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  1. Some of us (ok, I think me alone) are still playing the older FMM games e.g. 2017. Is there any fmmvibe subforum where one can ask for help with tactics for older FMM games?
  2. I wanted FMM 16 because it is the last version that has the Brazilian league.
  3. Wanna find out if I'm the only person remaining in the entire world that hasn't already moved on to fmm17 (not paying a cent for it yet until more bugfix patches) In fact I'm still on a lower league game in fmh2015: started with Bristol City, won promotion to English Championship, but in 3rd season in Championship I'm struggling with horrible form; I can't even beat a League 1 team in FA Cup draw. Anyone know if there's anywhere on vibe or any other forum that stills offers tactic advise on older FMH games?
  4. It's not the first time, but why are both Irish leagues included in FMH/FMM? Was there great demands calling for them? If its by purchasing fanbase, I'm sure there are high purchase numbers from Argentina or South Korea too; yet both those leagues were never in a FMH/FMM game. Or do SI/Sega have a large corporate presence on the Irish Isle?
  5. If I'm changing phones, how do I transfer my purchased FMM app to another android device?
  6. Personally, I would like these to disappear from the game. They contribute nothing for me other than immense frustration. Prime example: Arrrgh!
  7. It's Deadline Day! We as FMM players can look back at some of the transfers this year and say, “well, I’ve signed this player.” Yes, because this transfer window is filled with FMM legends moving to new clubs, and we will be listing the top 10 legends of this awesome franchise who moved clubs this summer. Hope you enjoy! 10. Steven Defour | Age: 28 | Original Club: Anderlecht | New Club: Burnley | The FMH2006 wonderkid is now 28 and is not a wonderkid anymore, but Burnley has took a punt on him paying a club-record fee 8 million for the defensive midfield. 8 years on from being in “wonderkid” status, Defour isn’t exactly the best player on FMH/FMM anymore, but Defour has been playing well in European competitions for Anderlecht, being the anchor in midfield that they need. Coming off a good season in Belgium, Defour will be the star DM you need in an average Burnley side. FMM 2017 Predictions: Current Ability: 3.5* Potential Ability: 4* 9. Leroy Sane | Age: 20 | Original Club: Schalke 04 | New Club: Manchester City | Leroy Sane has been tearing up the Bundesliga whilst enjoying a break-out season with Schalke, and will only further boost his reputation as an FMM legend. Leroy Sane was without a doubt one of the most exciting players of FMM16, but after a season where he got 9 goals and 7 assists and being one of the best players to watch, he will be an incredibly explosive player on FMM and will be a really good asset to whatever team you’re using. FMM 2017 Predictions: Current Ability: 4.5* Potential Ability: 4.5*-5* 8. Pierre-Emile Hojberg | Age: 21 | Original Club: Bayern Munich | New Club: Southampton | The Danish midfielder was an absolute star for any team you bought him on, back in FMH13, he was at times the star of the attention, and now he’s joining Southampton. After an ok defensive season where he averaged 1.4 tackles and 2.3 interceptions per game at Schalke, he is looking to get a defensive upgrade to about 15 tackling in game which will boost his status as a wonderkid. Hopefully at Southampton he will not only continue to be a wonderkid whilst being a defensive playmaker that a lot of FMM players don’t have. FMM 2017 Predictions: Current Ability: 4* Potential Ability: 4.5*-5* 7. Bartlomiej Dragowski | Age: 19 | Original Club: Jagiellonia | New Club: Fiorentina | Remember signing Dragowski in FMM16? I do, he was that much of a wonderkid, I loved him when he was dirt cheap and you could pick him up and dominate the world with him (Looks like Fiorentina played FM and FMM). Anyways whilst he did play, he didn’t shine and Fiorentina is literally buying the potential that he promises. I hope he turns out to be a star. FMM 2017 Predictions: Current Ability: 3.5* Potential Ability: 5* 6. Pione Sisto | Age: 21 | Original Club: FC Midtjylland | New Club: Celta Vigo | Pione Sisto has been absolutely insane in the past few FMM, and has been putting in some good performances in the Danish League and the Europa League. He is certainly looking like a upgrade on CA in FMM. Along with other young players like Radoja, Fontas and Mallo, Celta will be a dark horse in FMM and I hope he will utilize his pace and dribbling along with some awesome crossing to lead Celta to glory. FMM 2017 Predictions: Current Ability: 4* Potential Ability: 4.5-5* 5. Samuel Umtiti | Age: 22 | Original Club: Lyon | New Club: Barcelona | Umtiti has been a really good center back for years now both in FMM and in real life, and a move to Spanish giants Barcelona will do him justice. The strong center back can utilize his tackling ability to be that defender who is fantastic defensively, and at 22 he will still develop in FMM17 and should be a nice asset in your team. FMM 2017 Predictions: Current Ability: 4* Potential Ability: 4.5* 4. Breel Embolo | Age: 19 | Original Club: Basel | New Club: Schalke 04 | My favourite striker from FMM16 has moved clubs? Looks like I will have to try Schalke in FMM17…… That aside, Embolo is a really intriguing striker and a fun player to watch, the lad produces goals, but like Dragowski, Schalke is buying potential, after an average at best Euros in France, Embolo will be looking to redeem himself in Schalke and bang in goals, and at 19, he looks like he certainly will for years to come. FMM 2017 Predictions: Current Ability: 3.5-4* Potential Ability: 4.5-5* 3. Eder Alvarez Balanta | Age: 23 | Original Club: River Plate | New Club: Basel | His golden age as a wonderkid was over, he wasn't going to get a move to Europe, and he would play in Argentina… or so we thought. The once wonderkid looks like he was going to stay in Argentina and be a disappointment to the FM and FMM franchise, but now Basel has taken a punt, hopefully with a good spell at Basel, Balanta can go on to play for big european clubs and be a successful player and live up to the hype. FMM 2017 Predictions: Current Ability: 3.5* Potential Ability: 4* 2. Gabriel Barbosa | Age: 20 | Original Club: Santos | New Club: Inter Milan | Absolutely fantastic, Gabigol who has been a very good player since he first emerged as a wonderkid in Santos is now transferring to Inter Milan, and they will be hoping that the goalscoring expert in FM and FMM can transfer that to real life. With other strikers like Icardi in the team, Barbosa will be hoping that he will break out in a young Inter team to shine in Italy and Europe. FMM 2017 Predictions: Current Ability: 3.5* Potential Ability: 5* 1. Ganso | Age: 26 | Original Club: Sao Paulo | New Club: Sevilla | Ganso!!!!! Throughout the years I’ve really stuck into Brazilian wonderkids, and Ganso is my favourite one, and even if he wasn’t a wonderkid, we were able to pick him up for cheap, and it is exactly what Sevilla did. The Spanish club have done business, picking up fantastic players like Vazquez and Ganso adds to the list of quality players. Ganso can use his playmaking abilities to be a nice assister for the team. FMM 2017 Predictions: Current Ability: 3.5-4* Potential Ability: 4* So, here is my Top 10 FMM legends who moved clubs this summer, is there anyone I missed? Please comment down below! Thanks for viewing
