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  1. Hello there! I'm going to start this season with another attempt at a long-term challenge that i failed (but enjoyed) last year: Last year i went to Ireland, the land of my father's birth, and won 6 champions leagues with Shelbourne and Bohemians on the way to dragging Ireland up from 43rd to 9th. That was great fun, but just impossible (for me) to get much further than i got. So this year, i want to actually get to the top, so i thought I'll start a little higher... Uh.... not many options there. Maybe next year's will have the Albanian Premier League, but not this time... And actually, there's quite a few unavailable - you quickly get to the cusp of the top 10: So i think that leaves us with... Poland - I'm actually a great friend of the Poles, with one of my work colleagues being a Polak, and even a successful challenge completed there with Legia Warsaw on FMM19 (epic DT). Denmark - otherwise known as Brentford's European Colony, of course I'd be happy to build things here Scotland - ah, with my adventures on the Goal a Mile challenge, I've had many a good night in Scotland, so another great option. or Greece or Turkey, which would both be interesting for sure, if that's what the people want In all of these countries, I'm going to have to take an outsider to the top table, and hope that the local "big boys" can fend for themselves and get some points for the country... unless i should start at the big clubs and try to make them massive... 🤔 So what do you think? Poland, Denmark, Scotland, Greece or Turkey?
  2. 1st challenge I've done so started with psg and signed ferrin. 1st season done but happy with whats he's scored great from corners and balls into the box
  3. Hello to everyone and welcome to my new very challenging career for FMM2022. The objective: To reach a "triplete" (= winning of the National championship, Champion's League & national league all in the same season), in each of the main European nations (Italy, England, France, Germany & Spain) in the same career (30 years) and beginning with a team who is (in the moment of the joining) playing in the 2nd division of the nation. This means that I'll have averagely 6 years for nation for being promoted, gain the Champion's qualification, and win everything in one season. Just because I'm masokist I want to add the objective of winning one World Cup & one European Championship with two different Nations. The rules: Attribute masking; no particular rule advantage excluded the free-loan restrictions; begin with a profile "unknown" and without badge; switch to the next team will be quite based on luck, so it could happen right after the winning of the triplete (June) or, if no team available, after months. no stupid jokes/bugs allowed (example: free good players in order to take them with the next team) in case of more than one national cup (e.g. FA Cup & Carabao), one of them is enough to reach the objective; of course beginning without being in any Nation (so I expect to don't have any chance in joining for the first 3-4 years) The first triplete runner: The lucky team that will run to the top of Europe will be SPORTING CLUB BASTIA; chosen quite randomly, I just wanted to choose a team newly promoted in the Ligue 2, and also I love to have a swim after every home game: The hero: Our protagonist will be the unknow son of Ernst Happel the great, Ernst Happel Jr. The team setup: Here you can find the overview of the team at the beginning, with comments. I'll post the situation at the end of the transfer market as soon as possible, and possibly I'll update the situation (fixtures & ladder) every two game months. Ah, let's make it very clear from the beginning. I'm a total-field manager, I'm gonna perform a sort of 4-3-3, with high defence and high intensity. I know it will be though once I'll face strong teams, but that's it, this is my religion/limit and I'm not gonna change this. Not bad as a financial situation for a newrly promoted team I must say... Ok let's look at bright side: At least I have one "Positive"! I'm not going to bore you with all the detailed profiles of the players, but I think is a low Ligue2 team that could be really challenging for the middle of the ladder. Of course for me it's not acceptable and I count to change almost every First Team member excluded the FC (very good player imo), the DL (not a big one, but good for my scope, because I need someone that runs hundred of times the wing without asking questions/payrises) and Guidi, one of the DC (I need Ball Playing Defenders). Let's Rock!
