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  1. With the FMM24 forum now live this is a thread for any general chat about the game. More details on new features can be find in this thread.
  2. I have started a career on football manager mobile 23 with real sociedad or in game real saint Sebastian and I am posting it on tiktok I have already posted two parts and will post part three later today if you've got tiktok and have time then please come watch it and follow me to stay updated on the series. You can find my tiktok account at zeus_the_moose8
  3. I've been playing FM for a long time, and in FMM 2024 there is an interesting feature where we can get titles for how we use formations. I had opened The Dark Arts and Entertainer titles, but my The Dark Arts title just disappeared when I decided to replace several players which had a bad impact on the morale and professionalism of my team. So I decided to pursue another title, apart from because there were negative comments from players when I used the title The Dark Arts, also because I was curious why the title The Professor didn't open as easily as the others. The first thing I did out of many failed attempts, was I created a new tactic and started from an clean sheet. I started to mix up the formation according to the position of the players I had. then in the Shape section, I imitated the style of tiki-taka, but I refuse to use False 9, because I have a front line that is sharp enough to move alone, even though the sticker is not yet at level it can become a Complete Forward (my assistant recomended as CF, but I stick to AF). on the defense, I applied Gegenpress. To drain the opponent's stamina, as well as one Libero to rebel and help the Roaming Playmaker to focus more on moving from below (Even though in reality the Roaming Playmaker ended up running here and there without managing to get the ball, for me that was enough =D). Oh, don't forget to turn on the Time Wasting option when you have 60 minutes and are in a safe winning position. Also feel free to change players and positions, as long as it still makes sense for the player. Unless you have quite a lot of players with the coach's description of "An Intelligent Player", you should not change the formation too extreme. I also feel, "An Intelligent Player" is the key to unlocking the title The Professor. Because I have 9 players out of 25 players with information like that. then in the attack section, there's nothing special because I rarely change it. It looks like Vertical Tiki-Taka.
  4. Go to apps on your phone. Find File and File manager there! Then disable updates. Access Android data with Zarchiver and Xplorer application. And transfer the packages to the FM folder.
  5. So a few years back I saw an amazing story by @Meow where he had 1 year holiday then took over a newly promoted team to Vanarama national North/South (he had Salisbury if I remember correctly) then it was all the way to the top! I was inspired and have done it a few times since, I miss the story though Meow if you are around!! So i was wondering if anyone else also does this challenge and how it is going, I'm finding it a lot harder this year as i feel there are just a lot less players available to do buy and way less on the free search etc but pushing through, anyone else had this problem with lower leagues and less available players?
  6. Does anyone know or can anyone explain how Manchester city are able to create more chances and more shots while playing the whole game on Defensive mentality? Whatever mentality or other settings I use, they always outscored me.
  7. Use this thread to report any possible bugs you find in the game.
  8. So i played around 10 seasons and checked some players in am24, IT shows that Ronaldo's regen have 22 ambition, i think its rare, checked 100+ players and noone have something like this
  9. This is to get to your "Android data file" As Android have now blocked all access to our data drive, even if you currently have any 3rd party running (xplore for me, or any you run) simply won't work. I will tell you how to get around this mess. Once you have done this, you should be OK to use this method for FM 25 as well. Step 1 1st of all you need to go settings on your android phone. Go all the way to the bottom to you get to "about phone" mine is S20, but every android has it click on "about phone" then click on software in formation. From there click the build number minimum 3/4 times, (can be more) then you should get a message at the bottom of the phone. It's called developer mode. You will get it once you have pressed the build number a couple of times. It's very important you have the developer mode on. Could be called developer options on your newer android. here is mine, navigate down to you see this might need to switch on what I have on. Next you might need to switch on disable permission monitoring (I don't have that option, but new android versions do) Step 2 Download this, it's a must Step 3 Open shizuku up Press "Pairing" then developer options (make sure usb wireless debugging is ON) Should now either get a message saying debugging mode (if not go back and go to pairing) now you should see a new page Step 4 Pair device with code (you will get a code once you click on pair device. Remember this code (copy it) it will ask you for the Pairing code, put what you had (6 digits) You should now see its been paired Go off everything and back to home screen. Then go back on shizuku (press Start) Make sure whatever app you use (I use xplore) is authorised (as you can see above) if it isn't click authorised application and click the app your using ON For Zarchiver you need to go to the top right (the 3 dots and then press settings) press ROOT and then shizuku (make sure everything is clicked on as well) If need go back once you done all of the above and go back to shizuku and just press Start (will need to do this everything you need to transfer files etc)
  10. Puskas award is here You can submit your best goal here and I will be nominating the winner Here's mine lv_0_20240516194559.mp4
  11. Hello lads hope u r all doin well! Ive got this striker here whom started off playing as a poacher til i switched him to a complete forward 2 seasons ago. However, my assistant tells me that he should play as trequartista ! What type of if forward do you think I should play him as? I usually play a very offensive 433 when hes in the team.