  8. Hey guys I'd like to talk about how i started playing Fmh. It's not been up to a year since I started playing FMH, actually I started last summer I remember I was desperately looking for a football simulation game where I could take charge of a club run the finances, buy players etc but I couldn't find any the had what I was actually searching for until one afternoon I saw my brother playing with his phone on the bed, I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was playing a game he just downloaded so I asked him what it was all about and he told me and I taught it was like the other games I've downloaded from the play store but at the end I decided to give it a try, it was the 2014 version and I saw I could get sacked, players could reject the contract you give them, players do run out of their contracts etc. I was very excited because I finally found what I was looking for so I started a save immediately with A.C. Milan my favourite club, unfortunately there was no 2D match engine then but I enjoyed the game. Two days later I downloaded the 2015 version, I had licence problem because I didn't buy the game but I was not disturbed because I could coach Milan without treating players I like differently since I didn't know them (that was the stupid excuse I was telling myself because I recognised the players looking at their age and nationality).So I was happy with the introduction of the 2D engine although I was disappointed with the inside forwards but it didn't make me loose interest in the game so I started the unemployment challenge, at the beginning it was difficult because no tactics seems to work so I searched online for guides on how to build a team and create tactics so I found this community and I read Dec's guide and it helped but after a while I got frustrated after being sacked by different clubs so I abandoned the game for some weeks and later I picked up interest again and now I play it everyday. Now I got the 2016 version and this time I bought it even if my friends and brothers say I was stupid but I don't care.. I'm happy so far with the little progress the game has made and this time I've been successful in all the saves I've done and I don't think I'd be getting board soon. P.S. I'd be doing a kind of guide about how the enhanced match engine work because I think one of problems people have in creating tactics is that they don't know how the engine and the combination of instruction work. You shouldn't build a tactics based on how you think it would work theorically but based on how the engine actually works. I've talked a lot sorry if it's too long. I'd appreciate if people comment and tell me how they got addicted
  9. I thought I would drop in and say hello before the North London derby hots up and let you all know I'm getting involved with the amazing FMM project. In my heart, I'm a community man. I came from the community back in the 90's and ran various unofficial and official sites. I've worked at SI since 1999 and apart from working on CM, FM, EHM, OOTP I've been dedicated to FMO for the past 5 years so I've been in a little bubble. I'm impressed to see the community is strong still and if anything the quality of the sites and content has gone up. At the moment I'm spending my time talking with everyone I can ... from the existing production team, QA, Marc Vaughan and the dev team, art as well as the marketing team and our business analysts (I'm sure they have a fancier title than that). However, alongside all of that it's crucial I understand what the fans think about the game (good and bad) so expect me to dip into here a bit and our own forums too. Keep up the good work everyone. Marc
  10. Guys, which fmh version that first time support 1080p screen? fmh 2012, 2013, 2014? Thanks
  11. Hi all, within this topic I wish to explore what I believe would be good and realistic changes each year to evolve the game we all love today. I also apologise if any are rough, while I have fleshed a few out in my head I wanted to get my ideas on paper and they were never intended for sharing. However after discussing with several people I have decided to put it into the public domain. Please note these are purely my speculations and may not become a reality. Also I didn't include bugs or balancing changes such as "Less Repetitive AI Transfers and AI try to get your top performing players quicker" as these are more of an evolution throughout the series and not new features/changes. After reading this I'd love you to share your thoughts or ask me any questions regarding a feature I am pitching. Also it would be great to hear your ideas too. I hope you enjoying read this and a massive thanks to @Ashez and @UKFootballScore as both discussed this with me and have some features on here of their own. FMM2016 Changes The FMM2016 Changes implemented throughout the updates will build upon the FMM2016 core feature of Coaches to enhance their users' experience with them. News will also be improved with new tools to give the user flexibility that isn't currently in the game. Coaches More Coaches from Non-Playable Leagues Age on Coaches' Profile Screen when promoting a player to staff that displays information before confirming in case it doesn't fit user In-Game Editor edits Coaches Can choose which Coach type to put a Job Advert for News New Job Expectations even when mid-season (doesn't happen on start up in Brazil when managing non-Brazilian/International Teams) Merge International Teams' Qualifying for competitions into one screen - Highlight main ones in news, pop out the others Merge International Teams' Call ups - Same as Qualifying Continue even with unread news Mark all as read option Highlight important news with slight red background Change Red bar at the side to indicate there is more to a different colour, makes it seem like it is must read Ability to press out on transfer rumours not involving your club to a bid screen News article when one of your legends (100+ games played under you) 6 months from retirement/retires unexpectedly if not at club saying so and ability to offer coach job Players Approach Free Agents/Bosmans to Coaches Include Squad Filter In-Game Editor edits Traits Other Request New Stadium Random Club Selector Find Club defaults to nation you are managing in not England FMM2017 Features - The Feedback & Control Update The aim of FMM2017 is to improve on the systems put into place in FMM2016 in relation to Coaches and News. Giving more feedback over the game by utilising the Backroom Staff will give the user more reason to get good Staff and allow the user to get more opinions throughout and speed up the game realistically where they want to without too much hindrance. More control for the user will allow a much deeper experience. It will not only be more challenging but also a more intuitive game for the user in which will speed up and eradicate receptiveness. Clubs: New Leagues - Argentina, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine Coaches: Coaches for non-playable leagues Selectable Scouts Scouts set up to tasks on Day 1 - Your Region/Youth Feedback reliability/depth differs on coach level Can choose coaches to give different feedback dependent on their areas Assistant comprises more in-depth report upon signing such as realistic expectations, strongest areas, recommended signings and tactical advice Scouts comment on more abilities. Maybe weighing in pros/cons like FM Touch. Detail can be given dependent on level Scouts don't give definitive attributes or CA/PA on first scout - Fog of War on by default Assistants/Coaches give a range of the PA until they reach what they feel is close to peak. Matches: Assistant can recommend substitutes for player you want to take off News: More team interactions such as players requesting game time based on form with the ability to respond Build up to big matches with more news/player comments in news highlighting how important it is Ability to revise expectations to get more money in December Competition Predictions/Odds for each competition you are involved in Players ask for new squad status/Coaches recommend change Assistant comes to you for a "team meeting" at key parts - bad run of form, first loss in a while, important game, after a good victory More media questions around big games/in general/about rumours - Unsettled player, good win, poor performance, big transfer... Assistant gives monthly feedback - players who played or trained well/poorly and general performances Take out news not related to your division Pre-Match talk mentions form, league positions, expectation and last results (merge scout report into pop out but mention in news article) More variety when making transfers not just celebration, initial reactions and expectations by fans for all. "see it as a good deal", "confused by it", "worried about future of Oscar", etc... More depth in post-match reports such as how the match panned out News has logos of team related to such as "Man United bid for Bender" should have Manchester United badge, Leagues the same. Maybe colours related Players: Ability to set squad status/determine on contract Can highlight on player screen/comparison (for comparison could filter to them) attributes that influence a specific role Traits appear on comparison of players Footedness - Useful in particular for Wingers, Inside Forwards