  4. Hello, This is my career in FMM 21. I will try to make the last step and bring back Pisa to the Serie A as in the late 80's. After they have already made a double jump from Lega Pro. The squad has a core of players that are together since the team was in Lega Pro. In addition there are some good loans from Atalanta, Sassuolo and Lazio. The major weakness is the lack of FB/WB/W on the left side and another one is the average age of the rooster. There are limited funds and the wage expenditure is over the fixed one. But at the end there is the sufficient stuff to start a good project. "out of the comfort zone... The magic happens"
  5. You guessed right, it's Mason Greenwood, again. No further introduction, just enjoy I've been playing around with the game since release day, trying out different formations with different teams. I'll just use this to kill time since I'll be attempting other challenges too.
  6. Time for a goal challenge now. I never did get to revisit my 1k challenge with Moukoko from 21 so I’ll use him here. He’s up for moving to a lower league now so I’ve gone for a big team with money and good facilities but in a small league… And here’s the boy… Managed to pick him up for £15m and a player exchange which is a steal. He comes with a lot of negatives… But that’s just as he’s 16. He’s one of the best wonderkids FM has ever had so 1k should be a breeze. I’d like to aim for 2k but let’s start with 1.5k first and see how we get on. I’ll go for his whole career anyway. Season 1 We kicked things off in the league with some big goals. He’d scored 20 after 10 and it was looking like one hell of a first season. And then I overplayed him and the inconsistency kicked in. But he developed well and we got a good return for a 16 year old and a team of youngsters: 55 goals from 44 games. The CL draw was tough and we did terribly finishing 3rd in the group stage. The league was another story But no success in cups at all: When I first went to the club, Benfica had a huge squad and it was pretty old. I shifted a lot of deadwood and brought in a lot of young players to form a base for years to come as well a a couple of experienced players as role models. In: Out: Team stats: My boy Pavon doing what he does best. Manager stats: All in all I’m happy with that. We had a major overhaul of players and they’re developing nicely. Goals: 53
  7. Hello everyone! Haven’t done 1 KC in a while. But with the amount of youngsters this year decided to try it out. The club of choice is Ajax But lets vote who’s going to be my star Player. No need to worry about $ or anything else because I can sign all of them and everyone is accepting contract. Starting with the youngest of the lot
  8. Hi all, I've decided to kick off with the 'It's a Long Way to the Top' challenge to start FMM22. No tests, straight in at the deep end and given my track record there may be a sacking or two on the way. If goals are your thing then look away now... this might not be pretty!
  9. Hello guys, first attempt to start a career in forum so be easy with me Valencia with Christos Tzolis , so lets start Season 1 It wasnt a good season. Low stats and not that many goals but i hope he will score more next season So to sum up 33 goals in spain plus 13 international goals makes it 42 Season 1 : 46
  10. So... New game new career. As I've got no badges, no idea what tactics work, how training has been tweaked etc. I thought it was a good time to start my "It's a long way to the top" career. So here's the link to the challenge; Pretty simple eh? We'll see...
  11. Five Continents Here is my first ever career published🎉. I've been looking at any possible way to make it fun this year. There are some improvements, disappointed by some (lack of) changes, so convinced myself to get the best of this year’s new features: loading FIVE leagues at once! (And to be honest, I can't snub this year's edition as it was a long-time wish!) South America has Argentina🇦🇷 to offer. Africa has South Africa🇿🇦. Asia has Australia🇦🇺 and China🇨🇳. Due to smaller database, I pick Australia. North America has Mexico🇲🇽, Canada🇨🇦 and USA🇺🇸. Due to smaller and more international database, I pick USA. Europe has...plenty of choice. For a more comprehensive database, you should pick any nation in the British Isles🇬🇧. However, I support Cagliari, so let it be Italy🇮🇹 (hu-uh, surprise). The goal One could be very ambitious, and even set a scale to reward more achievements. For my first ever attempt, winning national titles and continental titles over the five countries and continents will be enough to please me🇺🇳. In the last few editions I never got past eight-ten seasons, I expect this challenge to go on for at least fiveteen seasons. Two extras: I like to manage national teams, and to fill my clubs with national/homegrown players. Cherry on the cake would be to lead a national team into international glory with at least 11 own club's players🎁. Initial settings No badges, unknown trainer, 0 initial budget, lower to mid-table club (under 50M salaries) and obviously no cheats or unlockeds at start. Empty pockets, no fame at all. Sardinia, here we go!