  12. Hi all, I play the PC version a lot and as we know speed is king! and physicals in general are king, my question is does anyone know whether this is actually the case in this game also or do things such as shooting and aerial and passing take all the glory here? Just wondering if anyone knows any more on this so when climbing leagues is it better to go fast when you cant buy players of a quality needed in that league
  13. So I had a 1k Challenge ongoing but accidentally I lost that save because of my brother. He accidentally deleted that save file so I have started again from scratch. So this is my second time doing 1k challenge. First time only last 2 season. This time I chose Van Persie For the challenge The lad after 1 season- Sorry I don't have screenshot from starting of season because I forget to take. In first season he gets good development. Got aerial from 11 to 16. I hope he can hit 20 aerial. I tried three different mentors for aerial but none of them train him aerial all of them end up increasing his teamwork. As his stamina is very low so I have to take him out after 50-55 minutes but still he scored 36 goals on first season. That's not bad like me who is doing challenge for first time.(I mentioned second time but technically first time only lasted 2 season so it is first time) TEAM- We won the league and Scottish cup but gets heart broken in viaplay cup semi final as team lost on penalties. We end up at 3rd in UCL group stage with man city on top and atletico Madrid on 2nd. Gets spot in UEL Knockout round where we beat Atlanta but Liverpool thrashed the team in RO16. Transfers- I sell many players who doesn't fit in my system and by that money I bring Some wingers. My first choice in wingers was Pavon. He is very good players for his value. I brought Dilrosun in and his crossing went from 15 to 18 and was leading in assists. I brought some midfielders as well who is physically strong and durable. Because I want to win ball in midfield so that my main can get more chances. I'll soon will be back with season 2.
  14. Hi all I just got a player who is 4.5 stars in set pieces and he scored 3 free kicks in 3 games. How do I provoke the opposition to break the rules, earning fouls against them. Is Running at defense + Work into Box options the best way draw fouls?
  15. What are some sugar daddy clubs(that aren't Newcastle and Man City) to manage? Want to try
  16. Any idea how to control C teams better? I can't see them from any main tab and when i enter them i can only promote players up. Are C teams just pretty much useless in mobile or?
  17. Hey all. So I'm running Fm2024 on a Samsung s22 plus. But every time I leave to app to go to another it crashes fm and it wants to reload, which as we know on this version is quite a slow process. I used to be able to leave it idle in the background for ages. Does this happen to anyone else?
  18. Hi all - does anyone have the updated Vanilla database? Or how to find it?
  19. So I am starting a 1kc challenge at cletic After testing a lot of tactics I have my 2 tactics which are good for me one for starting at the save when team is not that strong but when team gets strong I have another tactics for that and that got my Ferguson to score 130 goals in a season Now talking about this save I am doing it with weiper This is his mentor This are his mental attributes After a fairly long research I found this but if anyone know a better player for mentoring then please suggest Transfers I was struggling with funds so I sell furuhashi with is sell I got freedom to buy enough players for this season and this isn't end I think because I want a RWB and I am in July so I will look for him I will post the results of season 1 in 1 or 2 days And at last does anyone know how to sell unwanted players because I put them on list but not any other club puts a bid on them so how will I sell them And at last I want to give credit to @Scratch And @MikeF because I am now at this game and I don't know much about it but they helped me really well and I have learned alot from them and I also want to mention @Dai_ he is also one of whom I have learned many things about this game
  20. there's something not right. After many tactics and careers I can say that there is something wrong with the game's AI. 1) I use defensive tactics and at the end of the season my team has the best attack and conceded many goals but I win the championship. 2) I use offensive tactics and at the end of the championship my team has the best defense and I win the championship. The two things do not coincide in reality. If I use offensive tactics I should score many goals but equally concede many goals. If I use defensive tactics I should score few goals and equally concede few goals. Everything, whether defensive, offensive, controlling, balanced, 3-man defense, 4-man defense or 5-man defense... always translates into having the best defense and winning the championship. All this regardless of whether I use a top team or a third-rate team. There is something wrong. It's as if the game was set to easy mode Independent of everything. Or the famous dialogues inserted, if managed well, are a real doping towards success. I remember that in previous editions, without dialogues everything was more difficult, or at least the performance was more balanced based on the real strength or weakness of the team.
  21. Screen_Recording_20240429_160918_FM24 Mobile.mp4
  22. I was wondering, if someone could make a retro database for fmm20, wid all the former icons of football and their teams...i browsed and found one for FMM17...but not for FMM21.
  23. Location (Android uses only) Go to play store, download a app called xplorer Now you have downloaded this Step 2 Go on android>>>>data>>>>>find Netflix football manager 24 You have to you have to find it, look down Step 3 Click on files, now you will have to MAKE a new folder called Documents Step 4 press the blue arrow>>>>do the same as you did before, will take you the to right hand side. Make sure you have the left and the right as the above. Go back to the left make a file called graphics. Then highlight the graphics and place on the right hand side that says Documents You should now have this, as above. Download any logos etc you want. Will be in your download file. click on the download, you just downloaded. Make sure you highlight the file, have to click on the file. Then go across to the right hand side. Highlight Documents and then graphics. once you have done that, go to application data, delete the 2 cache folders. Go to your game, reload skin. Done
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