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Found 277 results

  1. Not played original match engine for a couple of years now, and fancy a bash taking a team from the bottom to the top in successive seasons. In the past (pre 2015) there was always one tactic that exploited and let your team play above expectations,..are theyr any in this years version? Are there any in the forum that anyone recommends OME only?
  2. i can't beat it who know how to win it what am i gotta use tactic to win this tactic ?
  3. What do you guys think of this tactic? It's worked well in the lower leagues, do you have any reccomendations?
  4. There's my record and achievements using this set up. 1st two seasons in the PL we had 0 transfer funds and had to rely on loans, got some good loans out of Denis suarez and olivier ntcham and managed to finish 6th and 5th pretty much still with the championship squad. 3rd season we won the europa to qualify for CL and then the board woke up. Signed ousmane dembele for 49m and have been unstoppable in PL since. Couple of EFL cups and a couple of final defeats as well, once in the FA. CL I have dominated in the group stages but have had some very dodgey knockout defeats and not managed to get past the quarters yet. I call it the trimond due to the 3 diamonds, they make the formation excellent for possession play and also fast counter attacking, here it is. It is well balanced between defense and attack and it could be seen as either a modified 442 or 433 I suppose. I've never tried but I don't see why it could not be mirrored so that the IF and WB is on the right instead to suit certain players/teams. The main bulk of your goals will come from the IF, kemal roofe scored 41 in his best season, 170 goals all together in 6 seasons and got multiple PL player of the year awards. Raheem sterling last season... The striker will grab a few goals as well but nowhere near as many. The AP is the creative force and will get most of the assists, Ross Barkley has got over 20 in both his first 2 seasons. I recommend using cms and cdms with high strength and stamina. I also recommend using a wing back style player for the wide midfield as they need to be able to defend as much as attack. Someone like dani alves or this guy... Instructions wise I start every match balanced. If I am winning by more than 1 goal I will switch to the defensive counter set up at half time, otherwise wait until around the hour mark, if you don't defend u will concede a lot of late goals. If the game is level or I am losing by only 1 goal I will wait till around 65-70 and switch to the attacking set up. Have had a few crazy comeback wins with this. Last few minutes will also switch counter attack off and turn men behind ball and long balls on to defend a lead. I think I've covered everything now, give it a go if you want. Cheers.
  5. Used this tactic to get Forest Green 6 Premier League titles. Works with almost every team. If you have great defenders and goalkeepers, switch to short GK dirtribution. For LLM I recommend changing the inside forwards to wingers. I do not recommend using wingbacks as you are already decently vulnrable on the flanks.
  6. As per thread title. Captain at least 15+ leadership Captain CD or GK Had the transfer window, national manager & work permit unlockables open for this career.
  7. Chelsea 3-4-3

    Does anyone have a perfect breakdown of Conte's 3-4-3 tactics (Instructions, Roles etc.) Thanks in advance
  8. BatiGoal's T.K.O. Tactical Knock Out 2-2-1-5 Formation for EME Before you're going to comment based on your first impression (which I know looks absolutely terrible) please give me a chance to explain, and defend, the craziness up here. Doing my 1KC (scoring 1000 goals) I used this formation for the final 11 seasons of a 16-season career. So it's a pretty well-tested formation and I can say that with the right players it's deadly... at both ends of the pitch It derived from the original 1-2-7 formation that was used during the earliest football days back in the 1860s-1870s. That particular one had zero chance of succeeding in FMM, but with a bit of imagination, tweaks and tests this 2-2-1-5 T.K.O. ('T-shaped' formation) came to life. T.K.O. is a boxing term that stands for Technical Knock Out but my T.K.O. stands for Tactical Knock Out since the idea is to tactically overwhelm the opponent and knock them out with all the attacking prowess up front before they find a working remedy to counter it. Simply put, the idea is to outscore the opponent. It works for a team with top players. I need the best up front in order to create and score otherwise you're just going to be outscored at the other end. I have tried this tactic with smaller teams but that didn't go very well. I'll look for a 'sister' formation with a similar effect for small teams but pls feel free to tweak or test yourself with any team. Let me know how it goes and I'll offer advice and help with tweaks where needed. Main Formation Player Roles and Match Settings Goals will definitely fall at both ends but I managed to minimize the damage at the back