and Inverted Wing Backs Tactics: Add in Anchor Man and Inverted Wing Back roles Make BWM only DMC/MC, BBM only MC and Trequarista able to play AMC Assistant can recommend players for the role you have when you select "i" Transfers: Coach feedback on offer as you update it, even counter bid/contracts Clicking on number in "Amount" gives pre-set drop down of numbers Buy back fee when selling players Future Fee when Loaning a player in 2 Year Loans Filter players with specific traits Position search split to not just be "midfielder" but Defensive Midfielder, Midfielder and Central Midfielder. Defenders the same with Sweeper. Usability: Multi-Select Players/Coaches to do specific tasks such as transfer list, release or compare (when 2 is selected) World rearrange - Merge nations into one tab, add in transfers, transfer rumours and scouting agency (maybe renamed) Other: Ability to choose database size at start of new game - defaults depending on device FMM2018 Features - The Personalisation Update FMM2018 will aim to make the user feel more unique when playing the game. Currently every FMM career is different and FMM2018 will build upon this by introducing new systems such as tactical mentalities for player roles, more training options and news subscriptions. The game will continue to improve on coaches' feedback in relation to the new features and the usability through a new global search bar and calendar view to keep the game fast to play. Existing features such as Scouts and news speculation responses will be updated to more realistic terms too while keeping their core functionalities that the user's know from the game. Doing so will allow the user to feel more in control of their game while not hindering the game in any way. Club: Nicknames of clubs for news Clear All Call Ups Option when managing International Team Media Predictions on Club Select Preview Team before selecting club - able to see player attributes, wage budget etc... New Leagues - China, Switzerland, South Korea, United States Board Philosophies upon signing (can ask to update in board area and at the start of a new game/new club) - expect you to sign youngsters, play attacking football etc.. Board expectations each season for each competition Coaches: Create/Scrapbook Coaches on MyClub Assistant can choose line up based on preference e.g. "Strongest Team" or "Rotation Team" Staff Search Scouts can search one country not just region More Scout Filters such as for a Defender of First Team Quality or Midfielder for Back Up. Matches: Half time team talk - 4 or so options dependent on how match is going (such as at 2-0 you can say to stay back, keep attacking, keep up the good work or don't get complacent), 1 choice per game. Ability to set man marking option before match - as opposed to opening slides, assistant can recommend News: Ability to subscribe to leagues, players or countries - by default does your club, league, cups involved in, nation and favoured club. Unsubscribes automatically from leagues you get promoted from and cups not involved in. News filters - e.g. Own Club Only, Transfer Bids/Rumours, Coach Advice etc.. Assistant offers advice and previews next month - e.g. A lot of tough games so rotation is needed, most fixtures are winnable Coaches recommend training - Clones current then modifies a section based on recommendation When responding to rumours have realistic responses not confirm/deny - "He is a great player and we won't sell for any price", "We'd love to keep him but it isn't clear yet" etc... More news on speculation , rumours or fact - Many poor performances leads to media speculating on players' future with some instances being respondable, you have a bid turned down for a player, you sign a player and leads to questions about future of another player or how that player will fit in to the squad/feelings on player (e.g. big amount of money spent on youngster- will he perform?). News can relate to another club after a specific type of player in order to show when to offer to clubs a player you are trying to sell Board Complain if not living up to Philosophies or praise when you exceed them, more lenient when going above expectations. Players: Players screens all have top bar with important information on to give profile consistency Traits display more prominent and stop removing some, cross them out if not relevant Set Date of Birth in MyClub Set Common Name in MyClub Player Interaction more than just positive/negative and public/private. More personalised on occasion - such as bad run of form - "I believe in you" or complained about transfer "You are key to squad" etc... Remove Public/Private option Tactics: Player Role Mentality - Attacking, Defensive, Neutral Multiple Tactics saved and trained with rating of comfortableness Sliding Scale of Mentality from Ultra Defensive to Ultra Attacking Training: Split up attacking training into Passing (Crossing, Teamwork and Passing), Ball Control (Technique, Movement and Dribbling) and Shooting Add in set pieces training Split defending training into Tackling (Positioning and Tackling) and Heading (Aerial Ability) Ability to create new training for specific players Ability to save Training Regimes Transfers: Set Loan Player out/in Squad Status - e.g. first team, back up etc.. Mutual Termination Usability: Global Search Bar Pressing date gives a calendar view with key moments in that month displayed on date - Can holiday to a date you select (shows only the current month and next month) Media Feed in World that displays news from all over the World/Nation that may not appear in news feed Other: User can select favoured club Your manager profile has all manager attributes on Display unique ID option All Players Released Option FMM2019 Features - The Fans, Statistics and Youth Update Giving fans more of a part to play in your success will be key in FMM2019. Fans will now act more realistically as they comment on important moments in the club and voice their opinions to your management. Keeping them happy could be a key part of management as they are such a big part of the football world and their feedback will be a good way to gauge how the club is progressing for the user. As well as getting the game to emulate the highs and lows every club experiences during a season. More statistical analysis will also be introduced through player and club averages to give the user an idea on how a player is playing compared to the rest of the world. Statistics are an ever growing part of football and statistics like shots on target percentage can give users an extra dimension when it comes to squad selection or signing a player. One of the most popular things a user does is to buy wonderkids and develop them, giving a proper academy structure to do so and feeder clubs to sign them players that may not be possible but are in real life. Most users comment that this is the most satisfying part of the game and giving structures to promote this more would allow the user to feel more in control in this respect; as well as more players to sign. Club: Set Player Bonuses for Each Competition - Influences Wage Budget Feeder Clubs Real Under 21 Teams and Fixtures Season Team Statistics such as Average Possession, Average Goals per Game etc... Your Seasonal Best XI Club can automatically upgrade facilities New Leagues - Austria, Croatia, Paraguay, Poland, Saudi Arabia Friendly Tournaments to choose from at the start - Gives Transfer Budget boost dependent on performance Fan Confidence like Board Confidence Player of the Year/Fans Player of the Year Awards Coaches: Assistant can be set to control Under 21 aspects such as team contracts and signings News: Coaches recommend players Feeder Club Scout Reports Every Year News comes up to buy player from Feeder Club before Other managers comment before/after a game Team of the Month/Year for League/Cup Competitions involved in (year for cups) News relating to game when it would get some in reality - if controversial decision/more news on player form (especially if poor)/talking points - "Theo Walcott failed to score for the 5th game in a row and many are wondering why the manager hasn't dropped him yet" or "despite a poor performance Chelsea managed to beat their title rivals in what looks like will be a record breaking season" Fans react not only to transfers but big games/results and current situation of the team every so often. More variety when winning the league, say how it