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Found 460 results

  1. Skin/Themes Development (Development Thread) SNEAK PEAK! [Work in Progress] (Currently Working On) SkySports UEFA Champions League Premier League [Next] - Vibe Community ------ List of Skins Completed (Available in the Downloads Section) Brown,Green,Orange,Purple,Red (Base Defaults) ------ Members Wishlist (What Skin/Theme would you like to see?) EFL Leagues
  2. I've been out of the loop for a while but was anticipating the release of a database editor like the PGE for FMM 17. I can see limitless possibilities, with nations in Africa and CONCACAF playable for the first time, and new leagues too. But there's been nothing, and Jay (the creator do these things) has been nowhere to be found. I genuinely enjoy database editing, so you can imagine my disappointment. I've been spending my time making edits to my database for FMH15 just to fill the void (coming soon!). What's happened? Will there be another database editor to replace the PGE? Also, since Niall McGinn has left Aberdeen, where do I go to get a name change?
  3. Good afternoon everybody, hope you are well. I come to you today with a question I have struggled to work out as, quite frankly, I don't have the mind of thousands of people. Story careers on Vibe are quite hit and miss, so I was wondering, what do you look for in a story based career. I partly post this because I have a big one planned seeing as I've played about 12 seasons ahead in my International 1KC, and partly because I'm genuinely interested. What elements of a story of you enjoy? Please feel free to leave a comment, would love to get a discussion going here and maybe even give myself and other creative writers pointers for the future. Cheers!
  4. Hey guys!With preseason tours winding down and the new season about to start we'd like to invite you all to join us for a special community project - The Scout Squad! Please comment on this thread which team is either: 1. the one you support; or 2. your local club and reach out to the writing team to be our community scout! (Community scouts will be invited to take part in our season previews as a eye on the ground to talk about transfers/tactical changes/players to watch out for/predictions) @mcandrew003 please check if I'm in the right section! (Currently prioritizing scouts for clubs in the National League!) Scouts: @Brenty92 - Liverpool
  5. Red Cards

    Just wanted to get your opinion on red cards on this year FMM, personally I feel like the makers have really clamped down on red card situations this year because very often when a player on my team gets sent off I find myself losing a lot more games, just like vice versa when an opponent gets a man sent off I seem to win a lot more game. I don't know about you guys but Just a little show of appreciation for that👏
  6. Hello everyone my main league is EPL so i tried it alone then i tried to add one more league then two then three to find these two players in the save but I couldn't!! first player is dominic solanke ( chelsea ) 2nd play is kai havertz ( leverkuzen ) any ideas ??!!
  7. Rangers save

    Starting a save where i will be posting on twitter daily (hopefully) if you would be interested in following my progress look up @FMM2017RANGERS will also try to post updates here!
  8. Fmm 17 Turkish Chat

    Sorun ve isteklerinizi buraya yazalım
  9. Hi There I'm fairly new, so go easy. Isthere a way i can put myself, picture included into the game? looked for a guide for this, but didnt find. Cheers all
  10. So I had a worrying message that a player was injured for 12 months and asked if I wanted to send him for surgery. I quickly clicked yes and then noticed I didn't recognise the guys name....... Because I manage benfica and he plays for Juventus. Why was I consulted on whether to send him for surgery?
  11. After a few seasons of nearly going invincible but losing silly games, I finally did this and couldn't believe it.. not a single draw and 9 years into a career with Stoke. Just wondering if many people have done this before and in what leagues?
  12. After endless offers and searches I do struggle to find good players at a decent price however it does happen! I managed to pick Jordan Pickford up for just £625k 3 years into the game. I know he's not exactly world class but certainly does the job and can't go wrong with that price! What's your best bargains?
  13. Hello, so am old with FM, 10years plus, but new to FM Mobile. I would like to know is there a way I can watch the game play in full. I really hate that it show mostly commentary and just a few game highligth. I want to be able to view the entire game. Any way to achieve this.
  14. You hate careers - ignore this. You love 'em - read on. What's with the plenty of views and no comments all of a sudden? I know we're in a challenging time of year - pun intended - but clearly, there's enough interest as even the least viewed career gets decent amount of views but the amount of comments is downright discouraging. And no, honestly not refering to my own careers as those have withstood the test of time and continue to live on regardless - unless my son pulls a second save-over-all-daddys-saves trick on me You dislike careers - then close your tab. You like 'em - comment! Really, fishing for comments isn't my thing but careers are being abandoned for this very reason and that's such a shame. And great careers too but I can totally understand the OPs when they decide to let it die a quiet death due to a poor following. Where's the time we had 25+ unique followers? Even 10 would make me happy these days. 10. But spending hours and hours writing updates for a group of 5 or less hmmm.. Me yes lol but for the majority out there I know and agree it ain't worth it. Firstly, this is one of the reasons I stick to the 30min time limit for each of my updates but I know for a fact the general career poster spends double that on his or more. It's very time-consuming so the 30 seconds it takes you to write a comment is really not all that much to ask for. If you managed to read thru the entire update with interest, why not drop a few words. It's encouraging for career writers to know that there's readers out there which makes the hours spent on career updates worth it. Secondly, comments bring (new) discussions. On how people approach a given situation, a fresh tactical approach, new interesting players or just a general chat about the nation, league and domestic cups themselves. It's fun getting involved in these chats the careers generate as they're oftentimes specific to those careers only but I've seen few to none of these as of late. Lastly, seeing lots of activity in career threads brings out newcomers with their very own unique perspective on careers and challenges. More Vibers start posting, more careers are shared, followed by more comments more opinions and more discussions and so on. Can you see that circle now? Careers need comments to live, folks. Please do your part. Thanks!
  15. Bolivia Primera A WIP This League will overtake Wales, Won't be as realistic as it's a South American team based in Europe but it was the only league with 12 teams
  16. So, as the title suggests, which one do you think is Berbatov's regen? Both acquired in the same season; both appeared after Berbatov retired; one cost 1.2m while the other cost 50k! I'll post back here after I train both for about a week.
  17. I played several careers with classic 4-4-2 formation and it can be very lethal if you set things right. However it's hard to find players who are accomplished in ML and MR positions, most of them are more suited for AML AMR positions. How many of you guys play this formation and what do you think of it? Do you think it's abandoned and forgotten in modern football of last 10-15 years? I would like to hear your opinion and experience with flat 4-4-2 if you have one. Thanks.
  18. Nick name : Hugo Devastion Nation: Indonesia Club: Real Madrid Send to my email
  19. Ios can ?

