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  1. I’m not quite sure what this challenge will end up being but I’ve never managed in the small leagues. So why not start with the lowest ranked playable league in the game - Wales. I wanted to start with Llandudno as they’ve got great facilities for some reason so that will help me along the way hopefully, and after my last academy challenge, I believe the children are the future. Some further inspiration when trying to see why they had such good facilities: On 20 May 2021, it was announced that Llandudno, alongside Scottish Championship side Ayr United, League of Ireland First Division side Cobh Ramblers and NIFL Premiership side Portadown, had entered into a partnership with Premier League club Burnley, which was dubbed the 'British Isles Club Partnerships'. So starting with the British Isles leagues loaded, I guess I want great success in all countries? What that means will depend on boredom factors but at least win the domestic league and see what happens in the CL. Much easier for Eng and Scot but I’ll start with the lower chaps. Here are those lovely facilities: Not bad for a semi-pro club in the Welsh feeder leagues. I never could find out why they were good and it seems they even lost academy status this year and had to dump all youngsters. Not sure what we can do with these finances but I’m sure there will be a few free transfers who fancy a stint in the lower Welsh leagues…
  2. @MikeF tried to give us a better Wales, but they tore down his dream almost immediately. I do not have such noble plans for Guilsfield as I play my 4th season with the club with the smallest ground in the Welsh Leagues. Fresh off our greatest result here: I'm not convinced I can deliver as quickly as Mike, but there is something wonderful about managing all the way down here. For clarity, this season has also included a 5-3 defeat to Forfar, which had East Fife looking on with envy.
  3. As the title suggests. I'm going to attempt a split 3kc. That's 1500 goals and 1500 assists for one player over the course of an epic career. 😳 It's another career inspired, or should I say, I was challenged to complete by my mucker, @Rob. He's always throwing challenges at me and this one tickled my fancy. I started one on last year's version but ran out of time. I was using Arda Guler at Rangers and it was going very well so assuming the tactic still works this might be achievable. 🤷 *** I'll be using international goals towards the total as long as I get the job, of course. I'll also be using International assists. They are totalled at the end of every season anyway so, why not?! If anyone has an issue or doesn't agree with this then feel free not to follow along. 👍 *** So, the club I'll be using for this challenge; A little bit of a cop out but if I'm going to get near this target then I need the best resources possible and City have the absolute best starting point. The League is more difficult than other options but City are that good it shouldn't be much of an issue. Hopefully. ... And, the player; The best wonderkid in the game this year, of course. Choosing a player from a top nation is also important for when/if international management comes. First season coming soon! 👌
  4. Man. United REJECTS FC An FMM23 career - with the 2023/24 transfer update What If … ? Think of all the star players Manchester United have lost / sold over the pre-Ten Hag years. Ibra. Depay. Pogba … er … Rojo … … what if one club reunited them all - replacing Luton Town - what if we setup ‘Man United Rejects FC’ ?! Tactic For season 1 - we will use this beast from @sscout - it’s a two at the back, overload tactic … … to be honest - it scares me 😱 Coaches It’s surprisingly difficult to find 4 coaches who are ex-Man United - but we did manage it. When legendary 73 year old Assistant Brian Kidd retires, I’m hoping Tom Huddlestone would have retired from football to take on a full time coaching role. Players … So which players should we bring in?! Ex Man Utd - players must have ‘Man Utd’ in their player history in FMM (excluding loans). Pre Ten Hag - players must have left Man Utd in/before the same summer that Ten Hag joined. Depth - we need at least 2 players for every position (yes including full backs) for a three season career. Thoughts? 🙂
  5. You know everyone here finds his way to keep this game alive. My own one is to randomise the starting nations, the tactic to use and then select a random team too. Sometimes this brings to very tough situations and to be sacked in some cases, because some roosters suit not to a specific tactic and you have no money to change that. But on contrary it is nice to study and improve tactics that are not popular. Starting nation: Holland 🇳🇱 Other playable nations: Italy🇮🇹, Germany🇩🇪, France🇨🇵, USA 🇺🇸 Tactic: 4-4-1-1 Random team: PSV Eindhoven It is a lucky choice but to stay on a 4-4-1-1 with this rooster will be the challenge. As the tactic won't work at once and the club expectations are high I choose continental reputation.