  12. Hello vibe, after accidentally deleting my save, I'll be reattempting this challenge. Team: Tottenham Hotspurs Being a spurs fan, I'm gonna pick this team for my first ever challenge. The ratings for most of the squad was completely destroyed this year which will add to the difficulty of playing in a difficult league. Thankfully, spurs are only in the Europa conference league which hopefully the easier games will give us some nice goals. Player: Dane Scarlett Don't think he needs much of an introduction. Big prospect in real life so hopefully he pops off for us in this challenge. Season 1 Since my first time attempting yielded a measly 18 goals in 54 appearances, I've decided to go with a different approach this time. Transfers in: Not too much transfers, brought in a young wonderkid in Angelo and a Tielemans to take up the no 10 role. In January, brought in Coady for defensive reinforcement and bought out Romero and Gollini's loan deal Transfers out: Sold off some deadwood and loaned out some youth players. Competitions: We actually won the league this time with the best defensive record in the league. Carabao cup was really disappointing as we lost in the semi finals on penalty. FA cup was disappointing as we lost a North London derby to Arsenal in extra time. Europa Conference League was even more disappointing as we threw a 3-0 lead and lost on penalties. Fixtures: Awards: Harry kane was my best player but we'll be looking to sell him now as scarlett seems ready to take up the role of the star striker. Manager: Dane Scarlett's season: Scoring 29 goals in 45 this time. Really nice increases in his stats. Conclusion: Total: 29/1000 Now that we're in the champion's league, goals will be harder to come by but I believe Scarlett has a big year ahead if him in terms of growth.
  13. Seasons 1 and 2 As the final days of FMM21 ticked down, I was chasing the elusive Club 150 - getting a player to score 150 goals in a season. Esposito went really close, with 148 goals and it was surely a matter of time before he cracked it - but then FMM22 dropped and that was it. Game Over. I didn't start a career in FMM22 for quite a while as I worked on my scouting app etc, but eventually I started a save. And what did I do? I went right back to Celtic and started chasing the 150 Club again... And maybe a 1KC. The Player This time around I couldn't get Esposito, who is cruelly on loan and can't be recalled or sold to you, so I looked around for someone new. I settled on this chap, Martín Satriano, who intrigued me in FMM21, but dropped out of the database with the Winter Update before I could use him: As usual, I'm not using my scouting app for this save, but I have seen behind the scenes of many players, including Satriano (so I won't put him forward for the 1KC leaderboard etc). He is just in the sweet spot for me: a good base, default PA of around 160, but low-ish CA, so lots of room to develop. And he's good in the air. At 20 years old, he's a little older than many would choose, but I can't be having youngsters who plateau etc. Tactics I'm not gonna go over them in detail here, it's basically the same as in my original Club 150 attempt, linked to above: I have experimented with going Wide and Fast and Early Crosses and it seems to be working well, although it works about the same when I turn them off. Or rather both work really well sometimes, then just well at other times. Key point, it works just as well in FMM22 as it did in FMM21 (with a fairly overpowered squad). For the first season, my corner set up just stopped working (1 goal in first half of the season). I experimented with other options without finding anything great, before someone told me that something close to my original set up was working for them - so I went back and sure enough it was working again. I guess it needed Vigato and Satriano to to level up Crossing and Aerial respectively. So now I'm back to getting a goal or so, every game, from a corner. Transfers Here are season 1's transfers: And here are season 2's: I'm not sure there's much worth saying about the actual transfers other than I brought Vignato in as main provider, as I often do, and I got rid of Mikey Johnston as quickly as possible. The rest is all details... I will say that the transfer system hardly seems to have changed from FMM21. It looks different and there are some extra options, but all the tricks I used to sell players for the highest price and buy players for the lowest price - they all still work. So I have a pretty handy squad that is just gonna get better. Results I'm not going to bother with all the screenshots, just the summary, ain't nobody go no time for that. Season 1 was decent: We just won the league by 6 points from a strong Rangers, won one of the domestic cups, got knocked out of the UCL and went into the Euro Cup, which we ended up winning: Season 2 was mixed: We blew everyone away in the league including a suddenly weak Rangers who finished well behind us, won one of the domestic cups and got knocked out of the UCL at the first knockout round by Bayern: Injuries Our lad has the Very Rarely Injured label, always a good sign, but had 1 injury in each season: a few days in season 1 and 3 weeks in season 2. Development This is what the lad looked like after season 1: And this is what he looked like after season 2: Still a bit left in the tank too. This lad's a keeper! Well, not a literal keeper. You know what I mean... Goals Here's how the lad went: He had a smashing first season with 91 goals from 57 games, which is fantastic for a first season. I've only bettered that once, in the Esposito Club 150 attempt. He followed that up with an even better second season, ratio-wise at least, scoring 80 goals in 42 games, almost reaching that 2 goals per game ratio. The only problem was missing a chunk of time with the injury and the team having less games because of being knocked out of the cups a little earlier than normal. Progress Season Goals 01 91 02 80 Total 171 A great start, will knock the 1KC over pretty quickly at this rate (if I continue) and we're building towards giving the 150 a run for it's money. Next step though is just to break the 100 barrier. Thanks for reading!
