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Found 361 results

  1. Mr.Manager Tries the Best League In The World Challenge Hey guys! Welcome to my new career, where I will be taking on my very own challenge, posted yesterday: The basic gist of the challenge is to start a career in one of the "lesser" leagues, and to improve the standard such that it is eventually ranked the best league in the world. Currently Spain are the best It's going to be a long hard slog, but I hope I'll be able to get the job done and keep you entertained on the way. The League Well, there's not a lot of difference between the worst handful of playable leagues. League of Ireland is poor (aside from Dundalk) and the Northern Irish league is equally bad. The standard in Australia is also very weak, but I have discovered that you can't improve the ranking there no matter how many times you win the Club World Championship... Australia during season 1 Success with Melbourne Australia after 5 seasons What a waste of time that was! If I'm going to do this challenge though, I figure I better do it properly. And for that reason, I'm going to do it with the Dafabet Welsh Premier League. Welsh League Rank This, my friends, is a real stinker of a league. It's ranked below the likes of the Faroese league, and is just marginally higher than the Maltese league. Seriously, I think I could have a decent playing career there. The Club There was less choice here. That's because, even before the game has started, three out of the four Welsh teams that qualified for Europe had already been knocked out... Connah's Quay out Llandudno out TNS out So, hello Bala Town! Bala Town victory The Aim I figure a longer term challenge like this needs a set of targets. I'm obviously not going to be challenging for any of the top honours for a while, so I need to acknowledge the baby step progress I make early on to keep it interesting. The general plan is as follows: Seasons 1 - 5: build Bala Town FC Seasons 6 - 10: qualify for Champions League group stages regularly Seasons 11 - 15: Win the Champions League Seasons 16 - 20: Take over other Welsh clubs and compete in latter stages of Champions League with them At that point, I should be in the upper reaches of the League Standards rankings. That gives me a good 10 seasons to clinch the top spot. I think that's a fairly ambitious set of targets. Winning the Champions League with a Welsh club within 15 seasons is extremely tough. But it wouldn't be any fun if it was easy would it?! So what do you think guys? Can it be done? Any advice for the early seasons? Next update: Season 1
  2. mcandrew003's International 1KC! Seems I'm back in the career posting industry Hello to all of FMM Vibe and welcome to my first career in a while. I will be attempting my own challenge, and one I hope will be very popular on the website, the International 1KC! Before I begin my rambling, I want to say my PL Second Chances career is still ongoing, actually have 2 updates to post so bare with me on that. My writing responsibilities will come first however. Anyway, onto the career. The main objective is to hit 1000 goals with a player. To do this, i have to pick a specific striker for each tournament. After I have played that tournament and the friendlies, I must ditch the striker and pick a new one for the new tournament, it's frendlies and qualifiers. My chosen Nation, if you haven't already noticed, is the mighty England. We have a very good selection of striking options, so I feel I'll manage a decent attempt, even if I don't complete the challenge. This update will be split into 2 parts. One for the qualifiers and friendlies, and one for the World Cup itself. Anywho, onto the striker: Daniel Sturridge Screenshot from midway through, gives you an idea on his goals Anywho, Daniel has some phenomenal stats and I feel he suits my new tactic well. This is played on OME by the way. His technical attributes are a joy to behold, and should rip apart the weaker defences in the world. Qualifiers 1-4, Frendlies 1-2 Not a bad amount of goals. Sturridge started slowly but started getting in amongst the goals during and after the Slovakia. Below are the screenshots of all of his goals in this period: Not bad. 11 goals from 6 games in this run of fixtures for Studge. If he keeps up this form with games against teams like Malta and Lithuania, and no disrespect to these nations, we'll get a good amount to spring our attempt into life. Not a bad tactic eh? Here are the next few fixtures. Qualifiers 4-10, Frendlies 3-8 Large amount of games, large amount of goals. 51 goals to be exact. How many goals did Studge get though? I've seen inconsistent Strikers a plenty on Vibe, but can we avoid that on our road to Russia? Below is his goalcount again: 24 goals during this period! That's an insane number in my opinion, very pleased indeed. He also bagged 2 against Mexico, forgot to grab that screenshot unfortunately. We still don't concede either, which is just brilliant. This takes our total up to 35 goals with the actual World Cup to go. Can we break 40? Qualify with ease The FIFA World Cup So we embark on our trip to Russia with a clear goal: Break the 40 goal mark. This feat was helped during a pre-tournament freindly: Anyway, onto the tournament we go, where we dominate our relitavely easy group to get to the next round. Here are Daniel's goals: Just the 4 in the groups, but having already broken 40 we move on to the knockouts, where we progress all the way to the final! Unfortunately, Daniel couldn't hit the net once during this run, so I was hoping he turned up for the big game. In said final, we meet an unexpected opponent in Mexico. How did we fare? Despite a unexpectedly tight game, we take home the World Cup! And who else but Sturridge to turn up in the final and bang a tasty hat-trick. What an amazing feat as we take our first cup since 66. This means Daniel ended his England career with retirement, having banged in.... 44 Goals During The World Cup Period WOW! Was personally not expecting this many, but it seems this monster tactic has brought me some success. I think this is a great start, was only aiming for 30 or so but 44 is a good number to begin with. Here is Sturridge before his International dismissal: And our run to glory: Bit tighter, I'm sure we'll bang a few more in soon. Next up is the International League. Who do you think I'll choose? Thanks a lot for reading, let me know what you thought on my first tournament of the challenge, and what striker you think I have picked. Cheers!