  6. It's not strictly the IALWTTT challenge as I'm not starting unemployed, but I liked the look of @deepheat83 effort at taking a team from the bottom of the FMM24 pyramid to the top using only existing and academy players - no signings at all. In start contrast to the oil money flowing at Human Rights FC in Newcastle, I thought I'd attempt to create a premier league rival with South Shields. Sitting mid-table in the National League North in real life, the expectations were for a top half finish. So here we go... Season 1 The team isn't great and the facilities are both 2 star for training and youth. Our first youth intake: I never trust the star system as I believe its relative to your current squad as opposed to based on PA but I'm happy to have a couple of hot prospects in the first batch. Here are the highlights... Jobson has the barebones of a RP which will fit my system well. Olusesi has amazing pace so I feel he has more to offer than just a BWM but lets see how he develops. Russe can play anywhere so will be a very useful utility player, nice pace too so belongs on the wing somewhere. The result: I spent the first half of the season trying to get my previous low league tactics to work. We started off playing a "we'll score more than you" approach but after a couple of 7-4 thrillers it really wasn't sustainable. We scored 100 goals but conceded 77. Towards the end of the season I settled on a completely new system which i'm happy with as it's much more stable. I'm hoping it'll work through the divisions. It wasn't pretty but we won promotion through the playoffs - a great result. We need a better rep and money to get better facilities and attract better youth. How did the new boys do? Jobson is coming along well with a 7.8 average over the season. Olusesi didn't develop too much but I have plans for him for next season. I'm training Russe as a winger as expected with the stats but also getting him fully green as full back so he can cover a lot of areas. Onwards and upwards (hopefully)
  7. **Why Iwate Grulla Morioka FC is a Good Choice?** Choosing to manage Iwate Grulla Morioka FC has been a game-changer for me. This club is a fantastic choice for any football manager looking for a unique challenge. Did you know that Iwate Grulla Morioka FC is renowned for its commitment to developing young talent? It's a testament to the club's dedication to nurturing the stars of tomorrow. So, what's their game like? Well, Iwate Grulla Morioka is all about possession-based football and tactical discipline. They love to build up play from the back and patiently work the ball around to create scoring chances. It's all about precision, intelligence, and teamwork on the pitch. In terms of formation, they usually go for a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 setup, giving them flexibility in attack while staying solid at the back. The players that thrive in their system are technically gifted, smart on the ball, and can adapt to different roles within the team. Plus, the club is big on nurturing local talent through their youth development programs, which is pretty cool to see. Off the field, Iwate Grulla Morioka is all about giving back to the community. They're involved in outreach programs, youth coaching, and charitable activities, showing that they're not just about winning games but also about making a positive impact in the region. In a nutshell, Iwate Grulla Morioka is a club on the rise, and their blend of exciting football and community involvement is earning them plenty of admirers. Keep an eye on them – they're showing us all how a young club can make a big impression in the world of football. **Home Sweet Home: Stadium & Training Facility** The club's stadium is a true beauty, providing an excellent setting for our matches. Alongside this, our first team facilities are adequate, but it's the youth facilities that truly stand out as superb. These top-notch facilities lay the groundwork for cultivating a new generation of footballing legends. **Building a Dream Team: Staff Members & Financial Challenges** Our staff lineup is nearly complete, with only a need for additional scouts. We've focused on bringing in youth coaches to align with the club's emphasis on developing young talent. However, our finances are not in the best shape due to necessary squad improvements and high wages. **Squad Evolution: Transfers and Wage Bill** We've been hard at work revamping our squad, making several transfers to raise the overall quality of our team. However, these changes have come at a cost, leading to a significant increase in our wage bill. It's a challenge we're tackling head-on to ensure the sustainability of the club's operations. **Mastering the Game: Tactic and Style of Play** Embracing the spirit of FC Barcelona's legendary 2010-2011 season, we've adopted an electrifying 4-1-2-3 formation with three pressing forwards leading the charge. This high-energy, possession-based style has been a game-changer, allowing our team to dominate matches and outmaneuver our opponents. **The Taste of Victory: Glorious Triumphs** I'm elated to share