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  1. 299 downloads

    This download includes the SD logos for the Super League text change.
  2. Newbee question!! If I download for example, logo pack to my PC, how can I get it to my tablet?
  3. Introduction It has been a very long time since I have published any decent content here! But I would like to start my sharing my FMH13 experience with a very solid tactic I have created. During FMH12 times, many tried to create good tactics using wide attacking midfielders. Some managed, but the overwhelming majority of great tactics were very narrow - normally these types: 4-3-2-1, 4-3-3 and 4-3-1-2. Hopefully this unbalance seems to be fixed on FMH13. And I finally could play with my favourite real life formation - a fun, attacking, free flowing 4-2-3-1! Team Instructions My team instructions assume that you have a decent eye for signings, and will be able to have a competitive team. Taking this into account, you should aim for the following settings: Attacking - as that's how 9 out of 10 FMH fans like to play it! Mixed - Barcelona fans can opt for short, Real Madrid fans can try direct. I like to mix and match! Committed - My experience shows that the number of cards will not be much higher, but your defence will be way more solid Pressing - On, as you can't afford to give your opponent space in modern football. Can be disabled if the team is too tired. Offside trap - On, as it will push your defence line forward, giving less space for your opponent to play - a perfect match for high pressure game! Counter Attack - Off, so you take the initiative to control the game Men Behind the Ball - Off, it doesn't match this tactic at all. Remember, if you will face a *much* better opponent (think semi-pro versus Champions League semi-finalist), do not expect to try and control the game. But these settings will work well against most opponents you can face in a league. Player Roles I built the roles around the 4 most attacking players in the team. I had a very precise idea of how I wanted them to operate. DL - Wing Back DR - Wing Back DC - Central Defender DC - Central Defender MC - Central Midfielder MC - Central Midfielder AMR - Inside Forward AML - Inside Forward AMC - Advanced Playmaker FC - Advanced Forward The idea is to have one guy upfront, that will try to score either using his physique (Target Man style) or his opportunism (Poacher style). I opted for Advanced Forward as it is a more flexible role, but still forces the striker to stay upfront most of the time - no attempts to lie deep. Our hitman will often have company from the Inside Forwards. These guys will cut from outside, and turn a feeble one man attack into a fearsome 3-men partnership. They also may opt to stay wide and cross into the area. If the wide play is not working, there is always the option to use our playmaker. His free role allows him to start plays from a bit deeper, or to run inside the area and partner our striker in attacking moves. He will be supported by two balanced central midfielders. These guys should be able to defend and attack comfortably. It's not unusual for them to run towards the area and surprise the opposition's defenders. When our Inside Forwards cut inwards and operate more centrally, the width will come from our wing backs. They need good stamina to last 90 minutes, but will definitely supply many assists. They should be able to defend well too. And to finish, two basic central defenders. The team is already tipped towards attacking flair, and there's no need for these guys to be ball-playing masters. -- For information about which attributes your players should have, please have a look at Dec's excellent article! -- Some Results and Final Remarks --- EDIT --- I'm using this tactic with success in my Caretaker Challenge Career. --- /EDIT --- I have been playing a wacky career - surprise, surprise - and it's not really adequate to show what this tactic can do. But still I'm proud of what I have managed. First season I started with Distillery in Northern Ireland. I just switched to my 4-2-3-1 halfway through the season (results were very crappy before). That's how the season ended: I was quite happy, as the board expected me to fight relegation. And I also won all other competitions: Second season I was offered a job at Glentoran. This time I used my tactic all the way through the season. I could have easily surpassed the 100-point mark if I didn't start playing my worst team after winning the league with several rounds in advance. We won the treble again, in style Well, that's all I have for now! I hope to get some of you guys testing and posting your results here Thanks for reading!
