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  1. I’ve been testing tactics yesterday on how to reach 3k goals with a single striker. Here is what I’ve got. It did fairly well until I realised one thing… is there any broken roles this year? I would appreciate some help from experienced members. I do think about using WM instead of WB. Could work though I’m not entirely sure about it.
  2. Hello everyone ! I have a lot of trouble finding suitable roles for my midfielders. Indeed, I often manage to find very good players for all the other positions whether in attack or in defense but when it comes to midfielders I often find myself having to sell my latest recruits because they didn't work in my team. However, I am testing different roles: BBM, CM, AP, DLP… I dropped BWM and RP which are the worst from my point of view. I play in 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-2-1, so with an AP or DLP accompanying my 2 central midfielders. In my opinion, the best duo would therefore be BBM + CM, yet even having players with good statistics for these roles, failures are numerous. What are the roles that you could advise me for central midfielders ? What stats are you looking for for these roles ? Thanks in advance. PS: I use a translator because I don't speak English, sorry for any mistakes.
  3. Is there any guide / series of posts/pages where a newbie like me can learn the details, pros & cons of Tactics Team Instructions? I'm not a newbie to sport sim management games. I've played championship manager back in the early 2010's (CM10) for a couple years and then Football Tactics & Glory (FTG) for over 3 years. I however never played FM or for that matter FMM. I bought FMM 22 awhile ago and love how this game runs well and looks beautiful on my iPad. I've run career mode 4 times already with dismal results, being sacked on the 2nd - 3rd season every time always with the same team West Sydney Wanderers - Australia (WSW). This team is a title contender so I should finish in the top 4 but I end up at the bottom of the ladder. On every career game I played so far, the team starts winning well at the start of the 1st season but eventually it starts drawing then finally losing games. From what I read on other posts, it seems the AI learns my main style and then adjusts against it. I'm lost! I have no ideas on how to adjust team instructions against a particular opponent. For instance, the next match report shows for my opponent: Squad is lacking in leadership (+) Their team lacks a bit of pace (+) Their team lacks a bit of creativity (+) They have a fit & energetic group of players (-) The quality of their passing is very high (-) They have a very youthful squad (-) The only thing common sense tells me is: I should play fast (they have no pace) and I should not try to press (their team is fit & energetic). I understand NOTHING of tactics in FMM22 or football for that matter. FTG was pretty much as set and go and I didn't have so many options to tweak apart from the position of the player. Things like pace, short/long passes, and the effect of all those little adjustments are completely unknown to me. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, I've played this save for a number of seasons. After tweaking tactics several times and (more importantly) developing my players, I've now built a team with rock solid defense and a midfield that can comfortably retain possession. However, there are some problems I still cannot solve after all this time: 1. The match report keeps saying my team is using the width poorly. My wingbacks would dribble all the way till the bottom line and make a hopeless cross every now and then. They would make almost 20 crosses per game added together, with very few successes. They are good at passing the ball though, which is what I am happy about. Are they separate or one issue? How should I make them make more passes instead of crosses and/or fix this width problem? I wonder if I should switch them to IWBs but I heard that an IWB will function like a WB if there's no one in front of him. My AMs will sometimes drift pretty wide so will that allow the wingbacks to cut inside? 2. This one is the more concerning. I have been struggling to bring my striker into play since day 1. They make only around 10 passes per game and cannot pose threat to the opposition goal. "Striker did not test opposition keeper enough" almost shows up in every match report. It's November and my starting striker hasn't scored a single league goal. I'm only winning because I have an amazing defense that can keep clean sheets and let me scrap a 1-0 win. I tried to fix this by changing my AM to SS, but that didn't help, and the SS made fewer passes than before. I'm not asking a crazy amount of goals but I think it's a reasonable expectation for my players to score more than just 1 goal, considering their quality. Feel free to change anything, as long as you keep 3 CBs in the back. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  5. How do you guys go around duplicating first team tactics to reserves, when running unusual formations? I.e. running a 2-1-4-1-2 and so on?
  6. hei i'm son, i need help on my strikerless tactics, I'm just stuck with inconsistent tactics, and that frustrates me, I'm too unfamiliar with strikerless, but when I read @Kanegan 1k challenge with lee kang in it makes me excited again. its This is my first time creating a topic here.
  7. i playing on 2033 season, and use scout to find some youth player, but, many of the players I bought were not good enough for my team, but the other team can sign them and I have to spend more money to buy them for my team. so, how should i do in game to find real wonderkid player?
  8. Has anyone got any formations for lower league management I’m struggling with everyone I try
  9. Hey I can't delete my tactics...I have now 4 and can't delete or change them....some ideas ??? FM mobile 22
  10. Does anyone know any good b2b midfielders? Barella is my starting option and need to replace Mckennie as he is leaving. Currently managing Juve
  11. Did anyone knows why my trophies from spanish segunda and primera are not visible in the trophy cabinet?
  12. What roles are best for team training ?
  13. For some reason, my fm looks like this, I'm playing on a Samsung tablet. I've looked for anything in the game settings and even my system settings and can't find anything that changes it. Any help would be appreciated, I have a bad feeling I won't be able to change it and it will be stuck like this, which would be a shame because it makes the game very unenjoyable to play.
