to compete in the Segunda B Championship play-off, where the two clubs that advance to the Championship round earn promotion to Segunda Division. The losers join the 4 runners-up, 3rd-placers and 4th-placers in another playoff to determine the last 2 promotion places, where they compete as follows: Round 1 – 4th v 2nd/4th v 2nd/4th v 2nd/4th v 2nd/3rd v 3rd/3rd v 3rd Round 2 – 4th v 2nd winner against Championship playoff loser/3rd v 2nd/4th v 2nd winner against Championship playoff loser/3rd v 2nd Round 3 – Round 2 winners drawn against each other, higher-ranked club hosts 2nd leg The winners take the last 2 slots in Segunda Division The bottom 4 clubs in each group are relegated to Tercera Division, along with the losers in the relegation play-outs contested between the four 16th-place clubs in each group. Meanwhile, the Top 5 non-reserve clubs in each group, regardless of winning their promotion playoff qualify for the Copa del Rey, along with the four non-reserve clubs with the most points outside the Top 5, entering the First Round; 6 clubs earn byes to the Second Round. The Tercera Division champion from the previous season also qualifies; if the champion is a reserve side, the Tercera runners-up also qualifies. IRL, some Tercera Division clubs also qualify to the Copa; in FMM though, only 4 Tercera Division clubs are included in the First Round pot, with the shortfall being made up by more Segunda B sides included. General Club Profile Segunda B clubs have stadium capacities averaging around 7,114 seats; AE Prat have the smallest stadium in Segunda B, seating only 500 fans, while Real Murcia’s Condomina holds 31,079 fans. Facillities-wise, the league averages a Adequate/Adequate in training and youth facilities, with CD El Ejido and Racing Santander possessing the best set-ups at Impressive/Good, and Prat having Poor/Below Average set-ups carrying the rear. Interesting Clubs AE Prat – Their facilities may be poorer than what most players may like, but the Catalan minnows won promotion by winning Tercera Division last season and looked halfway competitive. They may have gone straight back down IRL, but can you defy the odds and keep them up in-game?And can you build them up long-term to trump Eibar and become La Liga's new small-town champion? Racing Santander – The former La Liga mid-table stalwarts have had a rough time of it since relegation in 2011; suffering much the same fate as Blackburn Rovers minus the league title after being taken over by an Indian consortium, they’ve bounced around the 2nd and 3rd tiers since. Poised to return IRL if they win their promotion playoff, can you both return them to La Liga and give this club some much-needed stability? Hercules – Arguably best known as David Trezeguet’s last club in Europe, the Alicante-based club drifted steadily down the 2nd-tier since that ill-fated spell in La Liga back in 2010 and find themselves stuck in the third tier for the past 3 years. Can you push them back up and erase the sour taste of their last top-flight campaign? Segunda B feels like an odd mix of the Championship and the Conference – with the amount of relatively big clubs stuck in there mixing up with seemingly wee little village clubs, there’s a lot of stories to be forged here. Pick up your crucible and make one!