that our hard work has paid off in the most incredible ways. We clinched victory in the Meiji Yasuda J3 League, a testament to the dedication and skill of our players. Additionally, our journey in the All-Japan Cup saw us power through to the quarter-finals, showcasing the immense progress and potential of our squad. The future looks brighter than ever for Iwate Grulla Morioka FC, and I can't wait to lead this extraordinary team to even greater heights. The thrills and triumphs of this journey are just the beginning, and I'm eager to witness the next chapter of this incredible adventure. Cheers to the amazing journey ahead! STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  8. Hello everyone, I decided to bring AC Milan back to glory like old days (Sacchi/Ancelotti times). I started the first part of transfer window without money!! My profile as trainer was: reputation unknown, no badges etc. Tactic and formation: I change one thing after a few matches: DLP --> Poacher (I didn't have a good DLP) January transfer window was like this: Just 2 players for the season 24/25 Results and fixtures Players stats: The end☺️ For the next season I hope I can change a lot of player and buying young players (wonderkids)... I hope you liked it😁! PS: sorry for my English😅
  9. Season 1: A Midseason Appointment On a chilly January day in 2024, the footballing world witnessed a changing of the guard at Rushall Olympic as Daniel Ferguson stepped into the managerial spotlight, The long lost son of the Legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. Following the departure of Liam McDonald, the club turned to the inexperienced Ferguson to lead them through the remainder of the season. With half of the campaign already played out and 'The Pics' sitting comfortably 6th in the Vanarama National League North exceeding all the expectations set before the season started, 13 points behind the top of the league, Boston United, Ferguson faced a daunting task ahead to achieve the impossible of reaching the promotion play-off to Vanarama National League.
  10. Bonaparte has returned. This time in the form of quite possibly the only French man named, Ian. Ian has set it upon himself to follow in his ancestors footsteps and conquer Europe (alebit through football). Throughout his career, Ian will take it upon himself to travel through France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. Winning everything domestically is the only acceptable outcome, and victory will only be final once the Champions League sits above the fireplace in St. Helena. Starting off unemployed, an attacking manager with one hell of a reputation, it took until February before someone was willing to risk it all on the man. Sitting top of the league, in the quarter finals of the cup and the last 16 of CL, could the Netherlands be conquered in 6 months? Stay tuned to find out. Thanks for reading!
  11. 1K complete with Van Persie. It took a while and only 1 season of 100 goals. My first tactics stopped working so had to fiddle, found a combo that worked, got 100 then must have tinkered again and didn’t remember - played a couple of seasons without even noticing and realised I had the wrong passing style and no early crosses! He also just wouldn’t score his last 4, it took about 10 games… I found the free editor interesting - following the increases and the effects it has. After maxing out he got injured, dropped a few stats, then once he completed the development cycle again he dropped from 20 to 19 shooting but went from 18 to 19 heading.
  12. The last time I posted a career was a Triple Threat with three Brazilians - Guilherme, Endrick, and Roque - and I never finished it. Myself and the game consciously uncoupled. In fact, I wasn’t on Vibe itself properly for a while and can see it’s drifted away from being a career-based posting entity. But I am back and I want to scratch the Triple Threat itch. For those who don’t know, you basically pick three players who can play in any of the front line and try and get 1,500 career goals across them. You can include international, just as long as you are managing. Due to the rules and club, I’ve gone for our Parisian giants - Paris Saint-Germain - and opted for three French lads in the hope that I get the international job and therefore manage one of the best set of single-country players in the game. So before I announce the players, anyone want to take a guess?
  13. New year, new game, new publisher, new colour scheme - same old challenge to start with! Yes, its a long way to the top. I do like this challenge (even if I have made a meal of it in the past) as I think it gives a bit of variety and challenges you when its not clear which players to go for and how to setup tactically. So, as you know, the idea is to start out unemployed and unknown. No great strategy from me on how to start, I just applied for all the available and was offered 2 jobs, Bromley and Boreham Wood... as I started with Bromley last time and the fact that Boreham Wood had more available wage budget and 4 star youth... Wish me luck, this may take me some time!