  4. I am using evo 3d and while playing fmh13 there are black margins on my screen, is there any solution to make the game a real full screen one? thanks
  5. Welcome to the guide to LLM (Lower League Management)! In this guide, I will share with you some basic tips to improve your management at 'small clubs' - i.e. those playing in the lower tiers of Europe. I have had a few LLM saves throughout my time playing FMH (Football Manager Handheld), so I will draw on my experiences in those saves. Here are some tips I would like to share (the order is irrelevant): 1. Make use of loan signings - loan signings, or more specifically loans of youngsters from bigger clubs, is an easy way to sign players for your club who cost nothing. When making the offer, I would first check whether or not the player is listed for loan (if he is listed for loan, it is more likely his club will accept your offer) - if he is, then make a loan offer with 0% of his wages and no recall clause. The duration of the loan is up to you, but bear in mind leagues often have loan restrictions (e.g. they may limit your club to four long-term loans a season) - so you may want to check the 'Rules' tab of your league before making your loans. Essentially, only loan players for as long as you need them. 2. Sign some 'shadow players' from your reserves - these are the players who appear greyed-out in your reserves, or sometimes even your first team. They can be signed for free, on wages of £70, and if you look hard enough, you will be able to find some who are promising youngsters, and are worth signing on and promoting to your first team. After signing him, if you want to hold onto him for the long-term, then you need to offer him a contract extension, as most of the time (or maybe all of the time, I am not sure), shadow players sign for your club on a short-term, often one-year, contract. 3. Try to sign players for free, or for very cheap - you will often be able to sign players for free who are willing and good enough to join your club, so refrain from signing many players for fees. Obviously, you can look for unattached players who will join on a free, but I have also found that many transfer-listed players (you can search for them on 'Player Search'), can be signed on a free too - just make an enquiry with their club to check first. If you are playing in a league very low down the footballing pyramid, then you may also be able to sign players for free from rival clubs (clubs in your league), due to them not good enough to warrant a value. 4. Use simple tactics - when it comes to the tactical side of LLM, simple is best. Try to use the most simple of tactics (often a 4-4-2), with as little fancy instructions as possible. What often works best is a 4-4-2 with an AMR and an AML, with instructions such as 'Balanced', 'Mixed' and 'Pressing'. In the lower league, a partnership of Poacher-Target Man is often the best bet for your attack, since it is very simple - but remember, do not buy players to suit a tactic; create a tactic to suit the players! 5. Sell players on high wages - you will probably not need most of these players once you have signed loanees, shadow players or players on frees, since the attributes of your incoming players will most likely be far superior to those at the club when you started. You may want to retain a few players on high wages, if you deem it necessary, but it is best to cut down on the high-earners, because you can often get better or equal players on cheaper wages in LLM. 6. Load a large database - if possible, select 'Large Database' from preferences and load one league. The large database will mean that there will be more players available for you to sign, and loading only the league you are managing in will mean that more players will be at the club when you start. 7. Do not use a training schedule which is too demanding - players in the lower leagues often cannot handle Intensive Training, or anything with a high workload, so try to prevent setting training schedules which are too demanding. You may want a separate (heavier) training schedule for players who are not good enough for your first team, so they can improve (if you do not mind them being injured), but it is generally not a good idea to have a heavy training schedule in LLM. Please note that this guide is written for iOS and Android, although some elements of it may also be applicable to PSP.
  6. Hi, I use the latest version of SE ( 07/08/2013) to edit a save but after, I can't load the game. I am using HTC Desire S, Android 4.0.4, FMH 2013 4.3 Thank you.
  7. That I can make team logos by my self. Thanks for help.
  8. According to Alari Naylor, from Sports Interactive, it is now possible to share (via a computer) a save between iOS and Android devices. This means we can now all do a community career with Android and iOS users, and even joint careers without having to leave MerlionMaple on the sidelines!