in order to give my 5 forwards enough leverage to score 1 more goal than the opponent does. It's not waterproof and you won't win every game. There's bound to be some heavy losses as well from time to time but there shouldn't be too many. I do manage to outscore opponents on a consistent basis using just a balanced mentality as the formation is set up in a pretty attacking way as it is. Going att. mentality will just make this formation leakier and not add that much more to the attack. Short passing works best with worldclass players who thrive on possession to create and score goals. Alternative Formation Player Roles and Match Settings If the main formation fails or isn't as effective as you'd hoped for then try these alternative settings. CFs can be inconsistent if you haven't got the perfect player for it so then you could opt for a T. Same goes for a DLF that you can swap for a DF. It really depends on the players you have in your squad as either combination works well. I prefer an AF over a P since they got pace and add a little more to the build ups as well but if your player is a Poacher by nature then that's a good alternative as he'd perform much better and be more effective in his own preferred role. Short passing is perfect but if your players lack a bit of quality in the passing department then opt for 'mixed'. I don't often go 'centre' re passing focus as 'mixed' works well against most opponents but sometimes this alternative will do. Note. Don't try/tweak all alternative settings all at once. Go for the Main Formation first and if that doesn't work pick 1 alternative option and try those 1 by 1 until your Main Formation becomes more effective. You may ultimately end up using the entire Alternative Formation but I recommend tweaking in small bits in order to pinpoint improvements. Results It really does work. These are the better seasons I had during my recent career. Many goals conceded I know but you can counter that with scored goals. Lots of scored goals as you can see. Over 100 easy! I did have two 'Invincible' seasons along the way so it's possible not losing a single league game if that's what you like. Lastly, I came up with this formation after writing an article about old football formations. If you want to create a formation of your own that is anything but mainstream and need ideas or inspiration, may I suggest following this link to Old Football Formations Hope things work out as it did for me and let me know what your opinions and results are. Goodluck!
  9. Callum's 4-2-2-2 / EME

    I introduce to you my 4-2-2-2, which is a fluid yet defensively solid tactic tested in the lower leagues: This is the best tactic I have yet tested when it comes to League 1/Championship games. It got me out of League 1 (as champions) in my first season and I'm about to go up to the Premier League as champions at the first time of asking (this is despite being one of the smallest teams in the division, with one of the smallest wage budgets): You need two solid and hardworking midfielders to make this work - a Ball-Winning Midfielder works best to clean-up any midfield mess (in my case it's been the excellent free agent Lassana Diarra) while the Central Midfielder is free to help out with the attack, providing incisive through balls to the forwards. I chose an Advanced Playmaker to play in the AML position, who will provide a lot of assists to the Poacher up front, while the Deep-Lying Forward sits back and drifts out wide allowing the Inside Forward to drift inside and score/assist an insane amount of goals. This formation "shares the love" between the front 4, with everyone able to get in on the action: As you can see, if you have a good left-footed Inside Forward he will shine in the AMR position. What you also need is a no-nonsense Limited Defender with green Tackling, Arial, Positioning and Strength, paired with a more technical Central Defender with at least blue passing, allowing him to play out of defense when needed. You do not need Wing Backs with this tactic as the final third is already quite congested and fluid and you'll need to maintain a back four as there are only two midfielders. It is noted though that they will venture forward if you are playing with an Attacking Team Mentality, which leads me to... Use these instructions when starting a match, home and away. You will usually bang in one or two goals before half time, at which point you can switch Team Mentality to Defensive. I will usually switch Pressing off at around 60 minutes to conserve energy. Some common sense is needed though as you will need to organically adjust these settings depending on how the match is going.
  10. Tactic positions

    Any ideas when I replicate a tactic that might be on here for instance prize's, the box for bwm and dlp are not in the same position. The screen shot shows them on prize's tactic on the halfway line but mine appears underneath it?
  11. Hallo, i play fmm17 using club real madrid. But until now I have not found any suitable tactics .. is there anybody here who can help me for a very good tactic for real madrid?
