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  1. This thread is the best place to discuss FMM22 whether you have any questions about the game or just have things you wish to discuss which don’t require a thread of their own.
  2. What’s the highest price you’ve ever gotten for a player? I just got $255 million from Real Madrid for Laporte.
  3. Great news for all Juve fans - we finally won everything! 😁 I just finished my first FMM22 season with great success. It was a pretty exciting season, if anyone is interested in some things feel free to ask. I would like to thank zorderxx for this tactic which I used as a base and modified it during the season depending on the opponent and the situation on the field.
  4. Let's see your best/funniest regen faces below. Has anyone esle noticed that your regen face also ages with the player?
  5. This thread is the best place to discuss FMM21 whether you have any questions about the game or just have things you wish to discuss which don’t require a thread of their own.
  6. Hello, This season I am trying to contribute to this beloved community. My plan is to test every tactic posted in the tactics index and rank them depending on the results (wins, losses, goals scored and goals conceded). The plan is: 1. Test each tactic with 3 different clubs. 1 top club (liverpool, man city...), 1 mid-table team (newcastle, aston villa...), and 1 newly promoted team. 2. All tactics will be tested using the same 3 teams. 3. No signings allowed. 4. The tactics will be tested in 10 matches for each team. 30 in total. 5. Each tactic will be tested against the same teams (using the same save). So am starting with Newcastle. Lineup: Dubravka, fernandez, lascelles, Krafth, Lewsi, Hayden, Longstaff, Willock, saint-maximin, Almiron and Wilson. Tactics Name P W D L GF GA GD Pts Watford Underdog Tactic 4-3-3 10 5 1 4 19 11 8 16 41221 gengen press 10 4 3 3 16 15 1 15 433 Attacker 10 4 3 3 18 19 -1 15 Defy The Norm - 2-3-2-1-2 & 3-2-2-1-2 10 4 2 4 15 14 1 14 Old faithful 4-1-2-3 10 4 0 6 13 17 -4 12 433 … copy and paste 10 3 2 5 15 22 -7 11 Guardiola 433/2323 (20/21) 10 3 1 6 17 29 -12 10 Attacking SS 4-1-2-3 10 2 2 6 14 22 -8 8 Football Manager Mobile 2022 4-3-2-1 10 2 2 6 9 17 -8 8 Xavi 3223 10 2 1 7 17 34 -17 7 Big thanks to our friend @Manjus, he will be helping me in testing the tactics using Liverpool. Tactics Name P W D L GF GA GD Pts 41221 gengen press 10 10 0 0 22 0 22 30 433 copy and paste 10 10 0 0 24 6 18 30 433 attacker 10 7 3 0 20 4 16 24 Old faithful 4-1-2-3 10 7 2 1 22 5 17 23 Defy The Norm - 2-3-2-1-2 & 3-2-2-1-2 10 7 2 1 20 4 16 23 Go to tactics index page
  7. Feel free to report bugs or any odd occurrences you come across in your saves here. Remember though SI aren’t as active here as they used to be, so their general recommendation is to log issues on their forums: https://community.sigames.com/forum/298-football-manager-mobile-technical-help-and-bugs-forum/ Otherwise, if you come across something odd within your save, upload a copy of your saved game from just before the odd occurrence to this link - make sure to change the filename first to something like Username_BugDescription.dat - it's best to confirm it here too so that they can match the filename and the issue. (you can also attach save game files to a thread if you start a topic on their forum). Guide on how to access Android saves: https://support.sega.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4409274314129-How-do-I-access-my-Save-files-#text Guide on how to access iOS saves: https://support.sega.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4409272443409-How-do-I-access-my-Save-files-#text If there's a bug within a match, save the match at the end (the down arrow at the top) and send a copy to SI describing the issue. Enjoy the new game.
  8. The individual leagues cannot be selected in the respective countries. You can no longer decide with how many leagues you want to play in the respective country. e.g. Germany 1st division and 2nd division or Spain 1st and 2nd division. In the current version, all leagues that have been programmed are taken into account. Greetings from Germany
  9. I don't remember ever having a game with three penalty kicks, but it had to be one where this dude manages to fail all three! Lucky for me, the game was basically won, but come on! First - center over the bar, Second - center over the bar, Third - to the left, goalie deflected it, in the recharge my goal! I thought of changing the penalty kickers order after he missed the second one, but what where the odds of a third one?
  10. Hi all, I was playing last night & skim read that my player had scored from 105 yards! I thought that had to be a typo, but I rewatched the game and… voila! IMG_4917.MOV This prompts the question: what’s the furthest distance goal you’ve scored on FM? I’ve had every single FMM/FMH on iPad since FMH2014 & can’t recall ever scoring anything close to this!
  11. Wondering what is your best/toughest against the odds win I finally won the Canadian Championship in my 4th season. However it was a tough fight.