  14. Can anyone help me out with a proven tactic that will help me get out of the Vanarama national leagues and may also work in league two I’m really struggling!! I’ve looked at the tactic index but neither of the lower league tactics there are working so please help!
  15. Could some please give a brief explanation about how chemistry and dynamics work? What do I need for to obtain the chemistry lines between players and what can I do to improve it? Same question about the dynamics. How can the dynamics be improved?
  16. I keep conceding goals scored from open play outside the penalty area....I play with FB CB CB FB followed by midfielder being a BWM and closing down on at the times. Any tips how i can stop this happening??
  17. This year fmm has added player's description in player's personal details. And we can see some tips through the player's description, like Wonderkids and Promising XXX. Can anyone tell me the tips through the player's description? And I have founded some special player's description. Decisive XXX Explosive XXX Powerful XXX Towering centre-back Tireless midfielder Tenaciuos (Defensive)midfielder Cultured midfielder/wingers Flamboyant midfielder Confident winger Diminutive winger Dynamic winger Unpredictable XXX Midfield entertainer Midfield orchestrator Wily forward Enthusiastic forward Nomadic forward Showy forward Pacy hitman Creative forward Rangy forward Clinical forward
  18. Hi all, wondering if anyone else experiencing this, when I adjust my formation, player role, player position or team mentality during a game, to go more attacking or defensive, it resets back to what it started as, when I resume the game. For example I change to contain, go back to my team formation, it has changed back to balanced or I change my fullback to defensive fullback, it resets to normal fullback ??
  19. I cannot find answers to it, so I want ask here. 1. my reserve team isn’t playing in a league. It will change at one day ? For example if I go champion in first league ? i play with cologne in Germany. My first team is actual top 6 in first league and the reserve team normally is playing in 4th league. but the game isn’t simulating 4th league, so I have to do always friendly games that is not effective enough. 2. i use formation 4-1-1-3-1 in my first team. My reserve team use always 4-4-2. I want that they play same style like first team, so I got them a gold Assistent Trainer who prefer same formation like me . But the formation doesn’t change. is there a way to choose the players you want to play in start formation? The Assistent always use a keeper that is older and already good, but I want that he put a younger keeper with more potential. thanks for any help Dennis
  20. Hi, my first time posting a separate topic here. I was wondering how are true ability stars (according to the in-game editor) related to the CA (current ability) and PA (potential ability) system, and what value do they correspond to. In other words, I wonder (for instance) what a 4.5 star PA means, in terms of the 0 - 200 PA system. This would be important when I seek out transfers, as I tend to avoid players with lower than 4 star potential, but also noticed that some 4 star PA players can still be really good. Does a 4.5 star PA indicate a potential within a range of certain PA values? If yes, what are they?
  21. Hi i started a my club career with the smallest stadium at 3,000. After 2 glorious seasons with avg attendance at 3,000 i am in league 2, but my board is unable to obtain planning permits. Any tips? on mobile there is no option of creating new stadium except if you pay
  22. Anyone can share me a solution for Install Megapack on FM22 IPHONE ?
  23. Hey guys, Long time lurker first time poster! I just read a post from FMM21 about man marking and it spurred me to write this post. When attempting to man mark players how do I decide which player should be set to man mark and how do I know which opposition player will be man marked. In the 21 guide I saw CMs and DMs being set to man mark with clear expectations of who was being man marked but I couldn't see how that conclusion was reached? I assume FBs/WBs will man mark Wingers. But beyond that if seems to get a little unclear. Apologies if my formatting is off or if I've overlooked somewhere this is already answered.
  24. Hello guys, I started a new save in Italy and created a tactic to suit my players. Below I posted the tactic and 2 match stats. I had some succes with it with other teams but I am rather a perfectionist and want to improve it. For example: - On the right side I play with a winger so the back behind him does not need to be in the same position, so created an ‘extra’ midfielder (Iwb) to support in that area. - On the left side I play with an Inside forward so the back can overlap (Wb). Things to know: I play with a cm rather than a playmaker cause in my opinion the keeper just launches the ball to the playmaker, (loses every header) and so does the rest naturally focus on him. Because I want to be unpredictable I have chosen the cm who has ‘tries killer balls’ and ‘dictates tempo’ blabla. So he is in fact the playmaker in this tactic. Main question for me: How can I get the best of my midfield? The Iwb will drift inside but there is the cm/playmaker. (See below, red is my playmaker, black are my backs.) have tried switching cm with the b2b but I am not great in seeing patterns so therefore my question. In conclusion: - How to finetune the positions of my midfield duo? - And I am very open to feedback in how to ‘perfect’ this tactic?
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