  3. Hello my fellow Vibers and welcome to yet another career from everyones favourite Welshman (I'm talking about me before everyone starts thinking about other famous Welshmen they like) And after seeing the likes of @kts365 and @scratch99 complete 1K attempts this year and with @Varf in the middle of his, I thought why not have a go myself, I completed one last year with Gabriel Barbosa at Arsenal, and this year there are a number of great 16/17 year old players who could provide me with plenty of time to get to the magic 1000 goals So as the title suggest I have chosen to use the young Dutch Striker Thomas Buitink who I used during my Alphabet challenge when he was in his prime and he became a beast of a striker, so I'm hoping picking him up at the tender age of 16 I can use IT to get him back up to the heights he was reaching in my other challenge Now as important as the player is the club and league are equally important, having completed a 1K in the EPL last year and a DT and TT (of sorts) in the EPL this year I fancied somewhere different, and the normal go to leagues for these challenges seems to be Portugal or..... Holland I know that @Varf is currently using Ajax with his Moise Kean 1K, so I went with the other Dutch team PSV for two reasons 1. They have a good squad of youngsters who are ready to compete in both Holland and Europe 2. They have this beast of a player who could partner/mentor Buitink As some (especially @BatiGoal will attest this guy is an immense striker, who I think would partner Buitink very well upfront to provide some class when the team needs it Here is how my young gun looks after I picked him up from Vitesse No greens but I'm sure that will change and his shooting is 14 so just shy of the green mark. So with me appointed at PSV and Buitink now part of the team, I also went and restructured the team a bit where I though they needed it Transfers So my transfer dealings done it was time to move on and begin our journey to 1000 goals Season 1 So a very VERY good season for the boys at PSV, a domestic treble and the Euro Cup, couldn't have asked for more in my first season in charge But the main question is how did my little 16 year old wonder kid get on He spent most of the season as a member of a duel striker attack with De Jong (set De Jong as a TM and Buitink as a P hoping De Jong will lay off some passes) and he missed a little time with injury Only 3 weeks but thats like a month or so by the time he's match fit again, and taking a note from BG, I rested him every 5 games or so, here's his stats Some improvement but still only 16 (turns 17 at the beginning of June), so still plenty of time to get him up there, and here is his history for season 1 35 games 31 scored, about what I was hoping for in his first season Thomas Buitink Games Played: 35 Goals Scored: 31 Goals Remaining: 969 So a long road ahead but he is still very young, and is sharing the front line with another striker, I will eventually have him as a lone striker, but not till he hits 19 I think Here's the rest of the info for anyone who likes to read it So there it is guys 1 season down 29 to go (hopefully not but you never know) Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave your comments below (either about the post or how I'm your favourite Welshman)
  4. Hello everybody. I've decided to try The 1000 goals challenge. I will try it out with Ajax. I've been inspired by them being the youngest team UEFA Europa League finalist. And for my striker I'll take Moise Kean. Even though he is one of the most talented youngsters in the game it is not against rules of the challenge. So here he is You probably wondering how I was able to pull £23M with so not rich team... well I got 9M plus wages to start with, put it all in wages. And in Holland league you get your new season money on July 7th. So I got another 11M and increase of wages, put in all back in tranfers money and ended up with 24M. Just to make it clear: absolutely NO unlockables was used. And surely it is a very young team and after spending all of my budget on Kean I could not afford anybody but Predrag Rajkovic and couple of free agents. As for tactics I will try to go all in right from the beginning and we'll see how it goes. You only could do so much with tweaking tactics and I've tried many many different ones with my other save with Liverpool. So forgive me if I use some previosly shown here tactics.