  9. http://community.fmhvibe.co.uk/?app=gallery&module=gallery&controller=view&id=1455 Well...what can I say! It's release time. The save editor has gone through the beta cycle, and while its not "the finished article" its appropriate to release it out now. What is this? It is a save editor for iOS/Android that gives you the ability to edit different things such as managers, players and clubs as well as see various hidden statistics in the game. Important Information/Issues Its important you read this section to stop people posting errors/bugs which are known. - .NET 4.0 (Full) is required. This also means the minimum specification for .NET 4.0 Full is needed. - This only works on saves initially created by the latest version of the game (4.2). Save initally created before will not work. Going forward this will not be an issue as the SE will be kept to working with the latest version of the game and the historical ones will always be there. - Players Wages - While you can edit this currently doesn't make any changes in game. This is known and is currently being looked at. - Players attributes. As it stands there is a hidden attribute mask which gives the 0-20 we see in game. In the save this isn't the case. There is a specific calculation which works this out. I haven't been able to solve the "algorithm" and have had many discussions with Dec whether to leave editing of attributes in or not. In the end we're keeping them in on the basis of this disclaimer - changing attributes in the SE will change the numbers in game, we just don't know by how much. You will see some really weird numbers, but on tests changing these to realistic numbers (0-20) has enabled the game to make adjustments. Please see this as a warning. Enhancements:- - Load pop up provides more details rather than just your name. - Auto creates a back up of your save in the same location as the original with a .backup extension. - Player list re-vamped to give extra details (Age, Position, Wage, Value etc). - Player PictureID added - Player Second Nation added - Editable - Player Positions added - Editabe - Player Pitch Position Colour - Player Favorite Club added - Editable - Player Move Club slot warning - Each time you move a player into a team it will tell you how many spaces are left in that team. - Manager Second Nationality - Editable - Manager Favorite Club - Editable - Clubs - Stadium Capacity - Editable - Clubs - Expansion Capacity - Editable - .NET Framework checker - There's a typo in this!! Required is miss-spelled! - 4 Built in themes. - Load custom themes. (Theme builder included - .xml only). - Application will remember last (built in) theme used when reloading it. - Revamped GUI. - Full player scouting. - Ability to load up Short-lists. Export your short-lists and load them up to see if they are "worth it" - read only FAQ: Where do I put this? This is a file that goes on your computer in which you extract and load the FMH Save Editor file. It will then prompt you to load your FMH Android/iOS save file. Should I back up my save first? Yes we always recommend you store a copy of your save before putting it into the editor, though v1.3.0 auto creates a back up of your save. I have found a bug, what shall I do? Just post it here. Be clear and concise, stating exactly what happened and how to replicate it. Posting "it doesn't work" will be ignored as it doesn't provide anything constrictive to fix. Are you planning to do a Mac version of this? I'm thinking about it, it comes down to interest - show me enough mac users (create a poll etc) wanting this and I will look harder.. Ok, what about a FMH PSP game? No chance at present, sorry. I haven't seen what the save games look like. This is still a WIP so please report any bugs by posting. Download - Marvels This post has been promoted to an article
  10. The Golden Oldies World Cruise Challenge Another Android-friendly, globe-spanning challenge for people with a lot of time on their hands. This is a challenge that I got started on for FMH12, but I didn't get very far into it, thanks to the release of FMH13. it's inspired by the Tommi Morgan challenge, but takes it to the next level, asking you, the manager, to bring some joy into the life of an ageing footballer in every playable league in the game. The Challenge Play one season in each playable league, signing the oldest available native player (i.e. an Englishman in the English leagues, a Brazilian in the Brazilian leagues etc.) and giving them a season to remember. Points are scored for various achievments and each season's total is added together to give a grand total score at the end of the challenge. You have to select a club in the highest available league, but other than that the choice is yours. Further rules are: 1. You can use any tactic you like. 2. No unlockables allowed. 3. Absolutely no cheating! 4. All achievements must be evidenced by screenshots. 