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  1. I'm managing Bayern Munich and I have Cavanni, Gomez and Reuz in my attack, yet I can't beat any team. My midfield I have Martinez, Ozil, Gustavo, Ribery and Robben. And the my defence: Lahm, Vermaelen, Alaba and Hummels. Please help!!!
  2. I started this career in nPower League 2 with Swindon Town.Thanks to great players like Lee Cox, Matt Ritchie, Raffaele De Vita and Lander Gabilondo I won it. Then, Everton purchased my player Ritchie for 2 millions of euros, and from this 2 millions I built my financial emperor. I purchased Sydney Govou to be the heir of Ritchie before his retire and Josh McQuoid, great striker.Thanks to this 2 players, plus Connor Murray (regen), Conor Thomas and Lee Cox i won League 1. Then , after three difficult years in Championship, during which I was fighting for the salvation from demotion , I purchased good regens and two players like Emmanuel-Thomas and Mirko Vucinic.I won the playoffs : Premier League! I won the Champions League at my first participation and I won a lot of thropies.But now Swindon is dominating : he won 5 of the last six edition of the Champions League.Here's my squad : Francesco Gallo (great goalkeeper) Clèment - Schmitt - Fournier - Durand (a REAL SHIELD) Lange - Burton - Iglesias (outstanding) Young - Navarro - Colombo 2nd goalkeeper : Will Turton (ex Liverpool) backup defenders : Werner (quarterback left or right), Grassi (defender) Parkin (defender) backup midfielders : De Luca (halfback) , Thompson , Ramos backup attacker : Wood (wing) Russo The best three players in history of Swindon are Ali Chihab, Giuseppe Russo and Mamadou Fofana. The first was purchased as heir of Paolo Romano, who went to Tottenham for 20 Millions of euros, for 2 millions of euros from Bari. He scored 400 goals and won 4 times the FIFA World Player. Giuseppe Russo was purchased as heir of Chihab, and he became a legend. He scored more than 400 goals and he is currently active as backup of his heir Antonio Navarro.He won 5 times the FIFA World Player. Mamadou Fofana was purchased on loan from Juventus and after three years, the Swindon manager Eb Esca (random name) purchased him. He became the captain of the team and retired 39 years old.He never won the FIFA World Player because he was obscured by Chihab and Russo. Stay tuned for the 2040-41 season results.
  3. Who is he? A very versatile Icelandic midfielder who is natural in every position in midfield and attacking midfield. Cost - £2 million a month or so into the game. Wages - £9,500 Starts at - Standard Liege Stats At the start of the game After IT The Good Realtively cheap Very versatile Young Nice stats for a winger Provides plenty of assists and goals The Bad Not much of a leader Creativity is ony mediocre Summary A great and verstile player. He came to Santos, so he'll probably be content to go to a championship side, if they can aford him (and he's not exactly expensive if you get in early).
  4. Sebastian Eriksen Age: 22 Team: Cagliari Cost: valued at 625k at the start Bought him later in the game with leicester and he gave me a more secure edge over my other MCs Positions: MC & AMC Good stats at the start: 15 strength & stamina & teamwork. 16 tackling Bad stats are 7 shooting and 8 creativity so I would recommend him as a good b2b or cm
  5. Is it possible to have the PSP role settings for IOS, as I believe that would improve the game a lot???
  6. The FMH2012 player cocktails is a game that allows you to mix and match your favourite stars to get a different one. You can use 1 part (attribute), 2 parts or more as you look at their key attributes that make up a new player. Here's an example: 1 part Romelu Lukaku (Strength) 2 parts Fernando Llorente (Heading + Shooting) 1 part Sergio Aguero (Movement) = Didier Drogba Your turn .