  19. Das Dritte: A Primer to the German 3. Liga History From this.... The DFB set up the 3.Liga in 2008 to provide a streamlined path between the then extant 2.Bundesliga and the then-2 headed 3rd tier of the Regionalliga Nord & Regionalliga Sud, taking the 7 teams between 3rd and 10th in both leagues, and adding the 4 clubs relegated from the previous 2.Bundesliga season and constituting the initial 3. Liga membership. this The two Regionalliga then became part of a newly-reorganized 3-headed 4th tier until further reorganization after 2012 saw the Regionalliga grow into 5 leagues organized by geographical proximity. A typical Regionalliga crowd c. 2010 Organization The 3.Liga is a 20-team league that plays 38 fixtures per club. The champions and runners-up earn automatic promotion to the 2. Bundesliga while the 3rd-place team competes in a two-legged relegation/promotion play-off with the 16th-placer in the 2. Bundesliga. The bottom 3 clubs are automatically relegated to the appropriate Regionalliga to be replaced by the winners of play-offs between the 5 Regionalliga champions and the runners-up of the Regionalliga with the most members. Reserve teams can advance no further than 3. Liga and are relegated should their parent club drop to 3.Liga, or be in danger of dropping to 3.Liga in case of relegation. General Club Profile Most of the clubs in 3. Liga have Average/Average training and youth facilities, and stadia with an average capacity of around 12 – 13,000. Look at those crowds! Werder Bremen II have the smallest stadium and Jahn Regensburg have the lowest-quality facilities, while Hansa Rostock have the best facilities and MSV Duisburg have the biggest stadium. Interesting Clubs Hansa Rostock – One of the bigger sides in 3. Liga, the former Bundesliga stalwarts have been stuck in 3.Liga since getting relegated at the end of 2008; having also fallen victim to the relegation playout to Ingolstadt 2 years later, they’ve been stuck in mid-table since. Look at how loyal they are! Are you the one to revive them and challenge Leipzig for the honor of being East Germany’s best? Preuben Munster – One of the founding members of the Bundesliga, they only spent one season there and have been in the wilderness since. Feed them Success? Not a particularly glamorous squad since the days of the Oberligen, can you bring them some success? Jahn Regensburg – Historically a yo-yo club between the 3rd and 4th levels of German football, they’ve gained momentum over the past 5 years and find themselves back in 3. Liga for the first time in 5 years. Those ultras will have a LOT more to cheer for IRL, they’re now in 2. Liga; can you match that accomplishment and see them kick on? 3. Liga is an interesting league, and I certainly would like to see you try it! A lot of stories and relative fallen giants here make it a rich tapestry, so go out there and weave your own story!
  20. Hello everybody and welcome to this new article. Today, we are going over the England U-20 squad, looking at the players and their potential. Why? Well, it's a good question. The fact is, this is the first international final that any England squad of any age has reached since that famous win in 1966. These young lions are the future of English football (after Rashford of course ) and deserve their spot in an article. So, let's get into the good stuff, shall we? Note: not all players will be in the game Database, so only those in it will be run through. GK - Freddie Woodman U-20 Apps - 3 Apps Woodman is one of Newcastle's finest young stars, starting the game at the age of just 19. At first glance, Woodman doesn't look too impressive, with just 13 in reflexes and 11 in handling. However, with 14-15 years of service in his locker, aswell as a highly likely chance of hitting greens within season 1, Woodman could become a must in your team. His U-20 WC campaign has been impressive, making 15 stops so far and holding a 88% save rate, aswell as 3 clean sheets. With figures and attributes like these at such a young age, can he be your main man between the sticks? R/LB - Callum Connolly U20 Apps - 3 Apps Another player with average stats at best in-game, Connolly is one of those that can easily fill a spot if needed for the first few years, before making it his own. With over 3 caps already under his belt plus the amount of games played at the World Cup, Connolly is fast becoming a prospect at Goodison Park. In-game, he could last maybe 10-12 years before needing to be replaces, and his versatility and decent physicals make him a decent Championship player for the first year, but much more after that? R/LB - Kyle Walker-Peters U-20 Apps - 3+ Somehow having no Wiki page is Walker-Peters, who has potentially the most promising stats of all the defenders. His superb greens for Crossing, Dribbling and Pace make him the perfect attacking full-back, even at the young age of 19. Peters serve a good 12 years for you, bombing down either the right or left sides and injecting fear into the opposition. Good enough to slot into any system in the EPL, can he fit into your system? CB - Jake Clarke-Salter U-20 Apps - 3 U-20 Clean Sheets - 3 Salter-Clarke is a decent looking Centre Back at the start of the game, having such stats as 14 aerial, 12 Tackling and 13 leadership and pace. He was even referred to as the successor of John Terry, by JT himself! Clarke can turn into a beast in the heart of your defence with the right training and game time, and could last 15 years before you have to consider getting a replacement. His contribution to the World Cup has been brilliant, playing 3 times and gaining 3 assists. If you need a solid Englishman for when Brexit comes along, he is your man. CB - Ezri Konsa U-20 Apps - 1+ I haven't been able to confirm the amount of call ups Konsa has, but with stats like that I'm sure he will gain