  14. **Why Inter Miami CF is a Good Choice?** Choosing Inter Miami CF was a no-brainer for me. Did you know that the club is co-owned by none other than football legend David Beckham? That's right – a touch of star power that adds an extra layer of excitement to the already compelling mix. **The Heart of the Action: Stadium & Training Facility** The Inter Miami CF Stadium and our top-notch training facilities are nothing short of spectacular. The stadium's buzzing atmosphere and modern amenities provide the perfect stage for our players to shine. Meanwhile, our training facilities are equipped with everything our squad needs to reach their full potential. **Building a Dream Team: Staff Members & Financial Stability** Our team is rock solid, boasting top-notch talent across the board. While our staff is full, we are constantly on the lookout for exceptional individuals to join our coaching and scouting departments. By delegating training to our Assistant Manager, I can focus on steering the ship strategically. And let's talk about our finances – they're as secure as Fort Knox, providing a sturdy foundation for all our operations. **Shaking Things Up: Squad Overhaul** We've made some key signings to bolster our squad and bid farewell to a few players as well. These strategic moves have injected fresh energy and skill into the team, setting the stage for thrilling showdowns ahead. **Embracing a Winning Philosophy: Tactic and Style of Play** Inspired by FC Barcelona's legendary 2010-2011 season, we've adopted a high-octane 4-1-2-3 formation, with three pressing forwards leading our attacking force. This dynamic, possession-based style has been a game-changer, unlocking defenses and dominating matches in thrilling fashion. **The Thrill of Victory: Glorious Triumphs** I'm over the moon to report that our hard work has paid off in a big way. We emerged victorious in the MLS Eastern Conference and clinched the MLS Cup, marking unforgettable triumphs for our team. Additionally, we secured the Leagues Cup, adding another feather to our cap. However, we faced a setback in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, bowing out in the fifth round. But hey, setbacks only fuel our hunger for future victories, right? STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  15. First kind of post like this so bare with me. This post is intended to be a career test type save, I don't want to post it in tactics because I'm not sure if the tactic is good, the players vs the quality of the league is good, or any of these factors, this save is not under "test conditions" unfortunately I have limited playing time do can't do thorough tests, however after seeing it's performance @DanEnglishmight want to do his thing 🧐😂 Like a large portion of the community I quite enjoy the plug and play style of FM as I don't fully understand football too a technical degree but I do enjoy the game, and this year is no different and I've been absolutely dominating the leagues thanks to @Black Hawk and his ridiculously good tactic. However I do also like variety and after endlessly scrolling and plugging in a few suggestions I just couldn't get the results I was after or I had to make changes and not be that lazy player I'm proud of being. In comes The Fiddler. Named so, because I have to fiddle with my team to put them in the right position because the auto pickl feature doesn't play them where I want...w I didn't create this tactic, I found it on a post on Facebook so credit to the guy that posted it if you're in here, legend! I was getting premier league fatigue and also bored of picking the same nations at the beginning of my save so I loaded up Portugal, Italy, Spain, England and Poland. I picked Sporting simply based on their facilities and maxed the youth facilities with my first request to prepare for the future. I play with sugar daddy on and work permits off, with editor enabled so I can check potential ratings, I don't actually change anything, this would be indicated by my edit button being yellow instead of grey if I had. Kinda cheaty but it's more of a test save than anything. My coaching badge level is gold and I specialise in Youth. I run my coaches X2 Attacking X1 Youth and X1 Fitness. All gold/natural. I have gold scouts but I don't generally use them, I search more for attributes that fit the roles of my tactic rather than finding regens that might not fit the tactic. And my physio set up is X2 Rehabilitation and X1 Prevention. Now, I'm not 100% certain how much the above paragraph actually impacts the game because I'm not a stats guy and I don't fully understand the inner workings of the game, however as a general player who reads these types of posts, they're always questions I've got in the back of my mind, I almost like to copy everything. So I've included it The two big free transfers I took advantage of straight away was De Gea and Bale. After these 2 signings I realised that sporting had a ridiculously large team and I needed to move some players on so I could bring in some more talent. So I went straight to manager options