  7. Hello! I will be doing a new career and I want your vote to determined which club I will be managing Deadline 15th September 23:59 Btw: You can vote more than 1 club
  8. I'd like to know what everyone's biggest blunders have been when playing FMH12, be it a transfer or a tactical blooper.. I think it'll provide some quality material for us to laugh at :lol: Actually.. I need to think quite hard to come up with my own :blush:
  9. Peely's 4-2-3-1 As some of you will know from my Hervin Ongenda career, I've been attempting the 1,000 goal challenge of late. I decided that I wanted to use my own tactic, rather than one of the tried and tested ones and, over several seasons and some experimentation on different saves, this is what I've come up with: I'd suggest switching to Balanced mentality against 4-4-1-1 and narrow 4-1-2-1-2 formations. This isn't actually the tactic that I used when Hervin Ongenda was still at the club. I may post that separately, but personally I think this one is better. Some results: The tactic is strong defensively, as you can see from the low number of goals conceded in the league. It also creates plenty of chances. The Players Central Defenders - Just your standard centre backs. Good tackling, heading, teamwork, decisions and positioning are important. Strength and pace are good too. Wingbacks - These will provide some width when your AMR and AML cut in toward the box. To maximise their attacking potential you'll want traditional winger stats - pace, dribbling and crossing - on top of the defensive stats. Deep-lying Midfielder - This player gives a bit of extra cover to the defence, but can also be the starting point for attacks, picking out the attacking players with pin-point passes. You'll want decisions, creativity and passing on top of the defensive stats. Ball-winning Midfielder - This player has the task of disrupting the oposing team's attacks in midfield, winning the ball before passing to more attacking minded players or marauding forward themself. You'll need tackling, heading, strength, positioning for the ball-winning part, but also attacking stats, such as passing, dribbling, decisions, pace etc. Inside Forwards - These players cut in from wide positions, running at the box, looking to either set one up for the poacher or score by themself. They'll need pace, dribbling, technique and shooting for the scoring side of their game. They also provide quite a few crosses, so crossing is a useful stat, too. Some may question the use of Inside Forwards in a tactic meant for the 1,000 goal challege, but I find they set-up a lot more goals than they score and they seemed more effective than wingers in this role. Advanced Playmaker - The link between your midfield and your attack. He'll feed passes through to your striker and run at the defence, looking for goals. High pace, dribbling, technique, shooting, creativity and passing are all important. Poacher - The star of the show. He has only one job to do - score goals and lots of them. He'll be hanging around the box, waiting to break past the defenders and latch on to through balls, knock-downs and crosses. Shooting and pace are important, but so are decisions and movement, to allow him to pick the right moment to make his move and get into space. Gven the number of crosses that will be coming in from the wingbacks and inside forwards, heading and strength are also extremely useful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I hope this will be of use to some of you; give it a go, you might like it
  10. Hi, i'd like to create new 2 new players. Lucas Moura from Sao Paolo to PSG? And Oscar from ? to Chelsea? Can anybody help me.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's already been noticed, but what's the deal with players with no 'green' position? The most notable is Yann M'vila, while most of Benfica's midfielders also have no natural position
  12. Fernando Torres Personal information Full name Fernando José Torres Sanz[1] Date of birth 20 March 1984 (age 28)[2] Place of birth Fuenlabrada, Spain Height 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)[3] Playing position Striker Club information Current club Chelsea Number 9 Youth career 1995–2001 Atlético Madrid Senior career* Years Team Apps† (Gls)† 2001–2007 Atlético Madrid 214 (82) 2007–2011 Liverpool 102 (65) 2011– Chelsea 53 (11) National team‡ 2000 Spain U15 1 (0) 2001 Spain U16 9 (11) 2001 Spain U17 4 (1) 2002 Spain U18 1 (1) 2002 Spain U19 5 (6) 2002–2003 Spain U21 10 (3) 2003– Spain 100 (31) Stats 2011 : At 27, Fernando Torres is a very good striker, he can bring a lot of attack in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 formation. It has a very good technique, a good set of heads and a very good type. It is also quick and decisive in front of goal. It may just be a little aggressive level, but there is a very good striker. Stats en 2013 positioning thank you for reading :rolleyes:
  13. Does it matter if a player is natural, accomplished, competent, unconvincing, awkward in a position? - along as his stats are good enough to play there. E.G.'s Higuaín is unconvincing on the wings (AML/AMR) and AMC - if I played him any of those positions, would it matter?? Benzmea is competent on the right - would it matter I I played him there?? Thanks
  14. hi! does any one has an idea why my changes.txt works with some players and not others?? "PLAYER" "Joleon" "Lescott" "Manchester City" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Everton" "PLAYER" "Steven" "Naismith" "Rangers" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Everton" "PLAYER" "Mikel" "Arteta" "Arsenal" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Everton" "PLAYER" "Landon" "Donovan" "Los Angeles" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Everton" "PLAYER" "Yakubu" "Aiyegbeni" "Blackburn Rovers" "" "" "Yakubu" "" "" "" "Everton" the first 3 work fine but donovan and yak are free agents, bit confused about it, but i suspect eveything is right until the new club name. i have 36 players in the squad already can it be the reason?