  5. Started a new save with my supported club Hibs, hope maybe a few guys are interested and I'll post updates as regular as I feel is needed
  6. I'm back after an extended break! My next challenge is a simple one, pull a vanarama North league team up to the prem. But this isn't just any team, this is F.C United of Manchester This club was founded in 2005 by angry Manchester United supporters, and has just recently worked their way up to the VL north. They are one of the weaker sides in the vanarama league north, but have potential. My short term goals are Achieve promotion to league two within 4 years Upgrade both of my facilities to average in 4 years My medium term goals are Reach the championship league within 10 years Qualify for round 4 of the FA Cup within 8 years Have impressive or better facilities within 8 years My long term goals are Reach the premier league Finish above both Manchester United and Manchester City Sweep both teams in league play Wish me luck!
  7. So with my personal 1K attempt in full swing, @mcandrew003 also posted an interesting International 1K challenge, here's a link to the OP So I'm having a go, to run side by side with my Thomas Buitink 1K And I have chosen to take charge of the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys of France And my chosen striker to take on the WC Qualifiers/WC and Friendlies is Karim Benzema, a player I have never used (to my knowledge), but is one of the highest priced strikers in the game, so lets see what he can do on the Road To Russia 2018 WC Qualifiers and Friendlies Here's the fixtures leading up to the World Cup in Russia As you see we have an almost perfect run, with the only hiccup being a 2-2 draw with Germany, but how did Benzema do during this run So including and extra Friendly with Serbia before the WC you can see we easily qualify for the WC thanks to a perfect 10-0-0 record and Benzema scores 20 goals in the build up to the WC World Cup 2018 We are drawn in group G along side Mexico, Ivory Coast and Austria Benzema gets 2 in the opening game against Mexico He scores another as the team net 3 past the Ivory Coast And yet again against Austria, and France progress top of Group G Benzema now has 23 goals, before we go into the knockout round first up, Portugal Benzema nets the equaliser and sees us through to a penalty shootout that France manage to win, next up the Quarterfinals against Uruguay Benzema nets twice and France are off to the semifinals to face Spain He leaves it very very late, but its the all important goal that sends France into the World Cup Final to Face Italy And once again he scores, thats every game during the WC Benzema and Coman combine to clinch the World Cup for France So all in all Benzema was a consistent threat but he only manages 29 goals So here's a tally I'll be keeping International 1K Tournament Player Goals World Cup 18 Karim Benzema 29 So next up the European Division and Maybe a less used striker to save the bigger ones for the major tournaments So cheers for watching and cheers again to @mcandrew003 for the Challenge
  8. Hello fellow vibers. inspired by @Ashez and @Taff i will attemp to score 1500 goals in my version of the alphabetchallenge. I will start at my favourite club in Spain and as i can freely choose a letter to begin with, my letter of choice is G. The tactic i will use for the challenge will be the Batitaff, and i will be using 3 strikers. Hope you will follow and comment. Best regards Anders
  9. First and foremost I want to start off by showing my respect towards Abdelhak Nouri. The 20-year old Ajax talent suffered from a heart attack last Saturday. We just got the news that the poor lad has permanent brain damage. He will most likely not be able to play football ever again. Ajax are our biggest rivals, but in moments like this, we are reminded that football is just a game. You'll never walk alone poor guy! Stay strong. The challenge The challenge is to start in a lower league, and make it the number one league. For this challenge I have chosen the Eredivisie and decided to start off with one of the most talented teams of Europe at this moment. My career will start at AFC Ajax. More to come soon