  12. Hello fellow members and friends! recently i have had a tactic that has worked rather well for me. I have decided to name it after two of the many members that inspire me alot. The tactic is not realistic, but it is entertaining with the right players for the right playerroles. It is very similiar to earlier seasons "crazy" tactic, but is not inspired by them. Its created from my thoughts about how i idealistic want my favourite teams to play a game in real life. The idea of the tactic is that It takes the possesion of the ball and it creates a great amount of chances. The best defence is attack. i have also had succes with the tactic in Melbourne, Real, RBL in the Bundesliga ( Germanic challenge. Besides the different leagues i have NOT testet in any lower leagues. When you use the tactic DONT expect to win every game - but expect to have the possesion and the most shots on target. The Tactic is shared because of wishes in the pm and because i want to give back to the community. if you have feedback please help me out so we can improve the Tactic. nb i have not played around with player roles nor the instructions, feel free to test and see if something works better. All players are importaint in the tactic, but the AMC and the pcr seems to get the most assist. The pcr can work for PA if you want him to score most of the goals. i hope you comment on the tactic if you try it out, and again, dont expect to win serie A with Bologna in first season, but maybe in 3rd 😜😉 best regards Anders
  13. Hey vibers,welcome to my Italian teams and coaches inspired has been tested in England using Stoke city and had dominated the league by winning the premier league and the EFL cup...I had used a similar tactic in fmm 2016 created by someone else(cannot remember the name) but that had 2 I decided to create a similar tactic but with 3 defenders... The tactic: Sweeper keeper:He sweeps ball out and wide which leads to counter attacks Central defenders:Their main job is to stop the opposition attackers Ball playing defender:He does the same job as the central defenders but unlike the other defenders, He launches out through balls leading to counter attacks Wide midfielders:They perform both attacking and defensive duties on the flank by supporting the attackers and defenders when needed Advanced playmaker:Always available for passes from other team mates thereby creating attacking moves Central midfielder:He acts as a link between the defence and the attack Inside forward:runs with the ball into the box and scores or create chances for the attackers.during gameplay,he acts like a defensive forward making it look like a 3-striker formation.the inside forward scored 20 goals and provided 13 assists in 35 matches Target man:He uses his strength and Ariel presence to bring other team mates into play. He scored 20 goals and 6 assists in 34 matches Advanced forward:He acts as the focal point of attacking moves in the team Achievements(first season): 1.won the premier league with 85 points 2.won the EFL cup defeating Arsenal in the final 3.scored 69 goals in the league and 94 goals in 50 games which includes other competitions 4.conceded 31 goals in the league and 36 in 50 games(all competitions) 5.As a manager,played 50 games with 35 wins, 9 draws and 6 loses therefore winning the premier league manager of the year
  14. In the middle of season 2021. Try with the same tactic for the past few seasons, and it is working good. The possession may be very low, but can shoot a lot. Mostly my shoot in a match is more than 75%. The two midfielders may have quite a number of yellow cards, so try to shop some more MC. The most important is the two winger INSIDE FORWARD. I have Pavon (Argentina) and he is just amazing.
  15. PriZe presents the Trident, a 343 EME Tactic Bench full of strikers and don't have a tactic for them? Want to go all out attack and score 3 goals per game? Look no further, the Trident is all you need! A small note, i didn't test this with a lower league club, you might not get similar results The tactic FMM 17 database is a godsgift to all striker aficionados, only issue? A tactic which get's the best out of the lads. So what to do? Build a solid 3-4-3 tactic! The player roles The front three. I went for a setup with two INF’s out wide, giving them the opportunity to dive in and confuse the opposition defence. After studying the match highlights i decide to put the central striker on Advanced forward. This way he can lead the attack, assist, and with this role being more versatile the strikers won’t clutter that much. The mid four The mid-four will balance the tactic out. You have an APM as an creative outlet, a BBM who is your jack of all trades and wingers who can help in attack and in defence. For the wingers i suggest you look for players who at least have 10 tackling. You can either use an Wing back who can play at midfield or look for players like bale who can defend as well. Back 3 Nothing spectacular, i would suggest looking for the more Ball Playing Defenders, have defenders with high pace and play the left CB with left foot and right CB with right foot. The instructions As with the PD21 tactic i decide to go balanced. It’s a great way to achieve plug ’N play. Mixed for passing and focus, as i believe the team has to be able to choose the right solution for every situation, and i don’t want them to get too restricted. After all they have 3 upfront, so i’ve a long ball is the way to go? Then hoof that ball upfront! All the rest is pretty self-explanatory. Important note, to get the most out of your central striker set him as your primary attacker, and to keep the midfield intelligent always set you APM as primary outlet. The results I guess it speaks for itself. 127 goals for the main strikers in their first season in one of the hardest leagues in the game. Some notable results Concluding As you can see, tactic works great with at least a big team. Hope you guys enjoy it. If you have any questions, need some help? Just let me know!
