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Found 694 results

  1. Hello all - I have a European Super League database all ready to go but I can't seem to upload it. I think the problem is that when I drag and drop the englandsolo folder to the uploader it takes each file individually, rather than keeping it as a folder. I'm getting the error code "EX0". Can anyone walk me through this please?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new to FMM series. I've been reading this site for a while and got an whole idea about the game and I've been playing good. But I've some problems which I couldn't solve on my own. 1. I'm managing Fulham in my save and I've tried to get good physio and got them but still there's no improvement in that area. I'm getting at least one player injured in every match varying from 10 days to 2 months. So, how to resolve this? 2. Secondly, how to improve a morale of player? I've been playing him most no. Of matches but still his morale is poor and I'm afraid he might destroy healthy environment in dressing room 3. Lastly, how to build your backroom team? Like what's the combo? Currently I have Coach : 1 Att. Coach, 1 Def. Coach, 1 Fitness and 1 youth and I'm Motivational coach. Scout : 1 Tactical analyst, 1 youth scout and 1 first team scout Physio: 2Prevention and 1Rehab. I need some advice on these matters. It'd be great if someone help me out8
  3. When a new FM comes out, I spend months of fun coaching in all kinds of countries and leagues. I've had great fun in 17 taking clubs to several promotions, winning silverware with underdogs etc. But once all that fades and the season closes, I turn my attention to a more fun and relaxed attempt at domination with a big club. No thrills really, just toying with a big budget. Problem is, I can't actually ****ing do it! Particularly in England. My latest adventure was Chelsea. Spent my massive budget signing some young players but also good enough for first team. Played the same tactics I play with every club, one which saw me finish 3rd with Newcastle. We were well in the title race until March, only to fall away completely, resulting in me being sacked with 2 games left. So the question is, why do I find it so damn hard?
  4. Have you ever noticed the match rules of each league? I found there are several different rules in some leagues. In English, there are no player restriction, while in Germany and France there are the rules about the age of the player. This is what i want to ask, Can this rules be changed? If can, can someone tell me how to change the rules? Thanks Before..
  5. For a while now, whenver i try and start a save on my ipad with a low league side (such as a vanarama north side) the starting transfer budget comes out as a mad ammount, usually around 1.2 million pound. The same happens when is start a "my club" save. Any had this problems or know how i could fix it. I do get that i could still just buy only a certain ammount of players but id rather actually see the correct budget and watch it grow. thank you
  6. Hello everyone if anybody can explain what the first option means and what it does??!
  7. League Updates

    Does anyone know if there is an update of the leagues as i cant find anything on here. TIA.
  8. Can you hire a retired player from another team as one of your coaches? Just a thought that came to mind
  9. So I decided to sign one of my wingers since I couldn't really turn down an £80M offer for him and to be honest he wasn't worth that at all for my team. So this was the perfect chance to get a few quality players in to improve my team on all areas but I did decide to cough up £40M for a new winger, 22 year old Daniel Podence from Sporting, over priced maybe but he had the potential and stats were very solid but he has not done very well at all for my team and considering the price I'd expect a few goals and assists. Is there anything i can do to improve him?
  10. Hello everyone i accepted a job to manage Cameron while i am at my club Doncaster but now i want to resign from Cameron but there is no option to resign!!! Help please
  11. Looking for any downloads for iPhone with using a laptop or MAC?
  12. I recently started a career in the Premier League as Sunderland. It's been going pretty decent so far, but now in the latter half of the season I'm coming up against a lot of teams who counter attack. While I've gotten some results, teams at or below my level with counter attack on are ripping me apart. Any tips to slow them down? I'm currently running a 4-4-2 attacking with only pressing on.
  13. Hello to all, new member here. question to all as the title says, how do I get young players to reach their maximum potential? Im in 2022 on my current save, been doing really well, just won 3rd PL on the bounce. Problem I have had over and over again tho is that any 5 star PA player I started with or buy never reaches 5 star CA. This has happened in all my previous saves as well. ronaldo vieira started the game 5 star PA and has ended up only 3 star CA now aged 23. He's been in the first team from the start and still is now, has decent stats but should have been better??? i signed Leo da silva-lopes in 1st season and he had 5 star PA, he's also been in the first team the whole time but only reached 3.5 star CA. looking at them 2 I thought maybe they played too many games? Can this curb a young players progress? I bought a 16 year old regen called lee willmott who had 5 star PA. Sent him out on season long loans 4 years in a row, his stats got better and better and his PA stayed at 5. Start of the current season which I am about to finish his stats were better than the players I had in the first team so I called him up, now 20 years old, 3 star CA. I have rotated him so he has only played every other game, 26 in total, his performances have been excellent but now at the end of the season his stats have not improved at all, his CA has stayed at 3 and his PA has gone down to 4. Would he have carried on improving if he'd stayed out on loan? Training wise I've had him on medium for everything apart from intensive defensive and goalkeeping to none. He is a CDM/MC with recommended role DLP, but I play him in CDM position with CM role, would this effect his progress??? would it effect his progress the fact that I don't have a youth coach??? I am planning to sign another 16 year old with 5 star PA in the next window and loan him out over and over until his CA matches his PA and see if he reaches 5, but this will take at least 5 or 6 seasons, maybe longer, which will take me ages, takes me weeks just to complete 1 season. So anyway, has anybody been able to get the best out of a players potential? And how? Apologies for rabbiting on a bit.
  14. Logo packs?