  15. Hi, I'm Alex. I'm admin on loadsa FM pages on facebook coming to around 60,000 likes. One of which is a handheld page, it is the most liked of its kind; https://www.facebook.com/Alex.FM.Handheld I'm just wondering if any of you guys have any FM pages on facebook. Also, give my page a like to keep up to date on my save with Orléans Loiret. Thanks, Alex. :fmh2012:
  16. I was getting bored with the English League so I thought I'd give the Scottish one a go. I did not want a club too low down but not in the very top tier either so I did some research into Scottish teams and decided on Brechin. I decided to improve my squad with some additional free transfers and added Martin Grehan as an extra striker. This is where I am in my first season so far with Brechin: League: P 18 W 13 D 5 L 0 F 54 A 15 GD 39 Martin Grehan has scored 41 goals in 28 games (inc Cup games) He has scored 5 in a single game twice He has scored 4 in a single game twice He has scored twice in a game on 7 occasions His goals have got me to two cup finals and most amazingly allowed me to win Manager Of The Month concurrently from August to January so far. This is without any cheats or anything but he is a phenomenal striker and add a couple of other freebies like Sean Fitzharris and a goalscoring midfielder Craig Molloy. If you are playing the Scottish league then these players are a must. Fitzharris and Grehan are my main strikeforce and I am using Ashez's 4-1-2-1-2 tactic so many thanks there:) I will post end of season stats hopefully tomorrow.
  17. My players are: Jack Butland GK T Courtois GK A Martini GK(Loan) M O brien DRC G Cahill DC David LUIZ DC Rafael D/DMR Fabio D/DMRL Phil Jones D/DMRC Jose Alves D/DMLC N Chalobah D/DMC C Clifford MC L Crisetig DMC M Essien MC E Frimpong DMC J Mikel DMC J Andrews MRC Ramires MRC D alaba MLC J Mceachran MC P Pogba MC K De Bruyne AM RLC J Iturbe AM RLC A Griezmann AM LC A Dzagoev AMC Ganso AMC Lucas Moura AM/F RLC Theo Pogba AM/F RC(LOAN) Heung-Min Son AM/F RC S Aguero AM/SC R Lukaku SC F Torres SC W Said SC G Kakuta AM RLC S Williams AM RC(Loan) Now its 2015 september. I want to know suitable tactics and formation for my team. Currently, i use attacking, short, normal and pressing as my tactics. Also i want to know whom to sell and who to buy. Any advice/tips are welcome.
  18. As you may know I've been starting on the YouTube seen for FMH and I'm going to collect all my videos on this thread rather than spamming the Ramblings thread! Kilmarnock Part 1- Part 2- Part 3- Central Coast Mariners Central coast Mariners part 1- Part 2- FMHvibe channel Player review #1 - Borja Player review #2 - James Dayton Player review #3 - Rafael
  19. It's been a long time since I got some proper FMH in. I've got addicted again with a career at Cldye, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Transfers In Overall, I'm delighted with the transfers in. Carlos will score a bucket load at this level, if he's provided the right service, and with players such as O'Brien and McIndoe signed, I think we can give him that. Scottish Division 3 What a season! I knew we'd got the quality to do it, however that doesn't always mean it'll happen! We won the League on the 25th Feb and after that I've got to admit I holidayed the rest of the season! Which makes you think how good it could have been if I'd stuck around! Challenge Cup It was dissapointing not to go further as we were 3-0 up at half time. However, it wasn't the main priority throughout the season it has to be said. Scottish League Cup We simply came up against a better team than ourselves. Scottish Cup It was a dissapointing way to go out. But we can't really have many complaints as they were by far the better team over the 90 minutes. Player figures That Fierro kid's a bit good isn't he?