  16. Good Evening friends Today i going to post EME tactics that worked for me well , although i was not able to test it for full season the short test convinced me to post it here . @AndersJ For you to test it mate. With perfect players this tactics will perform well for you . # TIPS- ••Against big team or team of your calibre switch WBs into FBs. •• IF/Inside Forward →→ Always use the who is able to cut inside . For Right wings choose Left Footed player (Robben) (Domenico Berardi) & for left winger use Left Footed winger . ••AP →→ Choose player with high passing ability + Decision + Creativity + Teamwork •Tactics •Instructions •Short Test Result •Match Results So if anyone is interested in doing test please do reply & post your results.
  17. PriZe presents the PD21, loads of goals great defence 4231 EME Looking for a high scoring tactic for FMM 17 EME? Looking for a tactic better then the Black Pearl on OME? Then give this VERY offensive 4-2-3-1 tactic a try! A small note, i didn't test this with a lower league club, and due to the nature of the roles, you might not get similair results The tactic The EME is still somewhat a mystery for me, i stumbled upon a great high scoring tactic at the end of FMM 16, which gave my high hopes for FMM17. Sadly it didn't work on the new EME so i had to start looking for a new tactic. Looking at the results of numerous testsaves i noticed a few things which gave me an opportunity to build a solid tactic. As you can see i went for the 4231. With the right setup you can have a 6 man defence and a 4 man attack. And by using the correct roles you can balance it out! Speaking of roles... The player roles As you can see i went for offensive roles. Everyone except the BWM is expected to do everything, win a tackle, spread play, dictate tempo, score a goal. For you this means you need to look at good passing defenders, technical midfield, and forwards who can cross and score. The instructions I noticed that even when barca came to visit me, the went on defensive mentality and spread play via the wings. And almost every other club, so much for originality on the EME ;-) So i went for balanced, it counters an attacking opponent but also keep you from overplaying an opponent on defensive who will counter you. Most of the teams that i play go over the flanks, so we go through the centre! The results Two seasons 139 goals for the mainstriker! If you have a striker with good FK stats but him on FK's Played 128 games, only lost 4! Just an unbelievable season in la liga, max points! In the whole season we just lost 1 game and drew 1 game. Results in different leagues Concluding As you can see, tactic works great with at least a big team. Hope you guys enjoy it. If you have any questions, need some help? Just let me know!
