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  1. Hi guys, I download the game as soon as possible and as always started with Real Betis. Made some transfers to get better youngsters and implemented my tactic from last year to give it a go. And with small adjustments it works really well. Let me share it with you. Tested with Betis for one season and win a league, was in Super Cup final and Europa League Semis (Liverpool was to much unfortunately). And the stats. Waiting for some feedback however i believe it will work with smaller teams. And go ahead with some tweaks, BWM is first thing to change but for me i feel like loosing balance without him. Edit: Keeper distribution and BPD was deployed after it was poor with my current goalkeeper, at the start it was mixed with CB, so with better keeper it could be better
  2. Let me start by saying English is not my native language. I can hear and read it no problem, but to speak or write is another thing altogether. Sorry in advance for possible errors. And I know I wrote a lot, that can't be changed. Believe me, I tried but I like to explain my thoughts to promote a discussion and I hope that can be the case here. Context So, like so many others I've been trying to find a way to make Inside Forwards to work on FM 23 Mobile. Since I can remember playing this game, I've always played with a 41221 formation with my wingers cutting to the inside, even before player roles were introduced and the instructions were made with arrows. On FM 22 Mobile there wasn't a problem at all, but when I started playing FM 23 Mobile, I noticed they don't work as is supposed to an IF. They were pretty useless. Actually, I stopped playing FM 23 Mobile and returned to 22 version until they promised the thing was better after last update. Since then, I've been doing what I usually do when testing a new version of my tactics: starting one season save test with Sporting CP to see how they perform. I started so many now I think I know the attributes of Sporting players by memory. Usually I have good results, but that's not enough. I want to actually enjoy watching the matches. Winning is not enough, I want to see my team building up to a goal, passing through defense and creating scoring chances in a team effort. A few days ago I asked in General Discussion topic out of frustration if anyone as managed to make IFs work and @StuartM gave me a tip to use them on the attacking line instead of the attacking midfield line. And so I started yet another save test with Sporting CP and actually enjoyed this version of the game for the first time. So much so that I decided to share it here, for you guys to possible test it and get some feedback. I called it "The Black Hawk". Tactic Overview First things first, before I reached to this I tested A LOT of versions using different kinds of combinations, instructions, player roles, passing styles and so on. IFs still didn't work, they always looked like fisherman, always clinging to the line (eh? eh?). What I noticed, tough, is that they lured opponents full backs to them, creating gaps between opponents full backs and centre backs to explore. So my last attempts were to explore that gap by using two box-to-box midfielders and instructing my team to "work into box" and "run at defense". The goal was to convince midfielders to run through that gaps and provide them with scoring chances. It did somewhat work, but I hated having my IFs used just as bait and not taking part of the creation process. With this version, I finally got them to take an active part of it. They scored and made assists and I liked what I saw. Objectives I am a control freak. I like to score as many goals as any other man, but not at the expense of suffering a lot too. Usually I try to find a balance between both, so my teams don't score a lot, but they score enough and don't concede that many. My midfield is often offering support and IFs are the ones creating chances, both by making breakthrough passes to the back of the defense or exploiting the back of the defense themselves. As IFs don't work that good anymore, I tried to design something that put my midfielders to run into the box, as explained before. As you can see, I set this to "Control" with a narrow width and a very high defensive line. The idea behind this is mainly to have the ball as much as possible, pushing the opponents to their own box, so if they recover the ball have no other option than play it long to their forwards, who will be all alone. When we recover the ball, we start it all over again. For this to work, our Roaming Playmaker as defensive midfielder is key. He will be the one who gets the ball and starts our attacks. The two box-to-box and two wing backs will provide support in this phase. When the team gets to the front, they try a lot of different way to work into box as instructed. Sometimes they make a series of passes through the center until they open a gap in the defense that the IFs or the box-to-box themselves can exploit. When that don't work, they lure everyone to the middle and our wing backs can explore the line. Funny thing, I took "look for overlaps" and so they cross early and I found that provides some goals both to striker and the IF at the far post. Regarding IFs, sometimes they stay wide, sometimes they rush into the middle. When they stay wide, the two box-to-box rush through the middle. When the IFs get inside, the two box-to-box stay close providing support just outside of the box. What I liked about what I saw is that the team actually tries to find different ways to create scoring chances, they do not stick to one plan only. Players Regarding the players to use, mainly I think the player roles are very self explanatory, they must have the attributes demanded to the role in which they are used. But there's some positions where some attributes are key for this to work. Centre backs must be fast or at least not sluggish. The opponents will often dispose of the ball from their box to behind our centre backs, so they must be sufficiently fast to get it back before their strikers get it. Agressivity helps, I found that the higher it is, the faster they react and that sometimes is the difference between getting the ball or leaving their strikers one on one with our goalkeeper. I found no significant difference in using right or left footed players as box-to-box at the right or left, but I used Daniel Bragança at the right (he is left footed) and Hidemasa Morita at the