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  1. With the FMM23 forum now live this is a thread for any general chat about the game. More details on new features can be find in this thread.
  2. Well having played alot of FM 23, I've decided to take the plunge with TNS. Sadly I don't know much about this football club, other then I think their the best in Wales, and that there professional. Won countless titles, and been progressing over the years. Sadly I don't much about the Welsh league, so really looking forward to keeping the team the best in the league. Really looking forward to this Screenshots to follow
  3. Hello everyone. The last version I played was Fmm21. I loved it to bits, but after about 10 seasons of game I noticed it was getting too easy. Mainly because the European top teams were very very bad at buying players. I remember moving to Juve in 2034 or something, and they had abysmal players and not even enough of them for filling up the bench for a league game. has this changed with this year’s version? Or is it still that bad? thanks in advance
  4. They were never called this prior. Plus I used the namechange.txt file. any help
  5. Feel free to report bugs or any odd occurrences you come across in your saves here. Remember though SI aren’t as active here as they used to be, so their general recommendation is to log issues on their forums: https://community.sigames.com/forum/298-football-manager-mobile-technical-help-and-bugs-forum/ Otherwise, if you come across something odd within your save, upload a copy of your saved game from just before the odd occurrence to this link - make sure to change the filename first to something like Username_BugDescription.dat - it's best to confirm it here too so that they can match the filename and the issue. (you can also attach save game files to a thread if you start a topic on their forum). Guide on how to access Android saves: https://support.sega.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4409274314129-How-do-I-access-my-Save-files-#text Guide on how to access iOS saves: https://support.sega.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4409272443409-How-do-I-access-my-Save-files-#text If there's a bug within a match, save the match at the end (the down arrow at the top) and send a copy to SI describing the issue. Please ensure that bugs alone are reported in this thread and for any general discussion either start your own thread or post in the already created thread pinned.
  6. According to FMM2023, Evan Dimas have scored 60 goals at 43 matches for Indonesia national team... According to wikipedia he have only scored 9 goals for the national team. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evan_Dimas
  7. Hello friends. Except for West Ham United, the logo of all teams in the game is present. I tried to solve this problem but was unsuccessful. I look forward to your help and idea.
  8. Will somebody help me? I lost the photos of the players after this update today, how to repair?
  9. Hi mates, As Marc replied in SI forum before, the behavior of IF is tweaked in this version. Now IF at flanks will NOT go to box often. Would you like this adjustment? For me, I would say no. In previous version, IFs go to box too quick and always. But now, IF go to box too rarely, even attacking mentality is used. Let's see what will happen then
  10. There is 1 goal for Celtic B(not included) and 15 international goals which are not counted.
  11. Hello, I already apologize for my English, I started playing fm a little while ago, I still don't understand how tactics work, I want to learn how to make my own tactics, mainly to do 1k challenges, who can help me I thank you, I want to have the as much knowledge as possible about the game, because I want to keep having fun playing and I hope I never get tired of FM.