  10. So here we are again my friends with me trying yet another of the truly fantastic challenges that have appeared in Vibe this year (seriously everyone here has done amazing work this years game, and I personally thank everyone for their efforts and ideas that have been shared here) This time I'm going with one from @Mr.Manager who has two very intriguing challenges out at the moment, both in a similar vein "You Can't Win Anything Challenge" Now as I said there are two of these challenges one for youngsters aged 19 or under or the one I will attempt first So without further discussion here we go Season 1 The Oldies So the sole aim here is to take a team and win the Champions league in 1 season, but no one in my squad can be below the age of 34, so with a bunch of old fogies (or people my age and older) I though about the best thing to do with my manager and the only real option was To make myself a Fitness coach, and as you can see I chose to use the Mighty Real Madrid So the first port of call was to sell or demote anyone under the age of 34, which it turns out was the ENTIRE squad, So with all but 2 players (both GK's) sold we end up with a staggering budget of £742M from player sales, which means I can go Nuts bringing in as many 34+ year old players as need be OK so £344M is a STUPID amount to spend on 34 year old players, but I overpaid for the ones I really wanted Ibrahimovic being the top choice (his starting stats for a 35 year old are insane), I ended up bringing in so many players I ended up demoting about 8 to free up squad space I've taken a screen shot of the squad, admittedly it's in December, note this is because I forgot, not because I wanted to sneak in a few 33 year olds (anyone who's unsure feel free to check, the leagues loaded are in my Manager shot) So with a squad of over the hill players we set off in hopes of conquering the Champions League (The League and Cup info I'll show later) We began the season awaiting word of our Group opponents and we didn't have to wait long So not a bad group at all Leverkusen, Club Brugge and Dinamo, but any group is going to be tricky with most of the team ready for the scrap heap So here's how the boys got on through all 6 group games So a great group round with us winning all 6 games and only conceding 1 goal (surprised by Leverkusen finishing last with 1 draw and 5 losses but never mind) So we progress and move on to the knockout stages, but this is where it gets tough, now we face the cream of European football, our first opponents Arsenal Here's the two legs against the gunners Even though we had more chances, the Gunners take a slender 1-0 lead into the second leg Ibrahimovic nets the equaliser and takes us through to ET, but neither team can break the deadlock and we go to penalties where we somehow win and progress to the Quater Finals Where we face the German Giants Bayern We have a cracking first game at home and walk away with a 3-1 score to take to Germany The Germans show us their true strength, but thanks to 2 crucial away goals from my AM Kaka we are into the Semi Finals So a penalty shootout and away goal victory and Real Madrid have snuck into the Champions League Semi Finals by the skin of their teeth, but now we face our Arch Rivals FC Barcelona for a chance to play in the Champions League Final We just can't contain their pace and Messi punishes my back line with two clinical finishes and we are up against a wall going into the second leg OH NO THE JOURNEY IS OVER CHALLENGE FAILED We put up a very good fight but it's not enough and this is where our Champions League journey ends, what a shame, but Barcelona were the thorn in my side all year long So sadly the Challenge has been failed, the old boys put up a hell of a fight, but the tactics and players just weren't working come the last third of the season Here's how we did elsewhere So a Euro Supercup, CWC and a 2nd place League finish not bad, but the whole point of the challenge was to win the Champions League, we came close but that wasn't enough Here's the Team Stats to show you how the team did Here's the full season fixture list And Finally the main man Ibrahimovic showing the world he's still got the good So a quick one from me, but I'll be back soon with my attempt with the youngsters Thanks again to @Mr.Manager for the great challenge and sorry we couldn't make it a successful one Cheers guys
  11. Intro After the disasterpiece that was my deletion of my FC United save I have decided to just go for it and have a pop at the 1k without Brazil this year. The Team I wanted to pick a reasonably easy league so I went for Portugal, and the team? Good old benfica of course. With a decent squad and some very good youngsters there was no question of the team choice. The Player After a quick survey of the team I decided to use a player already in the squad. It's pretty obvious from my challenge title who that is. Zé Gomez (I really hope that is a pic of him) Now his starting stats are nothing too special bit he is 17 and at Benfica so I'm sure he has a ton of potential. Fingers crossed for me and young master Gomes please guys.