was done not just fans chant name. Says how it is done and what fans expect e.g. with Stoke they know it is an one off and are thankful. Fan Feedback on general performance at end of season Board contact you about Wage Budget being over, failing to meet targets and put general pressure on Players: Evogen changed into Newgen system, level of players often scalable to club they spawn Newgen faces like FM Variable PA on every new career not just database Season player statistics on Player Profile such as Average Shots Per Game, Passes per Game etc... Ability to Scrapbook Players' history etc.. Shortlists go by uID not name when saving Under 21 Teams used automatically to recover players from injuries quicker - Option to turn off Matches: Latest Results in Loading changed to match statistics Tactics: Set Under 21 to use your tactics - On by default Transfers: Loan straight to feeder club - When cannot get a Work Permit Other: UEFA Coefficients update with league standings International Rankings iOS has Manager Rankings when using Game Center FMM2020 Features - The Fun Update People love to compete with others. A variety of multiplayer options from a career mode to a simple head to head with another player or a tournament mode will extend the game from the single player experience. Multiplayer opens up options for communities and friends to compete and means that the game has more of a lasting appeal as people come back to try and be the best. As well as this an offline version of the Fantasy Draft could prove successful as MyClub did to extend the single player game life and give the game a different dimension. Clubs: New Leagues - Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Serbia, United Arab Emirates Usability: Android/iOS save cross over to Cloud Other: More Challenges/Editable Challenges Multiplayer Mode - Normal Career, Head to Head, Tournament Mode, Fantasy Draft Mode Pre-Game Editor Offline Fantasy Draft Mode FMM2021 Features - The 3D Pitch Update In order to get fully immersive then experiencing a true match day is a must. A polished 3D pitch that shows highlights gives users greater immersion into their games as well as more information to react from in-game in order for them to achieve success. The 3D pitch addition would open up the audience to those whom are much more visual with the addition of kits and player numbers enhancing their enjoyment. Clubs: Club Kits New Leagues - India, Qatar, Romania, Sweden Matches: 3D Pitch Players: Kit numbers that are pre-determined at start, can choose to edit and when a new player signs you can do it or assistant can - Assistant Option to always handle this Tactics: Change circles to kits with the position smaller to the right side
  12. Well, I think it´s my first post here, sorry for the mistakes, i´m brazilian. Let´s begin. I was thinking, could they add an Football Manager Handheld online feature, like it has on Football Manager? I think it would be great, because sometimes it gets boring play offline. What about you? What do you think about an online mode in FMH?
  13. *Here is an Article I wrote highliting The Liga MX's history, procedures, and most important draw points. I can't tell you why it hasn't been added to the FMH universe, but I can tell you why it should. Hope you enjoy and as always feedback is appreciated. One of the notable abcences in Football Manager Handheld, is the Mexican Professional Soccer League officially known as the: Liga Bancomer MX. The league is sponsored by BBVA, one of the two most important banking institutions in Spain. The Liga MX is as of last June, ranked as the top league in all continental America, out classing the Argentinian, Brazilian and MLS leagues.*1 Here is why the Mexican league should be added to FMH. Impact Football is ingrained deeply into Mexican culture, making this the most popular sport in the country. The Liga MX is the most televised and watched sporting tournament in the country. Millions of people not only watch but also live this sport (and their teams) as it is part of who they are as a country. Teams Among the most followed teams you can find Club Deportivo Cruz Azul, Guadalajara Chivas, UNAM, and CF America. These are the 4 "Giants" of Mexico, the four most popular,and in some instances, the most successful teams in the country. The Rivalry shared by these 4 clubs is amazing, and this rivalry is the main reason why these clubs have written great pages in the history of Mexican Football. Not suprisingly, 3 of these teams are based in Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world. But these teams are just part of the equation, the Mexican league has many other traditional teams, spanning all across the country, such as: *Toluca *Leon *Atlas *Santos Laguna *Tigres *Monterrey *Pachuca And many more. The value this league can bring to the FMH Universe is enormous. There will never be a shortage of great teams to manage. Tournament Structure The Liga MX has a rather unique tournament structure, at least by European top league standards. The Liga MX has "Torneos Cortos" or short tournaments in English. This league is played within 6 months by 18 teams in the first division. Therefore two tournaments are played each year. ( There are multiple lower divisions as well). Unlike European leagues, the Liga MX is not determined by who has more points in one season, but by who has done enough points to qualify to the playoffs and defeat every opponent. In Mexico this is known as the "Liguilla" or little league in English. But don't let that name fool you. Only the eight teams who have earned more points, and by extension, performed best can qualify and have a shot at the title. This is widely considered, the most exciting part of the tournament as teams tend to elevate their game considerably. The Liga MX could provide a faster way to play, as teams only play each other once. They have 17 games per season, plus playoffs. Players The best players tend to move to a European Clubs but the Liga MX also has some amazing talent to show off. U 17 world cup winner Carlos Fierro, is one the most recognized Mexican players in FMH, but he is only the tip of the talent iceberg. We have Olympic Gold Medalists, Jesus Corona/GK, Oribe Peralta, Marco Fabian, and others. All of these players achieved Olympic glory in English territory against the mighty Brazil. Yes the Liga MX has Mexican talent by the hand full, but it also has talent from other American countries. Mexican teams have imported great players such as Colombians Dorlan Pabon & Darwin Quintero, Argentinian Rubenz Sambueza, and even Brazilian former superstar, Ronaldinho Gaucho. You might not be familiar with some of these names but that does not mean they are not good players. In Mexico we have a combination of good Domestic and Foreing players, making the Liga MX a hotspot of American talent. In conclusion, the Liga MX would be a great addition to the FMH Universe. It would provide a wide variety of quality teams to manage, a different/faster tournament style, and a healthy selection of talented players to choose from. Football Manager Handheld is all ready the best management game available. But why stop at best? Why not go for Better than Best? Expanding into the Mexican League is one way to do this. Hopefully one day the Mexican League can be added to this wonderful game. Cheers and Good Gaming Sources: *1- http://www.sounderatheart.com/2014/6/5/5782894/mls-gains-ground-in-league-rankings