and asked my assistant to loan out all players in the Res Squad under 24 and loaned out all 4* PA players and took advantage of the loan trick to offload anything below that. Money wasn't an issue with a starting budget of 128m so I got rid of a few players for free too. I'm not a big fan of huge squads and I don't plan on managing the reserve squad. I had a look at the squad after the culling and decided that defensively, sporting had a good selection of players and also offensively, but there were no star players in the attack, so after bringing Bale in I decided on Chiesa from Juventus, Gnoto from Leeds and Wonderkid Chris Rigg from Sunderland with the left over cash (more on him later). I felt like the midfield was lacking a little bit too so I brought in Koch from Leeds as he fits the BWM role perfectly. I had a bit of an injury crisis and I had sold a few of my extra players in the cull so I had to bring off Cabral from loan to ease the depth. But in January I sold him and Marcus Edwards and replaced them both with Jack Sergeant from Norwich, for some reason it's not showing in the transfer history but I picked him up for 20m. Below are the goals/assists: As you can see, Bale and Chiesa have had an absolute blaster of a season and Sargent is 5G1A in 7 games. I'm not playing the corner tactic however I have set my corners to "penalty spot" and changed my best aerial CD to mark the keeper. These are good stats however it's not what has impressed me most about the tactic. I haven't once changed anything in game aside from subs, but take a look at the stats below. These tactic is very good defensively domestically, and has worked thus far in Europe. I think the IWB and 3 at the back almost make this tactic a 5-2-1-2 but with very supportive WBs. I also just wanted to add in the development of Chris Rigg, I've set his training to Trequartista and Chiesa as his mentor he's out for a couple of weeks at the moment so I'm hoping it doesn't hamper his development like FM likes to do. Mentoring setups are as follows: Chiesa - Rigg Gyökeres - Gnoto Koch - Diomande Jerry St. Juste - Inacío Can't think of anything else that I haven't already included but if you have any questions or want any further screenshots just ask, and obviously any recommendations are welcome! Peace 💪
  16. I discovered that Aveley is a relegation-threatened team based on fmm information. This motivates me to raise them to the pinnacle of success and elevate them from the depths to the light. Season one: I chose to look at the squad, and they don't appeal to me. As a result, I demoted them and hold out for any offers; if not, I'll release them as a free agent. They will be replaced by a large number of loan players with respectable physical attributes (pace or stamina must be at least 10) so they can afford high press and high tempo playstyle, depending on dribbling down the flank to counter. The board anticipates that we will stay in the Varnama League, which makes sense given how hard the team has been working to even obtain a draw. But as of January 1st, things have started to go better. We prevailed. I mean, I won a great deal. Prior to January 1st, we were ranked 12th. We won because of our unexpectedly strong performance from January 1st till the end of the season. Most-scoring team during the 23–24 season was claimed. greatest defend, former Ho Chi Minh City achieved top scorer of the league. With two more points than second-place Maidstone, the squad won the league. Regretfully, Ro Shaun-Williams, a former Manchester United youth and U21 England player, didn't get much of a chance to play when the loan center defender was playing exceptionally well. Here are the result, transfer, award
  17. **Why choose AFC Ajax?** So, let's talk about why I think AFC Ajax is an awesome choice for any football manager itching for a challenge. Did you know that AFC Ajax has won the Eredivisie a record 35 times? Now that's some serious winning history right there! **Home Sweet Home: Stadium & Training Facility** Man, the Johan Cruijff ArenA is an absolute gem. The atmosphere in there is electric, and with top-notch training facilities, our players have the perfect place to grow and shine. **All-Star Crew: Staff Members & Financial Stability** Our staff is rock solid, and we're in a great spot financially. I've got a fantastic team backing me up, and I've delegated training to my Assistant Manager so I can focus on steering the ship to victory. **Shaking Things Up: Squad Changes** We've made a few key signings to take our squad to the next level. Bringing in fresh talent while bidding farewell to some players has injected new life and potential into our team. **Mastering the Art: Tactic and Style of Play** I've taken a leaf out of FC Barcelona's epic 2010-2011 season playbook and implemented a 4-1-2-3 formation, with three pressing forwards leading the charge. It's all about that high-pressing, possession-based style, and let me tell you, it's been a game-changer on the pitch. **The Rollercoaster Ride: The Results** We've had some epic highs and a few tough bumps on the road. We clinched the Eredivisie title, which was a sweet victory. However, we did stumble in the round of 16 of the Europa League and only made it to the semi-finals of the KNVB Beker. It's all part of the game, and we're gearing up to come back even stronger next season. STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  18. **Why FC Barcelona is a good choice?