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  1. After a long time trying to install facepacks, logos, etc., on FM24, I finally succeeded and I'm here to share how I did it with you. 1. Go to the Play Store and download an app called "Files" by Marc apps and software. This app is just a shortcut to the default Android file manager. 2. Install the game and open it (to create the folder com.netflix.NGP.FootballManagerMobile) in the "data" directory. 2. In the Download folder on your phone, create a folder called "Documents" Inside the folder you just created, add all types of files you want from FM24, such as facepacks, logos, etc. (You can also create subfolders within Documents for better organization if desired). 3. Open the Files app and navigate to "/Android/data/" Then, tap the three dots on the right, click on "Sort by," and select: Modified (newest first). 4. With the Files app open, move or copy the Documents folder (located in Download) to Android/. (Unfortunately, due to Android 13+ limitations, we can only move or copy up to this path.) --- AT THIS STAGE, YOU CANNOT RELEASE THE "DOCUMENTS" FOLDER UNTIL YOU REACH THE FINAL DESTINATION. 5. Now, using the Files app, with the Documents folder in the Android/ directory, drag the Documents folder to the "data/" folder and hold it over "data/" without releasing (it will go into the folder). You should see the game folder, named "com.netflix.NGP.FootballManagerMobile," at the top with the Documents folder pressed on top of it. Place it over the game folder (to enter) and follow the path: com.netflix.NGP.FootballManagerMobile > files Inside "files" release the Documents folder here, and it's done. Open the game, go to Reload Skin, and you're ready!
  2. Use this thread to report any possible bugs you find in the game.
  3. (Sorry for my broken english) Hi fellas. I started playin the fmm series at 19 game. From that day i was always using 2 stopper 2 wing backs 2 midfield 2 wing forwards 1 number ten position (i dunno the real name of that position maybe false forward idunno) and 1 Complete forward. And every year i was winning at least 1 european title with Fenerbahce till this year. This year that formation was pretty useless, like my team never did what i said and every match i was lack of goals and having lots of goals at my nets. (Against 2 star teams) first of all i think this years game (FMM 24) was pretty bad. Journey man mode is broken never getting real team offers even i get ucl only vanarama teams asks me. And the tactics never work correctly even if the team relations was perfect. Only money can get you a UCL or UEL. Anyways i have a formation that kinda different and having okey results how can i improve that what do you guys think about it
  4. Anyone got a discord link for fmm server? Could really use it. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey! I've read a lot of information here and there on different threads, but there are a lot of details that I am missing. I see people improving players stupidly rapidly, but I have no idea how to do it myself. I hear people talk about several rounds of mentoring, half rounds of mentoring etc. So I would appreciate a guide on mentoring, how to decide which mentors, whether to do it several times.... I'm not a new player, don't need all the basic stuff, but I still don't get how the OP players do it. I also gathered I should mainly focus on fitness coaches, probably have 3 fitness coaches, 1 attacking, and 1 youth. As for training, I don't know which stats to prioritize, which intensity to choose and so on. Would appreciate help. Any comments or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Ok Welcome to another daily episode on "master football manager and man management " and we are going to continue to be discussing managerial philosophy. I chose to begin with this because it is one of the most important things to consider as a football manager.. Remember, what makes the game more fun is that you're imagining yourself as a real football manager and a real team manager. So let's get down to today's episode.. As earlier stated in the previous episode, it is important to have a soccer philosophy which encompasses what, how and why you want your team to play football. Having this mindset and a particular answer to this question enables you to even be invested in the training schedules, the kind of coaches you hire, the kind of mentality of players you want in your team, even your assistant coach.They all matter. Having a philosophy can also be beneficial in enjoying the game and also understanding people in reality. When you have a philosophy or a personal principle you're convicted by, you're cautious of even the people you keep around you as friends and what you want to achieve. How to Apply Philosophy in Football Manager It's not just about to know what a philosophy is, it's also about how to apply it. I'm only going to discuss 1 of them today and we can call it a day 1. In team selection: I Get it, you are a football fan so you have your favourite club and all so you'll most likely coach the team as soon as you lay your hands on FM especially as a beginner (I did it a lot with Manchester united too