  18. Hey guys, new viber here!! I have finally decided to become a member, after months of reading some amazing content produced by other members, I wanted to become a part of what seems to be an amazing community from an outsider's perspective. However I did not want to become a member without at least having a decent first piece of content to share with you all. (First impressions are important after all) So without further introduction, I present to you my tactic: I have opted for a three man defence, all set to the same role as I aimed to keep my defence in line. The five man midfield is composed of a CM who acts as a support, so he contributes to both attacking and defensive phases of play. A DLP, who defends the back three whilst staying on his feet and providing balls to players higher up the pitch. An AP who in my case was the star man, both setting up and scoring goals, throughout an amazing season. And lastly the two WM's, who have a similar role to the CM in the sense that they both contribute to attacking and defensive phases of play. The attacking roles have been selected because I believe an AF is one of the best roles to have in any lower league team, as they can again both provide and score goals and I feel that they have good synergy with a TM, because the TM can help to keep the AF on side and bring the AP into play to score goals of his own. I have kept the instructions pretty balanced as I wanted majority of my team to contribute to both phases of play. However I have opted for both committed tackling and pressing, with the logic that my team will fight to win the ball back straight away and not allow the opponent any time on the ball. The same logic behind each role choice applies to the 3-5-2, however I have swapped the WMs for WBs. I generally usethis formation when I am predicted as the weaker team, or winning a tight game and trying to hold the lead. The wingbacks have been selected to provide more support for the back three, as well as producing more crosses for the TM when the chance to do so arises. The instructions are exactly the same as the 3-5-2 as I still wanted my players to contribute to both phases of play. FIRST SEASON RESULTS: 41 wins and just 1 loss in the league all season, as well as a domestic double!!! SECOND SEASON RESULTS: Finished the second season with 9 losses, but still managed to score over a hundred goals and only concede 43 over the course of the season. We also managed to win another domestic double!!! THIRD SEASON RESULTS: The third season saw us lose just 5 games and again score over a hundred goals, whilst only conceding 45 over the course of the season. We also won the league and got promoted to League one, in the space of just three seasons..... TROPHIES: FA Trophy x2 Southern League trophy National league trophy League 2 trophy
  19. I will be sharing an instructive guide on this tactics. It's actually a modification of the stock 4-1-2-2-1 that is found in the game's formations list. This is actually a defensive formation but it's really about mass attack for me. The formation is based on really powerful wingers particularly. They play as Inside Forwards (IF) from both wings either side of a Deep Lying Forward (DLF) who links up with the midfield to score goals and create chances as well especially for the IFs. Two Advanced Playmakers (AP) ensure that the forwards are never short on service and the combination of a Deep Lying Playmaker (DLP) in the midfield and a Ball Playing Defender (BPD) in the defence help translate defence to attack quickly with Wing Backs (WB) roaming to cover up spaces left on the flanks by the Inside Forwards when they roam in. The Centre Back (CB) is perhaps the only truly defensive minded player on the pitch but the set up helps shore up gaps whether attacking or defending. added 0 minutes later INSTRUCTIONS: The team is set up to attack from the word 'go' and keep possession with 'short passing'. Since they're pretty much playing as a unit, the focus is 'mixed' as well as the goalie's distribution. The tackling is put at 'normal' to avoid conceding careless chances or fouls which may disrupt the rhythm of play. Aside pressing the opposition, the others are turned off because keeping offside trap may expose the goalie badly, counter attacking will make the team surrender possession and 'men behind the ball' is not in line with the attacking mentality.
  20. Tactics please

    Hello all. I'm a little bit embarrassed to keep asking but does anyone have any good formations? specifically 3-4-3 like THE MIGHTY CHELSEA are using now in the real world. I've been trying many different ways with different teams not all top teams but I'm not having much luck ? A lot of the formations from previous years just don't cut it on the new game. So if any of you fine footy nutters can help I'd be very grateful.?
  21. THE LIBERO A role that seems to have been absorbed and nullified by modern football tendencies , the libero was key part of how teams used to play few decades ago . Think about players like Franz Bekenbauer , Matthias Sammer some of greats in this role. A quote about Libero tells us pretty much everything why this role is so special : "It was majestic sight.Go back 30-40 years and watch them defend.The Majority of them will feature a kind of player that seems to have lost from modern game.You'll see a elegant defender sitting behind,picking up stray through balls from attacker. As he effortlessly brings it under his control, he marches forward with it, stepping past other defenders and moving into midfield zone. From there he acts as modern day Deep Lying Playmaker, initiating the play and spreading it out to flanks or playing it forward into midfield or attack . This is the Libero." Basically Libero sits behind our defense, as sweeper, intercept through balls and then marches forward with it. Unfortunately the libero role is not available in FMM17 , only sweeper role is available.Using sweeper role didn't bring success to me.Therefore i decided to use a BPD or DLP in 5 man defense whose main job will be same as stated above . →The type of player required for this role needs to have these attributes. 1) Primary attribute- Tackle, Decision, Positioning, Passing, Teamwork. (15+ Rating) 2) Secondary Attributes - Dribble , Techniques Creativity, Movement. (10+ Rating) •Alessio Ramaognoli •Joshua Kimmich The Tactics = (5-2-2-1) Instructions #TIPS - 1.When you feel that things aren't working the way it is supposed to switch your Passing from mix to direct. (Initially i keep game speed to medium to analyze whether it is working or not ) 2.The only role i changed was of AF to Poacher . 3.To have success with this tactics u need to have highly trained squad (use intense training schedule during Pre-season ) and players with correct attributes. #EVIDENCES 1.Fixtures 2. Leauge Table 3.Player's Stats Key Players •Belotti •Scarpa GusTavo •Kimmich *Looking forward to see your comments fellow vibers?.