many more. Konsa currently possesses great stats for an 18 Year old, including 14 Tackling, 13 Stamina and 12 Aerial. Accompany this with the fact he can play as a CDM/CM, and he is the perfect player. Not one many have heard of, Konsa could definitely see a move to the PL on the cards soon if he continues this development. CB - Dael Fry U-20 Apps - 2 Fry was part of the relegated Boro side of the 16/17 season, although he had minimal influence. Fry already looks a step up from the Championship at just 18, with stats like 16 aerial, 13 strength and 13 positioning and teamwork means he could very comfortably learn any system in England. In real life, Fry has just 2 caps, but with good performances in the Chamoionship this season, could we see this number increase? The youngster could easily last you 15 seasons, and with a few months of training, excpect to see those blues turn to greens. Is he the man for you? CDM/CM - Lewis Cook U-20 Apps - 1 Cook is an FMM favourite for many, or was until his big move to the South Coast. His profile is littered with blues, but don't be surprised to see them turn to greens. He has managed to grab 2 assists and a goal so far at the World Cup, ranking him 7th on the overall list. At just 19, Cook possesses great stats, like 14 teamwork and stamina, 13 Tackling and passing AND dribbling and 13 pace, he has the legs and creative nature to run riot in the middle. Only question is now, can you use his talents effectively? CM/CAM - Ovie Ejaria U-20 Apps - 5 Ejaria already looks quality at just 28, and is definitely one of the more exciting talents on the list. Possessing such dazzling, well rounded attributes such as 16 technique, 15 dribbling, 14 passing and 13 decisions, he is already PL quality for most middle table teams. Having already gained 5 U-20 Caps, Ejairia looks set for a long career, with around 16 years of performance to be squeezed out of him. How will you fit Ejairia into your system? Josh Onomah U-20 Apps - 2 The fact Onomah is valued at 12 Million just shows how bright his potential is. At 19, he possesses such stats as 14 dribbling, pace and technique, 13 passing and stamina and 12 creativity, he has a bright future in the role you deploy him in. At the WC, Onomah has had limited playing time, but with quality and potential like he has now, it will be a matter of time before he breaks into the Spurs and England squads. CM/AMR - Ainsley Maintland-Niles U-20 Caps - 10 Apps U-20 Goals - 1 Goal Maintland-Niles isn't the most pretty player to look at statistically, but there are a few silver lignings for this. One of these is the 13 passing, dribbling and pace he brings to the table, making it highly likely he will become a tricky Winger in his prime. Niles currently has the most U-20 caps, holding 10 to his name. He could likely last around 13-14 years for you in your team, wether deployed as a CM or a flamboyant Winger. How will you use him? Will he fit in? All are questions you will need to consider before buying this man, but be assured, whichever role he starts in, he will perform. WR/L - Ademola Lookman U-20 Apps - 6 U-20 Goals - 7 Lookaman's clinical nature is not shown in game, however such stats as 14 dribbling and technique, 15 pace and 13 movement almost make up for this. At just 18 years old, Lookman is one of the most exciting homegrown talents on the game, and will almost certainly develop for you, wherever you take him. Lookman has had a stellar campaign in South Korea, scoring 5 goals in 5 games for the England U-20's to fire them to the World Cup Final. If you are looking for a tricky Winger that shows similar qualities to Nani, Lookman is your guy. Sheyi Ojo U-20 Apps - 3 This lad is special. Ojo starts the game as one of the most promising teenagers around, and has the attributes to back it up. Incredible, tricky statistics like 15 technique, crossing, dribbling and pace all show why he is such a tricky Winger, and how he has massively helped England reach the final. His impact play from the bench for the young lions has bamboozled defences from any part of the world. The best thing is, these talents will keep you going for 12-13 years before a replacement is to be even thought about. Ojo is the most promising member of this squad. Harry Chapman U-20 Apps - 1 Chapman has been one of the lesser used players in the England squad in this tournament, but his attacking qualities show that he can more than deliver if called upon. At 18, Stats like 14 dribbling, 13 pace and 12 technique show he is already a skilful, reliable player, but whit a few months/years of training, how could he turn out for you? Despite his lack of appearances for th Young Lions, Chapman has played in 1 game, showing he is the required quality. The question is, can you up that quality? Adam Armstrong U-20 Apps - 5 U-20 Goals - 5 Armstrong had been clinical for the U-20's so far. 5 in 5 for them shows just how persistent with performance he is, and he is no different in-game. He has some incredible stats (Which, as @scratch99's favourite ever player, I'm sure he will know about) such as a phenomenal 16 shooting , 15 pace and 14 movement. All of these blended together show why he is such a popular player wherever he goes, especially in the national side. The I-20's have benefitted massively from Armstrongs striking prowess, with several goals pushing them to the final. But, how many finals could he ouch you to? Honourable Mentions: GK: Dean Henderson - Manchester United GK: Luke Southwood - Reading D: Jonjoe Kenny - Everton D: Fikayo Timori - Chelsea M: Kieran Dowell - Everton S: Dominic Solanke - Liverpool S: Dominic Calvert-Lewin - Everton So, that is my article on the Young Lions! I hope you enjoyed that read, feel free to leave a comment on how these players have performed for you, feedback or just a general comment. Thanks for reading!
