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  1. Creating a changes.txt is the only way to edit Football Manager Handheld 2013 on PSP and Android. Sports Interactive have provided us with four set codes to change four different areas of the game - players, managers, clubs and competitions (you can identify what they change by the beginning). Each section has different rules which can lead to mistakes being made and codes not working so please make sure you are aware of each one. The way to create a changes.txt is with a program that allows you to create .txt files (Notepad, Wordpad etc...) and then using the following to do the changes you want before saving it as changes. Please note you can only effect new games, any save games aren't effected by a changes.txt. Player changes: "PLAYER" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "PLAYER" "First name" "Surname" "Club" "New first name" "New surname" "Common name" "Year of birth" "New CA" "New PA" "New club" If you do not want to change any fields please leave it blank ("") however First name, surname and club must be filled in. First name/Surname: The players first name/surname or what you want to change it to. If a player has multiple names you may want to do a few codes to determine where the third word is meant to go. Club: The club is the one at the start of the game which the player belongs to, if they are on loan this does not count. If they are a free agent or want them to be simply type 'free' into the area. The club name must be the full name - one on the club page not the league. Common name: The common name is the players' short name (if any) this is used mainly in South America with the prime example Ronaldinho. Please note you can add a common name to a player but cannot delete one. Year of birth: The year you want the player to be born, it must be a minimum of 1995 so they are older than 15. Current ability/Potential ability: Out of 200, the current is the level they are playing at. Potential is what they can achieve (past or future). Standard level for a Premier League player is 155. Rules: Player changes must be before club changes, this means you must transfer Terry to Manchester United before changing Manchester United to English Superstars. You cannot create new players, you must edit old players with similar attributes, nationality and positions as your new desired player. The game only allows a certain number of new first names, surnames and nicknames. This is 100 of each so for example Terry will not count as John Terry uses it but Dumbledore would count as a new surname as no one is called John Dumbledore in the game. Manager changes: "MANAGER" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "MANAGER" "First name" "Surname" "Club" "New first name" "New surname" "Year of birth" "New CA" "New PA" "New club" Manager changes are the same as player changes apart from the following. Year of birth: Must be greater than 1980. Rules: It must be before club changes. Managers must be released from their club before doing being put to an international team and vica versa or they will be managing both. Club changes: "CLUB" "" "" "" "" "" "" "CLUB" "Full club name" "Nation" "New club name" New short name" "Reputation" "New league" Club name and nation must be filled in, the rest can be left blank. Full club name: The club name which appears on their profile. Nation: The nation the club is in. Short name: What you want to appear on the table (good for clubs with long names). Reputation: Out of 10000, the higher the reputation the more expectation and money. Also allows you to buy better players. New league: What league you want to transfer them into (the clubs' current nation only). Rules: Must be done before competition changes. Leagues must be balanced (Premier League has to have 20 teams etc...), if you transfer one to a different league you MUST replace them or errors occur such as the league not having any games. Competition changes: "COMPETITION" "" "" "" "" "COMPETITION" "Full name" "New name" "New short name" "Abbreviation" Full name: The full competition name found before picking a team or on the fixtures. Short Name: What it is called in news items and in lists. Abbreviation: The name on fixtures, limit to 3 characters (all caps). Other tips: Try and save regularly and test it, things can go wrong for any reason. Lines with a hash (#) at the start are ignored - useful for grouping certain codes together. Host it on FMHVibe! If you think people would want to play it then upload it so people can share their careers on it. To install you place the changes into PSP > COMMON > FMH2013 (you may have to create this). Or to install on Android 1. Make sure that the 'Quick Start' option is set to 'off' in preferences. 2. Download or Make your own Changes.txt. 3.Open the 'Fmh_Data' folder in the sd card using a file explorer on the device or on a pc. 4.Add the changes.txt to the folder (fmh2013_data). 5. Open FMH on device, then start a new game and enjoy! Thanks to rseven for finding this out and for JPlummz for making the guide. Don't forget you can use FMHVibe's changes generator which makes it easy - Link.
  2. Hi there, Welcome back. I've a question related to FMH 2013. Is it possible to buy it or install now? I mean iOS version. Thanks in advance
  3. You know when you're broke and have to resort to the free market, where there is only past stars or young? Those 1-star, and 10 only 1 pays off, and is still little? Well, for me the story (or luck) is another. São Paulo FC, took Rodrigo Rodrigues, who released prior to my resignation, and today is my central striker Santo André FC, Keirrison, former Barcelona and Captain Moussa Dabre, found in the free market, still aged 15, Beninese, and Bradley Turner, also 15 at the time of contracting, playing for the Jamaican national team and worth 900k, which is my most valuable player. In short, poor clubs can also be great. It all depends on the coach.
  4. I start playing at Manchester City and here's my first season formation ---------------------------HART------------------------------- ---ZABALETA-----PIQUE------KOMPANY------CLICHY ---------------TOURE----------RODWELL----------------- -------------------------SILVA--------------------------------- ------AGUERO----LEWANDOWSKI---FALCAO--------- and I success to win all the champions able. The second season, i bought in Vidal to replace Rodwell. And i success to win all the CHAMPIONS!!!! Finally, I'm appointed as England manager, and I'm now playing the 14/15 season.