left (he is right footed). It helps if IFs are used in the other side of their favourite foot (don't know how to put it better in English, but is to use right footed IFs at the left and left footed at the right. This is to make them cut inside more times when having the ball, otherwise they will tend to the outside. There will be a lot of shooting chances for the three midfielders, so it will help they have good Shooting. Overall, the higher the Resistance, the better. This system is very demanding to both wing backs and box-to-box and also to the pressing forward. I often had to use subs with them. Sporting CP Before I show results with this, let just me say that Sporting CP is an odd choice to test this tactic because: - my centre backs are not fast. Sebastian Coates and Gonçalo Inácio have Pace 10 and 12, so I suffered some goals that otherwise with good pacing defenders would not have; - my main box-to-box midfielders, Daniel Bragança and Hidemasa Morita, are not fast nor have good attributes in movement or shooting; - apart from Pedro Gonçalves, my IFs have low stats at shooting, so they failed an awful lot of chances; - my strikers are Paulinho and Jovane Cabral. Paulinho has a whopping 12 at shooting and Jovane Cabral isn't even a striker, but is competent enough to play there and I don't have anyone else, so I roll with it; - Sporting CP has a lot of promising young players, but our first team second choices are risible. For example, I played in the midfield mainly with Manuel Ugarte, Hidemasa Morita and Daniel Bragança, and the second choices were Dario Essugo, Mateus Fernandes and Sotiris Alexandropoulos, all of them young players not nearly at the level required for a title contender. Everytime I had to rotate my squad, and I did that a lot to avoid injuries and keep their fitness, noticed the downgrade on the pitch. By the end of season they where already getting the hang of it, but at times they make it harder to put up the numbers. Anyway, this is what happened during the one season test save I did. Results I am pretty happy with how this went. We lost three games whole season, two UCL against Atlético and Liverpool, one last day of Portuguese League against Porto - which made me livid because it took the opportunity to win all 34 games. 128 goals scored and only 26 conceded in 57 matches. Only conceded more than one goal three times against Milan (2-2), Atlético (1-2) and Porto (1-2). As for the goals conceded, I suffered mainly from three kind of ways: long balls that my centre backs where not fast enough to catch it before my opponents; from corner kicks, my team is short (in real life Sporting CP has the same problem, we suffer a lot from those); and when already winning comfortably at the end of the matches, our boys relaxed and the opponents attacked in search of reducing the disadvantage, usually my roaming playmaker was not in position and someone appeared in front of the centre-backs (if it wasn't to test this tactic, I would change the role do defensive midfielder and those goals maybe wouldn't happen). I will post prints of some games in spoiler at the end of this post. I'm still bitter of the defeats against Liverpool and Porto. Bear in mind that I did the whole season without any change, it was plug and play. At times I was tempted to change some things, especially when already winning. I suffered some goals when already winning by two or three that I maybe wouldn't if I changed the Roaming Playmaker to Defensive Midfielder to provide support to my centre backs, or turning my Wing Backs into Full Backs or even Defensive Full Backs to secure my defense, but the goal was to test this tactic, so... Anyway, as intended the team had normally possession somewhere between 54/55 to 60%. Had still a lot of matches with more than 60%, some few outliers with less than 50%, but the average possession was about 55%. I remember a handful of matches where I had less shots thany opponents, usually against stronger teams from UCL (happened against Leipzig and Liverpool in the second leg) or when we were already winning comfortably. Usually, we had more than 10 shots every match averaging about 15 per game, sometimes more than 20. Our opponents ranged from 0 to 5/6 shots per game. In 34 matches for Portuguese League, we conceded 10 clear chances to our opponents, which I think is a good record - and remember my centre backs are not fast. Stats by position Nothing much to say here, we did conceded few goals. As you guys can see, my centre backs scored some goals and all of them from corner kicks or indirect free kicks (don't know how they are called in English, but I'm talking about the free kicks from the side of the area). I don't use a trick per se on corners. What I do is to put my stronger centre back marking GK, the other one attacking far post and my striker attacking near post. The rest of the team is left in "go forward" and one guy waiting outside of the box. I don't give any instructions as to where the distribution is made. Don't mind the goals scored by my Wing Backs, they were taking the penalty kicks to not influence the goal numbers of the rest of the team so we have a clear picture of who scores in this tactic. I do still beg your attention to the assists of these guys. As I said before, my wing backs with the "overlap" option ticked off try mainly to provide support to box-to-box and IF, making short passes and occasionally crossing early. So they made some assists both from through balls to IFs and early crosses. Esgaio revealed himself in this early crosses, in real life he is not that good unfortunately... So, here the fun begins. As you guys can see, all of my six midfielders scored and assisted and also played a lot (SB1 was the substitute of Ugarte, SB2 of Bragança and SB3 of Morita). Together, they scored 20 goals and made 34 assists, which is something I never got on FM 22 Mobile. Now, they had an awful lot of shooting chances during the season and the numbers are modest, they should have scored at least the double. With box-to-box with better movement and shooting, I believe that can be accomplished (for reference, Bragança has Movement 11/ Shooting 10 and Morita 10/11). Anyway, these three guys are always close to the box. They get a lot of chances either to run into box or receive the ball from the attackers to shoot just outside of it, and they were able to be in a position to provide assists as the numbers show. Looking now at this, I think I could have used