  21. Past to present - the short history of the German U21 side. 18th of june 2017 The Under21 European Championship begins. The Germans will face the Czechs, the Danes and the Italians. All players born in 1994 or later can be called up for the squad. The Germans have participated 13 times before but only won it one time. The German national side have since 1996 at least reached the semi finals in the European Championships. The German national side had some tough years in the 1990s - loosing the final in 1992 and beaten in the States but an amazing Bulgarian side in 1994, but Die National Elf, have since 2002 finished 2nd, 2nd, 3rd and then won in Brazil. Take a look at that fact again! Wonder what happened?...well I have a guess. The looked at their young talents. They looked at how they nurturied them. They took care of them and believed in them. National fact that I often think of when comparing English football to the Bundesliga. Of the 46 players latest used in the U21 squad, only 3 play abroad with Sane in City being the clear best of the 3 statwise. All other players, play in the German divisions and many actually in the Bundesliga. FA are you still sure you are doing the right thing ? From the short lesson in small facts and history I will now open pandoras box. Present players we tend to use in FMM. In my opinion some of he most talked about and most bought players from the Bundesliga and this seasons FMM, are : Defenders: Niklas Stark ( 21 from Hertha) Marc-Oliver Kempf ( 21 from Freiburg) Niklas Süle ( 21 and joining Bayern) Matthias Ginter ( 22 from Dortmund) Midfielders: Yannick Gerhardt ( 22 from Wolfsburg) Leon Goretzka ( 21 from Schalke 04) Offensive minded midfielders: Max Meyer ( 21 from Schalke 04) Max Arnold ( 22 from Wolfsburg and current captain). Serge Gnarbry ( 21 from Werder Bremen ). Mahmoud Dahoud ( 20 from BMG ) Levon Öztunali ( 20 from Mainz ) Nadiem Amiri ( 19 from Hoffenheim who has an amazing season ! Julian Brandt ( 20 from Leverkusen ) Strikers: Davie Selke ( 21 from RB Leipzig ) Timo Werner ( 20 from RB Leipzig ) Maximillian Philipp ( 22 from Freibug). When we look at the above players we can all find 4-5 we have used, but in the next part I will look at someone with less FMM spotlight on their boots. Present players I want you to try in FMM. Here are some of the players that I personally would recommend WHEN you load the german league. Theese players all are in, or lately have been, called up for the u21 squad. Pictures of them are taken a couple of years in to the game. The Players in the following 10 players, have NOT even been trained with IT. So better stats are surely possible. The “unknown keeper” from the german second division. Julian has amazing stats and is only 21 when the game starts. He has the potential to grow very strong with the right training. The greens overshadow his tiny lack of communication. Bonus - take a look at his very low salary! When one looks at Jeremys stats, the first that I spot I his versatility. He is 22 when the game stats and he is a must buy if you the right kind of money. Strong in tackle, fast and with stamina, whats not to like. Mitchell Weiser here is one of the most consistent fullbacks you can find in tre german league. He plays fantasticully well in the Bundesliga and on the ekstra plus side, he adapts well and can play both sides! One of the best defenders in the entire game. And look at his LOW wage! I have met and played with Kevin many times in my career, and his stats will grow with IT. Must buy! Amazing Timo is a powerhause - Die Maur - There is not much else to say that don’t get corners against you, when playing Timo. If one could set the corner instructions, He could bring plenty goals to the game. Max is valuable for any team when he can play three vital positions. His versatility is what I really like with him, and the fact that his passing is so good, his is ideal for BPD. Look at how good he gets. Look at what this guy can do! A must buy If possible. He is at Leverkusen at the start of the game and with regular first time he will grow to be our BEAST! Stefaniak comes from RB Leipzig. Give him some hours in the gym and expect assist from him. He is a very solid passer and can easily become German champion on any average Bundesliga side with the right tactic. With probber training, I can asure you that Haberer is better than he looks! What amazes me and annoys me very much, he ALWAYS scores against me when I play in the Bundesliga. He is very aggressive and in a role up front where he can be a menace, he would greater than his stats tells us in year 2023. Last but not least I give