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  1. Became 6th with Everton and won the Europe League but nearly always with one score lead and lucky goals. Also no player shines and I constantly get "Striker didn't test goalkeeper enough" and "Snatched at chances" negative reports after games. Is something wrong with the tactic or do I just need better players? (Baldanzi is also 5 star but he's originally an Advanced Playmaker)
  2. Hi, Sometimes at a club on holiday mode (not sure if that is the reason) there is quite alot of action with incoming and outgoing transfers. But its not always the case. What is the reason and is there a way to increase or decrease it?
  3. When i substitute a player it keeps freezing its so unplayable how can i fix this?
  4. Just went thru my first season with Barcelona, and simply have no idea how to develop young Lamine Yamal: Anyone has any idea why isn't he developing? He just finished getting mentored by Lewandowski and only developed some bits of Shooting & Leadership. In the first season I mostly use him as sub for Ferran Torres/Raphinha/Joao Felix How do I develop him, should I loan him out? Joao Felix has returned to Atletico but Ansu Fati is coming back in season 2
  5. Hi everyone, I wonder why my goalscorer development is stagnating, how I can reach 20 in aerial play if it's possible, any advice guys ?!⚽
  6. This is my first or second time posting on here. I’ve started a save with Chelsea right and I just can’t seem to score or get results at all. I struggle making space to attack. If anyone would like to give me advice or help, that would be great. I’ll post my tactic below
  7. Does anyone know how each of the titles are unlocked? The main one I've been trying to get is master of the dark arts as it looks a good bet for a hard working team. I have entertainer which is awful for the average team all players dislike it, I got park the bus by simming a full season playing defensive tactic which I don't ever do, but can't figure out master of the dark arts? Can't find a guide online either, trying to get this before starting a 1k attempt
  8. I have a couple of questions regarding assistant managers as there are a few things I've noticed in the last three seasons... Does the assistant manager play the set formation when you go on holiday? Asking this one as if I go on holiday the score is always much better than if I manage the game direct (probably means I suck). Why does the asssitant manager change almost every player in the team for "on holiday matches? Another weird one - I use the clear team and select team feature a bit as it seems to fill out pretty close to what I would and it helps to rest players occasionally. The assistant manager (when I go on holiday) tends to rotate players far more aggressively but I always tend to win. I've had VNN teams beat Championship teams doing this? Do players get tired quicker? Do players need more rest matches? Setting the manager to manage training didnt seem to change a single thing even after a couple of ingame weeks Does this just mean that I had things perfect? Does the Assistant manager work on this setting? Any thoughts appreciated If already answered somewhere else - sorry, had a quick search but to no avail.
  9. Just a quick 2 question : 1) in the first 2 pic..how can their CA be more then their PA? is it a bug? 2) can Trent & Havertz hit their PA? cause many ppl say at 27 y old..player progression will stop?
  10. Hi guys! SO i just got back to playing FMM with my laptop broken and me looking for a replacement (if anyone plays FM on laptops, do give me some recommendations for suitable devices for that lol TIA!), bought the 23 game awhile ago and just recently got the IGE. Can anyone of you lads give me some challenging save ideas as a tandem for my current save (boring stuffs with Man City haha), thankyou so much and nice meeting you guys!
  11. When I play a game or two the game often freezes and can't be touched and after that it just suddenly quits. What happened to my Football Manager?
  12. Does anyone have a realistic 4231 they use,I'm playing Dortmund. Can't seem to get consistent use out of if position. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Jamie
  13. Can anyone upload the vanilla fmm24 player pictures (200mb) that are downloaded on game start? They aren't downloading for me and I don't want to use extra storage for a facepack. You could go to your data folder upload them from there
  14. There is no tactics file in my game. How can I create and import tactics?
  15. Tell me on how I can improve this tactic. I used a standard goalkeeper for doing the regular saves and staying inside the box The Ball playing defenders start the build up to either the wing backs or roaming playmaker The wing backs are used as an attacking passing option for the inverted wingers The advanced playmaker is the pinnacle point of creating chances the the attackers while the roaming playmaker is an extra passing option if the opposition puts pressure on him The Deep lying forward acts as a false 9 to score long shots or pass the ball to the advanced forward in the box while the advanced forward creates attacking chances and also scores inside the box The inverted wingers cut inside to pass to the wing backs who pass to them again who gives a cross/pass for the striker to score These settings are used to put high pressure on opposition This gives high pressure on opposition attack so the ball comes back to the defenders though a counter attack can disrupt my team's defense causing to concede if unlucky Sho Short passes have low risk of opposition winning the ball back as passing focus is mixed and goalkeeper distribution is short to not risk mistakes Also working into the box while overlapping with wingers give good opportunity to score goals
  16. Why bro I did andriod fm24 things application support sport interactive football manager 2024 mobile extract and still didnt work and also I can't extract I copied for that help
  17. So I'm kind of new to the game so a bit of help would be great!when I'm searching for a player how much should a rating be to be called good?like out of 20 in 12-13 decent or should it be over 17 to be decent?and when i try to search for players i can't decide if he will grow or no is there anything i should know that might help me?like when i scout someone i mostly get 3-4 stars of PA is it good?can he become world class?
  18. Hi everyone, I'm currently managing a lower league team in Football Manager Mobile 2024, and I'm finding it quite challenging to consistently win matches. The players are not the best, and I don't have much budget for transfers. Can anyone share some effective tactics or strategies that work well with lower league teams? I'm particularly interested in formations, player roles, and any training tips that could help improve my team's performance. Thanks in advance for your help!
  19. Since Brazilian League is not present in the current mobile franchise, and due to the substantial importance of this league in the football world, someone here already have made it on fm mobile? In case you didn't, someone here know the most efficient way that I could create it? The only way I know is using the standard in game editor. If you guys love this sport, you must watch this league! it's the current top american league by far
  20. how i can fix fake name player on fm23
  21. Good people of FMM vibe, need some assistance. How does one go about unlocking any of the tactical titles other than 'Entertainer'? I am currently 8 seasons through my 1st save since I got a new phone, so lost all my previous details. So far the only tactical title I've unlocked is 'Entertainer'. I have no issue with it but it is killing my squad morale. And as in my save I am only bringing up youth players this is having an impact on them. 3 positive reactions, 19 negative reactions!! Does anyone know how to unlock any of the other 3 options? Bus driver, The Professor or Master of the Dark Arts? Thank you
  22. Hello, I wanted to preface this with the fact I'm quite new to the modding community but have been playing FMM since FM17. I recently discovered modding and have installed logo, real team name, and face packs. With the logo and name packs my load time is about the same as usual, maybe a touch longer, but with a face pack it's over 2 minutes to get into the game. Is this normal, or are there workarounds where the faces can be cached by the game? For reference, I'm on android 14 on a Google Pixel 6 Pro. Cheers, Chris
  23. Yo guys so as a joke i swapped mikel arteta too my club and now im without a club how do i get back to my club
  24. Possibly a question with a straightforward answer. How do people who create tactics know what each role does and how to use them correctly. I've always played with semi-decent teams so after a few seasons I'm capable of making good teams that despite tactics seem to be successful. Sometimes I use tactics off here as well if my team suits them. Honsetly normally I'm just lucky changing random roles without understanding what I changed and still can perform decently. I'd love to know more about how the game works so that I can exploit it as much as possible. Basically any tips on how to analyse the player roles and really learn about them would be great. Thanks in advance.
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