cause I'm a big fan) BUT selecting a team here is the second stage after creating your philosophy within you. Remember, this is about APPLYING what you've chosen already. So, how do you apply your philosophy in selection of teams?. Well, the answer to this is simple; Research. When i mean research i mean, Look at the players of the team you want to coach and ask yourself these questions: - Do these players match my inner philosophy of how i believe the sport should be played? : Let me explain to make it clearer. To make it more easier for you, if your philosophy is high pressing and counter attack with acute decision making in your players for example, then you need to go to a team that has some of these qualities or similar or still yet, go for a team that has the potential to match up with that philosophy...for instance, a team like Liverpool, Manchester ( any of them), etc. In short, go for a team with more fit players or a team that has the potential and freedom to help you imbibe that philosophy in your players..it will be harder to implement in a team like barca except your signings are more closer to the pressing philosophy above Ok i think this will be the end of today's episode. Tomorrow we will accurately break down how it's applied in team signings and team selection. Thank you
  7. I have been wondering about best mentors for both stats and personality but haven’t seen any lists or posts regarding this. does anyone have a list or knowledge of some of the best mentors in game? Regardless of position, age or price
  8. INTRODUCTION: This is going to be quite a lengthy read and more of an adviseable way to improve your managerial skills in both game and life. As a human being it's important to know your strength and your weakness, your opportunities and threats to your strengths or your daily endeavours.. So, FM is about you being a manager to a team which means you are responsible for the performance and the development of your team..if your team does well you get the praise, if your team doesn't, you get the heat from the fans.. doesn't matter your personality so you're treating your players as people you're responsible for. I would really like if you read this because this content will be very useful in your daily endeavours and it will make you love FM more MANAGERIAL PHILOSOPHY: So, let's get right in... Firstly, if you want to play Football manager (FM) and you want to enjoy your gaming experience then the first step before anything is to have a philosophy...every Top manager and every manager you aspire to be like has a philosophy. Having a philosophy is very important to have as a manager. Before we talk about the importance of having a philosophy, we need to explain succinctly what a philosophy is in football. what is philosophy? In soccer management, having a philosophy means having a clear set of beliefs and principles that define how you want your team to play and operate. It encompasses your tactical approach, style of play, player development strategies, and overall team ethos. Now having this already gives you a path that you want to follow and implement... The questions you should ask yourself is, "how do i want my team to play?, what tactical style do i like best?, What type of players can fit well with this tactics (Remember, it's not about players you like or players that looks really good, it's about players that FIT into your philosophy), how do i train my players to match my philosophy". It's not about reading the best tactics online and all. As much as reading best tactics online is really helpful..what will be more helpful is when you have your tactics that correlates with your philosophy and you keep on improving it...those other tactics you check online are just ways to improve yours and not follow blindly... remember, what works for mr A might not work for you so find what works for you. I think that's the end of today's discussion and i will continue this tomorrow. Please keep following this article up and i guarantee you that you will never regret checking this out
  9. Hello everyone, I am currently doing a Chelsea save and I am in my 3rd season, having just won the premier league and FA Cup. I have been trying to buy some players and I had Ansu Fati and Neco Williams, each at a cheaper rate. Upon scouting, I saw they were "very interested" to join my club. When I bid, there moral increased but when I come into the contract proposal screen, they are not interested to join my club! I have enough wage and transfer budget. What can I do? Regards and Thanks
  10. Hi guys! Facegen for FMM24 Enjoy! facegen24.txt
  11. With the FMM24 forum now live this is a thread for any general chat about the game. More details on new features can be find in this thread.
  12. I'm always finding that some of the best players in my team are always grumpy, in that their morale rarely ever goes above okay. Even if they have a great game and we win and I praise them, they will rarely ever go above okay and this is pretty much permanent. Some players that are like this are Greenwood, Sarr, Simons, Zabarniy. There's nothing in their personal info to suggest any unhappiness......... any ideas how this issue can be resolved?