    Can anyone please show me or explain how to get logos on Android. Cheers
  15. I see this post: According this: Fitness improves: Pace, Stamine, Strengh Tactics: Technique, decisions, teamwork Attacking: Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, (Crossing only for natural wingers ?) Defending: Aerial, Tackling, Positioning Motivational: Hold attributes ? Goakeeping: GB attributes But what s improve Agression, Creativity, Leadership and movement ?
  16. I am currently in real hispalis in 2022. I got aleksander mitrovic from newcastle and his first season he was the best striker in the la liga, but after that season seems he flopped.. This followed after the signing of Jonathan leko and mario carpela... Could my two signings have retard my striker? Please how do i get ny striker back to his former self?
  17. A topic I have been wondering about in Fmm is how the role traits actually effect a player.effect a player. Colours As we can see in this image Leigh Griffiths has a green role trait, a gray role trait, and a red role trait. What I think they stand for is: Green - The player knows how to do this well. Grey - The player isn't great at it but knows how to do it. Red - The player doesn't know how to do it. I don't think this is right and would like to see what you think the colours on the role traits mean.colours on the role traits mean.colours on the role traits mean.colours on the role traits mean.colours on the role traits mean. What are all of a players role traits? This is another topic that confuses me and I need help knowing how to find the best role traits for certain roles. As we can see here Moussa Dembele and Leigh Griffiths are both set as Poachers and I assume all of the role traits are the players role traits but when I move Moussa Dembele are Leigh Griffiths to other roles they get different role traits as we can see in the image below. So what I am wondering is what are the all the player's role traits. What role traits are set for each role? The final topic that confuses me is what role traits are set for each role. As we can see the two players are set as Poacher but they both have different role traits so what I'm wondering is why does it not show all of the player's role traits or why does it not show all of the role, role traits Also if you have completely no idea of what I'm talking about because I've type role about 100 times then I don't blame you.
  18. FM data

    Hello you wonderful people, I'm going to be producing new leagues but I don't have FM to source player details or stats so is there any place that has a database with player info
  19. I am almost 7 season in, gone from league one to the prem and excelled my objectives every time but my squad harmony never gets very high. It's now almost as low as it could possibly get.
  20. Hi there is any have any news on if any one is sorting out the leagues eg sunderland in championship Brighton in the premiership. Will there be an update to download at such time. Thanks
  21. I'm managing this club, Llandudno in Wales after starting unemployed. I can't get players like Woodburn and Asano bids accepted for loan. Other leagues I selected other than Wales are Australia, Ireland and Northern Ireland. So I ask if my focus isn't right. Anyone with a great idea of how to get good players on loan without bidding for every nice youngster I see should please put me in the right. Thanks in advance.
  22. excuse me. I've brought in 21 players with work permit. Why unlockables work permit is not open should it be if already 20 unlockables will open. Anyone has an explanation
  23. Manager's son?

    Does anyone able to unlock manager's son? I had a player retired after 16 seasons with me. He played at least 5 league games for me each season. Do we need to wait till next season to get the son?
  24. Hello dear vibers! In my current save I am playing only with greysters (players from the reserve team) and at the end of season 3 I have come across this curious situation where my best right back disappears as soon as I start a new season. I have tried reloading the save multiple times, every time with the same outcome - he disappears (always him and only him), and in his place I get a 16yo right back (a different name every time, but almost the same skills). The same happened when I demoted him to the reserves or just removed from the match squad. I can't find any logical reason for him to disappear from the team (expired contract, transfer, ...), his 16yo "replacement" making it even more suspicious. Here are his stats and other details: Is there anything I can do to keep him in the squad? edit: I have also tried extending his contract, didn't help.
  25. Maximiliano Romero Ante Ćorić Angel Gomes in older yes and new update no