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  1. Hi all, I have posted my tactic in the previos two years. Here we go again this year with few changes : Be aware that the tactic require good players. Pace, Tackling, Stamina, Shooting are the most important. In my case as i am a manager who like to develop players i get the best from the tactic always after the first season but still manage to score 260 goals across all competitions even rotating the team a lot so players can be developed. Corners are near the post with the CF atacking near the post. All players trained for the position they are playing. I train all strikers as Target Man. All are on shooting apart from IWB (pace) and CB (tackling). General assistant and 3 fitness coaches. 1 rehab and 2 prevention - all should be gold. The last year setup still working fine sometimes but i decide to play around this is what i am using at the moment. Feel free to add any sugestions to make it even better.
  2. Hi All For those who know me, I pop up now and again in this Forum with comments or the odd Tactic I don't mind sharing for those who like to tinker. Anyway I messed around with a few formations, until one seemed to fit my style, and so here goes a Tactic that is for a decent team, don't know about Lower sides because you might not get the Players that suits the style, I have tried with some success with Oldham in Div 2 of the English League, and York in the VNN, again with relative success, but no where near like the screenshots I will add below. In regards to any crazy Special Instructions, all I did was set my best CD header on Corner duty, everyone else stayed back, this got me a few more goals as you will see. TACTIC 2-3-2-2-1 Shape - For the Striker role with Roma, I stuck with Poacher as I had Shoot from anywhere, but with Spurs I stuck Kane on a CF role, I don't think either is better as goals came from the IF's most of the time. Defence - Thought I would need to switch off the Offside Trap due to playing WB's, but surprisingly I didn't concede as many goals as I thought I would!! Attack - Tried 'Working Into Box' and it works, but I found that such an attacking stance required anybody to be able to shoot, which for me worked better with each season Tested. So I tried with Spurs first, not really purchasing many players, my main aim was a Good GK who could play as a Sweeper Keeper so needed good Pace also, for this both Clubs tested I bought this brilliant GK - Thomas Strakosha Tottenham - Finished second behind City, had good success playing with the Team i already had at my disposal, but as you can see there is room for improvement, maybe a few more players could prevent so many draws Fixtures Statistics - Highest Goals was Kane with 34 followed by Son with 24 Highest Assists was Son on 44 Highest Average Ratings was Son on 8.16 Transfers Brought in a good midfielder in Bissouma, a good IF in Ocampos and then Strakosha as my main GK, otherwise just a few freebies and loanees to make up any gaps with injuries Awards Players' Player of the Year/Footballer of the Year & Player of the Season in the Euro II - Heung-Min Son A few Players selected in the Team of the Year Final Screenshots Manager History - 2nd in Prem, winners of EURO Cup II Carabao Winner and FA Cup winner Roma - Won the league by 10 points Fixtures - A couple of stupid losses Team Statistics Goals - Highest scores was my CD due to the Corner rule which is a little cheating, but a win is a win, Tammy Abraham was next with 22 Assists - Not as good as Spurs with this team, CM and the RWB get 19 and 18 Av Ratings - As my Spurs season a very good average overall Awards Got Mkhitaryan and Mancini in the Team of the Year Transfers - Thauvin is a brilliant IF and again Strakosha was my Keeper to bring in to play as Sweeper Keeper Final Table Lost only 3 games, and conceded the fewest goals which again was a surprise Final Screenshots Manager History - League Winner, Italian Cup winners and the EURO II Cup also Manager Profile - Not bad, 137 goals scored and conceded 37 total Please try as you want, give me feedback on how you get on and if it works for you.