  14. As the title suggests, I'll be attempting this challenge first on this years edition as I always do. You can find the challenge here. Here's my profile screen straight after starting: More to follow soon. 😊
  15. Hi everyone, I'm not the guy with the big write-ups, so here is my 2 in 1 attemp for the following challenges: 1) The Goals per Game Challenge 2) The Manager 1000 Goals Challenge Team SEASON 1 Transfers League Manager History Fixtures Manager Profile Team Goals & Assists The Challenges That's Challenge 1 completed with a GPG of 3.85 😀 Thanks for reading, let me know if you see a mistake 😉
  16. Sooooo, I didn’t really do a career mode last year for some unknown reason. I decided to start the his FM in the best way I know… long way to the top! So here goes
  17. I Have Just Started A Doncaster Save In Sky Bet League One And I Am Using The 5212 And I Have Some Friendly Coming Up And Let’s See How The New Formation Plays Out 😊
  18. Welcome, This is my first attempt at the IALWTTT challenge. Expect slow updates but it will finish for sure. No coaching badge and unknown reputation. Started the career. Got a somewhat decent job.
  19. CHOOSING THE SQUAD So, FM22 Mobile is here & as always, my 1st managerial career on the game is with a club from the new country added, starting off unemployed & unknown. The 1st job offer I received was from Pretoria Callies F.C who expected the club to finish mid-table & thought I held the right aptitude to take them there. On researching my new club, there was not much information I could find but loving a challenge, couldn't wait to get stuck into it. STADIUM & FACILITIES Pretoria Callies F.C actually have quite a solid infrastructure to help get the club to where it needs to be. The stadium holds over 28,000 supporters & is beautiful as seen below, not bad for a lower league side. The facilities could be better but are basically average, doing the bare minimum for the club- I'll have to look to improve this. STAFF,FINANCE & TRAINING As always, the training regime was delegated to Assistant Manager Bafana Nhlapo. The staff room was relatively short needing scouts & 1x Physio, both of which have both been acquired, more to do here though. The clubs finances are actually secure despite heavy spending improving the squad. SQUAD Transfers in & out have definitely got trickier in FM22Mobile, with a real struggle finding talent for this club. The transfers in were mostly free or cheap, bought in a bit of a scramble as talented players tended to hold work permits which got declined or had high wage demands. Pretoria Callies F.C started with a big squad, mostly deadwood, with all players out being released as not good enough to compete. TACTICS For this career, I used my Attacking Tiki-Taka tactic, which was so successful for me in FM21 Mobile. The choice was a good one, winning a lot of my early matches. The tactic was consistent all season, shown by us having the best defence in the league as well as going 13x games without defeat. THE RESULT My 1st season with Pretoria Callies FC is in the books & we actually ended up winning the GladAfrica Championship!! We played some beautiful football & only lost 3x matches, with a 62% win rate. We even went to the semi-finals of the cup, beating Orlando Pirates in the quarter-finals. STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  20. Hi everyone! I'm new here and just got FMM22. Saw that many of the veterans here are starting off with IALWTTT challenge and decided to try one out myself. Main objective for me is just to get to know the game more but we shall see where this brings me to! Anyway, I'm just gonna drop the manager profile down and get cracking! So, after applying for a couple jobs in the upper echelons of English football, I was brought back down to earth when my interviewers said I was simply too trash for the clubs in League one and two. But, there was 1 club willing to gamble on me, perhaps after I impressed them with my tactics (definitely better than any so-called tactics Ole is using) KING'S LYNN TOWN is my new club! Am just gonna call it Klynnt or KLYNNT from now on cos it sounds cooler and much easier to type. Yeah so that's my villain origin story and I hope to be back soon with some updates!