you Platte - he is really strong and I expect to see him in the National side at some point. What makes Felix so good is that he has very few lacks in his stats. He can step up for your team and play many different roles! Bonus - he is not hard to sign from Schalke 04. One last word. My adwise for you now if you are not familiar with the Bundesliga yet. See a live game, not in the television but were you can feel “die stimmung”. Germans sing, germans jump, germans stand and germans love to talk in the bar after the game about their beloved league. I envy them. Because they have it ALL. They have the structure, control of their finances, control of their fans and give their youth a chance of making it in the first team. My last advice is - Buy the above before they choose to move to Bayern although they promised the fans, their grandma and their dog that they would NEVER ever move to one of the most hated clubs in Germany - Bayern Thanks to all the help i got with this article. I Hope you have enjoyed the article. Best regards Anders.
  22. LEAGUE OVERVIEW: The league is divided into 3 groups: Lega pro A, Lega pro B and Lega pro C. Each group is made up of 20 teams, each side plays against each other 2 times PROMOTION PLACES: The first team in every group wins promotion to Serie B and the team that comes last in every group gets relegated to Serie D. Considering the 3 groups together 4 teams get promoted to Serie B and 9 teams get relegated to Serie D The teams that finishes from 2nd to 10th in each group and the team that wins the Serie C cup qualifies for the playoffs and teams from 16th to 19th qualify for the playout. Playoff rules: The playoff competition is organised in 3 distinct phase: first round, second round then the final eight First round: the 24 teams are ranked from the 3rd to 10th of each group play in the first round in a single game and it would be hosted by the team that finished in a higher position in the league. The team that finished 3rd would play against the team that finished 10th in the same group The team that finished 4th would play against the team that finished 9th in the same group The team that finished 5th would play against the team that finished 8th in the same group The team that finished 6th would play against the team that finished 7th in the same group If the match finishes with a draw after 90 minutes the team that finished in a higher position in the league would go to the next round Second round: 16 teams play in the second round: the teams that finished 2nd in each group, the 12 teams that won in the first round and the team that won the Serie C cup*. The games takes place in 2 legs and the team gets the best result in the 2 legs would go to the next round. If the results are even then goal difference comes in place and if the results are still even the match would go to extra time and then penalties if needed. Final eight: This phase is divided in quarterfinal, semifinal and final. The quarterfinal follows the rule of the second round while the semifinal and the final is a single leg game and the team that get the best result would proceed to the final or get promoted to Serie B. RELEGATION PLACES: The teams that finishes last in each group gets relegated automatically while the teams that finished from 16th to 19th "qualify" for playout. Playout rules**: The team that finished 16th would play against the team that finished 19th in the same group in two legs and the first leg would be hosted by the team that finished 19th The team that finished 17th would play against the team that finished 18th in the same group in two legs and the first leg would be hosted by the team that finished 18th At the end of the two games the teams that got the best result would remain in the league while the other two teams would be relegated. *The team that won the Serie C cup WON'T be allowed to play in the second round of the playoff if: If the team wins also the league If the team comes last in the league If the team finishes in the playout positions **The team that comes 19th would get relegated automatically if at the end of the season the point difference from the 16th is more than 10 and the team that comes 18th would get relegated automatically if at the end of the season the point difference from the 17th is more than 5. The Lega pro is an interesting league to play in especially because you just need to finish 10th if you have a poor team and you want to get promotion fast but the rules are a bit confusing for people that don't live in Italy so since I'm here and I know the league well I decided to make this guide to clarify how it works.