  20. Hey guys this my first FMHi tactic (works with android to) Its called the "P" tactic formation - 442 attacking team instructions - Mentality - Attacking Passing Style - Direct Tackling - Committed Pressing - YES OT - YES CA - NO MBB - NO Player Tactical Roles GK WBK CTR CTR WBK BWM BBM INF INF TM PCR I have had great results with this tactic and i hope you do to
  21. Intro of sorts... Just came across the "Careers" section and it looks like a heap of fun, seeing as my Las Palmes save is relatively new I will use that . Here's a brief summary of how it's gone in the first 15 months (up until 29th September): 2011/12 Season: Liga Adelante Champions (Woot) Promoted to Liga BBVA (The Board was "Very pleased") Erm ok... I'm now going to attempt to list my purchases in 2011/12 because I don't have any record... J. Garcia Martinez (Veron's Regen) J. Moreno (Riquelme's Regen) V. Michel (Trezeguet's Regen) 2012/13 Season up until 29th September: Rebuilt the Squad (Literally...): Purchases: Jose Almeida (11M from Tottenham) (I now suspect he is Roberto Carlos' regen!) Paul Wood (2.4M from Man City) (Regen of Beckham) Marco Dias (1.5M from Internacional) (Alex's Regen- The Brazilian guy) Jose Fernando King (800K from Sunderland) (Regen of D. James) Elias Reinhardt (650K from Hannover) (Fring's Regen) Paul Clarke (200K from Los Angeles) (A Regen of someone... It's a mystery! ) Hristo Krastev (Free Transfer) (Berbatov's Regen) Vladyslav Lytvynenko (Free Transfer) (Shevchenko's Regen) Jonas Jonsson (Free Transfer) (Mellberg's Regen) Releases/Sales: Kiowa (5.8M to Roma) Raul (2.6M to Numancia) (I'm surprised they paid that much, seeing as Raul let in 7 goals in when I played Numancia, successfully stopping zero goals in the entire match and prompting my immediate sale of him ) Alejandro (300K to At. Baleares) (Some random regen that joined me... didn't want him so got rid of him) David Gonazlez (Released) Pedro Vega (Released) League Info so Far: Postion: 6th Played: 7 Wins: 3 Draws: 2 Losses: 2 GF: 7 GA: 4 GD: +3 Points: 11 The aims from here: Try to get into Top 5 of the league (if I can) and to find some more good defenders to help out Jonsson and Almeida out (I'm using some 30yo+ guys with them at the moment... :/) So... Here is my career at LAS PALMES (I only chose it because I liked the name hehehehe.... Don't tell the Board that!) I will be updating this as I go along with my career
  22. Hi, I've been playing FM (and Champ as it was known) since the early 90's, however due to a lack of time and inclination I only play FMH these days. My query, for those that play the game on a touch screen, when looking at a player or during a match - do you swipe the screen or select the pop up menu? I swipe but use wondered what others do.... Ps. Can anyone speculate as to what improvements there will be to the Mach engine? Will any form of 3D be available?
  23. I have had quite a bit of success with this 4-1-3-2. With this tactic I got the Scottish team Peterhead to the Champions League quarter finals, knocked out by Man City eventually. No superstars what so ever in the squad, mostly regens promoted through my system and a few 5-15K signings. It seems to do well in York as well ...
  24. This guy is tank!! I think he's a must buy for any team if u can afford him!! Literally, he had very good stats and play him as a forward and he'll score for fun He just picked up an injury so him form may go down but I'm out of word. That's almost 2 goals a game and he's scored more than every team in my league Go get him
  25. Ones that i have found: Mario Gavranovic: AM/SC. Worth 1k at Schalke 2 (Germany) at the start of the game. Björn Ruytinx: SC. Worth 4k at OH Leuven (Belgium) at the start of the game. Alexsandar Trajkovski: SC. Worth 20k at Zulte Waregem (Belgium) at the start of the game. Matthew Lowton: D/MRC. Worth 85k at Sheffield United (England) at tthe start of the game. Peter Kovacs: D/MRC. Worth 95k at Lierse (Belgium) at the start of the game. Thomas Kaminski: GK. Worth around 180k at OH Leuven (Belgium) at the start of the game. Lee McCulloch: D/DMC. Worth around 1m at Rangers (Scotland) at the start of the game. Marco Antonio Bueno: SC. Worth 550k at Pachuca (Mexico) at the start of the game. Paulo Rodrigues: AMLC. Worth 875k at São Paulo (Brazil) at the start of the game. Steed Malbranque: AMRLC. Free at the start of the game. Mahamadou Diarra: DMC. Free at the start of the game. Marco Materazzi: DC. Free at the start of the game. Not found by me: Caolan Lavery: Found by Peely. Free at the start of the game. Ryan France: DC, MR and DR. Found by anfieldsquirrel. Free agent. Bedi Buval: SC. Found by anfieldsquirrel. Can be signed for 10 to 14k from Feirense (Portugal). Nick Powell: AM/RLC. Found by DC097. Can be signed for around 200k from Crewe (England). Tobias Figuereido: DC. Found by DC097. Can be signed for around 180k from Sporting (Portugal). Vaclac Kadlec: Found by DC097. Can be signed for around 3.4ml from Sparta Prague (Czech Republic). Andrea Bertolacci: MC. Found by DC097. Can be signed for around 4ml from Roma (Italie). Anass Achahbar: SC. Found by DC097. Can be signed for around 230k from Feyenoord (Holland). Emre Can: DC/DMC. Found by DC097. Can be signed for around 500k from Bayern Munich (Germany). Tiago Llori: DC. Found by JPlummz. Carlos Fierro: SC. Found by Keraviln. is at Chivas (Mexico) at the start of the game can be signed for 100k-150k. Borja: SC. Found by Ashez. Can be signed for 100k From Ath Madrid Res. (Spain).
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