  12. PRO VERCELLI RETURN FOR UKFS Hey guys, I done a career with Pro Vercelli back in the day when they were in the Serie C and we got a couple Serie A Titles IIRC but I want to do it all again!! So here we are sitting in Serie B now on FMM2017 with a different looking squad! A bit of History first about the club, they have won the same amount of top division titles than Roma, Fiorentina, and Lazio combined!! The last being in 1922! We will start by looking at the Team Report to see what we are dealing with... Bani only on loan aswell so defensive signings would be good at this point. Rimane from PSG comes in as a decent Centre Back so that helps that out hugely and only 25 so should improve a bit hopefully, 9 Caps for his country brings international experience to the side. Fabio Abreu is a player I've signed before on this game and is always transfer listed and a great buy for any lower league side in the game A little look at the Major transfers around the globe too Cheers for reading hope you can Gerry involved on the career it will be monthly updates and hopefully quite quick updates too
  13. Welcome to the first installment of a series of short challenges that I've been wanting to do for a long time but for some reason never came round doing. I'd like to share these with you and get them out of the way before I embark on another long career. I hope you enjoy them. Here's the first one of this series.. BG's 1-season challenges 1/5 Juan Sebastián Verón Estudiantes - 1994-1996 Boca Juniors - 1996 Sampdoria - 1996-1998 Parma - 1998-1999 Lazio Roma - 1999-2001 Manchester Utd - 2001-2003 Chelsea - 2003-2007 Internazionale - 2004-2006 Estudiantes - 2006-2012 Brandsen - 2012 Estudiantes - 2013-2016 Sampdoria - 2016-2017 Juan Sebastian Veron started his professional career all the way back in 1994 in Argentina. He was brought to Europe in 1996 by Sampdoria and now 20 years later I'm bringing him back to Sampdoria for a fairytale ending. It only seemed fitting to end the amazing career this Argentine's had at the European club where he started as a young talent. Of course I could've chosen a much bigger team with better players and more games, but this man is 41yo so I don't believe he's able to play 60+ games a season anymore. I'm more than happy to give him 38 Serie A league games and hopefully a decent run in the Coppa Italia. If I can keep this man healthy and injury free I'd be happy to see him start 50 games this season. Let's hope we can give this man one more cracking season with loads of assists to his name before he hangs up his FMM boots forever. Challenge Creator: @Mikee1984 Big thanks to you! Challenge Link: Assisting with JS Veron I hope you'll enjoy this run of 5 short challenges with me and feel free to drop a comment or two. More updates will follow..
  14. There are new challenges created here regularly and they are all great, but one that especially caught my eye was the Premier League Second Chances Challenge by @kts365 : I've been following along as @Mr.Manager attempts it and I'm captivated by the concept - so much so that I need to have a go myself. I won't repeat all the rules - you can read about them on the main challenge post - but the target is to get all of the following teams back into the Premier League at some point during the career: You don't have to actually manage each of those clubs yourself, they just need to get back into the Premier League at some point. The reason I like this challenge is that it makes you think of all the sneaky things you can do to boost these teams... Lateral thinking is required. You also get bonus points for each of the 6 former winners (Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers and Leicester City) who win the Premier League again. The Starting Club With all that out of the way, which club did I choose to start at? The answer will probably surprise you!! I'm going to try to keep things light with this career, so won't write things up in as much detail as I'm doing for PinaColada (which will run in parallel). For now, I'm keen to get started with this one and see what I can do to restore a bit of pride to some fallen giants.
  15. So, Hello and a good day to everyone ,after a long hiatus I have returned to post my first career in a long time.While I am waiting for my turn in the Vibe Community Challenge Event I thought it would be good to take on a small challenge,and ended up choosing @Mr.Manager's You can't win anything Challenge Set.This Series actually has two challenges: You can't win anything with kids Challenge You can't win anything with Grandads challenge. I will attempt the Kids part first before going on to the Grandads The link to the challenges can be found here: The team that I have chosen for this challenge and the transfers and the new look squad will be posted shortly Hope you guys like this career Thank you for reading.