  3. Announcement 1: It will be a broad and comprehensive subject.Because it has been tested with a total of 6 teams.(Utrecht/Athletic Bilbao/Sassuolo/Wolfsburg/Everton/Fenerbahçe) Announcement 2: Due to the limited save space,the last 3 career summaries will be shared.(With 6 teams,the league was championed and trophies were won.) Announcement 3: Finally,since 3 different team mentalities are used,this tactic will be examined in three different sections.(Team Mentality has been tested as 'Balanced/Control/Attack'according to the quality of the players and their leagues.) Now that the announcements are over,let's share the important notes and examine the careers. Note 1: First of all,you should know that whatever tactic you use,it is very important to keep the motivation of your players high,to strengthen the communication of the players,to establish a good staff team and not to lose consecutive matches. Note 2: Whichever team you choose,you may find it difficult in the first matches because the players' relationships are not strong and they are not used to the tactic.Do not give up.Talk to your players often and focus on winning the matches. Note 3: Since we do not use full back players and we only use 2 defenders in the centre,the defenders must be FAST!..Also,pay attention to the tackling,aerial,power and passing characteristics.Otherwise,your players will have difficulty in catching up with the opponent's wing players and you may see many positions in your goal.This includes the Anchor Man player. Note 4: Pay great attention to the features of the Center Midfields such as Passing,Team Play,Tackling,Positioning.But the most important thing for me is Movement! You ask why? Because as far as I have observed,there are two midfielders on the tactical board and if we want to play a passing game we have to assign the central midfielder task.Other roles are not suitable.There are people who usually choose box to box midfielders, but bux to box players can not create a good pass option because they go too far in attack.Central midfielders are in a position to receive a pass in any position. Note 5: Creativity,Passing,Shooting, Decisions,Movement features of the Attacking Playmaker and Deep Lying Forward are very important.Don't be fooled by their support role.They shoot a lot every match.They often enter positions.It's a bit difficult to find an Deep Lying Forward.But he still says it.There are benefits.Tadic,Darwin Nunez and Odsonne Edouard are the most important players for this role.The Deep Lying Forward always gives you the option to pass and creates opportunities.They are the most enjoyable forwards to watch.But they have to have a good finisher by their side. Note 6: I don't need to specify an extra note for Poacher and Wing Forwards.But give importance to TeamPlay and Decisions for the whole team.In whatever role the players are in,run their training accordingly. Now I can start sharing career summaries according to mentalities. 1-ATHLETİC BİLBAO(BALANCED) Frankly,this was the career that I had the most difficulty with.Because Bilbao is a club I respect and therefore I remained loyal to their Club Culture and only transferred players of Basque origin.Unfortunately,I could not find players at the level I wanted except Merino.Also,Unai Simon and Iker Muniain always gave me difficulties.Still,I managed to win the league and the Spanish Cup.Also,the thing that interested me the most in this tactic was:Regardless of the team mentality,I was able to shoot at least 10 shots in every match and easily enter the clear goal positions. Fixtures and Results Player Stats Tactics 2-EVERTON(CONTROL) The team that I enjoyed the most and surprised me the most was Everton.Because I won a championship and a cup very easily in the most difficult league of the game.I also crushed my opponents in a very superior and dominant way.And even though I have the control mentality,it was very interesting to finish the season with 3.10 gpg. Fixtures and Results Some Match Stats Player Stats Tactics 3-FENERBAHÇE(ATTACKING) Frankly,this was the easiest.I won the League,the European Cup and the Turkish Cup.I was never defeated in the league. Fixtures and Results Player Stats Tactics I hope it will be useful for you and you will have a pleasant time.See you in another tactic.
  4. Ok. So i have read a lot of topics and tried many tactics, just to enjoy this years game more. However none of the tactics worked better than this. This is mine, however it’s based on last year somebody’s tactic with some tweaks, I believe. Don’t remember exactly 😅 Cannot share any results, because made a break for a few months and I don’t remember in which career was I using this, but trust me. Try it and enjoy Drezden is the only one i remember, but only 2,5 years on, so stats are not that exiting. But i am adding manager profile to prove it works EDIT: Just saw that passing is set to “Mix” however it worked very well with “Direct” so just test which one is better for you.