  23. 2 Footers VS 1 Footers - An FMM Experiment. Hello all and welcome to this new article! Today, we will be looking at a interesting idea involving the new feature of footedness. A question that is sometimes asked by people is what is better, 2 footed players or 1 footed players? In this thread, we will look into the effect the 2 have in a team, and how they affect team results over the course of a season. Let's begin, shall we? Initial Idea: The idea for this experiment is simple. I will holiday 2 seasons in separate saves looking at the same club, Everton, but both saves will be different. Save 1 will be the usual Everton squad, just simulating a season. This will see what effect the 1 Footers have, their stats and how they perform in all competitions. Save 2 however will have every single player in the Everton squad be able to use both feet efficiently, meaning we can see just what effect it has compared to normal results. What Are We Trying To Prove? With this idea, I am trying to find out just how effective being two footed is in the game compared to the normal 1 footedness, and what effect it has on the overall team performance in all competitions. This article will consist of two parts: Part 1: Going over how Everton did in both saves, with one Footers and 2 Footers. Part 2: Going over the player statistics, going over stats, figures and what we have learnt. Save 1 - 1 Footed Players - Club Season Experiment 1 saw us test the average Everton squad, just to get an idea of what the 2 Footers are competing against. So how did they do? League Table Everton have a shocker of a year, finishing 8 points above the drop with a GD of -17. This poor season saw Koeman sacked before the new year, and young manager Chris Weale come in to steady the ship. Competitions EFL Cup A heavy defeat in the League Cup to the hands of The Saints. FA Cup Another defeat to an average team leaves Everton trophyless this season. Save 2 - 2 Footed Players - Club Season Experiment 2 was the more interesting one for me personally as it was the one with the most change, and let us see some scenarios in action. League Table Everton secure a solid 9th place, massively improving on the poor 16th from before. Interestingly, they only conceded 6 less goals, meaning the defence may not have been comfortable with the footedness change. Despite this, 9th is 9th, and a decent finish at that. EFL Cup Absolutely smashed by United, and knocked out at the same round as the 1 Footers. FA Cup And the Two-Footed Toffees are defeated yet again by United, this time in the 6th Round of the FA Cup. Interesting as they progressed 2 more rounds than the Save 1 Everton. Part 1 Conclusion I think from the information we have gathered, we can clearly see that the Two Footers had a better season than the normal Everton Squad. However, we did find some interesting information in this part of the experiment. Firstly, the TF (Two Footers) had a very leaky defence, and conceded just 6 less goals than the Save 1 Everton despite finishing 7 places above them. Also, the TF seemed to concede a lot more in the Cup Competitions, albeit it against United and other tough opposition. Is it possible that the TF’s confused each other and caused defensive fragilities? Or is it a one-off, and they would be fine in any other test? Part 2 Save 1 - 1 Footers - Player Stats So, we flip back to the 1 Footers to take a look at how the individual Everton players performed in their shocker of a season. Goals Lukaku leads the line as expected, picking up 20 goals in all competitions. Players like Barkley and Valencia back him up with 14 between them. Assists The highest assist count is a measly 5 by Bolasie, Gueye and Lukaku. A positive is that several players got 4,3 and 2 assists, with many of them being both Left and Right footed player. This shows that the variety of different sided players worked well for Everton. Average Rating Lukaku dragged the team through such a poor season, earning the top AVR for the season, but is closely followed by Gueye. Save 2 - 2 Footers - Player Stats So, the main event. I think this is the most interesting part of the experiment, judging and analysing how effective having both feet was for all of the Everton Goals This is interesting. You could argue Lukaku had a better chance of scoring in Save 2 because of the versatile players around him, bit in fact he scores less goals than his one footed counterpart. You could also argue however that Lukaku played 5 less games, but you would think that wouldn't matter. Substitute striker Tarashaj buried 8, whilst Schneiderlin grabbed 7. Assists Another interesting set of stats as the two CM’s grab the most assists with 8 and 7. It would be interesting to see what role Koeman utilised these players in, which we will go over later. Still quite a range of assisters, with the two CB’s grabbing 6 assists between them as well. Average Rating It seems Koeman made the most of the TF Midfielders in this save, with them grabbing the top 2 AVR’s, as