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  1. Pretty much what's on the title. I started a Carrer with Roma, win everything every year (Euro Cup II, Serie A, Italy Cup first year | Champions League, Serie A, Italy Cup, Supercup second and third year) and still haven't unlocked it. What should I do more?
  2. Hai everyone i wanna ask something about this I just found this problem in this version and i don't know how to solve this problem Has anyone solved this problem??
  3. Hey everybody! I have this tactic that started off as a tiki taka tactic and I still kinda want that. But I just can’t score a lot of goals. My forwards are really good but it’s impossible!! My defense is very good tho and I have the best defense in the league. Here are my tactics, how can I make this more offensive?
  4. How are you supposed to buy players, whenever I try to buy anybody the amount the other teams want shoots up ridiculously compared to the value, I haven't been able to sign anybody yet, but when I sell I always have to sell lower than the value. A player valued at 2m I couldn't sign for less than 37m
  5. I’m in my 5th season playing with Walsall and I seem to get around 15/25 corners game but don’t seem to score any it is the same with free kicks also does anyone have any set piece guides or tips that might help me thanks in advance 👍🏻
  6. Sorry if this is a really silly question. I’ve got FMM22, my first mobile version and can’t for the life of me figure out how to search for a player by name. For example, I want to find Sven Botman, can I just type his name in anywhere and find him or have I got to use the ‘find club’ and go to his club? thanks
  7. I need someone else to help me decide this. I got a $153 million offer for Joao Cancelo. Do I accept? I have enough money, but it is a massive sum (the most I’ve ever been offered for a player). Thanks for any help!
  8. Greetings, i need a kit file for Unterhaching. They plays in the regional league Bavaria in Germany (club number 958) or send me the ID file from The regional league bavaria for the xml file thanks for help
  9. What roles are best to training players ? Thanks!
  10. Like, what do you do? Do you setup them for the real they are going to play, having less flexibility in the tactics? Or do you simply put a "generic" training (like box to box midfielder) in order to increase every stats? Because I really want to try various tactics in my career but I feel like having to manually fix every training when I swap tactics is a bit too much for my tastes. What do you do, then? What's your best training setup?
  11. Found out this team that always appears as "0" in the cup games. They have a normal name on the team menu and they are too low to have a division menu. Anybody else getting this? I have the real names change, could it be an entry on the changes.txt? They seem harmless but I confess I got a bit scared when they reached the half-finals... Like an hidden boss or something..
  12. I've been playing with 3 CB's but my middle CB has no positional discipline. He charges out to close down leaving huge gaps in behind. I've tried using different roles such as Libero to encourage him to act more like a sweeper and I've also tried using Offside Trap to encourage them to hold a flat line but nothing works. I'd argue that the majority of goals conceded are down to him leaving his position and leaving a huge space in front of my box. His average rating is in the low 6's whereas the wider Cab's are above 7 and are playing really well. 😡
  13. Hi does anyone know how to delete old scout reports?? I've clicked on the trash can icon and deleted all assignment reports but I'm still left with over 300 scout reports that are now out of date as I've been promoted, if anyone knows how to get rid of these so I can start fresh in the new season it would be much appreciated
  14. Hi guys, hope some of you could and would help me. Im playing in a 4231 formation with my West Ham save but i just cant find the right role for my attacking midfielder in combination with a AF upfront. I want my attacking midfielder to create and score. What do you guys use normally or what is the ‘best role’ for my attacking midfielder. Thanks in advance
  15. I have applied the real names fix, but Zebra stadium and zebra on scoreboard are still there . any fix ??
  16. Hi, I have a problem with some of my players at the health center, some of my players look exhausted and very inadequate even though they are not injured and have never played football (end of season).how can I solve this problem ? Is it a solution to hire a Fitness instructor as I mentioned in the images?
  17. Has anybody had issues with the new scouting assignments? I set hot prospect or key player eg and once the assignment starts the ability changes back to any some with the position and role filter
  18. Did someone manage to get national team logos to work this year? I downloaded a logopack and changed the .xml to contain ../team/.. instead of ../nation/.. like stated here: Sadly, the game still won't recognise them, all other logos work flawlessly. I tried leaving the xml as it with nations in it, too, in case they changed it this year, but that didn't work out either. Does the directory inside 'Pictures>logos' matter? Or the folder name for these logos? Any help would be much appreciated.
  19. Hi guys was wondering if you can mod the home screen so you can choose what is important to you in those boxes? Rhys
  20. Hi mates, I played FMM series from FMH2012 to now. I think I am a experienced player of FMM. But I still have a question that how to counter offside trap . With Attacking mentality, my forward, winger, even AP, BBM will often offside during the game. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
  21. As per the title, I bought the game on iPhone and made the changes by inserting the FM Vibe change.txt file for the real names and some graphics files (for example, logos). I was wondering if updating the app from the app store I lost these changes. I was also wondering how I can download photos of players from the app, I can't find any options in the settings. Are they likely to have already been downloaded automatically? But I see the photos of only a few most famous players.
  22. Can someone please make a giovanni van bronckhorst tactic please
  23. How do i retain the logos i kind of mess it up
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