Bragança instead as Roaming Playmaker and Ugarte as Box-to-box, it would have made more sense. Now, this whole thing was to get these guys to work and this is what I've got. Together, they provided 31 goals and 43 assists in 128 goals, which means they roughly either assist or score every 1 out of 2 goals. Sure, I've put them to take corners so there's maybe 15 or so from these, but still I'm happy with the result because I've seen A LOT of assists to our strikers that where missed from ways I cannot describe. Also, apart from Pedro Gonçalves all my IFs have poor shooting so they too missed a lot of close ranged shoots. These numbers could have been a lot better. Remember, none of my IFs scored from penalty kicks (those where to my wing backs) or direct free kicks (those went to my strikers). Finally, my guys upfront. Paulinho with Shooting 12 and Jovane who isn't even a striker. They did well. Paulinho scored a lot of goals and still missed probably most of his chances, as one should expect from a guy with 12 of shooting. He did provide lots of assists to my IFs and Box-to-box. Jovane isn't a striker so he wasn't very fond of doing the work of an pressing forward, but he did score using his pace to get behind opponents back, especially entering the field late in the game when they where already tired. Conclusion I won't describe again how the team plays, I already write about it - and I know, I write a lot, can't quite change it. Believe me, I tried I will just say that this can be used as an plug and play tactic, I believe will provide wins frequently, but this may be better with some tweaks along the way. When already winning, maybe changing the roles of the defensive midfielder and both wing backs will help secure the result and stabilize the team. I will test further to find another ways to make it work better defensively. There were a few games I call outliers where we had close to 40% of possession against smaller teams (happened maybe 3/4 times), but I didn't mind because we where still creating chances and shooting a lot while out opponent didn't. I believe it happened because my midfielders in those games were the three youngsters. Finally, I was happy with the results but wanted to try with another team so I did a second one season save test withy hometown clube, Amora Futebol Clube. Amora is a small club from Liga 3 (Portuguese third tier) that I've seen end up being somewhere from 3rd to 12th when managed by the IA (Liga 3 has two series of 12 teams each). So I would say they are not a top tier in Liga 3 and would be a fair assumption that they are a middle table team. Here are the results. The first phase of Liga 3 has two series (north and south), the top 4 gets to play a second promotion phase. The second phase is the promotion one, divided in two series of four teams each. The first placed is promoted and gets to play the final against the winner of the other series. Here's the final. I had a rough start, things weren't working. Casa Pia and Arouca are from portuguese top tier (Primeira Liga) so I wasn't expecting to win, but there were a lot of draws where our attacking was ineffective. Funnily enough, things started clicking in the middle of a game, against Académica. We were losing 0-1 and suddenly somewhere during second half we began creating chances and reverted to a 3-1 victory. From there we only lose twice and one of those defeats was against Boavista for the Portuguese Cup. Now, Boavista is another team from Primeira Liga (our top tier championship) and led the game almost 80 minutes until a stupid error led to a penalty kick 85 minutes into the game. In extra-time, the same guy that made that error let one of their attackers steal the ball into an one on one situation wih our goalkeeper. You already may imagine what happened there. Nevertheless, I was damn proud of our display, 55% possession and 9/9 in shooting chances while being 80 minutes ahead against a team two tiers above us. Not bad. There was a moment where we had a lot of draws because my team was suffering from low morale, they weren't ready to deal with the pressure of keeping the invencibility. But we overcome that and won the title in a fantastic display. We scored 59 goals and conceded 15 in 29 league games, which was a bit worse than with Sporting CP but that was to be expected with a smaller midtable team. Those were the players I used, you guys can see were they played in the picked position (first print with my preferred starting eleven, second with their substitutes). Just like Sporting CP, Amora didn't quite have the ideal players to play like I designed. For starters, my only good defensive midfielder (Jefferson), while solid enough, has more of a defender than a playmaker (in real life he is even playing as centre back). My other midfielders are below average, severely lacking in movement, passing, shooting and more critically in tackling. So I really struggled at times to control the game. Jefferson is not a good playmaker and the two box-to-box always tried the easiest route because they couldn't do better, so Amora explored more both flanks and less the middle. All centre backs are slow (the two starters have Pace 11) so I suffered a lot behind with that, and all my IFs are right footed - seriously, the four of them - so the right IF didn't played as much inside as I would hope. Still, the numbers are there. Wing Backs performed much like the ones from Sporting CP. My centre backs managed to score seven times from corners, often in latter stages of the season. The midfielders provided 10 goals and 12 assists, which is still a respectable number despite their flaws, and IFs 24 goals and 18 assists, which I found a fantastic performance. More goals between them than what my two strikers did. So, in conclusion, there's a tactic that make something out of IFs, not at the levels of IFs on FM 22 Mobile, but something acceptable. The team plays good football despite the fact that some players where not ideal to what is wanted from them, especially with Amora. I like that the tactic provides alternatives for the players to choose the best way to play, which makes every game unique and fun to see. There's room to improve and I will make a few more tests, but for starters I liked it enough to share it here for the first time. Hope you guys give it a chance and give feedback on your experience In spoiler I leave some prints of some games of Sporting CP in UCL and against our rivals Benfica and Porto.