  5. Hi, guys, would appreciate any help from you. In general this tactic isn’t so bad, during my first season I won championship with 101 points. Then, after promotion, I finished 7 and lose in FA Cup final 2-1 to Chelsea. Next season I was on the 6 place, won EURO CUP II and Carabao. Conceded only 18 goals. But now I feel that with nice squad improvement results can be pretty much the same. The main problem is games with stronger opponents, sometimes I guess I get lucky and can win, but sometimes they just destroy me. The second main problem is scoring. Also the problem is inconsistency. I can have 10 wins in a row and the will be a slump for next 5 games, when I can lose o draw with weak opponents. Most common negatives from much report is “lack of goal threat from attacking midfielders”, “wingers struggled to make an impact” and “striker didn’t test opposition keeper enough”
  6. Evening all, thought I would share this tactic that has performed surprisingly well for me and given some great underlying stats for dominating the ball with high number of passes and over the season it averaged 60% possession with West Ham first season no transfers, helping us to a treble. The other thing I have liked about it is it got the best out of the whole team with consistently good ratings in every position and the goals/assists were spread around the whole team. Fixtures/Results: League Table: Tactic: This worked well for me with a decent but not amazing squad in the Premier League so I hope it might work for some others. Please feel free to give it a try and any constructive feedback is very welcome.
  7. Note 1:This tactic has been tested in 4 different leagues and teams.Therefore,it will be a broad and comprehensive topic.(RB Leipzig/Marseille/Atalanta/Chelsea) Note 2:If you want to get the most out of this tactic,you should create a squad that is suitable for being a champion.This tactic may not be successful if you have a medium squad quality or poor quality squad. Note 3:In the first season,since the development of team relations and dynamics will continue until January,you may have difficulties in the first matches.Never give up and trust the tactics.It is very,very important that the morale of the players is high. Note 4:Pay attention to obtaining a grade of B or A in Team Dynamics (except Loyalty).(You must have players with high leadership skills for this.) Note 5:The features you need to look for in your players while creating your squad should be as I mentioned in the Miki Taka tactic.(In my Atalanta career,I did not pay attention to the speed of my defenders,and the penalty for this caused me to see 86 goals in the goal post.) Note 6:If you think that your opponent has a much superior squad quality than you, you can play that match with a balanced mindset instead of overload.(This will give you an advantage in the first season.For example Leipzig vs Bayern/Atalanta vs Inter/Marseille vs PSG) Note 7:In order to create a better squad in their tactical careers,the Money Father mode has been activated and no matches have been played again. Note 8:I shared the footage of Chelsea career for the gpg event before.So instead of sharing the images again,I will share the link of the topic I opened. Note 9:I also used the famous corner tactic.This gave me +25 goal advantage in the season.Frankly,I was not successful in creating a corner tactic myself.Our talented friends can help us in this regard. I think I've been understood so far.Now I can move on to careers and screenshots.HERE WE GO! 1-Red Bull Leipzig(Germany) A very nice squad that is open to development.€200m transfer budget.Lots of talented players sent on loan.It was a very enjoyable career. I won the league in the first season.I beat Dortmund 7-1 in the DFB Cup final.And I won the champion league.It was a pretty successful career.Also,Bruno Petkovic had a great season with 10 finishing and 11 decisions.I didn't expect that from him. Fixtures and League Table Some Good Results Manager/Player Stats and Dynamics 2-Atalanta(Italy) Atalanta had a lot of fun in my career.The transfer budget was 68 million,so even though I called my rented players and used lots of sales and trades,I could not get high money.Therefore,I could only invest in midfield and attack players.Since I did not have money to buy fast defenders,it cost me 86 goals.Still,I won the league.I won the cup.And I became the champions league champion. Fixtures and League Table Some Good Results Manager/Player Stats and Dynamics 3-Marseille(France) It was a pretty crazy season.I bought quality players on loan in team for a very cheap price.So I had 140-150m€ left.I turned to the old wolves.I wanted to see what they would do in one season.I won all the trophies and never lost in the league.This was crazy. Fixtures and League Table Some Good Results Manager/Player Stats and Dynamics Now is the time to share the tactic. TACTICS
  8. This tactic works great with underdog teams.Likely more consistent if you have good CB. AF is super OP for this tactic so choose a clinical forward for AF position. Some tips: -Be patient for a season or two for players build relationship -(Important)Aware of your players morale (always give feedback to your players performance after match (praise/criticise) to boost morale -Always check players personal before game (ex: hope to be rested,wants to play)