  12. Has anyone have any successful Boston utd tactics or if not any lower league tactics which could get me promoted in fm23 only
  13. Whoever wishes to respond to me, thank you so much and I appreciate. Well, I've played 14 seasons into the game and I do not wish to start a new save, I just change clubs and that's it. My issue or problem is no matter what tactic I use, the AI is so quick to figure how to beat me, I have used so many tactics, formations, I've used unimaginable tactics also, so may work and then after 2 matches, AI would beat the hell outta me. I have dominated in England and Spain, and I want to dominate all other leagues playable in my save but, I just can't win matches anymore I have also used so many tactics I've seen in this community, 3 at the back, 4 at the back, 41212, none seems to be working for me anymore Can you share a tactic that works for you, I'll like to try it, seems the one I see in the tactic index no longer works Thanks so much, I appreciate
  14. I think Barcelona is a cheat club and over powered and the AI also fixes my match so I don't go above Barcelona in the league I sit second, whenever Barca draws I also draw, whenever Barca loses, I'll definitely draw or lose I do not restart! I also bought Barcelona's 2 best players during the winter window yet they play well with 3 star players When I faced them, I drew and lost narrowly I didn't screenshot my other matches, just the one that made believe AI is involved in match fixing not according to your tactics and or player abilities
  15. Good evening guys I just accepted the job at Zaragoza in second division in Spain after coaching and bringing bromley to L1, saving Trento in Serie C and leaving them in charge the following year to go to Crotone in Serie B and bringing them to Serie A in two years My doubt is how loans work in Spain because, even if I accept a loan offer for one of my players WITHOUT the right to buy, when the player accepts in the contract view a random buyout amount appears without me having put anything in I want to know is it a bug or in Spain all loans are defaulted with the right to redeem? Thanks to whoever will answer
  16. Hi guys, it feels great writing to everyone who can see this After years of playing football manager mobile, I just found a way of making huge money or getting your club chairman to bring in more investments as much as you want in every transfer window Note! This is for those who wants to have fun and maybe turn smaller clubs into super clubs in a short period I'm sure we know what RICH BENEFACTOR OR SUGAR DADDY is and how to unlock it. Well, you need to be successful for atleast 2 or more seasons, so for those who can't manage smaller teams, it's best you use clubs like PSG, Bayern, Ajax, City etc to win trophies, every trophy that comes your way so you can easily unlock the Sugar daddy unlockable for free. Now after you must unlocked the sugar daddy or rich benefactor, all you have to do is go manage your favourite little club and turn it into a Saudi owned club like the Newcastle, hahaha HOW TO ATTRACT INVESTMENTS 1 Go to settings 2 click on unlockable 3 turn off the sugar daddy or rich benefactor 4 repeat but this time turn it on, click continue. accept the investment as your Chairman would ask you I'll advice that you go to finance and push all the money into wage budget Repeat the process Repeat the process Keep repeating the process More money comes in everytime you repeat the process I hope someone might find this useful, This is for those who wants to have fun and maybe turn smaller clubs into super clubs in a short period Below is an example of what I had done with a Spanish side, I think Osasuna is the real name of the club but on FM, it's Atletico Paplona No editor, just unlock mode
  17. Does anyone know how to get a free in-game editor for fm23mobile
  18. Can anyone help me with adding Germany National Squad and Japan National Squad.
  19. How to use Hex to managing Germany National team plz. I try to use methods form fmm 19 but i cant found my manager birthday ingame. Help me plz
  20. Screen_Recording_20230309_072640_FM23 Mobile.mp4 Not sure if this is new but certainly the first time I've seen this. If I offer a player for loan then change it to transfer when the offer comes in I'm able to sell players to any club for good amounts of money, these are clubs with no where near the amount of money they have in game. I mean Partick Thistle and Ayr buying players for over 20 million😂😂 I was trying to bring in money for a new 1k challange but that's redicolous Note this is a brand new save first day of the season offering out players (winter update)
  21. Hello at all FMM players. I would like to know how to change the name of Portuguese and Brazilian players and leave their first name as they are usually called. Someone could help me?
  22. When I install the new version, there is such a problem on the screen, the texts do not fit on the screen, do you also have such a problem? what is the solution
  23. Pardon me if there is existing discussion on the topic. I had been using Tactics that was created by other. I want to learn to setup my own tactic and review it's effectiveness. I wonder what can be starting point. I have the following idea in mind but I appreciate if anyone can shed some light and share your opinions 1) choose a basic formation and tactical style and it's default setting 2) play the game in slow and extended mode to see transition play, passing, players positioning 3) using match status screen. Take note of procession, pass completed, cross completed, interception Here comes the question a) so I need to use a strong team to test it out or a lower league team is better b) assuming I am not doing well in the match, what should I look out for? Players rating? Or detailed players stats as opposed of team stats in #3 that I mentioned earlier? c) so you change team instructions first or switch role of players? Happy if this thread can rigger some discussion to exchange pointers. Pretty sure there's like-minded individuals who wishes to create his/her own tactic.
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