well as contributing to 30 goals this season between them. They are closely followed by McCarthy, as well as defenders and Lukaku. Part 2 Conclusion Well, what we gather from this part of the article is interesting. Firstly, the TF Lukaku struggled to hit the same numbers as the OF Lukaku, which is surprising considering he had the option of both feet and his head, was personally expecting a 30 goal season. Next, the TF’s CM’s seemed to perform much better than the OF’s, this is likely because of their versatility in passing with both feet. One thing to ponder over is that both teams achieved similar AVR’s, meaning in theory all of the player played similarly. The TF’s CB’s also were a more creative force, laying on 6 Assists compared to the OF’s 3. Overall, we can see that for creative purposes, TF’s are a lot better. It all depends on if you want a set blend of sided players in your squad, or if you look for those 2 Footers to carry you home. Overall Conclusion/ Points To Ponder I'm hoping through this article you have learnt a lot. I certainly have. Firstly, we found that the TF’s concede A LOT of goals. I feel this may be due to defensive confusion between the players there, may be due to not being limited to one side they are invading the other defenders space. More testing would, of course, be required to confirm this. Next, we learned that Lukaku failed to score more goals than his his OF counterpart. This could be for a similar reason to the defensive fragility, or for the fact that he played less games than the original Lukaku. Either way, would need more in-depth testing. I think with both tests we can tell that that the TF’s are a lot more successful with creativity, and also scored 12 more league goals than the original Everton. This proves that having 2 feet is a lot better for creative purposes in certain scenarios. We also discover it is best to have one footed players in defence, as that way they are not confused or invading each other's space. I hope you enjoyed this article, thanks to @Ashez for his incredible help, and please leave some feedback is this is my first of this type of article. Cheers!
  24. Earlier this month Pep Guardiola began his clear out at Man City following his first trophy-less season in his managerial career. The first signing was one of the hottest commodities in world football and personal football manager favorite of mine Bernardo Silva from the exciting Moanco team. The fee is rumored to be in the region of €50 million. So I asked myself where in a team that boasts the impressive attacking talents of David silva,Leroy Sane, Kevin de Bruyne and Raheem Sterling, where would the Portuguese maestro fit in. Well thanks to the in game editor of FMM17 we can find out. 16/17 League Position 5th Fa Cup 5th round (eliminated by Man utd in a replay) League Cup 3rd round (eliminated by Tottenham) Champions League First round knockout(eliminated by Juventus) Conclusion Man City didn't perform well in Silva’s first season. In fact Guardiola lost his job in Febuary to be replaced by Bor.Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel. Still Silva managed to makee 30 appearances scoring 8 goals and chipping in with 9 assists with an average rating of 7.46. A decent first season. His stats also changed over the course of the season. Which is something to note if your looking to sign him yourself in a career. With improvements in a number of areas( cossing +3,dribbling+2, pass +3, Creative +3, Decisions +4, Movement +4) Season 2 17/18 With Tuchel at the helm how would Silva's second season in Manchester work out let’s find out. Playing this season in a MR roles in Tuchel’s 4-4-2 system. Conclusion Not as prolific second season but still a good return from 27 games 5 goals and 7 assists and a decent rating of 7.39. Man City continued to struggle again no silverware. 17/18 League Position 4th Fa Cup 5th round (eliminated by Shef Wed) League Cup 3rd round (eliminated by Chelsea) Europa League First round knockout(eliminated by Lyon) Season 3 18/19 So the final season of this test and here is how Silva begins the season. It looks like he will be playing back in the role of AMR in a 4-1-2-2-1 . This could be a pivotal season for Bernardo as Man city sold both Kevin De bruyne (to Liverpool for €165 million) and Raheem Sterling (to man utd for €61 million) so he may become an even more important player going forward. 18/19 Conclusion Big improvements from Silva this season. In 30 games 11 goals and 13 assists was the most profitable of all three seasons from Silva and finally a trophy for city in the form of the FA Cup with Silva scoring the winning goal in a 2-1 win over Everton. League Position 3rd Fa Cup Winner League Cup 4th round (eliminated by Arsenal) Champions League First round knockout(eliminated by At. Madrid) So in three seasons Bernardo Silva makes 87 appearances scoring 24 goals and assisting in 29 goals. What do you guys think would this be a decent return for Manchester city's €50 million investment.