  9. Hello to everyone. I wanted to share with you the tactic I used my career,wich I started as unemployed. I hope this tactic works for you. When I started the league, there was a difference of 10 points berween me and the leader and we declared the championship 2 weeks before the end. Note 1 : I started the league with the Van FK match, I didn't share the previous matches because the fired manager played. Note 2 : Since the defensive line is high, the opponent can get behind the defense so you should prefer fast defenders. I hope you like the tactic, I would be very happy if you try it and share your results. 😊😊
  10. This is one of the best tactics I've ever created. This will be quite a long post so bare with me and I'll explain it in full detail. Although this appears to be a standard 4-1-2-2-1 it has a few major adjustments that completely change the formation. You'll notice that it has no inside forwards. The reason for this is about space creation. Having an AP and IW in those positions means they operate in half spaces while still providing width. These should be players with IF stats playing AP/IW role and same foot on same side. This allows for crosses and diagonal through balls rather than cutting inside and running into a cul de sac. Right foot right side and visa versa. Normally having 2 of the same role next to each other is a big no no but the 2 roaming playmakers are key to this whole system Playing wide is not only about keeping the AP and IW in wide half spaces but also stops the 2 RPs from occupying the same areas centrally. Ive tried high def line and it doesn't work in this as its far too open behind if you you do. Since you have a DLP you don't have to worry about the larger gap between def and mid from balanced rather than high plus left IWB plays as a 2nd dm As with all fluid systems ive ever tried or created final 3rd instructions should be kept minimal or it stops the fluidity of the tactic. Here's my results. But bare in mind this is not going to come quickly to win win win. I suggest you make as many pre season games as you're able to. To allow some chemistry to form.
  11. Started a new save with villa since the winter update with a tactic I'd been using with great success to find I lost around 8 of my first 11-12 games. Also found the corner tactic of marking keeper and aiming at penalty spot no longer works. Decided to quit and start a fresh trying to find something that works consistently on the new update. Not found much success on the corner front, but still won the league with only 1 big signing (bissouma). I always liked asymmetrical tactics, so built one to suit villa, as bailey suited it well and traore is decent backup. It also allowed me to play Watkins and Ings together. Got quite a few goals, and generally had more shots/shots on target than the other team. When playing big teams away, I often had less shots, but still won or drew. Only played 1 season so far, so early days....
  12. For managers that have a strong affinity for ultra possession of the ball like me, racking up to more than 500 completed passes in a match. This 4-1-2-2-1 formation setup is the bet. It's a setup that tends to base their short passing style more on the center of the pitch and make good use of the channels too. Key crosses or passes can come from any member of the team because there is a balance in the teamwork and creative freedom within, which makes me uninterested in assigning a playmaker that dictates the flow of the game.
  13. Variation of my previous tactical post. This one is far more offensive, as you can see from the stats my strikers have been achieving. Been using this tactic in the Chinese league to great success. Smashing the goals in. Front 2 strikers have been lethal. Note that I play lucca on the right of the two and also have him as my corner attacker. Using the corner tactic that surely everyone knows about. Mark keeper, everyone else stay back. Feel free to test and give me some feedback. Cheers
  14. Hey guys, found a tactic that has done pretty well for my city save. Not tried it with lower teams or other big teams. It has possession in most games but not all but its pretty good after your team has played a few games. Some key players stats. Foden - 114 Games 65 Goals 30 Assists De Bruyne - 104 Games 59 Goals 38 Assists i holidayed in between games just to see how the tactic would go and the computer sold the likes of jesus, walker and sterling etc happy for any feedback and tweaks.
  15. Hey lads, I was working with "regular" tactics for two seasons, after a few matches it stopped producing results. So i started to screw around with the tactics and came up with this one out of boredom. But this shit works, even had 2 matches where the opposition didnt even produce a shot😂 Check out the screenshots and let me know what u think.
  16. I have found this years edition particularly difficult however I have tweaked this tactic a little and now seems to be decent...I have tried it in English League 1 and it got me last minute promotion through the playoffs when i discovered it...I am currently trying it in Scottish championship. Have a go and see what you think.