  16. Introduction Well then this will definitely be interesting giving the fact I'm not the most experienced player of this game Hello There, I'm Rocket and you must be thinking right now who the hell is this person, so before we get into this challenge I'm going to tell you a little bit about me. My real name is Ryan and I'm 14 years old. I've been a Celtic fan all my life and will continue to be. I'm obsessed with football manager despite the fact that I am absolute hopeless at the game. How I will post updates Well unlike other careers on the website I will be doing 3 updates per season and this is so that I am always keeping you guys up to date with what is actually happening in my save as seeing and not getting updated after every season. (If you have posted a career in this type of format before msg me and tell me then I'll change the title) I will also post my tactics and on some of the updates as yet again I want to show you guys everything I am doing in this save. My current aim is to get 1/2 seasons done per week which is a lot of updates that will be coming your way so make sure to keep posted. What is the PL Second Chances Challenge and why are you doing this challenge? Well I decided to do this challenge as I have read many other careers based on this challenge and I decided I would give it a try knowing that I would probably fail miserably. Team List Time To Start! Okay, now all of that is out of the way it is time to reveal what team I will be starting with. And the team is........... Portsmouth!!! I have decided to use Portsmouth as they are probably one of the hardest teams or possibly the hardest team to get back to the premier league. What I am planning to do is to get them to the premier league in about 3-5 seasons and If I am extremely lucky there is a chance that I may be able to get 15 teams back to the premier league. After I am finished with Portsmouth I will more than likely drop back into the league 1/2 and get whatever team I have chosen up to the premier league and keep on doing this cycle until I have completed the challenge. Anyway that is me finished with this introduction and I will be aiming to get the first update out either late tonight or tomorrow around lunch time (BST)
  17. “My fellow Americans, today is the start of something new. It’s going to be really great. So great.” Earlier today, American president Donald Trump gave a euphoric speech at the Allianz Arena. As he was addressing the gathered crowd, consisting mainly of Bayern Munich fans, board members and journalists - the only Americans present were the president, his chief press secretary and his family - his audience didn’t take long to know something was about to happen. As president Trump continued with his speech, jaws were dropping, beers were spilled and some people fainted. “I have just finished buying this great and wonderful club. Over the past few years, I have seen Bayern try and fail at being great. Now, I know a thing or two about being great, and making something really, great,” the president said. “I believe the Munich fans deserve something better, something terrific. So terrific. That is why I have decided to put this fallen giant back on the right track. You, my fellow Americans, are looking at the new owner of this powerful club. So powerful.” President Trump continued like that for over 30 minutes, essentially repeating the same message, over and over. At the end of his speech, Trump himself left, but journalists were given the chance to ask questions to his press secretary, Sean Spicer. Being asked what the short term plans were for the club, Spicer responded as follows: “First and foremost, it is the presidents wish that the club be moved elsewhere in this wonderful nation. We won’t be operating from Munich any longer, but from New York City, the Big Apple. The club will be training and playing in the Trump Tower, where a stadium will be erected at the top.” Spicer was subsequently hit by a number of journalists, saying that NYC is not located in Germany at all. Spicer: “Germany? Who said anything about Germany? We’re in Munich, North Dakota, what are rambling about Germany? And why do you have such a funny accent? You know what, I believe you’re fake news. Guards, please escort this man out.” The next question was what would happen to the players and training staff; would they be required to move to the USA as well? “People, please, New York is part of the USA as well. Don’t be racist!” Spicer said. “But it is a good question: all the players will, in fact, be released and replaced by better, more potent American players. The president and myself don’t understand why you would want all these Germans and other non-Americans playing in our beautiful city of Munich, North Dakota.” “As for the manager, he will be replaced by president Trump himself. We asked Ancelotti if he didn’t want to stay on, but he said something about ‘andare a cazzo una capra’, which I can only believe means something like ‘I am not worthy to serve you, übermenschen’. But the president will no doubt do a fine job in winning the MLS cup this year. That will be all, for now.”
  18. Intro Hello all I hope you are all doing well, I am a returning member the last challenge I completed was "The Impossible Challenge" on Football Manager Mobile 2016 Whilst this was my greatest ever achievement playing Football Manager a few months later I found myself away from Vibe, Since my time away I have learnt things that will help me produce some content I have been working on heavily last few months, So let's stop waffling and get on with my write up of my new challenge on Football Manager Mobile 2017. There is many great challenges to choose from but this one is a personal favourite of mine and I will be attempting this one Choice Of Team Winger Choice So the rules state your chosen player must not have any shade of green in the striker position, For my chosen club this decision was a very easy decision most will probably guess so here goes....... So there is my club and my very first player wish me luck everyone, Season 1 update coming very soon