  14. Football Manager Handheld 2015 is no doubt the king of micro-Football Management simulators and while Top Eleven and Championship Manager try to rival yet their user base is fractional and their attempts look more like knock-off Indie attempts rather than a full fledged rival. Enter Title Challenge. Their tag line promises 'Back to Basics Football Management', while FMH gets more complex; their new match engine makes the game slower and harder much to some fans' dismay. We were lucky enough to get an advanced preview of the new game that tries to crack the market dominated by Football Manager Handheld and ask if it can rival Sports Interactive's hugely popular title. User Interface First impressions of Title Challenge are very positive, the user interface is beautiful and much better than Football Manager Handheld. The simplistic logos, kits and the use of opacity makes it shine and with especially intriguing part is the football quotes and very nicely vectored images upon the loading screen are a nice touch and upon any news they provide life and colour to the game without being too overpowering. the side bar the layout is easy to navigate and quick to pick up. The . Nothing seems like more than 2 clicks away or a simple drag and drop in which helps with the speed; something that rivals Championship Manager and Top Eleven have struggled with. It is very classy and looks like a professional game that displays numbers in the same manner as FMH - not too amateur and childish but still appealing for all. The vertical layout is interesting too, with most using their device this way it makes sense for a quick dip in and dip out without having to modify the layout. A horizontal layout would be nice to display more information on the screen at the home screen etc... yet for a basic Football Management simulator this does a great job. The Database It is worth noting though, as expected with new titles that aren't on a big budget licenses are not gained for this game. While all team names are real there are no real player names however the game is clever. Using the players' first name and initial of their surname makes it obvious who is who so it is easy to sort out. There is an editor that gives this ability to fix names, though it is yet to be seen if a user could patch the game then upload their database to the public; in which would be very helpful and in a similar manner to PES. The database is very primitive too, only loading players from a maximum of 5 nations (the only ones that are available - England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain with no other players available. This is quite basic and where the game really lacks of the Handheld version. Instead of 6000 players from all over the world and giving the ability to scout is very limited and given that this is a fun part of Football Manager Handheld where youngsters from other leagues that aren't huge is a letdown. Also the fact that users can only play in 5 leagues is quite disappointing and if they included the likes of Russia, Greece and USA in which aren't playable in FMH this could be a huge advantage in the war against Sports Interactive. Transfer Market Title Challenge is certainly an interesting game, it is very much focused upon the pick up and play aspect that FMH is used to. The features are very stripped back but this is not really a negative and it can be very fun to dip in and dip out of. This can cause it to be addictive but FMH creates a game world where you want to go back and play it more, this doesn't feel the case in Title Challenge just yet. With a simple 3 outcome bidding system - the player goes for their value, they don't want to come to the club or the club don't want to sell, is basic and is perhaps the greatest miss compared to Football Manager Handheld. A more dynamic transfer system of bidding would go a long way and this theme of taking the features a step further seems to be a trend throughout the game. There is no doubt Title Challenge has all the potential but with FMH so far advanced after years of refining it is no surprise that the game isn't at the mark upon release of the first version. However unlike the other rivals it shows glimmers of potential and promise. What is there is a well crafted game, the ability to take money out of your budget and upgrade your stadium or scouting in which impacts your game; stadium gives you more money, scouting means you can get a scout report faster, and a finance chart gives the game an untapped market that is simplistic but very fun and useful for all the budding managers out there. Tactics Tactically the game is primitive but actually fun, each player has a role; though there should be more such as Playmaker and Winger instead of just attacker, and this allows depth without having to spend a while changing tactics. It is much easier to adapt to and get stuck in with matches due to this and make changes on the fly in matches. However matches feel like they can hardly be manipulated and if losing a mentality and passing style option would go a long way - even if they are just simple sliders from Very Defensive to Very Attacking and Long Ball to Short. The introduction of this would make the game feel more tactically in depth without being as confusing as FMH is to new players and with the simple player roles it can still lead to crafting the perfect team that the user wants and they can play how the user envisages due to this. On the game side it is tough to see how fit a player is, while you get notified when a player is exhausted a rotation policy isn't needed in the game that much. As football is a squad game morale and fatigue would be a huge positive as until a player is exhausted or injured the same starting XI can start the majority of games and be comfortable meaning small squads can easily achieve glory, freeing up room for the best players early on. Displaying morale and making it a bigger influence would be a huge step though this is available on the profile yet the absence of fatigue is a big gap from realism. Players Players are very simplistic too, while a star rating is reminiscent to genre-defining game LMA Manager in which they rated all players by a bar system with no depth besides from this it can be hard to grasp how well a player plays in what role. It would be great if some attributes could be implemented even if it was several and role specific. Knowing your striker has 99 shooting would be a lot more beneficial when comparing to another player on the market if they have the same star rating and would help improve the squad; and the realism, when you look to delve into the market or if you want to rotate your team but don't know if the players are similar in traits and ability. Growth is done automatically via training and you get alerted to good performing and poor performing players as well as when they have gone up a star rating, this really suits the nature of the game and doesn't overcomplicate the game at all. The news item rarely appears so is a perfect balance between speed and practicality. Miscellaneous Title Challenge certainly has potential but at the moment it can be more likened to a BETA with only a league structure and no cup competitions, fixtures in rounds and not on days; therefore no hectic Christmas period, and no friendlies the game is a simple run through and win the league/get promoted and rinse and repeat. While this appeal is great for quick players those who strive to win the Champions League with a League 2 side will find this frustratingly not possible. The exclusion of this will be highly disappointing due to it being popular in the Football Manager Handheld series however being a first release it is understandable and could be classed more as a BETA than a full release. It will be something that will be sorely missed and a massive disadvantage if it won't be included in the near future. While there is also no 2D pitch to visualise the commentary is sharp and concise and still fun, the speed means it isn't a huge loss there is no visualisation and with a limited tactical set there isn't a need to analyse players as much. The back to basics commentary style provides nostalgia while being fun and entertaining and this more than makes up for the lack of a 2D pitch as you read through the text almost every second. Final Opinions Overall Title Challenge is an impressive game, while one could argue it is not yet complete and lacks in depth where FMH has an abundance of it. Yet if you want a more casual Football Management game then this could be perfect for you. The speed is faster than Football Manager Handheld by a long way yet it is still well designed and with enough depth to make it feel appealing. There is plenty of potential with Title Challenge that is for sure, with a few years work and refinement as Sport Interactive's product as had this could be a major player in the market and perhaps a much needed rival for the London based company's game. Information iOS Devices - Out Soon http://www.titlechallenge.com/ With thanks to the team for allowing us this preview of the game
  15. We all know that 2013 was the last game but when did the game actually start dropping? I have all the PSP one's since '08 and all of the IOS versions as well. I started leaning towards the IOS version as soon as it came out. I'm thinking that as soon as the IOS version came out, it lost sales but when was it?