    Ios can use ?
  20. This is the place to Report Missing or Bugged logos and Faces also other Graphical Content. Added Action Faces Added Lite Pack for Standard Faces Fixed 1080 Download for Standard Faces
  21. Hello, Vibers. This is my first time playing FMM. My cousin brother plays this, and I only play FIFA or PES type games. So he suggested me to play this and god I loved it. Unfortunately he is in college now and I don't really have any one for guidance in the game, so he referred me here on this website "fmmvibe". So right now I know that fmm18 is gonna be out in about 2-3 months (as stated by my cousin). But it's my first time playing Fmm17, so i wanted to ask which Team to manage, I mean obviously I know that Elite Clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man U, Chelsea etc. Are available to manage, but I want to manage a decent club. So off course preferences are:- 1. Club in England/Spain/Germany/France 2. Most should be young players or totally old (plz specify if they have young or old) so that I can loan them or sell them respectively and buy new players. 3. Have a decent budget (In millions off course) 4. Many players wanna leave (don't exactly know whether there is a club like that) 5. Should have more then 45% Domestic Players. (11/12) I have sugar daddy unlocked, thanks to cuz. But I don't exactly wanna use it as, With it even Middlesbrough or even Carlisle will be able to Afford Cristiano Ronaldo. So yeah plz suggest me some good clubs with preferences stated above.
  22. I've got people complaining about the fact that some players are missing so if you've encountered problem like this you can talk about it here. Personally I haven't been able to find Pione Sisto and Rodrigo Bentancur
  23. So my opposition have two players given their marching orders but that isn't the issue here. As soon as the first red occurred Hull's tactics page was completely disconfigured and their striker mystically 'vanished'. Hernandez was the initial striker but Diomande replaced him. Here is the full time screenshot showing Diomande on the right bar yet not on the pitch. Was I playing against 8 men for the last quarter of an hour? @Alari @Marc Duffy @Jack Joyce I have saved the match file if that would be helpful, just inform me who to send it to.
  24. Been playing for a while now, but i'm still felt quite intrigue about how brexit works in FM Mobile.Can someone please tell me how much impact brexit would have on the overall gameplay ( like currencies, coeffecients, work permits, etc...) because i know in FM 2017 PC it has multiple scenarios and different impact on each save, does it work like that here....please comment down below...thanks!!!
  25. Hello! Just played my first match in FMM2017, beginning my career in an attempt to bring Aston Villa back to their former glory. Anyone notice anything amusing about the game? (no jokes about Villa scoring a shock 5 goals in a dominant performance plz) No? Maybe this will help: Yep, 2nd goal on the game was scored by my keeper! Was a long punt upfield out of his hands, which bounced over the head of the Doncaster keeper and into the net! Many hours spent in FMM2016 and 2015 and don't think i ever saw a keeper score from open play, yet it's happened in my first game here. I have the game saved in case @Alari etc want to see it, but seems like a freak occurrence! Share your FMM2017 funnies as you get them!