  25. Hi guys welcome to the first of a series of previews on some of the less illustrious leagues to play in this years Football manager mobile. First one up is the top league here in the Republic of Ireland the Airtricity league. Airtricity League Founded in 1985 Airtricity league took the place following the reformation of the Irish football league system.It is a summer league based on the Scandinavian football season and runs from February to October. There are 12 teams in the league. So what's it all about... Teams League format Each side plays each other 3 times over the course of 33 league games running from February to October. Winner earns a place in the champions league second round qualifier. 12th is relegated to the 1st division and 11th enters a relegation play off with the play off winner from Division 1. Euro Places 1st - Qualifies for Champions League second round 2nd,3rd,4th - Qualify for Europa League first qualifying round.(4th depends on winner of Senior Challenge Cup. Past winners Shelbourne (6) Dunadalk (5) Current Champions Shamrock Rovers (5) St Patrick’s Athletic (5) Bohemians (4) Cork City (2) Derry City (2) Drogheda United (1) Sligo Rovers (1) Cups Irish Senior Challenge cup The senior challenge cup also known as the FAI Cup. This is the main domestic silverware in the Irish league, It also offers a route into the Europa league qualifying round to the winner. Knockout competition with on off games in each round. Games are decided by extra time and penalties if score is level after 90 minutes. Most successful teams Shamrock Rovers (24) Dundalk (10) Shelbourne,Bohemiens (7) Sligo Rovers,Derry City (5) Irish President’s Cup The Community shield of Irish football. It was only introduced in 2014 by the current president of Ireland, so still a fairly new concept in Irish football. A one of game that is played at the start of the season pitting the winner of the Airtricity premier division (currently Dundalk) and the FAI senior challenge cup holders (currently Dundalk so will play runners up Cork City). Past Winners Cork City Dundalk St.Patricks League Cup The league cup or the EA cup as it’s better known as, Is the secondary cup competition in Ireland. It’s open to all teams in Ireland Straight knock out competition with extra time and penalties if needed to decide winner. Past winners Derry City (10) Dundalk (5) St Patrick’s (4) There is also the Leinster Senior Cup and Munster Senior Cup. These are minor provincial competitions which don’t have much importance but also another chance to put a trophy in the cabinet depending on your chosen teams location. The challenge In terms of the league challenge it shouldn't take much for you to be competing with the top teams. It would be in Europe where the main challenge lies. For instance last years champions Dundalk came in with one game of being the first Irish club to make the champions league group stage, losing 3-1 on aggregate to Legia Warsaw. Warsaw being drawn in a group rubbing shoulders with the likes of Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund which would have being huge for the Irish game. Dundalk did however go on to make history in the Europa League by becoming the first Irish side to win a European group game. Dundalk Current champions having won the title the last two seasons and are tied with Shelbourne for most title wins in the leagues current format(including winning the tittle in 2016) When you start you will have the champions league qualifiers to contend in the summer months which will give you a chance to replicate Dunalk's success as I mentioned above. They also lost some key players to English championship so they will need replacing. Shamrock rovers Shamrock rovers are the most successful Irish team with a record 17 league titles and 24 Senior challenge cup wins. They have also provided more players to Republic of Ireland national team than any other club. They haven't won the league since 2011 so can you put rovers back on top. Wexford Youths Wexford Youths are one of the newest clubs in the league having only being founded in 2007. This is Wexford first season in the top league having secured promotion in 2015. So will pose the biggest challenge in terms of building a team to compete at the top. The first season could well be about consolidation. Something Wexford failed to do at the end of this season in real life. Other Notable sides. Given that FMM17 only uses the premier division as a playable league some other sides to watch out for to be promoted would be Shelbourne(6 time league champions) Limerick Fc and Waterford Fc. I hope you enjoyed the guide and it inspired some of you to give this crazy league a try.