  16. Hey guys! I've as recently as today been playing with the in-game editor that is in FM14 and I must say its incredibly slick in how it operates! No loading or saving anything just straight away edits things relating to what page your on for example I'm looking at Chelsea I'd be able to edit all their finances, club details etc… just from a menu at the top! It is however incredibly easy to do therefore insanely easy to think sod it and give yourself loads of money or edit one of your players! I think something like this would be cool in the Handheld series and i'd pay decent dollar for one aswell. whether or not its possible or not who else thinks it would be good
  17. I don't know if you will share my opinion, and if you will be agree with me but to my mind, a bad point in FMH is that the league's hierarchie seems not to change whereas in FM it does. Let me explain : I do remember, in FM 2007 I played with France from 2007 to 2023. In 2023 Lyon appointed me. The club was not as good as it used to be in the 2000s anymore, they were ~15 th in the league, and former D2 club as Clermont, Montpellier or Guingamp were very often 1st, 2nd and 3rd in D1. Now, I noticed in FMH that it was not the case. Being the coach of France from 2013 to 2026 I noticed that the best teams of French L1 were still PSG, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Monaco or Marseille. Then there was almost no change in the championship, still almost the same 20 teams as in 2013. That's a bad point as I think if the hierarchy could change there would be nice challenges in the 2020s... What do you think?
  18. "Oh S**t, I shoot 30 times but i lose 0-1." "F*** you, I never got the right tactic." "D**n it, I must reload again." "Oh God, why there is no cheat here." "Arggh.. I wanna throw this game to Atlantic." It sounds like people that furstrated with FMH. If you ask, any advice? Yes i have. First of all, i wanna say FMH isn't more frustrating than Flappy what? Ok, let say Flappy Bird. I bet you haven't imagine if the FMH gameplay like that what Bird? Ok, just say Flappy Bird. So there is Mourinho's head fly between thousands offside flag then if you crash or fall, You lose. It's not as frustrating as that. Okay it is frustrating but, it is fun allright? Why you still happy to play the Flappy Whatever but you wanna change your phone with an Orca from Atlantic? If you are frustrated or whatever you said, then i have a solution. 1. For "Shoot more, Goal Less" It can because of three : You have poor striker, Your opposites's goalkeeper is superb or on fire, or the opposite do a "Men Behind Ball" well. If you are a football fan you will remember how Brendan Rodgers must lose 2-0 because of Mourinho's "19th century tactic". And i bet $300 that you weren't see Rodgers kill mourinho with AK-47. And I will explain about the same problem in FMH. If you got same stories like this, check your Striker (CA, Morale, Condition, etc). If you have a poor striker, the problem is solve for you. Try to play your best Striker or On Fire Striker in the match. If your Striker is good enough, so give a tribute to opposites GK. So your problem is solve. That is because you are unlucky. If you saw your striker is "8" and the opposites goalkeeper is "6" then it means they do a -somewhat - good in their defence. One solution for this is you must be "all-out" and wish the defenders do a bloopers. So this problem is solved completely. 2. For Less Tactic Knowledge This is why there is "tactic" in FMHVibe. If you are lack of tactic, try to find that you want in this forum. But, trust me it's more interesting to find your own tactic and strategies. Obviously, its exciting. Just be patience and keep the hardwork for this. Problem solved. 3. For You Are that Perfectionist Believe me, didn't got treble in a season didn't mean you'll be sacked. And you know in 26 years SAF in United, he just got a treble and many loses. Save and Reload just make the game didn't exciting again. So 1 lose isn't a disaster, 2 isn't a big earthquake, 3 isn't an appocalypse, and 4 isn't mean that we are attacked by Alien from Mars. I wanna talk this to you that Perfectionist. "This is the world, Not Heaven." Problem Solved. 4. For You that wish there is a Cheat First, there are Unlockables in the game. Two, there is someone who named Mother Theresa that teach us to be hardworker. Three, this isn't GTA. Yes, you can get a "Cheat". But you must be success first. This game just said, "Do first, Unlockable then". So why are you wish a cheat as Unlockable is more than cheat. Keep the hardworks mate! 5. For You that Wanna throw this game to Atlantic Ocean or Sahara Desert Why? This is one of the best game in the world. How good is it? See, There is FM(H) in almost all platform. I bet this is the 3rd football game in the world. SEGA is a legend in the game world. They wouldn't make something pointless. If you are "play alone" so just talk this game to your friends. And you know you didn't play alone as this forum named FMHVibe. Am i right Dec? 6. Other Tips a. Play with big team so you can find a lose less. b. Play with your favourite team so you know their tactic. c. Ask here on FMHVibe d. Remember there are unlockable e. And as Pharel William said, Happy Cheers :lol:
  19. This is a poll regarding who you think the 'best' team will be in Football Manager Handheld - as in the team with which you think it will be easiest to dominate the world! Bayern are the sure-fire favourites following their incredible treble-winning season, but with Europe's major clubs all investing heavily over the summer it will be interesting to see who you guys think will start the game as the biggest powerhouse. Comments and discussion will be much appreciated, so I'm going to start the running by saying Chelsea will be the best team at the start of FMH 2014. What do you think? Get the votes in! EDIT: Slight change to the nature of the poll, at first I was keen to hear who thinks Man Utd over Man City, etc., and why (which is still am). But I also want to hear from the people who think they could have better long term success at, say, Schalke, for example. Who's excited for FMH 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. The Top Ten Missing Clubs On FMH: With every new installment of Football Manager Handheld we have the slight chance of a new league being added into the game, in recent years to the disappointment of most FMH has focused on the British leagues with the Irish leagues being the last new additions. with this in mind MerlionMaple and myself put our heads together to create this list of the top ten missing playable clubs on FMH and what they could bring to FMH'14. The list is in no particular order and we're sure you guys will think of other clubs worthy of a mention so make sure you leave a comment sharing your views and opinions. 1. LA Galaxy League: Major League Soccer 2012-13 Position: MLS Cup Winners In North America, there is simply no club as big, as star studded or as successful as LA Galaxy. Established in 1995, it was one of the 10 clubs which began the MLS. Since then the club as reached heights never before reached by a North American club and has won 4 MLS titles and even a Club World Championship trophy. They are also the defending champions of the MLS which they won after defeating Houston Dynamo in the finals last season by 3 goals to 1. Financially, money has never been an issue for the LA club and for that reason many retiring superstars have made the club their home. A famous example of this is, of course, David Beckham who joined the club in 2007 from Real Madrid. The current iteration of the team features such notable names as Carlo Cuddicini, Omar Gonzalez, Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane. If LA Galaxy are playable on FMH 14 your task would be to get them all the way to the Club World Championship again. 