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  1. Hello to everyone. Has anyone managed to score 300 goals a season in total with a club in fmm22? If so, then Share with us! I love goals, goals galore!
  2. Still new to this forum so I don't know much. I noticed everyone who does 1kc challenges never share their tactics. Is there a rule in this forum that says never your share your 1kc tactic? If so then the unwritten rule doesn't make sense if you share your player stats then share the tactic all together.
  3. A question for you all … have you tried the (“austerity measures”?) asset stripping narrative? I’m thinking of doing a new Man United save with “asset stripping” on (& no loans/transfers in) - to see what happens over 3-5 seasons. Does anyone have any experiences with this + how long does it last for (just a season or indefinitely)? 🙂
  4. I have seen many topics this year on players struggling to find tactics and that the game has lost its plug and play aspect...I suppose from previous games people have moaned that the game was too easy but I find this year it has gone too far the other way. Tactics this year seem sooooo over sensitive and although made it more challenging i fear alot of die hard fans will simply leave because they miss the simplicity. Mobile games are designed for plug n play. There needs to balance. We have football manager touch for the more hardcore tactical wizz kids. What are peoples thoughts??
  5. I've run into like 3 or 4 players now with the Unselfish personality who also have 'selfish player' as a con in their coaching report. These are players on MY team mind you so it can't even be chocked up to just bad scouting. So like, it is a glitch or what?
  6. Hey guys it’s my first post and I’m here with pirlo tactics this tactics is based in his thesis this create high quality attacks with both possession based football and rapid deadly counter attacks i used it in three seasons first i got it as unemployed to MUFC and then next season we won everything than same with barcelona in which i remain unbeatable and i also won world cup with portugal using same tactics i scored 100+ goals in league and only had 3draws and all wins new season has started we are still going unbeaten trust me guys give it a go
  7. Hi guys. This is my tips for fm22. If u guys feels struggle to find a good player for the next 3-4 season. Consider buy a player:- 1) 22-25 years old 2) must have a favourite club 3) good stats For example: Im using real madrid for this content. So buy mbappe because of mmbappe favourite club is real madrid. Mbappe already in the club for almost 5 season. Good morale, create a good goal every game and never have issue on the pitch. Sometimes mbappe is under pressure but its fine. Because once mbappe achieve 1 goal. The morale instantly increase to max. So try it out guys. Sorry guys if my english not so good. Btw i love this game ever since i bought it this year. Try it out guys. Maybe this work for u guys also.
  8. Hey guys I always seem to start the season very well the half way through my team just collapses and ends up in a relegation Battle.. I’ve seen you may need to tweak your tactics what does that involve for you guys?
  9. Has anyone ever gone a full league season unbeatable? No draws at all, 38 league wins or 34 league wins? While using a normal tactic not some mad overload tactic dedicating five men to attack and two or one player to defend 😄
  10. This thread is the best place to discuss FMM22 whether you have any questions about the game or just have things you wish to discuss which don’t require a thread of their own.
  11. Hello My expensive flop was Reyna for 100 Million
  12. I am a rookie I played with Norwich and could not win a single match Any idea of tactics pls
  13. Feel free to report bugs or any odd occurrences you come across in your saves here. Remember though SI aren’t as active here as they used to be, so their general recommendation is to log issues on their forums: https://community.sigames.com/forum/298-football-manager-mobile-technical-help-and-bugs-forum/ Otherwise, if you come across something odd within your save, upload a copy of your saved game from just before the odd occurrence to this link - make sure to change the filename first to something like Username_BugDescription.dat - it's best to confirm it here too so that they can match the filename and the issue. (you can also attach save game files to a thread if you start a topic on their forum). Guide on how to access Android saves: https://support.sega.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4409274314129-How-do-I-access-my-Save-files-#text Guide on how to access iOS saves: https://support.sega.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4409272443409-How-do-I-access-my-Save-files-#text If there's a bug within a match, save the match at the end (the down arrow at the top) and send a copy to SI describing the issue. Enjoy the new game.
  14. I don’t know what it is about this year’s game but for me it’s pretty unplayable. What I mean is no matter what team/tactics I’m using the same bullsh*t happens every save. My players can’t seem to play any meaningful passes or keep and possession. On defense they stand and watch while the opposition plays like peak Barcelona. Opposition can hit every 25 yarder into the top corner and I can’t convert a penalty. I’ve asked for help on the forums here and y’all have been gracious enough to offer advice and I’ve tried all your suggestions but it’s just the same no matter what. Past editions haven’t been this way, and while I’ll admit they were too easy this is just too frustrating at this point.
  15. When you skip a game / take a holiday for a day or however long the assistant manager picks some right weird players in strange positions. Is there any way you can set a default so it plays the team you'd normally play? So they still benefit from playing or your team gets the best result possible?
  16. Ciao I play with Roma My start formation is 1 goalkeeper 3 Central defenders 2 defensive midfielders 2 Back Wings 2 Attacking midfielders (in centre) 1 Striker About the defensive midfielders... i want: - one with defensive role (Cristante)... now is DM - one with more crative role (veretout)... now is BWM any suggestion??
  17. I want to ask what is the difference these two files?, and if I want to transfer it to my other cellphone, can I?
  18. Hello to everyone. I'm starting this topic because I have 2 interrogations about how 2nd half works in the game. The first one is, why are the players' notes downgraded at the start of the 2nd half ? My players always go down from 7 or even 8 to 6 immediately when the 2nd half starts, unless they had a goal/assist. I wonder why that is. The second interrogation has to do with how to improve performance during the second half. I'm on my 7th season currently and my team tends to dominate during 1st half. If I score at least 2 goals, then they will stop performing during the second half and barely get any shots. I suppose its due to the team being less motivated with a comfortable lead, but a bit frustrated. I made sure to build a team with high professional/determined/ambitions and even ruthless traits, but it doesn't seem to help much. I play on control style with a high def line and no specific offensive instructions. Tried to be more attacking during 2nd half but barely any more goals opportunities while I concede a lot. Also tried going counter attack to let the opponent expose themselves but then nothing usually happens on either side. Thank you for your answers.
  19. Good vibing vibers. Has anyone managed to complete a whole season with a player scoring 150 goals a season.
  20. I dont get annoyed much with this game..honest..but this winds me up.. Anyway that is all, good day
  21. Hi all, I have just started to play FMM22, and when viewing the player search results, I cannot see the indicator that shows how many players have been found. For example, when I search for a player, then view the player search results, I cannot seem to locate the indicator that says "100 players found." In FMM21 and previous versions, there was an indicator that showed the total number of players found. Could someone kindly confirm whether this feature has been removed or not? Thanks.
  22. Question: If the Harry Potter characters were footballers (in FMM22), which footballer would they be? Harry Potter? Surely we are looking for a young determined wonderkid, with lots of pace, movement + probably great at shooting (spells), but isn’t physically strong, tall, nor aggressive. Voldemort? Hmmm … tall, strong, great leadership skills … plus very aggressive, very good at shooting (other wizards), and absolutely relentless. Ideally we’d pick a slightly less-old player, with worse decision making, but surely it must be … Others? How about these ones … What do YOU think? 🙂
  23. Can I discuss hex editor on here? If so, how do I use it to edit player stats
  24. My coach says my right back who is 22 years old is unlikely to improve in the future. Does this mean their stats wont improve and should I sell them on?
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