  19. Hello guys, been quite a lull since the Brum career! Admittedly I would have done an Oxford United career next but I got busy with RL and they were too tricky for the time so I had to abort, and now I'm starting a-fresh with.. (YEAH I LIKE THIS BADGE MORE THAN THAT WEIRD SMILING MOON) Everyone knows the sad, sad tale of Portsmouth - having fallen like Icarus IMMEDIATELY after winning the FA Cup. (No thanks to that idiot Alexandre Gaydamak!) The plan for this career is pretty simple - get Pompey back up to the Prem in time and restore their reputation as a solid mid-table side, pushing on as able. Objectives: Short-term - Finish at least 12th(currently 5th), Reach Europa League KO rounds(Complete) Mid-term - Upgrade the overall facilities to max(in medias), bring on 5 Academy products into 1st team (2/5) Long-term - do the Double over Bournemouth and Southampton Check back soon for the first of many updates! Trophy case: - 2016/17 - 2017/18 - 2016/17 & 2017/18 - 2018/19 - 2019/2 0 - 2020/21
  20. It's the year 2016. Christmas has come early this year. Arsene has finally decided to put an end to his career as Arsenal manager. He is looking forward to a new challenge somewhere else. Meanwhile, the Arsenal board have been looking for a new manager, someone who is not afraid to spend money, and someone who can bring Arsenal back to the top of the table. For that, they have set up a special procedure to fill the void Arsene have left. Job Interview Arsenal have invited young Dutch manager Jeroen van Kuijk over to the Emirates. Frank de Boer, José Enrique and Roberto Mancini and Jeroen van Kuijk were the top candidates for the job, thus Arsenal has decided to have a job interview so that each manager could give their vision on the future. Board : Mr. van Kuijk, how do you feel about the current position Arsenal has taken in the Premier League? Jeroen : Arsenal has not been up to their high standard the last few seasons, but there are a lot of players who have the potential to become very important players. Board : And how do you feel about spending a load of money to get what we need? Jeroen : I am prepared to go the extra mile if it is needed. But not for just any player. Board : What is your opninion on signing young talent? Jeroen : I'd love to sign a lot of young talent. I love working with young players and see them improve over time. I'm sure there are a lot of young players who are good enough for Arsenal and can help us win some silverware over the course of some seasons. Arsenal press statement Arsenal have released a statement regarding their new coach. They also revealed their first signing of the 2016/2017 season. By signing Moise Kean, Arsenal have made it clear that they will go any lenghts to sign young and talented players for their squad. Arsenal are also reportedly interested in Colombian central defender Davinson Sanchez en Pachuca FC player Hirving Lozano. They will cost about € 16.500.000 each. Arsenal also sold Olivier Giroud to AC Milan, the French striker felt it was time for a new challenge and signed a 4-year contract in the San Siro stadium. Arsenal have received around € 25.000.000 for the Frech goalgetter. Transfer review : Outgoing : Olivier Giroud to A.C Milan ( € 25.000.000 ) Santi Cazorla to Crystal Palaca ( € 6.250.000 ) Aimsley Maitland-Niles to Norwich ( loan ) Yaya Sanogo to Lechia ( loan ) Takuma Asano to Anji ( loan ) Incoming: Alexandre Lacazette from Olympique Lyonnais ( € 38.500.000 ) Moise Kean from Juventus ( € 17.500.000 ) Davinson Sanchez from Ajax ( € 16.250.000 ) Hirving Lozano from Pachuca ( € 16.500.000 )
  21. Rip Ameliorates San Sebastián! Hey peeps! This is my first ever career/journey that I've come up with. Hope you guys will enjoy following me throughout this journey. Every comment or feedback is highly appreciated. Let's get it started then, shall we? Going by the title of the topic, you should have an idea of the club I'm picking. ameliorate /əˈmiːljəˌreɪt/ verb 1. to make or become better; improve MAIN OBJECTIVE: To ameliorate Real San Sebastian to a powerhouse in the La Liga. A team more feared than the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. But before scaling up the ladder to be a Spanish giant, we have to start from the bottom. Only using players of a certain value and making my way up to get the best players and therefore, able to compete with other strong teams in Spain. So here's the interesting part of the career: To use a starting 11 of players who are valued at 1-2mil range. Once every transfer window opens, there will be a chance for me to upgrade my players... IF they meet some requirements. Since I'm using a 4-2-3-1 formation, here are the following standards my players have to meet in every position - GK - 15 clean sheets CD - 1 goal FB - 1 goal or 3 assists MC - 3 goals or 8 assists WM - 3 goals or 10 assists AMC - 8 goals or 10 assists ST - 15 goals and 5 assists When the transfer window is open, any player in their position that manage to hit their targets, will be upgraded to another player of a higher value! Now, there's 6 stages for me to upgrade my players to - Stage 1: 5 - 10mil Stage 2: 15 - 20mil Stage 3: 25 - 30mil Stage 4: 35 - 40mil Stage 5: 45 - 50mil Stage 6: 50+ mil When my starting 11 players is all made up with Stage 6 players, only then we declare ourselves kings of Spain, or even Europe! I hope this first post is clear enough for you guys on where I'm going with this. Any questions, you guys can drop a comment and I will answer them. As always, appreciate every comment and feedback given. Stay tune for the next update where the first squad members will be revealed!