  3. Hi, when i was doing a Man UFC playthrough to show my friend the game and while i was showing showed him how to create a tactic i came up with this. later tried it at lazio and even with an average of 3 injured players i have won Serie A second season was without too many major injuries to my squad so immobile decided to do this entire tactic sometimes needs to be switched to a vertical tiki taka with mixed passing and more creativity allowed but mostly it works.
  4. Have you ever wondered what's the furthest you can stretch and push the definition of a 4-4-2? That's where this all began, with that initial thought, "I want to make a 4-4-2 that is distinctively not a 4-4-2 in possession" And after a month or so of me working towards that idea, here I am. Now fair warning, this tactic isn't meant to be some super effective plug and play tactic which will win you games for sure, it's not meant to be an underdog LLM tactic that will get you results against bigger teams(in fact, it's kinda awful against bigger teams and even a little problematic facing equal teams), it's not meant to be the highest scoring tactic ever either. My point is, don't expect too much and you'll be pleasantly surprised. With that out of the way, let's dive right into it: So let me break this down bit by bit starting with my roles and the 5 main pairs: Pair 1, The Offensive Pillars: Pair 2, The Offensive Runners: Pair 3, The Wide Supporters: Pair 4, The Central Supporters: Pair 5, The Defensive Pillars: With those roles out of the way, let me elaborate on my instructions: Overload is a must, you could probably build a more safer and consistent tactic if you bring mentality down, but I prefer the risk taking nature of overload and thus built this tactic to that end. Narrow is a must as well, otherwise the W won't behave the way he does, not even on balanced width. Tempo can be fast or balanced, I prefer fast as it fits and accentuates the overall playstyle of the team. Creative freedom is an odd one, I had it on expressive for the longest time and it did do well as my team got many random and chaotic goals out of it, but I feel overall it might be holding back the tactic and not letting it flow properly. So I recently switch it down to disciplined, and while I do have similar amounts of success now I can't quite tell completely yet if it's better or worse than expressive. Defensive line is best played high, not only for defensive reasons but offensive ones as well as a higher line translates to the ball staying further up the pitch on average and more opportunity for your attacking players. I prefer closing down to be at sit back as well, this tactic already naturally has a rather flimsy defensive structure especially the way it is set up with all the instructions insofar. Setting it to all over or even own half might lead to that structure completely falling apart as your players chase down players around the pitch. And tackling set to either cautious or normal, committed just leads to too many fouls without offering any noticable advantage. Shoot on sight works well in applying constant offensive pressure and danger, through balls on further accentuates that. The key point is always maintaining a goal threat. Passing style can be either short or mixed, short has the risk of your team getting pressed high up the pitch and being forced to make errors close to your goal, while mixed sometimes leads to your players playing over ambitious passes in the build up leading to a loss of possession. Passing focus is another interesting one here, for the longest time I had it on passing focus through the centre but switching it to the left does offer it's advantages. But it can be either left or centre. And short goalkeeper distribution is always good unless you have a very good keeper who is good at distribution. I'll post this first for now as I've been typing for hours, and I'll add on more details later if needed. I hope vibe finds this tactic well, and that many of you here will give it a try and some feedback. Thank you!
  5. First forgive my English, because it isn't my 1st language. Been playing FMM since 2019 and always try a new tactics from here and couple others sites. Since FMM2020, Wolves always fun to manage because of their relative young squad and have so many great young talent from Portugal. And this is my tactic that bring that so many success with Wolves in Premier League. And this is my 1st team in 5th season: and this is my result from 1st season: (I bought Zakaria as backup for Dendoncker, Nico Williams and Adrian Corral for the future with low release clause). 2nd season: (I bought Vlachodimos to be my 1st GK, Belotti as I can get him for free in 2nd season, Angelo, Agustin Alvarez and Thierry Small for the future) 3rd season: Out: Semedo and Jonny to Liverpool (why they want my 2 RB?), Jimenez (as his stats getting weaker) In: Saliba (Coady cover), Vagnoman (2nd choice RB after Hoever), Ramsdale (cover for Vlachodimos) 4th Season: In: got 200m++ transfer budge (go crazy) Haaland, Pavlovic (backup for Corral), Rovella Out: Belotti, Zakaria, and others I think my formation need pacy players for all of the position and a lot crossing from my wingback. As you can see in my 4th season Corral got 20goals per season just from corner and freekick (i change my corner and freekick setup in 4th season). For RP you need a player with good creativity, pass and stamina.