** Choosing FC Barcelona as my team was a no-brainer. The club's rich legacy and commitment to developing world-class talent make it an irresistible pick. Did you know that FC Barcelona has won the La Liga title a whopping 26 times? That's the kind of winning tradition that drew me to this amazing club. **The Jewel of Catalonia: Stadium & Training Facility** Stepping into the iconic Camp Nou is a feeling like no other. The passion and history that fill the air at this legendary stadium are truly inspiring. Our training facilities are top-notch, providing the perfect environment for our players to grow and excel. **Building a Dream Team: Staff Members & Financial Stability** Our team of staff is almost complete, and I'm proud to say that we have some truly world-class individuals on board. Delegating training to our Assistant Manager has allowed me to focus on other critical aspects of management, and our finances are in relatively secure hands, providing a stable platform for our club's operations. **Unleashing the Potential: Squad Overhaul** We've made some key signings to bolster our squad, bringing in fresh talent to elevate our game. These additions have injected new energy and skill into the team, while allowing some players to explore new opportunities elsewhere. **Embracing a Winning Philosophy: Tactic and Style of Play** Inspired by FC Barcelona's legendary 2010-2011 season, we've adopted the explosive 4-1-2-3 formation, with three pressing forwards leading our attacking force. This high-intensity, possession-based style has been a game-changer, unlocking defenses and dominating matches in thrilling fashion. **The Sweet Taste of Victory: Glorious Triumphs** Our hard work and dedication have paid off in spades. We clinched the Copa Del Rey and secured the La Liga title, showcasing our dominance and skill. While we faced a tough loss in the Champions League semi-finals to a formidable Manchester City side, and were runners-up in the Supercopa, these experiences have only fueled our determination to strive for even greater success. STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGER STATS LEAGUE STATS
  19. ** The Napoli Adventure!** So, let's talk about why managing SSC Napoli is an absolute blast. First off, did you know that SSC Napoli has a fiercely loyal fan base and a rich history? The club has a passionate following and has won the Serie A title twice, in 1986–87 and 1989–90, and they're hungry for more success. **Home Sweet Home: Stadium & Training Facilities** The Stadio San Paolo is where the magic happens, and it's a sight to behold. The atmosphere is electric, and the facilities are top-notch, providing the perfect backdrop for our players to shine. Our training facilities are also top quality, providing the ideal environment for our squad to develop and reach their full potential. **A Dream Team in the Making: Staff Members & Financial Stability** Our staff is not only full but also world-class in quality. We've got a stellar team in place, and we're constantly striving for improvement. I've delegated training to our Assistant Manager, allowing me to focus on other crucial aspects of management. Plus, our finances are rock solid, providing a stable foundation for the club's operations. **Shaking Things Up: Squad Changes** We've made a few key signings to bolster our squad and let go of a few players to make room for fresh talent. It's all about finding that perfect balance and building a team that's ready to take on any challenge. **Playing the Napoli Way: Tactic and Style of Play** We're taking a leaf out of FC Barcelona's legendary 2010-2011 season, utilizing a high-octane 4-1-2-3 formation with three pressing forwards up front. This dynamic, possession-based style has been a game-changer for us, unlocking defenses and dominating matches in style. **The Thrill of Victory: Our Triumphs** I'm thrilled to report that our hard work has paid off in spades. We've clinched the Serie A title, triumphed in the Coppa Italia, and secured the Supercoppa Italiana. However, in the Champions League, we made it to the round of 16 but were bested by PSG. Nonetheless, our achievements are a testament to the dedication and skill of our players and staff, and I'm excited to continue building on this success in the future. STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS8
  20. Thought I would give myself a tougher challenge for this one....to get the mighty Blades to challenge in the Premier League. Happy with the result season one....couldn't quite match Man City.....but Europe and an FA Cup will still do me. Amazing what a bit of motivation, teamwork and hard work can do. Can anyone go one better and win the league with them?