  22. Transfer In - Morata Perisic Lindelof Out - Smalling Schweinsteiger Rooney Fellaini best XI & stats Morata 51apps 60gls 15ats Mata 58apps 16gls 25ats Perisic 49apps 14gls 14ats Mkhitaryan 47 apps 3gls 10ats Herrea 50apps 3gls 10ast Pogba 56apps 17gls 7ats Shaw 47apps 0gls 7ats Valencia 47apps 0gls 1ats Bailly 45apps 2gls 1ats Lindelof 49apps 1gls 3ats De Gea 41apps (19)gls 2ats
  23. Hi all, I'm currently still messing with my Unicorn challenge (which can be found here) where I try to get a midfielder, an AMC to be exact, as close as possible to 1.000 goals. The closest I've come thus far is 501 goals with my Irish regen (picture below). I'm still meddling with different players, sometimes trying different tactics, but this far what you'll find below has been my most successful try. While I'm messing around, I'd thought it was time to make this an open-source project, to get as many of you involved in the thinking process as possible. And there you have the reason why I thought this deserves its own thread. Any thoughts are possible and feel free to try it out, and let me know what you think. As stated, the goal of this tactic is to get the attacking midfielder as many goals as possible, while also picking up silverware (which you need in order to keep your job, expand the club, etc.). Every single cog in this machine has been built towards that. That means that the tactic is not always balanced, especially not against the very best teams. Nevertheless, I did manage to win the Champions League with Belenenses, using this tactic. Allow me to explain a thing or two about the tactic. Player role-wise, I chose a four man defense. I've never really cracked the 3 man at the back code, so 4 it was. My midfield is supposed to offer support and keep things tight at the back. The real magic, however, happes in front. I chose a winger on the right to deliver crosses on the counter, exploiting the pace my AMC (needs to have/)has. On the left, I went for an APM as you really need someone who is dedicated to creating chances. My striker is a DLF in the hope that he'll drop deep and act as a kind of false 9, supplying the AMC with assists (which works reasonably well). He links the work of the winger, APM and midfielders back to the AMC, who is an InF. I chose to put them in this weird way so the InF would have no one in his way while storming towards goal. The DLF is placed slightly to the right, in order to get out of the InF's way. I chose to put the InF as close to the APM as possible, so he would restrict the space of the AML, so the playmaker wouldn't steal to many goals from the AMC. I feel you really need to have a striker, for two reasons: without someone directly in front of the AMC, he will tire very quickly. He'll be asked to fill the hole at the top, which results not in goals, but in the player arriving in front of goal, knackered, and unable to score. The second reason is linked to the first: you really need a striker to put pressure on the defenders. Otherwise your AMC won't get enough space. You can try a striker on the flanks to solve problem two, but then problem one will remain. It's a delicate situation up top. In the department of team instructions, I've found that these are the most productive settings. Attacking is best for the goal production of the AMC. If you put it on balanced, the team will perform slightly better, conceding fewer goals, but the AMC will lose some of the goals. Counter to exploit the pace the AMC should have. Finally, the primary attacker should be your AMC, naturally, for the best results. Please, let me know what you guys think.
  24. Welcome to my special attacking 3-4-3 consists of wingbacks and wingers(inside forwards) and Advanced forward,the goal has been tested in the premier league (Sunderland) and hoping other vibers can test it with other teams and share the results. Achievements: In England (Sunderland): 1.Finished 2nd in the league. 2.Having the top goal scorer in my team who scored 31 goals. 3.won England premier division manager of the year 4.won the EFL cup after defeating Tottenham
  25. Hello everyone i searched alote on Tactics and tried every Tactic possible and now i am convinced this is the most stable Tactic that will make you score in every game and in the same time not conceding goals if you play barca or real or any strong team this Tactic will make you happy Regards