  12. Hi mates, Could you share your understanding about IW and AP role at flank position? In my observation, these two roles are not almost same in EME engine. In previous version, flank AP will come into middle (AMC position) when your team keep ball possession if there is no other AP or no player at AMC position. I like this feature very much. I think this is what I expected flank AP to do, attacking in middle and defensing in flank. But this feature is no longer existing. And current IW and flank AP are not defense at flank, they will not to defend opponent full back / wing back. I will post in SI forum to check whether this is a bug. Note: Why not IF? IF is too powerful as a "BUG" in game for me. I never use IF/SS in my tactics.
  13. Is anyone having trouble with players going on loan? I'm offering my reserve players to affiliates and to clubs. Nobody interested. Had them marked for loan January and August transfer windows. Not one player picked up either. Switched it to my assistant and the youth coach to arrange them. Tried both. That not worked either. None of my youth are having stat increases and thought as a compromise I'll put players out on loan and just promote early the ones with high potential. But that's not working either. Nobody seems to be talking about this. So I'm worried I've triggered something in the coding for both instances.
  14. Like a lot of you, I've been playing this game for years and find playing it "normally" a bit easy. As such I'm always on the lookout for ways to make it harder. Usually I will set a "role-playing" limit on the game, i.e. no big transfer fees or exotic wonderkids if you are at a lower-league club, or more esoteric ones like playing without any buying or selling fees in a Corinthian spirit. The new narratives approach gives a great opportunity for this. Hard Mode Simply pick any team where the board expect you to battle bravely against relegation or have similar low expectations. Then cancel all loans and fire all staff. Then go to Settings -> Narratives and activate the first, third, and fifth narrative. This will leave you bankrupt, with an asset-stripping owner, and most players will hate you. Now, win the league. It works fine at the highest and lowest levels but is really great at a kind of mid-range third-flight level as your wage budget is halved and you aren't very appealing to players, plus you can't save yourself with one or two big sales, you have to be ruthless. I'd say it would be perfect with Sunderland or Bolton or Palermo. I first gave it a go with Viktoria Berlin (see below).
  15. Hello Derby has been a decent challenge for most players with there 12 point deduction however it isnt too difficult keeping them in the league..will their further 9 point deduction be bought into the game?
  16. Hi mate Just share a goal by Barnes , he kicked the ball into net by a conner kick! 乐秀视频剪辑第100部_20211116220913988.mp4
  17. Just a fun editor-enabled save for naughty things. But this outcome really made me think again about the question "Is the game scripted?". It indeed is. If you disagree, give me a nice explanation about why Calvert-Lewin and Rudiger all got a red and injury respectively, and all at the same time, in every save-load. I'm fine with losing, I even got relegated once with my Derby save, but knowing the fact that the game itself decides when our players is injured or get sent off is frustrating. Record_2021-11-13-19-14-38_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.mp4
  18. Hi mates I am working on a plan to use changes.txt to change some famous old players (age >=35) to 22 or 23. I had done for 89 players, see below. C Ronaldo, Ribery, Pandev, Santa Cruz... If you have any suggestion to add someone in list, please comment below. Please note he should be 35+ when we start game, and he should be in database when England, Germany, Spain, France and Italy are picked.
  19. Hey everyone so the last time i posted something abouy tactics was my team's lack of goals and i have already did the solution for it but my main problem right now seems to be my player's condition/fatigue. i play a high pressing fast gameplay but as i realised it my team is somehow becoming a lot more easier to get inj, tired and so on after i change my attacking shape into balanced but somehow it makes them work extra? im not so sure myself so i kinda want some tips for fatigue management especially considering plenty of games every season with champions league, premier league and domestic cups. so can anybody give me some tips for me to do? btw this is how my tactic is at the moment
  20. If I save game before a match and quit the game after the match…does the game ‘remember’ the result and force a similar result or is it a fresh game…. the scenario I am in is every year when I buy the game I work on a tactic, I generally test it over four games then play the same four games with different tweaks. The first game of my test is Barnsley vs Luton (I play as Barnsley)and no matter what system I play I always get battered on shots and possession and 9/10 lose the fixture. I originally lost the fixture on first play so wondered if saving and reloading is a pointless exercise
  21. I've noticed that some of my players have oddly low valuations despite having good average ratings, decent amount of time on their contracts and good stats. 2 examples are Robin Koch and Junior Firpo. Mid twenties, 2/3 years remaining on their deals, both with an average rating of around 7.20 in a team that finished 6th. They're worth 9.75m and 11m, this has resulted in me recieving bids of around 8-10m from clubs like Real Madrid, obviously I have to reject the bids which is upsetting the players. I don't understand why their value is so low, when I have players like Klich and Dallas who are in their 30s and are pushing 20m valuations and I'm receiving offers of 25m for youth players who are yet to play a game for me. Is this a glitch, or am I missing something?
  22. Has anybody seen some confusing inclusions in Team of the Season? There's no way he was the best Left Back in the league.
  23. This is how Barca lined up against me in the Champions League under Koeman (or as Juls says "that Dutch Guy"). It's official, even FMM doesn't like his tactics or team selections.
  24. On previous versions of the game when your on holiday and no games are played your assistant would NOT change your team. On this years they change your team regardles of a game played or not. Glitch or new feature?
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