  21. **Why Manchester City F.C. are a good choice?** Choosing Manchester City F.C. as my managerial debut was a no-brainer. The club's relentless pursuit of excellence and dominance in the football world is truly remarkable. Did you know that Manchester City holds the record for the most consecutive wins in top-flight English football, with an incredible streak of 18 wins? That's the kind of winning mentality that drew me to this amazing club. **Stadium & Training Facility Information** I can't help but be in awe every time I step into the Etihad Stadium. It's a marvel of modern architecture and a fortress for our team, providing the perfect backdrop for our quest for glory. Our training facilities are top-notch, offering our players the best environment to develop their skills and stay at the top of their game. **Staff Members** Our staff is not just full, but world-class. I've assembled a dream team of coaching and support staff who are second to none. Delegating training to our Assistant Manager has been a game-changer, allowing me to focus on strategic decisions and overall team management. With our finances rock solid, we're set for success on and off the pitch. **Squad changes** We've made a few key signings to bolster our squad and let go of some players to make room for fresh talent. It's all about finding the perfect balance to ensure that we have the best possible team to achieve our goals. **Tactic used** Inspired by the legendary FC Barcelona 2010-2011 season, we've implemented a high-octane 4-1-2-3 formation with three pressing forwards upfront. The fast-paced, possession-based style of play has been electrifying, and it's been a joy to watch our team execute it on the pitch. **The results** I'm absolutely thrilled to share that our hard work has paid off in a big way. We've clinched the English Premier League, Community Shield, UEFA Super Cup, Carabao Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup. However, we finished as runners-up in the FA Cup to Liverpool and were knocked out in the round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League by Inter Milan. It's been a rollercoaster of emotions, but the journey continues, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for Manchester City F.C. STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  22. Start as Unemployed Reputation: Local Badges: None Countries: Argentina All Boys offer me a job in November 6, 2020 Expectations: Safe Mid Table Current Position: 16th in Second Division Transfer Budget: 28,000 Wage Budget: 400,000 Current Wage Total: 425,000 Win: 2 Draw: 2 Loss: 9 GF: 10 GA: 26 GD: -16 Pts: 8 Tactics Team Mentality: Defensive Width: Balanced Tempo: Normal Creative Freedom: Disciplined Defensive Line: Balanced Closing Down: Own Half Tackling: Normal Offside Trap: No Time Wasting: No Final Third: Early Crosses, Work into Box Passing Style: Short Passing Focus: Mixed Goalkeeper Distribution: Short Results as a Manager League Competition Win: 9 Draw: 7 Loss: 1 GF: 23 GA: 14 GD: 9 Pts: 34 Next will be Continental Competitions and Cup Competitions.
  23. #BaglanDragons Season 1: As one of the weakest teams in the Southern Wales tournament, the board's goal is just to stay in relegation, but part-time coach NêmNem has another plan by winning the championship 4 rounds early. Results in photos
  24. That time of year again when I go on my annual pilgrimage from the bottom of the football ladder to champions league glory. Standard rules as usual. No signings, promoted greys and youth system only. The team of choice this year is Dover. Sitting rock bottom of the Vanarama South with 1 win all season they are the winners. Played out the 1st season already. Got a decent winger from the youth intake but nothing special this season. Was a bit of a slog but managed to avoid relegation after finally settling on a formation. Think we'll do big things next season with the addition of one or two really good youth players. Essential will be a goal keeper, target man and upgrading facilities but as we are part time I can't see that happening until we go up a division.
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