  6. Testing Tactics: ‘Plug + Play’ with Man. United on FMM23 This series will slowly TEST some of Vibe’s most popular + my favorite tactics in FMM23. Using Man. United’s starting squad (with no transfers, same XI every game) - I’ll play up until the 2022 world cup (mid-Nov) for each tactic, to see how each performs. That’s 16 identical league games, 23 games including cups, for each tactic. Enough to get an idea on that tactics style + strengths 👍 ————————————————————————— ✅ Tactics Tested ✅ @Mushy 5230 (with 2 SS) <link> - see below ✅ My tweaked ‘Narrow 5230’ (with IWBs) - see below ✅ @Black Hawk The Black Hawk 4123 (with 2 IFs) <link> - posted near the bottom of this thread’s page two. ✅ @Black Hawk (featuring @StuartM) the Tweaked Black Hawk 4123 (with IFs + IWBs) - see page three. ✅ My ‘Intense Press’ 451 + 4141 <link> with 4-5 attacking midfielders - see page three. Note - the first 5 tactics above were tested BEFORE the March/winter data update, while any further tactics were tested AFTER the March/winter update was installed. ⏸️ Future Shortlist. (not yet tested, but would like to) @MarkD / Welcome to Wrexham v2.0 (23212 with 2 IFs) <link> @MarkD / Welcome to Wrexham 442 v1.0 (with Wingers) <link> *added* @topline / Solid 352 (with 2 DWs) <link> *added* @Ra.v / LF/RF 4-1-2-1-2 (with 2 IFs) <link> which was also discussed as ’4-1-2-3 Deadly IF & SS’ <here> *added* @GingerbreadPooches / 1-2-3-2-2 (Narrow) You Score We Score More <here> *added* @hhooo / 31231 (with IWBs) You Score We Score More <here> *added* @ericm544 / 343 (with 3 Poachers) <here> *added* @Van The Man / A bright future (3-4-1-2) <here> *added* @Footyman / Liverpool 424 (with 4 across the forward line) <here> ————————————————————————— Q: Why these tactics / why not mine? Q: How are they tested? 🙂
  7. Hello everyone, I was trying to revive IF's and started a new save. Actually looking for a high press tactic for United but went for tiki-taka and very well suited. Here's the tactic: Before the starting to save, tried to understand the player roles and playing style of Erik ten hag. Goalies wasn't good on the ball. De gea, Butland, Heaton.. none of them. So decided to play with standart goalkeeper. Dea gea was a superb. He concided 13 goals in the league. I know not because of him also we had really good defence as well! CB's were really solid. Confortable on the ball, made clever tackles, starting counter attacks... Full-backs... Luke Shaw as a inverted wing- back doubling the pivot the Casemiro when Eriksen go further. Dalot was a modern full-back he goes wide and played close the touchline mostly also helping the CB's the creating 3 at the back. Shaw made 8 assits in all competitions. Midfielders... Casemiro and Eriksen are our pivot midfielders. RPM role suited for Eriksen because likes to join attacks and making creative passes for teammates in all over the pitch. I couldn't get best of him but he was engane for the team. When I needed a goal he delivered. Casemiro was an warrior. Huge impact for the team. World class tackles and creative. Bruno Fernandes, our captain. What a performance... Even without playmaking role he was our main man for the front. Lots of key passes, deadly free-kicks and penalties. I have no words for him! I wanted the use inverted winger because Antony, not like in the Ajax. I mean, he doesn't play the same role. He is a more creative winger when playing for United because Premier League is more challenging and it is not easy to do these dribblings against foreign opponents. Of course he still wanted to cuts inside but most of time he looked for the creativity. Same words for the Sancho as well. Rashy... Omg what a performance. He was our goalscorer and nearly first striker. Really enjoyed the performances. And I think revived the IF role. :)) Weghorst and Martial up front... Praise for the Weghorst man. His teamwork rate, passing, decisions... I really like the players that playing for the team, not for himself. Always looking for the teammates and he gets the ball and creating space for the Rashford. Martial was solid also. So many injuries, unproffessionalism... Mostly sad face. BUT he played for the team and I'm really surprised. I was expecting a selfish player but no no no... He wasn't at all and suited for DLF role. Results: Win the PL, Carabao and UEL. Also Rashford won the top goalscorer and player of the year. Other statistics: Overall, tried to replicate Erik ten hag's tactic. If wanted to try this I will be happy for your opinions.