  17. I try converting most download FM22 tactic on fm-base to vesion of mobile and get not bad results. Score a lot of goals, very solid defense, possession > 60%
  18. Disclaimer: This tactic has set several records that have been posted in the Vibe Store. This is not plug and play, you may need to make small adjustments to player roles to make it work for your team. Also, in game adjustments are required, you won't be able to just sit and watch most games. I hope the tactic is as good to you as it was to me. Philosophy: The idea behind this tactic is to send the forwards and SS behind the defensive line while using wing backs for overlap. Ultimately, to be very aggressive attacking but not concede goals. That being said, every time I increased the width, I conceded far more goals. If you are confident in your defense you can set the mentality to attacking. The SS, RP, and BBM will be the focus of the attack with the IF scoring goals whenever the SS doesn't. Teamwork and stamina is also very important to make the tactic work. The High line is to interrupt your opponents possession, as dropping deeper gives them too much of the field. Feel free to change the tackling as needed. By default I don't use any final third instructions, instead I adjust them in game as needed. The passing style is mixed to be less predictable and to be able to move from defense to offense quicker. Passing Focus is set to mixed to be less predictable but I had some success with it set to middle. As I said at the top, this is a work in progress and I'll be sharing my results as I go. Player Traits: As a team you need a lot of stamina and teamwork. There's a lot of closing down and covering of space. The sooner relationships are established, the faster the tactic takes off. WBs: Pace, Stamina, and crossing CD: Decisons, Pace, Tackling, Aerial BWM: Pace, Tackling, Passing, Decisions RP: Passing, Stamina, Decisions BBM: Stamina, Passing, Decisions, Aerial IF: Pace, Shooting, Passing SS: Pace, Aerial (if you don't have at least 3 strong headers), Shooting FAQS 1) Tactic style doesn't matter 2) I tried using a Winger instead of IF on one of the flanks but it really hurt the goal scoring. 3) The BBM can be changed to CM if you need to play more defensively 4) The best DMC I've found is one that can also play DC. This allowed me to change into a 3 man back line in times of need. 5) I don't know if this will work in lower leagues as I don't really play lower leagues. EDIT: 6) I have noticed that if you have a CD that likes to run with the ball through the middle (Van Dijk), it will cause some major issues against top clubs. It creates a big gap right through the middle. 7) If you feel as though you're conceding too many goals I would recommend taking the DMC and making him a 3rd DC. Change the mentality to attacking. And I've had luck making the middle CD a libero. I've been using this variation when facing 3 and sometimes 2 strikers. Cheers and let me know what you've experienced with this tactic.
  19. Hello guys.Today I will share a new tactic with you.I see the 1k(1000) Goal Challenge frequently in the forum and I find it quite entertaining.I wanted to do this too,but generally in my tactics,the forwards/forwards were scoring between 30-55 goals on average.In addition,there are a lot of people who send me a message saying,"What can I do to help strikers score more goals?".So I did a few studies and I think it turned out to be a good tactic. The most logical role I should have used was the complete forward.Because I think it is easier to feed the complete forward compared to other roles. I gave importance to the roles of wing-back,offensive playmaker and pressing forward to support the complete forward.Because pressing forwards catch the ball as well as throw the ball to the complete forward and when they get a pass,they can open the cross immediately.The offensive playmaker,on the other hand,makes good intermediate passes.And he creates space for the full forward with his frequent runs into the empty spaces.On the other hand,wing-backs support the complete forward by both opening effective crosses and sending intermediate passes from the side to the middle. I must say that I see great results in 1k events.There are many more experienced and knowledgeable people than me.This tactic is open to improvement.People who score more goals with their forwards can help to improve this tactic.This makes me happy. Finally,special thanks to @Mike Dodgson,who accompanied and tested this tactic with me. League Table/Some Results/Manager Profile Forwards’ Results(First 2 Season Zirkzee,Last Season Haaland) Tactics Notes 1-Actually,I wanted to continue with Zirkzee.But I couldn't hold it in my hand,he wanted to go all the time and I sent it. I would like to see him in a full fixtures because he played few matches in the second league in the first season and in the first year of the first league. 2-Haaland was injured twice and missed 8 games. 3-With this tactic,I scored 92 goals with Moussa Dembele in Fenerbahce.But I did not have a place to record and did not take a screenshot.Then I continued testing with SPAL.There are also promising images of @Mike Dodgson.But I did not want to share it without his knowledge.He can add himself if he wants.