  21. RISE OF THE OWLS So I haven't posted my own save on these forums for about a year now, so I thought to get back in the swing of things. No challenges set, just the aim of taking Sheffield Wednesday to the Top Of The Football World. The end game is to win the Premier League & Champions League. Attribute masking will be on as from recent experience of using it in the PC Version of FM it makes makes more realistic and fun. TRANSFERS: When I arrived at the club we were already a big chunk over our wage budget, so I put all our transfer budget ( about £1.5m) into the wages, this left us with some room to sign players on Loans and Frees. Ahmed Elmohamady Elmohamady was signed on a free. Very good attributed across the park and will be our starting right back for a season or two. Nabil Bentaleb Bentaleb in real life was poor for Newcastle but in FM he has some very good stats. All round player who will likely partner Bannan or Luongo in the centre of the pitch Riccardo Calafiori Calafiori joins us on loan from Roma for the season. For 19yrs he looks to be a solid option to start at left back for us. FRIENDLIES: I won't post much about my tactic as it's just a basic 4-2-4 wingplay preset until I tweak things throughout the first half of the season but we have started off well. Not losing a game and only conceeding 2 goals while scoring 12 in just 4 friendlies. Thank you for reading guys and I will update yous all soon! 🔵⚪
  22. Kyle Attempts The 1KC Striker Challenge! I have been testing in the background since the game was released and now feel ready to attempt and finish a 1KC striker challenge. Chosen Club I posted an online twitter poll with the following teams; - Benfica -Ajax - Sporting CP - Porto FC And the winner was Porto FC Chosen Striker The usual suspects sounded tempting Arezo etc but I wanted to attempt with someone different and new to this years release. He is being chased in real life by a number of high profile clubs. Step up - Benjamin Sesko 18yrs old and from FC RB Salzburg More updates to follow Thanks for reading
  23. I'm back! After 4 years, I have returned with a relatively simple and straightforward challenge. Simple yet challenging at the same time (for me anyway xd), it feels like the perfect challenge to (re)start my careers! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chosen Club: Bayern Munich *gasp* Yes I know, a Dortmund fan playing Bayern, what a travesty. But hear me out. I get to bench Lewa for a 17yo youngster that has never scored a career goal 🤣 It can't get better than this! Chosen Player: Dane Scarlett Not a terribly creative pick, arguably the second-best u18 striker behind Moukoko (who I would've picked in a heartbeat if he hadn't scored 3 goals in 20/21) 14 shooting and pace is more than enough for such a young player, with the only concern being his 9 stamina that I hope to improve on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Let the challenge begin!
  24. You've all heard of The 100 Club right? A great place to kick back with a few cigars and late afternoon or after-dinner drinks with the old boys... I like it, but didn't bother to renew my membership this year. I have my eye on a different kind of club: Club 150. Kicking back with the ladies in the VIP area... Club 150 has all the same rules as The 100 Club, but to get in, well you need to be a high roller, worth at least 150 club goals in a season. Otherwise, don't bother to apply... There's no actual address (or leaderboard) for me to point you to, it changes location all the time (one week in an abandoned warehouse in Stockholm, the next in the Forbidden City in Beijing) - but if you're in, you'll know where it's at. Anyway, with that out of the way, this career is going to follow me joining the club. I'll be back with some more details later...
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