2. Boca Juniors League: Primera Division 2012-13 Position: 4th Not only is Boca Juniors one of the most successful clubs in its native Argentina, but Boca are also one of the most successful clubs in the world. Established in 1905, a whopping 108 years ago, Boca have won more 50 official titles! How astounding! This includes a truly marvelous 30 Primera Division titles as well 6 Copa Libertedores. Boca were ranked as the top South American club of the last decade by the IFFHS (International Federation for Football History & Statistics) in 2010. The club has a well-known and fiercely contested rivalry with River Plate, the other major Argentine club. Their youth academy has previously produced such notable names as Nicolás Burdisso, Carlos Tévez, Éver Banega, and Fernando Gago while their current squad boasts once brilliant players like Pablo Ledesma and Juan Roman Riquelme. If Boca are on FMH 2014 it would be your task to keep up their brilliant run of success and guide them to a 7th Copa Libertedores title. 3. Chivas Guadalajara League: Liga MX 2012-13 Position: 8th No discussion of Mexican football would ever be complete without the mention of Chivas Guadalajara. Over the past 107 years Chivas has been the premier force in the Central American country winning 11 Mexican First Division titles, 7 Campeón de Campeones, 1 InterLiga, 1 Copa Challenger, 4 Copa Oros de Occidente, and 2 Copa México. Little known to most people is that Chivas were one of the founding members of the Mexican First Division. Not only that, but they have never been relegated to the Second Division either! In 2010 Chivas equaled compatriot club Cruz Azul by reaching the semi-finals of the Copa Libertedores, the highest a Mexican club has ever gone. Although now devoid of star power, Chivas has always been known as a producer of terrific talent such as the likes of Carlos Vela, Javier Hernandez, Omar Bravo and Carlos Salcido. If Chivas are on FMH 2014 it would be your goal to become the first Mexican team to win the incredibly difficult Copa Libertedores. 4. Olympiakos FC League: Superleague Greece 2012-13 Position: 1st Olympiakos are one of the biggest names in European football and the dominating side of Greek football, since the founding of the club a mere eighty eight years ago the club has gone on to hold every record available including owning forty league titles and twenty-six domestic cups! All in all Olympiakos has picked up an incredible seventy titles within it's eighty eight years existence, incredible! However the side has struggled on the European side of things with their best performances being reaching the quarter finals on two occasions (1998-99 and 1992-93). Leading Olympiakos to European glory would be a fantastic challenge on future FMH's and it's a challenge i personally look forward to hopefully trying. Player wise the Greek champions have a fairly solid squad with a few familiar names within the roaster like the former Manchester United goalkeeper Roy Carroll and the former Real Madrid hit man Javier Saviola. 5. Shaktar Donetsk League: Ukraine Premier League 2012-13 Position: 1st Formed seventy seven years ago Shaktar is the second most supported club in Ukraine and in recent years they've became more and more well known across Europe due to their performances in the Champions League. The club has won the Ukraine Premier League for the last four years and they also picked up three domestic cups within that time, although their last European achievement was some six years ago when they beat German side Werder Bremem 2-1 in Istanbul to claim the old Europa League trophy. Squad wise Shaktar are extremely interesting as the team is mainly made up off Ukrainian and Brazilian talent with many FMH favourites like Bernard, Srna, Wellington Nem, Ferreyra and the former Arsenal striker Eduardo. Shaktar would be extremely interesting to play as in FMH due to their fantastic young squad which has bags of protential while you'd also have to deal with the fact the club sold off over 100m pounds worth of players in the summer as fan favourites William ( Chelsea via Anji who he moved to in the January window), Ferandinho (Man City) and Mkhitaryan (Dortmund) all left the club! 6. CSKA Moscow League: Russian Premier League 2012-13 Position: 1st CSKA Moscow seem to be the Russian club most people have forgotten about with all the heavy investment and news stories coming out of rival club Anzhi but CSKA deserve a mention! CSKA hadn't won the Russian Premier League in six years (2006) but during this title drought they did manage to pick up an impressive six domestic trophies, this all changed last season though as not only did they win the league they also completed the Russian triple by also picking up the Russian Cup and Russian Super Cup, CSKA Moscow are back! In European football CSKA have a somewhat decent history as they have been involved within the various European competitions for the last 20 years although their only success came in the old Uefa Cup in the 2005 season. looking at the squad it is clear to see why so many people want this club on FMH as they have plenty of high profile stars on their books like Russian goalkeeper Akinfeev, Ivorian power house Doumbia, former Liverpool speedster Mark Gonzalez, Japanese sensation Honda and the up and coming Dzagoev. 7. FC Basel League: Swiss Super League 2012-13 Position: 1st Formed one hundred and nineteen years ago this club are the second most successful in Switzerland having won an impressive sixteen top division titles and eleven Swiss Cups. Although it is in Europe where they are catching the head lines as two years ago they became the first Swiss club to progress from the Champions League group stages after they managed to beat Manchester United 2-1, they've also claimed another massive scalp this year by defeating Chelsea! FC Basel has managed to catch peoples attention in the last few years with impressive European results but the club is yet to achieve anything of great note in the European competitions as the best they've achieved is a semi final place in the Europa League and the last sixteen in the Champions league, surely the challenge of bringing this club to European glory would be great on FMH14? Looking into the squad of Basel you'll see a few familiar names like Philip Degen, the injury prone full back had a brief spell in England with Liverpool before he headed to Basel, looking else where you'll see a few names which are becoming more and more talked about due to the teams European exploits with attackers Streller and Salah rumoured to be interesting a number of larger clubs. 