  8. after the winter update nothing seemed to work as good as it used to and after sometime between searching and testing tactics i ended up making my own some did perform well but not as good as i wanted before i show you the tactic theres a few things you can change i found that you can switch the mentality to counter, balanced, control, attacking, overload i do think control is the best but the others work ofc if yo uuse overload is weak defensively but whatever they all work i didnt have much testing with them but i dont know why but i was able to knockout real madrid in the ucl with counter + fast tempo you can also play with normal cd but i wanted the bpd because i had a lot of injuries i nthe midfield at some point in the season and had to use weak midfielders (2 of them were naturally dmc's) you could also switch on shoot on sight if you so desire anyways here is the tactic i did end that season so i lost the results but if i do remember correctly in the league i went 27-8-1 i think im sure about the loss but the rest im unsure went to the champions league final beating real madrid and atletico madrid losing to guess who... tottenham 2-1 with a goal in 90+ minute in the italia cup i lost but i wasnt using the tactic then khvarshtialai i butchered that but he was my top scorer with 18 and 10 assists raspadori was second with 15 goals and the rest of the goals were a mixed bag i had the best defense in the league whilest being second or 3rd in the best offense you should try to retrain ur striker into amc if you donw want to sell him it did take me like have season for osimhen to be dark green in there but i had raspadori to playing most of the game osimhen coming on in the second half thanks for reading and if you end up testing it do let me know hwo it went
  9. Hi Guys! I am here to share a variation or mixture of 3 game plans put into 1 piece The mother plan of this game plan came from FOKATIS, a member of this community and I want to use this moment to give him his credit, thanks so much. I got this inspiration from the game plan or tactics you shared with us "THE TWIN TOWER". The next inspiration came from NUNO ESPIRITO'S TOTTENHAM / WOLVES formation 3142 DM lastly but not the least, the Liverpool deep crosses and long and direct cross filled passes. In the game play of this tatics, you will notice more of direct passes, cross field passes and lots of crosses but it was set to shorter passes. No corner exploit but you can exploit as you would get lots of corner in your matches an average of 7 corners in a game. Average of short taken ranges from 6 and above and shot on targets can be 70% of the shots taken . The strength of the tactics comes from having a 2 solid CM which serves as the double 8 and also a solid CB that will play the sweeper role. Note! The double 8 in football terms is the Box to Box midfielders but in FMM, the box to box isn't effective as the Roaming Playmaker so I used RP instead of BBM, you will see that in the screenshots below. You can took to have a striker with good Aerial rating so as to not waste the crosses I set my DM (Anchor) on man marking same as my 2 DWs, why? My DM would mark the opponents AP or SS because I figured out teams that play with SS scores a lot and my DWs would press the opponents Fullbacks or wing backs high on the pitch and initiate quick counter moves or get in quick crosses In my save, I resigned from my job to pick SO4 who were in bundesliga 2,I got promoted my first season and won the bundesliga 1 my second season
  10. Here is my new tactic to replicate Michael Beale’s tactic with Rangers. This tactic has worked very well for me in the league but poorly in europe. In europe i suggest changing the width from wide to balanced as that worked best for me. If you have any questions feel free to comment and i’ll also be adding results when i reach january and end of the season.
  11. Its rock solid Its awesome Hi I've never posted tactics before but here goes my very solid tactic from fm22 on fm23 still going strong 2 tweaks to tactic play with it see how it goes both works well I switch it up depending on opponents but either works
  12. I started a save with 1860 Munich and decided to play a striker less 5320 formation it served me well, I ended up thought switching it to a 5230 formation which worked better, by the time I switched to that due to success at 1860 I'd got a decent team so decided to start a new game and give the formation a test. I picked Southampton and had transfers disabled for 1st window to keep their existing squad. The formation is a very solid one and barring 1 mad game against wolves which broke the mould and finished 5 4 we would have had the best defensive record. We still ended up with join best record defensively and got top 3!
  13. Been trying for so long to make this format work and so far this is was better. Not gonna to lie, corners were exploited 💀💀 but behind every successful tactic is a corner tactic. Don't know why the corner tactic worked so well, this time maybe it's because of direct passing, don't know why, it's the same tactic have been using and it wasn't this successful though after the world cup break the team cooled down same with the tactic. Decided to go direct since I had tried short and mixed but didn't work. Direct brought chances I didn't get when playing short. The wingbacks got higher faster on direct but with direct, just forget trying to get possession cause you won't. You could have 40% possession and below against bad teams but still win. For the corner setup, use the side center backs not the middle one don't know why it works better than the middle one To the roles, the midfield is key especially the RP, one with good movement and decent shooting cause they are left alone to take long range shots. BBM, good movement also and should be slightly good when crossing cause they drift wise sometimes to cross. The target Man and Poacher should be good aerially that's obvious. Other player roles are basic. The team lost just 2 matches In all comp and drew 4(3 In the league), unfortunately one of the L's was In the carabao after the WC when my team decided they couldn't play anymore. won the treble by the way and blew the league all in the first season. Haaland had nothing on us. With a total of 92 goals considering the setup, the team did well despite our setpiece goals.
  14. Hello Vibe! That's my first to have the honor to share with you a successful tactic.. Inspired by the 2k DT challenge I've made a try to see if this challenge can be doable..of course im far away from this but my tactic i think made a lot of success.. im trying it only in Scottish Premiership with a lot of goals!! Be kind with the photos and my language and feel free to make any change in the tactic..