  20. Created this tactic which I have had great success with with teams above average but not obvious title challengers. Regularly enjoy 55-65% possession with 15-25 shots per game. Although I chanced on the spurs season I uses the same apart from sweeper instead of lib with spurs and nice but took off shoot on sight with spurs. Pretty much won every competition each season, usually use the back up players in Cup competition and Europe. Any feedback would be appreciated and thoughts of where I can improve my set up. Enjoy
  21. Hi everyone.Today I am here with a fun and interesting tactic.The 4-6-0 formation,once played by the Spanish national team and now often played by Pep,has always intrigued me.Because it is a tactic that requires a lot of intelligence,creativity and settling in empty space and I did a study on it.I wanted to find myself in a bit of competition,so I chose the Roma team.The first season was perfect.I won the league very easily and the thing that caught my attention was that I saw very few goals in the goalposts.I also won the conference league.I was eliminated in the quarter finals of the Cup.(Because I had too many injured players and I had to play with infrastructure players.) My goal average is not bad for the first season.But I am not satisfied with the number of goals I scored in the league.There were two reasons for this. First: My players' shooting ability is weak.That's why they missed a lot of goals. Second: My team mentality is based on control. (I will test one more season with the Overload mentality.) My ball possession rate was very good.I had shown my set ball organization before.It was very successful.In summary, I think I had a good season.Without further ado,I am adding the visuals. RESULTS LEAGUE TABLE/MANAGER STATS TRANSFERS IN/OUT TACTICAL SETUPS PLAYER STATS/STAFFS
  22. Today I'm Sharing My Lethal Tactic on FM 22 Mobile. Thanks to this tactic, Your Team Will Have More Shooting and More Ball Playing Percentage. 1-I just used 4-3-2-1 2- I Only Used Special System 3- Your Team Will Get Amazing Results With This Tactic 4- Finally, good luck to you all. *(If You Want To See The Tactic Is Successful, Play 10 Matches With This Tactic) *(I will post the results of this tactic in the coming days.)
  23. A dead quick, easy tactic …. I’ve only used it so far in the German league with RB Leipzig but have just won the league for the 3rd straight time and a couple of domestic cups . Scores a few goals but conceded very few Only things I’ve thought about changing was the RP to BBM and AP to either a SS/Treq but with the players I had a avail at the time I just stuck with what you see …. Let me know how you get on if you do change anything etc etc
  24. Greetings from Turkey.First of all,I apologize for my bad English.I just joined you,but I have been following you for many years.I am addicted to 'FMM' like you.I love creating tactics and trying various variations.I want to show you a tactic that I have been very successful with in the 4-1-4-1 formation. While choosing my players,I chose them especially according to Crossing,Aerial(Since my striker is Deep Lying Forward,it is very important to support the score with Aerial feature),Passing,Speed,Shot, Stamina,Power and Decisions. Also,Set Ball Organizations are very important, so I took care to recruit suitable players. All season I was undefeated and almost never conceded a goal.I got very good results from my forwards and midfielders.I thought it was easy when my team was Real Madrid and I opened a new career right away.(I chose Brighton Hove & Albion and won the League Cup and the EFL Cup in the first season.But I couldn't save the pictures because I forgot to save the game.)Then I continue with Bayern Leverkusen. I am in the middle of the season now and I have never been defeated with this team. I am attaching the necessary images below.I hope you like my tactic and it will work for you too. Take care of yourselves.
  25. Hello guys, here is my interpretation of the future barca, taking into account the established players, the many young promising talents and the recent transfers. A tactic with a lot of ball possession and creativity with good defensive. the good defensive results from the four-chain in front of the two central defenders. the hole in the central and attacking midfield is creatively filled by the attacking roaming playmaker, the two wide playmakers moving in and the deep lying forward moving back. these develop a variety of chances for the complete forward who makes the goals. in this case it was memphis depay with 55 goals in all competitions. With this tactic i was able to win the treble (la liga, copa del rey and champions league). I think this tactic could also be used with other teams. maybe someone of you wants to test it. I hope I could give you further ideas for a new tactic. Good luck!
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