  13. The year is 2042. Athletic Bilbao has become the best football club in the world. With their Basque only policy still in effect, they’ve won 14 Champions League Titles, 14 La Liga Titles, 12 Copa Del Rey’s and 13 Supercopa de Espana for good measure since 2024. Athletic Bilbao B, the reserve team, has won Liga Santander 4 times for good measure. After seemingly conquering club football, what could possibly be left for manager Basqueing InGlory? Spain won the World Cup in 2038, and Bilbao homegrown superstars such as LW Cesar Fuster and ST Julio Dacosta led the charge, claiming a 3-1 victory over Uruguay. In fact, nearly half (12) of the Spanish side had Basque origins, whether it be from growing up in the Bilbao academy or otherwise. The buzz around the world quickly began to grow. Reporters and Pundits alike asked the absurd, perhaps asinine question- could an all-Basque Spain side repeat as World Cup winners in 2042? What would this entail? Well, despite having a large number of basque players on the national team, there was no shortage of World Class players from elsewhere who were essential pieces to the operation of the national team. For instance, Goku Saenz of Barcelona is often regarded as one of the best defenders in the world, but would not have been eligible. Further complicating this matter is the Bilbao players who were not eligible for Spain. Ballon D’or winner Luka Filipovic is a Serbian Winger who grew up in the Basque region, but had been representing Serbia since he was 18. Oussmane Loppy is a solid backup Striker for Dacosta who frequently sees 25+ games a year, but represents Senegal. In fact, 5 nationalities are represented on this iteration of Athletic Club. Yet in 2040 Frankie De Jong was fired as Spain’s manager, and with that the opportunity arose for Basqueing InGlory to take over. At first, the team remained the same- but by the time the European Nations League came around, InGlory had done the unthinkable- every single player officially had Basque origins. Many were not still current Athletic Club players, such as Efren Pino of Atletico and Miguel Romera of PSG- but all had been a part of Athletic Club at one point or another. Spain cruised through the competition, beating Germany on penalties in a 0-0 match. Fans of other Spanish Clubs quickly grew frustrated as some of their favorite and best players were being left out of the national team in their prime, but the experiment was to happen regardless. Drawn into a group of Cape Verde, South Korea and Romania, Spain breezed through the group stages without conceding a goal. They faced steep challenges from Uruguay and Portugal in the Second Round and Semi’s but ultimately won each, and the stage was set- an all-Basque Spain v Italy in the 2042 World Cup Final. A back and forth match showed the quality of defense that both sides possesed- and a disallowed goal at 28 minutes by Bilbao midfielder Luis Martin Llaneres proved to be the only action of the first half. But at the 67th minute, Athletic Club’s very own Julio Dacosta picked up a through ball from Josue Gonzalez, and smashed it into the top right corner. Two yellow cards would be the only action for the remainder of the game, and a 1-0 victory would see this Basque side lifting a World Cup trophy, together as a community.
  14. Hey FM Mobile managers! 🥰 Just started a new save and I'm going all in on building a squad with homegrown heroes. Thinking about the best ways to turn those academy youngsters into superstars, and I was hoping you all could share your wisdom. Specifically, I'm curious about: Playing Time vs. Training: How do you strike the balance between giving young players experience and keeping them sharp in training? Positional Training: Any killer training schedules for specific positions like midfielders or strikers? High Potential, Low Ability: Got some youngsters with sky-high potential but current skills that need work. Any advice on how to handle these guys? I also check this: https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/48236-developing-players/qlik But I have not found any solution. Basically, anything you've learned about nurturing young talent in FM Mobile would be amazing. Hit me with your tips, tricks, and experiences! Looking forward to building a future champion team! Thanks!
