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  1. Please: How do l change Luton Town from the Sky Bet Championship to the Premier League.
  2. Can someone recreate de zerbi tactics at Brighton
  3. Hello Today I wanted to make an international career for the first time, and when the friendly matches come I am asked to make a selection of players for these matches, but I cannot change the selection. Thank you for please help me have a nice day.
  4. Hey guys I wanted a formation & tactic that would make Haaland score a lot of goals. Please tell me
  5. I've bought the editor on my iPad but can't figure out how to access the editor. Need some direction.
  6. Anyone Here can Explain all the negative report mean? And giving some tips maybe
  7. Hello everyone, First, i apologyse for my English level... As a french, i'm looking for make Mbappe the GOAT, and as you know, he has terrible bad aerial skill to put him alone in the front and ask the rest of the team to launch every balls on his head (like we can do with Haaland the cyborg) So, my question is not only for Mbappe : is there a tactic that allow a striker with bad aerial skill to complete 50+ challenge ? I don't ask a plug and play file but more reflexions to find by myself Thanks guys, John
  8. Hey guys So speaking about pep today and I am wondering if anyone has been able to replicate his new 3241 formation currently...... Rdf posted his tactics on YouTube... Still don't understand.... Any help anyone Pls share
  9. Help i am playing as granada manager and in the 3rd season i won the la liga but now in the 4th season im struggling to win any game using same players and tactic . and i might get sacked
  10. Hi, can someone who is VERY clued up on a managers real tactics, create an Antonio Conte tactic for me? Needs to be someone who know's his tactics very well of course
  11. hi guys, sorry for my english but i'm italian. I would like to create a tactic similar to that of de zerbi, any video on youtube only talks about FM and never about FMM. how can i improve it?
  12. Hello lads, Anyone out here got any advice on how to better put away chances? Winning plenty of header in the box but players just don't seem to convert as many as I'd expect given the number they are winning.
  13. Hello everyone Hope your all good. I am currently running a save on Liverpool however I am finding difficulty with my midfield. I saw something from here that if your winning your games by a small margin then probably your midfield is lame and weak. Thus am kindly asking any of you to please tell me the required attributes for a strong midfield trio. Am playing a 433 formation. PS: what's the difference between AP and RP?
  14. Suggest players that I need to sign yo be able to win Sky bet Championship
  15. Could someone please help me how do you get so much offer for players and how do you sign a lot of new players? Thanks for the help ahead.
  16. Hey guys So I was trying to create legendary players on my fm save.... And I was trying to download classic players images..... Using images with white background did not give me anything, even using black background did not reflect the image on my save. Any suggestions on what is the suitable background and where I can download these pictures that are suitable As you can see... Black background nazario didn't work Thanks guys
  17. I was wondering if any of you thought I should make an upgrade to my team
  18. Hi guys, do you change your player role to fit your team tactics or vice versa ? Example, I like my striker to be a DLF but the players best role is a Poacher Cheers
  19. Has anyone tried to do a tactic based on Arteta’s Arsenal?
  20. Please can someone create me a tactic which replicates Andoni Iraola’s tactics at Rayo Vallecano?
  21. Has anyone experimented with a tactic to replicate what Guardiola is doing this season?
  22. They sold him for 1/3 of his actual value. I really don’t understand, I couldn’t even do anything about it.
  23. My In Game Editor has stopped allowing me to edit player stats. I can still amend every other option but the stat increases/decreases will not save. Anyone else had this issue?
  24. I'm trying to add a custom logo to the game for the team Montpellier. But it’s the old logo that appears.
  25. Where i can look to suitable players with roles ? I dont know what player is good for...wing back for example....tell me where i can look at players to see what roles are good for them. Thanks!
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