  22. Hello FMM and I am not waiting to get back into things and with all three of @BatiGoals goal based challenges complete there is one more out there with a leaderboard my name is missing from "Hi My Name is Taff and I'm a Leaderboard Addict" So the last remaining one (until someone else puts one up) is from my good friend @AndersJ and the premise is the same as always, take a player and break the goals scoring record and this time I'm travelling to Australia, Poland and Turkey. Here's a link to the OP Now only one person has completed this challenge to my knowledge (after the creator @AndersJ got SACKED on his first attempt and then started again but has yet to finish) So the one man standing in my way of the top of this leaderboard is @RipRip who had a staggering turn netting 172 goals across the three leagues, so thats a big number to aim for, so lets get started Taff Attempts the "Canis Lupus" Challenge Season 1 Australia No we begin in the land of my dreaded rival @Real_Random, but it's thanks to him that I have decided on my team and player for season 1 Ladies and Gentlemen Taff Jones has become the new manager of Brisbane Roar Now my only dealings with the Australian league this year came in my attempt at the WWT (Wine World Tour) which was a fantastic challenge that myself and RR did earlier in the year, now being a native Wallaby RR had a bit more inside knowledge on the league than the rest of us, and this was the team he chose for the main reason that they had the leagues highest scorer in the squad, so I decided that seemed like a good place to start, so my chosen striker (at least for this year) is none other than... Jamie Maclaren, yeah you've probably never heard of him either, but if he's good enough for RR he'll do for me. There wasn't much in the way of budget this year, so not much in the way of transfers Yango came in as an extra RW and Brady went on loan, "Hold the Front Page, breaking Transfer news" So with my chosen team and chosen player we set off to beat (the frankly laughable) single season goal record of 23 When playing in OZ you start the season in their version of the FA Cup (the FAA Cup) so we slowly progressed with Maclaren netting a few goals along the way, and we made it to the Cup final (which is played pretty early in the season) Sadly after a slobberknocker of a game we came out the wrong side of a 3-4 result But the season moved on and Maclaren hit the magic 24th goal by the beginning of Feb and he ended the season With a very decent 39 in 38 games, but this is nowhere near good enough to trump Rip, and as with BG's UK challenge moving from Australia to Poland will take some time, so a few more seasons here to see if we can smash a few more goals in Here's how the season went A decent season winning the league, but would like to have done better in the Cup and the Champions league Here's the Fixtures and Awards So all in all a good first season, but need to improve if I want to challenge @RipRip at the top of that leaderboard Season two may introduce a new striker as Maclaren is getting some interest of bigger clubs and If I can cash In I might, the squad could do with some fresh blood So thanks for reading and I'll see you all in Season 2 (feels weird using numbers again)
  23. "Dear Mr. Garlick I regret to inform you that I will be leaving Burnley F.C. Due to unforeseen personal problems, I am no longer able to fulfill the responsibilities of my role and I feel it is in the best interests of the club that I vacate the position. I do hope that my leaving will not cause you or Burnley F.C. any inconvenience. Please do not hesitant to be in touch if you think there is any way I can assist with finding a replacement, or if there is anything I can do to make the transition smoother. Thank you so much for understanding. Despite the personal troubles I am dealing with, I enjoyed working with you, and I appreciate my time at the club. I hope we will be able to stay in touch and I look forward to seeing how Burnley F.C. grows in the future. Best, Sean Dyche" And i was hired. Welcome to Turf Moor!
  24. No im not doing a career with Norwich in the Championship however the club i have chosen is only across the sea. I have of course gone with Nantes a former Powerhouse of French football with 8 Ligue 1 titles along with 7 domestic trophies . Along with this they reached a Champions League semi final in the 90s. Their latest title came in 2001 however they have since been relegated and were only promoted in 2014. They were founded in 1943 and play in a 38,000 seater stadium. The chairman of the club is Polish businessman and the manager in real life is the Italian 'Tinker man' Claudio Ranieri. 16/17 Objectives Have a player score 20 goals in all competitions. Make it to a domestic cup quarter final. Finish in the top 10 in Ligue 1 More to Follow Comments are appreciated Tuc Out
  25. Introduction So you may have noticed the updates on my 1k have dried up after I equalled @BatiGoal 's record. That is because I have been messing with this little career. I will be taking over a club where I will not be able to use any of the contracted players who are at the club to begin with. I must sell/release/demote these players. From now on I am only allowed to use players from the youth/reserve team who I give contracts and youth players who are promoted at the beginning of each season (local players). The Career "LOCAL BOY TAKES MANAGER JOB Young Scottish manager Talent's Homegrown (awful I know) has gotten all of his requisite coaching certificates and has managed to take over his local club. Unsatisfied with the currently contracted players at Annan Athletic, he has stated that he wishes to build a dynasty at the club using all the local talent he has at his disposal. He has torn the first team apart and proceeded to promote youth and has held trials for local players." The New Players There were, let's be honest, slim pickings in the reserve squad to pick from but we must do what we have set out to do. A local team, for local people. Goalies Defenders Midfield Attackers So there are the players. I'll be honest, the coach didn't think much of them. Some seem to have a lot of potential, but they'll take some pushing to meet it. This lot will take some whipping into shape. See how they do in season 1 in the next update....