  15. Hi all, I've read through the forums and understand that personality traits in young players can be altered by mentoring, the culture at the club, and passively via motivational coaches. That said, if all the above is in place, what are your experiences of fixing some of the harder to shift ones? is it possible or is it such low odds (under 25%) that its better off to just sell the player and get someone not quite as gifted but with better mental attributes? The harder the shift ones I find (once your squad is professional and hard-working dynamic) are: "Rebelling against the stifling club culture" "Dislikes the intense work rate that his team-mates expect" Are these generally lost causes? what stats (visible and hidden) trigger these? Thanks
  16. Hello everyone, first post on this forum so please be kind😉, I’m an old school fm handheld player back on the psp days (2008) and got the bug with FMM after giving it a go while on holiday. Anyways after a generic arsenal save winning everything pretty quickly and realising I’ve still got it, I wanted something a bit more old school an old fashioned building a club. I don’t have pictures of the whole career unfortunately (will do for next save) but wanted to share the end season of Næsby where the treble was won! I joined the club in 2029/2030 in the 3 Division back to back to back promotions saw me reach the Danish prem and then real fun began! Using my old transfer tactic from back in the day of buying young African/ free players and with increasing youth/training facilities to 5 starts I saw progression each season finally getting our first European title in 2035/36 before bottling the league title in the same season. Since then we have gone from strength to strength winning back to back titles, 3 league cups in a row and finally the champions league meaning we have gone from 3rd division to kings of Europe in 9 seasons 👑although admittedly maybe the kindest draw to final ever; R16 beating inter 2-1 on aggregate Quarters beating Sevilla 4-3 on aggregate Semis beating Club Brugge 5-3 and finally beating Porto 4-2 in the final. Finally onto the team; 4-1-2-2-1 If anyone’s interested I’ll attach some of the stand out players below with there stats; last thing to note is this season was on the back off a transfer window with a net profit of 49 million. Selling key players 💰💰 Thanks for reading, it’s safe to say I’m glad I picked the game up again, and apologies for lack of long term depth to the save I just decided on a wim to upload this, for my next save I’ll do season by season updates!!
  17. I have recently got a job at sampdoria in the serie b and I play the formation 5221 with control possession and everything is perfect we play good football keep clean sheets but the problem is we do not score I need some tips of what to do IL also show screen shots I really need some expert help to see what can I do to improve
  18. I've been playing FM for a long time, and in FMM 2024 there is an interesting feature where we can get titles for how we use formations. I had opened The Dark Arts and Entertainer titles, but my The Dark Arts title just disappeared when I decided to replace several players which had a bad impact on the morale and professionalism of my team. So I decided to pursue another title, apart from because there were negative comments from players when I used the title The Dark Arts, also because I was curious why the title The Professor didn't open as easily as the others. The first thing I did out of many failed attempts, was I created a new tactic and started from an clean sheet. I started to mix up the formation according to the position of the players I had. then in the Shape section, I imitated the style of tiki-taka, but I refuse to use False 9, because I have a front line that is sharp enough to move alone, even though the sticker is not yet at level it can become a Complete Forward (my assistant recomended as CF, but I stick to AF). on the defense, I applied Gegenpress. To drain the opponent's stamina, as well as one Libero to rebel and help the Roaming Playmaker to focus more on moving from below (Even though in reality the Roaming Playmaker ended up running here and there without managing to get the ball, for me that was enough =D). Oh, don't forget to turn on the Time Wasting option when you have 60 minutes and are in a safe winning position. Also feel free to change players and positions, as long as it still makes sense for the player. Unless you have quite a lot of players with the coach's description of "An Intelligent Player", you should not change the formation too extreme. I also feel, "An Intelligent Player" is the key to unlocking the title The Professor. Because I have 9 players out of 25 players with information like that. then in the attack section, there's nothing special because I rarely change it. It looks like Vertical Tiki-Taka.
  19. I've been struggling with results lately all the Formations I create struggle to hardly win games someone help
  20. Location (Android uses only) Go to play store, download a app called xplorer Now you have downloaded this Step 2 Go on android>>>>data>>>>>find Netflix football manager 24 You have to you have to find it, look down Step 3 Click on files, now you will have to MAKE a new folder called Documents Step 4 press the blue arrow>>>>do the same as you did before, will take you the to right hand side. Make sure you have the left and the right as the above. Go back to the left make a file called graphics. Then highlight the graphics and place on the right hand side that says Documents You should now have this, as above. Download any logos etc you want. Will be in your download file. click on the download, you just downloaded. Make sure you highlight the file, have to click on the file. Then go across to the right hand side. Highlight Documents and then graphics. once you have done that, go to application data, delete the 2 cache folders. Go to your game, reload skin. Done
  21. I have seen multiple youtube videos but the instructions are not clear especially for Android 13 so can anyone please give a detailed description on how to download players faces and all into the game. Thank You.
  22. Go to apps on your phone. Find File and File manager there! Then disable updates. Access Android data with Zarchiver and Xplorer application. And transfer the packages to the FM folder.
  23. Hello everyone, i play a 4231 tactic, my strikers now can't score,they are suffering goal drought, which role is best for scoring and to be consistent
  24. What instructions form the basics of dorect attacking football?
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