  5. Hi, in the last couple of days i got back to FMH 2013 on my PSP and i have a few questions that i want to ask you. I`m mastering a lot of the tiny aspects of this game and i want to solve 2 problems: a: How do you promote players from the second team/reserves? When i start a Spanish team i always check the B-team for good players and every team there has at least 2-5 such players. If i play in England/Germany or Italy no team has such players even if i choose to have full England database for example /the teams have a second team full of players but they are all grey and there is no promoting option/. I thought that it has something to do with the training facility and every year i demand an improvement. When i win the league title and some other title the board is delighted and i get what i want. So far the quality of the facility is excellent. Still i can`t promote players. What am i missing? b: Does those green attributes matter? I have players that aren`t that green and perform better and youngsters and let`s say 25-28 year old players that are green all over and don`t perform the way they should? What is the leading factor to pick a player besides the position that you are looking for? I check my assistant and if he says that this is a vital player or a key player, i go after that signing. For example: Fellaini is a vital player, Hazard also.... but they have 3 green attributes only. I found some turkish MC age 20 .... green all over, celtic green, nope .....lepricon green, with only 3 attributes that are blue and not green and when i check him, it only says: decent first team player. So far i think that there at least 3 levels above that: important first team player, key player and vital team player. What tips can you give me for finding players if the budget is above 40 mil?
  6. Woking has been waiting for a hero for a long time. A hero that can boost the club and begin the upward spiral. I know what must be done. Ive seen people triumph and ive seen some fall. Can I be the one to set the standard? Tactic: 41221 Name of manager: sam archer Aim: to triumph
  7. http://i.imgur.com/23wNd http://i.imgur.com/6mye4Zh.pngM3.png
  8. So i downloaded a lot of changes.txt but i dont know where to put the text file? im using android phone..and will it work if i rename the text file like changes.txt to gotzebayern.txt?
  9. I was just wondering that is there any simple way to make fmh 2013 more like fmh 2014 on android? e.g database, interface etc.
  10. My great Tactic for FMH2013 sadly doesn't work that good in 2014 anymore. Roles Team Instructions Results In my eyes one of the best tactics.
  11. Hello everyone, i am a regular football manager player and recently joined the fmh iOS community I see all these great tactics that provide good results consistently my questions to you creators is this.... How do you go about creating tactics? How do you watch / see if your tactic is working? How do you test your tactics? How do you find weaknesses and areas that need tweaking? I am curious how you guys create consistently good tactics with limited viewing of the tactics in play?
  12. It's not unheard of for a player to return to a former club. And just how Robbie Fowlers second coming with us in '06 was a big big hit with the fans, it can bring a whole new atmosphere throughought the club. A familiar face in amongst a team where the commitment can be questioned could do wonders. As players of FMH, we can do that, and I'm sure many of us already do. How many of the Liverpool supporters have bought Xabi Alonso more than once? I bet the Utd fans like to bring back Ronaldo, as the Chelsea fans do with Drogba. What if we take it one step further? What if we filled our whole team with players who have already had a stint at our club? What if I create a challenge based on this idea? For a challenge we'll need a USP, some rules, and a target. The USP: The theme of this challenge is former players. You're gonna be in the market for the best players who already have a stint at the club under their belt. We'll forget about youth contracts and just go with what their in-game history says. The rules: • Pick your club and demote all of your players. • You can then promote 5 players back to the first team. • The aim now is to use your first window to repopulate the first team. Again, you're looking for players who have already been employed by the club • During the following windows you are allowed one transfer. Use this wisely, to replace a retiring player, or to fill a position where you feel is weak. The player still has to be former member of the club though. • You're allowed one wildcard. In the first window you can buy one player who hasn't been at the club before. You can only buy him though if his favoured club is the one you are managing. • Sugar Daddy. I know that most of us don't like activating it for challenges, but it's needed really. To replace all of your team but 5 with a budget will be near impossible. It also allows you to be creative with your signings. The target: Have fun. There's no leaderboard, and no amount of goals to score/points to earn. Just have fun managing you team of legends and masterminding second comings. A time will come when you'll it'll be hard to find players to sign and that's probably when you should start thinking about quitting, or taking the career in a different direction, but while it lasts it was definately be fun. Another idea for this is a H2H. Set your own targets, apply the rules and begin. That's my first challenge. I'm sure there's holes you can poke in it and please do. If I'm missing something or anything doesn't make sense then please tell me so I can improve this. I hope a few of you think about giving it a go, there's a lot of fun to be had
  13. Everton F.C Founded: 1878 Ground: Goodison Park Chairman: Bill Kenwright My Aim: My aim is to get the club into champions league territory in the short term but in the long term to dominate English football. I am going to be using a modified version of the Brendan Rodgers tactic that has a poacher. The team are looking strong at the moment with pre season over withafter winning 2 - 0 against Hannover and against Bristol winning 4 - 1 Transfers in so far . Romelu Lukaku - Chelsea - 8M .Jonathon Hogg - Watford - 5M .Jamie Valdez - Parma - 2.5 M . Kane Ferdinand - Portsmouth - 2.5M Wish me luck guys