5. To gain points for cup victories, the player must have been involved in the final. The Scoring The player gains points for the following: League and domestic cup goals/assists - 1 point each Continental goals/assists - 2 points each International goals/assists - 5 points each Player of the month - 10 points Player of the month runner-up - 5 points Domestic player of the year - 30 points Domestic player of the year runner-up - 15 points World player of the year - 100 points World player of the year runner-up - 50 points League champions - 20 points Domestic cup winner - 20 points Continental cup winner - 30 points Super cups, both domestic and continental, and the Club world championship are not counted, since it would push managers into managing a handful of clubs in order to maximise the chance to score points. The Players According to my research, the following players are the oldest available strikers with just one nation loaded. they vary dramatically in quality, from the astounding Rivaldo (who is technically a midfielder, but I couldn't resist his charms), to the woeful Steve Torpey. I hope some of you will give it a go. Any comments or suggestions for rule tweaking are very welcome. Leaderboard 1st - Peely - 1,392 poinst (Link to career)
  11. I've had a Vibe account since December but enjoyed reading your discussions and not needed to ask questions up to now. But finally I have something to say So hello everyone... Now, on to the questions. I downloaded FMH12 on Android for my Galaxy S3 in November. I've been having some fun with it, but have noticed on the forums that Android, iOS and PSP seem to have some significant differences, and I guess my iPod Touch will happily run the iOS version if I wanted to? I'm also unclear on the value of FMH13 over FMH12. So.... 1. Is it worth buying FMH13? Are there any differences of note or is it purely updates to the database and some adjustment to player stats? 2. What are the key differences between the Android game and the iOS game? Is one better than the other? What are the positives/negatives of each? 3. Is there any difference between the utilities available for the two operating systems? For example I know that there is an editor for iPhone but changes.txt option for Android. So again, any upsides of one vs the other in this respect? Ultimately the decisions I'm trying to reach are, would I be better playing on my iPod or Galaxy S3. And should I go for FMH 13 or keep having fun with FMH12, considering I've only had it a couple of months. Thanks, kids!
  12. theKraken - Sunny's 4-3-2-1 One of FMH2012's best iOS/Android tactics is back again this year, slightly tweaked (and still tweaking, hoping for perfection as last year) to suit the modified match engine on FMH2013. Whether you're a top team or a bottom-level, amateur team, this tactic will give you success! So, here we go: Team Instructions: For this year we have committed tackling instead of normal tackling as on normal, the tactic seems a bit leaky at the back. But be prepared for more cards, though I've only got 2 red cards across the whole season. Player Tactical Roles and Formation: Results(FMH2012): Oxford United, nPower League 2, First Season FC Augsburg, German First Division, First Season(Only players under 21 and 30 or above allowed) Real Madrid, Liga BBVA, First Season(Won the treble) Results(FMH2013): Southampton, English Premier Division, First Season The idea behind this tactic was first based on its formation. It's extremely narrow, and the midfielders are very close together. Such a compact formation would be good for playing possession-based football, as your players are ridiculously close to each other, and you can easily outnumber the opposition in the midfield, while keeping easy passing options open. Of course, as SI have tweaked the match engine a little for FMH13, it seems that it's not as overwhelming as it is in FMH12. Still, 60+% possession is not uncommon. Anyway, here are some basic stuff I would want with the players in this tactic: Goalkeeper: Your average goalkeeper. As you've only got 2 players defending the flanks, poor positioning from your wing-backs can mean leaks down the flanks, so your goalkeeper must be ready to win the ball in the air. Central Defenders: As of now, it seems that BPDs are a bit leaky this year, and so I've changed them to CTRs. As the offside trap is on, you'd want them to have good positioning and some decent teamwork as well. As mentioned before, the formation can be prone to crosses, so they must be strong in the air and still have decent pace to deal with leaks through the middle as well. I find Mats Hummels a good example. Wing-backs: Think Dani Alves. Good tackling, good crossing, good with the ball as well. He should have good positioning and teamwork(now I'm not exactly sure teamwork is a defensive attribute, but I find Roberto Carlos's regens pretty sturdy at the back even with poor teamwork) like the BPDs and have decent crossing and dribbling and passing as well. In the world of FMH, Lukasz Piszczek is a good example of what you should be looking for. Central Midfielders: They provide support to the team. Simple enough. Good passing, movement, tackling are needed, and if possible, he should have decent pace, stamina, shooting dribbling and technique as well. As they are the outermost