  15. Hello, vibers! Here's my final thoughts on two main topics I personally like a lot: The Black Hawk (... or a quest to make IFs to work) [4123] and Testing Tactics - ‘Plug + Play’ with Man. United So first of all thanks to authors for inspiration and their well written experience! I didn't test this tactic with other teams. I don't believe in plug'n'play tactics for ALL the teams, so this one, I think, will be good for mid-table teams with a bunch of three-star players. And the results from two quick tests: Results are good, but not quite rocking. Average ~2 goals per game it's great, but not shocking What actually makes me happy, it's pretty solid defence. I struggled a lot to find a perfect combination specially for Man Utd. Even with pace <14, decisions <14 in defence line we conceded very few goals. In second flight I changed the role of DMC to DM, and it became even better. And I forgot that on screen, but you can put DM on player's covering, not zonal. IFs are very, very good! In first test I had Rashford on injury like a month, bad luck, but Antony was very solid! Second test it's still my dream In the end Rashford was tired and didn't score a lot, but still - 13 goals in 18 games, 10 goals on 14 EPL games, love to see it. From the original 'The Black Hawk' I changed PF to AMC (I needed Bruno there, he's the quickiest mind in game), and changed mentality + defence to be more solid. That's why it's less crosses, FBs are working well up to the 3rd part of the pitch and passing short. No striker = space left for IFs, a lot of runs from them inside the defence line. Most usual scenario: one IF is running through the opponent's FB and CD, another is getting slower inside, takes attention from second CF and another FB, a huge gap in the center, AMC is performing key pass and the goal is on. Due to bad shooting and decisions (only Rashford and Bruno have 15> shooting with <14 decision), I had like 15-20 shots total per game and only 5-6 on target. I think it's ok for the first season, later I can develop players or find others, more qualified. Main question for me it's still the role of DMC. Any suggestion for such a combination? If we still want to be solid in the defence and don't add a player somewhere else on the pitch. Once again, thanks to @Black Hawk and @DanEnglish for inspiration!
  16. Hi all, Finally managed to balance out a Conte inspired Calcio Verticale set up that is working well. You wont be dominating possession, but the team should shut out the opposition and limit them to long shots. Have yet to test with smaller teams but is should be solid enough, you ideally need a good pair of forwards that will put chances away Some notes: I usually set Attacking for home games, and Control for away If defending a lead/closing out a match, Drop the Defensive line to Deep, Closing down to Own Half and Time Wasting On One of the forwards needs to be focal point, but his partner can be most any other role depending on your squad If things are going a little wonky, it might be worth dropping the DW into WB If your DLP is getting overrun, drop him back a line. If he is still getting hammered, move the BPD out to IWB with man marking to provide some support for him
  17. I lost first few games and drew one with the new tactics but went to win 22+ consecutive games and still on the run
  18. So, few months ago, I posted a high-scoring tactic with 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 formation. In this topic we'll see the reloaded morph of this tactic, made for FMM 2023. Firstly, I must say that, even if I love the 4-2-3-1 formation, the 4-3-3 FLAT is the ideal one for this tactic. So let's start. The instructions are pretty much the same as last years tactic, with attacking mentality, balanced width, fast tempo and expressive creativity freedom in shape, high defensive line, all over closing down, normal tackling and offside trap without time wasting in defensive instructions, while using the "look for overlap", "shoot on sight" and "run at defence" ones for the attack, with passing style, passing focus and goalkeeper distribution all set to Mixed. The roles you're recomended to use in a 4-3-3 FLAT formation are the following: GK ---> Sweeper Keeper RB ---> Wing Back CB ---> Ball Playing Defender CB ---> Ball Playing Defender LB ---> Wing Back CM (right) ---> Box To Box Midfielder CM (central) ---> Ball Winning Midfielder CM (left) ---> Advanced Playmaker RW ---> Inside Forward ST ---> Target Forward OR Complete Forward (depending on the attributes) LW ---> Inside Forward A few useful notes: If you're playing against a big team, it is advised to use control mentality instead of attacking, balanced defensive line instead of high and, depending on your goalkeeper's attributes, you can switch to short goalkeeper distribution in combination with Goalkeeper role instead of the Sweeper one.