8. GNK Dinamo Zagreb League: Prva HNL (Croatian Top Division) 2012-13 Position: 1st Having won consecutive Prva HNL titles for the last eight years Dinamo Zagreb are the most successful club in Croatian history having won an impressive fifteenth league titles and twelve Croatian cups. Once again though it is in European competitions the club has failed to live up to expectations with their best ever performances being reaching the semi final of the 1961 cup winners cup but in recent years the most they've achieved is reaching the group stages of the Champions League and i'm sure many FMH players would love the chance to add to this clubs winning history. The squad is fairly young and within their ranks they have one of Europe's most wanted attacking midfielders Alen halilovic, at just seventeen years of age he is already a full Croatian international and the youngest ever scorer in the Croatian top division, definitely one to keep an eye on. 9. Galatasaray SK League: Super Lig 2012-13 Position: 1st Galatasaray are the premier footballing club in Turkey, having won a ridiculous 46 domestic trophies including 19 Super Lig Titles, 14 Turkish Cups and 13 Turkish Super Cups. This record is even more impressive considering the Super Lig has only been around for 54 years. They are also the first Turkish team to win the UEFA Cup and the first team ever to win it undefeated. Unfortunately, Galatasaray has never won the UEFA Champions League and it is no doubt that winning that competition will be the first goal for any manager in FMH 2014 if Galatasaray are in it. It should not be too difficult to do so though, especially with a squad home to the likes of Didier Drogba, Wesley Sneijder and “ace-up-the-sleeve” Burak Yilmaz. 10. Steaua Buchresti League: Romanian Liga Position 2012-13: 1st In Romania, there is no bigger club than the legendary Steaua București. This particular club has amassed an amazing 24 Romanian Liga wins. Their team of 1986 went down in the history books when it won the the European Cup, becoming the first East European team to do so. That team was so good it also made it to the 1988/89 European Cup final only to end up being destroyed by a Milan team with the likes of Van Basten and Gulit. Their current squad is comprised of just 7 international players with the rest of the team made up by the cream of Romanian Football. As manager of Steau, one’s aim would be to bring them to the heights of European Glory once again without departing from their Romanian roots. That, folks, is far easier said than done. Cheers for viewing and please remember to get involved with the discussion by leaving a comment while also remembering to thank both us for this article as it was a joint effort.
  21. Football Manager Handheld - Female Addition: Football is mainly seen as a mans game but the footballing world for women is growing fast and they've come along way from only being able to play charity matches, for example the womens association now has an impressive 176 international teams, only 33 less than the mans version! Women's football has always been more popular in the states but it's starting to get some serious attention within the United Kingdom with the female England matches and tournaments being shown on terrestrial television which has made the sport just as approachable as the males national team while the ladies also have their own version of Match Of The Day called The Women's Football Show. However i'm not here to talk about how the women's game has improved in real life, i'm here to discuss the possibility of a womens FMH being released. Vibe hasn't seen many female members around the site and i'm not foolish enough to believe that female players aren't interested in FMH because it's based on the males game but is their interest in a female version? Obviously that is a hard question and one that i'll never be able to answer but as the sport grows will the need for a FMH womens addition? My personal opinion is i think it would be a great extra to the game and it would add something complete new and refreshing to the series, i know i've wanted to create a text change to try and recreate the womens league but the name cap obviously prevents this. If a womens game was ever to come to light i think the best way SI could handle it would be to make it a DLC, so far we've had some challenges which to be honest most members have little interest in but imagine a DLC which recreated your game and gave you a completely new experience, many members on Vibe already love this type of thing as Aykyle has been producing amazing changes for months which you guys have been all over so maybe it's time for SI to jump on the bandwagon and create this? realistically though this will never happen as a DLC or a stand alone release due to man power problems, the standard football manager series creates a lot of work for a number of people and i doubt they'd have the resources to scout a whole new sport but it's food for thought. So Vibe what are your views?
  22. Hey guys Im planning to start my careers and I dont know how to get photos from the internet into my gallery. If you see this post please only tell me how to add internet photos into the gallery and if its possible. Thank you Barcalona career: http://fmhvibe.co.uk/community/topic/17343-barcalona-the-catalan-giants/ Upcoming Posts: Tactic for Barcalona career
  23. Is one of my favourite days of the year and I know its sad but I actually take the day off work and follow excitedly all day until the legendary Jim White comes on at night That's why it really disappointments me that the day is over in around 30 seconds on FMH. it's impossible to do a deadline day deal unless you make the bit 2-3 days early and then its not a deadline day deal technically! This day is such a massive part of Football now that I really think it should be addressed in the game. hourly updates instead of 2-3 for the whole day? A designated transfer centre just for this day? I don't know how but I think it's a feature that should be added to the game somehow......
  24. Call me completely insane, but I have been thinking up this new method of creating regens for a long time now. It's sort of halfway between the current system and the newgens everyone demands. The core idea of regens would remain: When a player retires, a young player with the potential to reach the same ability is generated somewhere in the world. However, I would propose a set of "template" positions designed to be similar to those of the world's best players, of which a number are regenerated each season, regardless of whether the player has retired or not. The templates would work similarly to offering contracts to your Reserves, only the players are not as weak (though they do mostly have decreased PA's from their counterparts, and are unlikely to reach the same level). They are not limited to being the same nationality as the player they are based on, but do have similar nationalities. For example, an Italian "Regen 2.0" could be Italian / Swiss / Romanian / Maltese / Sammarinese. This would help to create greater diversity between players' nationalities. This, in my opinion, would add a layer of unpredictability to looking for regens while still maintaining the concept.
  25. Now we all love and at times loath football manager :-) for the highs and lows it has given us over the years, and the clasic players we manage to unearth. So it got me thinking about if there was a Championship/Football Manager hall of fame who would you put in it? Here are a few that would make it in for me . Tonton Zola Moukoko : Derby County AM/FM. 2000/01 A player that took on mythical proportions in champ manager but sadly not in his real life career Serge Makofo : Wimbledon AM/FM 2004 Wimbledon were in financial trouble back then and had quite a few good youngsters that could be poached, but Makofo was the best of them. Mark Kerr : Falkirk 2000/01 MF. Was one of the best midfielders ever in the manger series in my opinion and a cult clasic Freddy Adu : D.C.United (i think) AMC 203/04 was touted as the next pele in real life, and lived up to it, at least on champ manager . Apologies if a topic like this has already been posted. And more apologies if most of you on here have never heard of them. They where in the Manger series before you where probably a twinkl in you dads eye lol. Thanks and up the foxes Darren : aka: 4foxsake
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