  14. I need man utd tactics and player roles same players Tactics: Balanced Mixed Normal Pressing: no Counter attack: no Offside Trap: no Men behind ball: no IOS game
  15. Hai everyone actually i have a problem and i need help from expert like you all. For the past season i been using Aleksandar Kolarov as my all-time left back and my lefr winger but yesterday he got injury blow and he decided to retire so i really need someone who just like Kolarov. So i need you all to recommend a player that can replace Kolarov. I hope he is not old. If youth its better for me. Thanks
  16. Hi guys, hope someone can help me out As there will be no release of FMH2014 on PSP (only on Vita) - I am keen to edit the 2013 version to allow me to keep playing on PSP Would someone be so kind to tell me how I can do it? a) Where can I find the appropriate Editor b) Where would I then save the changes.txt file Apologies in advance if it is obvious....... Nick
  17. First sorry for posting here the forum post for the se is locked or i just can't post in it. The se seems not to work for me first ive been trying with my partners laptop win7 i keep getting the se has stopped working bla bla bla... Trying on my laptop win vista still the same, but its been a while since i tried on win7 so just to clarify i do open my.asg file ? A little info regarding the problem in detail... If i don't click on any save games to open and press cancel the editor loads up fine(see below) But when i do open my save file i get the error(see below) If .asg files are not my save files please tell me what they are as they are the only files in my save folder. PS: Im not normally stupid when it comes to this kind of stuff but this is really annoying me. thanks if you can help.
  18. Going For Germany The Last Step Introduction As most of you know the 1k challenge is one of the hardest and most popular challenges in the Vibe, the challenge that consists in finding a rather young fella' that you think has the ability to score 1000 goals in his whole career under your management it is a long challenge since 1k goals is a lot and you normally take more than 10 seasons to accomplish it (most people usually get bored with normal saves after a few seasons). Many times has this challenge been completed in almost all leagues and with all kinds of different players, but there is one league that is feared by most vibers... Germany. Germany is known for it's tough football, the easyness in which players can get injured and the difficulty of the league, having tough teams like Munich and Dortmund that are recently at the top of there game, some players when they are transfered from England or Spain to Germany say that it is a new kind of sport a more physical games. But most importantly Germany is known for vibers as the league that has never been conquered by the 1k challenge using real players, there vehas been many attempts, even the best striker in the league couldn't accomplish it, so I have decided that with FMH14 coming up, I shall try to beat the 1k challenge at it's last step to beeing international, Germany "Bring it on!" Milo note: Any comment will be received with a hug, Tell me what you think !
  19. Because I'm tired of seeing names like P. Ferreira, C Libertad and CSKA (Sofia): http://fmhvibe.co.uk/community/files/file/434-the-pedants-changestxt-team-league-and-other-fixes/ Based upon the original 2012/13 edit by Dec and worked on for months now. Full description in the link. Advice and pointers as to other teams I missed would be appreciated.
  20. As the title says, are the 'shadow' players/greyed-out guys in your reserve team regens of players who are still playing but old and getting close to retirement or could they be of any age? As far as I am aware they are not newgens, correct? Rather they are just regens of players who are still going but how old? And also are they always the same nationality as the players that they are made from?
  21. After I seen that Kyle999 excellent career with the FmhVibe AS was for android only it made me think with the creation of the Save Editor could I create one for IOS because you can change names now of both clubs and players So I will have a squad creation for it just comment below what position you want to play,your name,nationality The tactic will be Ashez 4-2-2-2 tactic GK WB CB CB WB MC MC AMR AML FC FC
  22. Pedder Down Under! A Perth Glory F.C Story Perth Glory F.C were the first club to be inducted into the first ever football league in Australia, this was known as the National Soccer League (NSL). This league folded in 2004 and became the Hyundai A-League, being the first ever Australian football team, Perth Glory should have a good background right? Wrong. Perth Glory have only ever won 2 National Soccer League titles and have never won the A-League, but on 1 occasion they were runners up of the A-League back in the 2011-2012 season. This story is about one man and his motivation to bring the glory to Perth Glory F.C. Pedder down under. PEDDER APPOINTED AS NEW PERTH GLORY MANAGER! In a interview with a local Perth newspaper, Pedder said "I will give the meaning of Glory in the name Perth Glory." Fans are excited with this high motivation that Pedder is bringing to club. Will he be able to bring glory to Perth Glory!? Season 1 Pre Season Game 1 - South Melbourne vs Perth Glory Game 2 - Perth Glory vs Green Gully Game 3 - Perth Glory vs Rochedale Rovers
  23. With FM14 out today I was wondering when FMH14 came out. A reply would be much appreciated. Thanks, Ben.
  24. Hey guys, I was just reading some comments on a rangers career, and someone said that you score a crazy a mount of goals and the seasons are quite short? If so next year I'll do a 1kc there because it's so long in Brazil.
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