  19. The 3-2-2-1-2 tiki taka football manager tactic is a modern style of play that prioritizes possession, creative passing, and fluid movement. The tactic employs two decisive ball-playing defenders who are technically proficient, along with a roaming playmaker and an anchor in the deep midfield. A wingback with exceptional positional awareness is also utilized. The midfield consists of a box-to-box midfielder (midfielder orchestrator is recommended ) with excellent passing abilities. The team plays a low-tempo game with no offside tricks, an attacking mindset, and cautious tackling. A left-sided winger who operates from a left central position and three forwards, including a deep-lying forward, an advanced forward, and a right inside forward, are also utilized. The key performers in this tactic are the advanced forward and the right inside forward Results:
  20. Just a bit of context as to how this came about. If you wanna skip ahead to the tactic, feel free to scroll down to the “TACTICS” part. Anyways: @BatiGoal currently has a thread going where he’s testing his old formations from past iterations of the game (you can check that out here). I thought the 4-2-4 he used had promise, so I tweaked it a little bit to make it work even better. HOW I TESTED THE FORMATION: HOW DOES IT WORK? RESULTS: TACTICS: Two things you can do if you’re struggling: If you’re coming up against a much stronger team or just generally struggling during a match, switch from “attacking” to either “control” or “balanced”. Both seem to work for me, but depending on your team results may vary. Switching from “balanced” to “disciplined” for creative freedom might help if you’re coming up against extremely defensive teams (like that accursed 3-4-3 but with 2DMs and WBs instead of L/RMs asdfghjkl). I say “might” because sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t have a proper fix for when it doesn’t work; maybe dropping the tempo might help, but take that suggestion with a grain of salt. There’s also one other thing you should tweak depending on your strikers, but I’ll address that in the topic below. WHAT KIND OF PLAYERS TO USE: (Green means the attribute should be at least 15, blue is at least 12 unless stated otherwise. This is assuming you're managing in a top-tier team / league, the numbers are not set in stone) Decisions & Teamwork are important for every player. For IWBs and the forwards, Pace should be highly prioritized; for the others, Pace is not as important but still good to have. SK: Your standard goalkeeper duties are paired with the responsibility of yeeting the ball upfield without giving it away. Aside from the usual (Aerial, Agility, Handling, Reflexes), Kicking is also vital. BPDs: Nothing special here either, the key attributes (Aerial, Positioning, Strength, Tackling) & Passing will be good enough. IWBs: They’ll need attributes that suit both a midfielder and a full-back. Movement & Passing are crucial; Positioning & Tackling will be good to have as well. Also: The left IWB should preferably be left-footed, and the right IWB should be right-footed. BBM: The more defensive of the two midfielders. Passing, Positioning & Tackling are the more important attributes as a result, but Movement & Shooting should be sought after too, so as not to negate his offensive duties. RP: The opposite of the BBM, focusing more on the offensive side of the game. Attributes like Passing are still important, but Movement, Stamina (if anyone needs it, it’s going to be this guy) & Shooting (it would be green but CMs with 15 or more Shooting are far and few in-between) takes precedence; Positioning & Tackling take a backseat this time round. PFs: Movement, Passing & Shooting are what to look out for. I suspect higher Aggression helps, though I have no evidence. Similar to the IWBs, the left PF should be left-footed, and the right PF, right-footed. AF: Movement & Shooting (as high as possible) are the key stats. Passing is important here as well, since this player will be responsible for both scoring and assisting the Poacher when possible. One more thing to take note is the strong foot of this player; if they’re right-footed, play them on the right, and vice versa. Poacher: Similar to the AF (Movement & Shooting), but his main & only focus will be banging the goals in. As a result, Aerial & Strength will be helpful here. Take note that if the AF is right-footed, the Poacher should be right-footed as well, and vice versa. I doubt it's going to break any records, but it’s a fun, aggressive tactic with high shot volume that should allow most teams to overperform without needing to change too much. Hopefully you guys enjoy it, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask. Thanks! PS: If anyone's wondering why the title is "Return To Disco", IRL the 4-2-4 was popularized during the late 60s to 70s in Brazil, hence sharing its heyday with disco. IDK, I just thought it was catchy, I'm not too great at naming things admittedly.
  21. Hi all, Back again with (another) defensive/counter attacking/catenaccio style tactic molded on the principles of Helenio Herrera. The core ideals are; Defensively solid. Fast and direct passing. Win and have the tactical style tag on the manager profile read Catenaccio The set up is based of Helenio Herrera's grande Inter (as always), but with a few tweaks to make it work in FMM23. The team will defend with a back 4.5, with the CBs, BWM and usually the DW as well. Man marking as shown is important to stop the players wandering around and to stop any runs coming through. the team should attack with a front 4. Namely the Striker, Trequartista, SS and one of the RP or WM/Winger Forward can be changed to suit the players you have, however i found the most effective to be one of a DLF or AF. Wide players work best in tandem, that is one slightly more defensive and one slightly more offensive. DW/WM or DW/W If you find yourself facing a low block with 7 players, change the mentality to Attacking or Control. If you want to see out a result: Move the wide players back into WB roles, change RP to a CM and then Closing Down to 'Own Half' and Tempo to 'Slow'. You can also alter the shape to bring the Trequartisa and SS back into CM roles or as IW (depending on your players) Tested with Liverpool (briefly) and Inter, post update although I stupidly didnt save the screenshots of the season with Inter Best of Luck!
  22. Defensive tactics seem to be punished a lot more this year while also having a high line without 2/3 Olympic level sprinters as your CBs you die from a long ball so as a challenge I’m going to try to win the league with the master of “how can we destroy what our opponents want to do” Diego simeones 5-5-0
  23. Hello guys, hope you are all well. Got a lovely little 442 to share with you all Unbeaten in the league for 2 seasons in a row It is NOT plug and play though but you also don't have to do alot of changes in game..... 1. Holding a lead at the end of a game (last 5 mins)... changed creative freedom to disciplined and put time wasting to yes. 2. If struggling to have any possession then put passing style to short. 3. When playing and struggling against a narrow formation, change passing focus to both flanks. Anyway here is it... season 1 Season 2 I've not tested it in a higher league so don't know how it will work higher up Hope you have fun 👍 P.S i will probably be accused of saving and reloading etc etc, I know I havnt done that so please give it a try before giving me any negativity please 👍
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