MCs, some decent crossing would be nice as well. You could switch one of the CMs into a BBM if your team can support one/you have a good BBM, usually with better stamina and can last full matches easily. Yaya Touré and Ramires are excellent examples. Deep Lying Midfielder: Think Schweinsteiger. He wins balls, he distributes them to his teammates, and he might try the occasional long pass(despite short passing) and long shot as well. Tackling, positioning, pace, strength and decisions should be good. If you can, try to get someone similar to Guarín or Schweinsteiger. Advanced Playmakers: They are the creators of the team. They will act as second strikers as well, and they will move out wide to cross if needed. The heartbeat of the team, they should have good passing, dribbling, movement, creativity and some decent shooting, crossing, technique, pace and stamina. Lionel Messi, Mesut Özil and Kaká are excellent examples. Advanced Forward: The finisher of the team, he should have good movement, decisions, pace, strength, heading, dribbling, shooting and technique. Karim Benzema is a good example. If you can't get such an amazing striker, your average/most trusty striker will do. As I've mentioned in another thread(maybe here as well), this is a flexible tactic, and I modify it according to my needs. If I feel that I need more support in defense, I'll use a midfield combination of DLM-CM(or BBM)-DLM. If I have a good BBM that I don't want to waste, I'll switch a CM into a BBM. For the forward, I use whatever my striker's most comfortable with. I might try InFs instead of APMs as well if I feel my attacking midfielders have good enough finishing. So feel free to modify it according to your needs. Feedback is appreciated Don't forget to give me some rep if it's been solid for you Noticed that defense is a bit leaky on FMH13, if you've managed to get a combination that helps concede less feel free to leave a comment!
  13. The FMHVibe Super League: You may have seen AyKyle and myself mentioning a secret project which would be exploding onto FMHVibe soon well the time has come for this idea to be released as a download for you guys to enjoy. What Is This?: In this download you'll find a text change which can be added to your Android or PSP version of Football Manager Handheld 2013. This text change will create a two division super league on your game when you start a new save with Holland loaded only! Super League You Say!: When i say super league i mean it, the teams in these leagues are some of the biggest teams in the world, but we also took the time to add some of the teams currently unplayable on FMH! Take a look for yourselves. The AyKyle Sponsored League: So within this first division you have the option of playing as the European Champions Chelsea or the Spanish giants Barcelona! Although the real attraction is the inclusion of previously unplayable teams such as Galatasaray, Zenit and CSKA Moscow! The Ashez Sponsored League: Yet another impressive division for you to experience, within this division you can play as Italian giants Inter Milan or as the Greek kings Olymipakos! A number of previously unplayable teams are also included in this league! Within The Clubs: Within the clubs you will find that all the players available on the database have been moved into this super league and most of the clubs will have at least a use able squad. We didn't create any new players since this is where this type of project has failed in the past so don't expect any surprises. The Competitions: Unfortunately the Champions League has been ruined by the moving of all the clubs but the league and domestic cups should be more than enough of a challenge for you. All the competitions in this league are named after the people who made it possible, we hope you are fine with this idea as we felt it was a great tribute. Making This Perfect: AyKyle has gone to a lot of trouble to make this download perfect for you as the download includes all the needed information to make it look official. As you can see in the images above all the teams have the correct club images while he has also altered all the reps and managers to match how they are in real life (taken from FM13). People To Thank For Making This Possible: SI Games for making FMH Vibe for the save editor and the community AyKyle for doing some of the text change Ashez for having the idea and doing some of the text change Dec and Tobinho for giving us FM13 information Thank you for viewing this and we hope you enjoy it. Please leave feedback and questions if you have any but i can not stress enough how much credit AyKyle deserves for this project so any praise or rep you'd like to share please make sure you give it to us both. Important Links: The FMHVibe Super League Txt Change Retina Display Logo Pack SD Display Logo Pack WVGA Display Logo Pack How To Install Downloads By Dec Once again cheers for viewing and we all hope you love this download, please remember to credit us both and enjoy The A Team....Ashez And AyKyle xXx This post has been promoted to an article
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