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  1. Turning Back The Clock: Fulham Story In the 2013/14 season, Fulham finished second bottom and were relegated from the British Premier League. Despite the signing of players like World Cup silver medallist Maarten Stekelenburg and Greek goal machine Kostas Mitroglou, the team never gelled and Bundesliga winning manager Felix Magath came in too late to save them. But what if the board realised that Martin Jol was losing his touch and replaced him at the start? Pre-Season (2013/14) Fulham fan Seth Common’s appointment might have come as a surprise to most football fans, considering he got the job over Rene Meulensteen and the favourite Luis Boa Morte, but he soon signed the two as youth coach and head scout. Change soon came- Seth allowed talented youth product Dan Burn leave for 7.75 M, in hope of tempting Doria to Craven Cottage with the new cash. Doria’s club Botafogo was certainly aware of Fulham’s defensive needs and put a 20.8 M release clause on the Brazilian. L However, an Argentine saviour was not far away… Guillermo Burdisso, fed up of the comparisons to his brother Nicolas, wanted to prove himself in the Premier League. After Boa Morte heard this, he agreed terms with Boca Juniors and GB is our first signing at just 1.7 M! Burdisso will fit nicely with Hangeland and Amorebieta in a three-man defence. Fulham’s around the world scouting goes to Romania, where Common and Boa Morte persuaded Steaua to let Nicosor Stanciu join Fulham. The Romanians strongly resisted, but a 3.5 M deal was eventually too attractive and the one-cap, one-goal Romanian international will be a superb long-term replacement for Spurs loanee Lewis Holtby. Tactics Despite making a net profit, also breezing past MK Dons and Brentford in Friendly matches, the Cottagers were unable to find a good Defensive/Central Midfielder to plug the hole in midfield. Despite this, Fulham went into their first match at the Emirates with a 3-5-1-1 formation, relying on new boy Stanciu’s versatility to retain possession against a powerful opponent. The team is set to press and harry Arsenal’s more technical players. August 2013/14 Arsenal (A) Against Arsenal, Fulham shocked everyone as Alex Kacaniklic made it 1-0 after 4 minutes… but Kostas Mitroglou was offside and the goal won’t stand. After that, the normal resumed as Theo Walcott punished Fulham for lacking ambition with a quick goal. Fulham then used shorter but more ambitious passing, but from a quick counter attack Walcott made it 2-0. After the break Pajtim Kasami replaced Stanciu. Kasami immediately took a shot- and it was 2-1 just like that! Unbelievable football that woke up our main man Mitroglou, who then headed in a corner to equalise! We could even have won, but a hard earned draw is a superb result for us. Sums up the Gunners season in a nutshell, doesn’t it? Result(Score): D(2-2) West Ham (H) It was an unchanged lineup, but we were more dominant against West Ham. Finishing was harder- until Sascha Riether, playing as a right wide midfielder surprisingly scored. West Ham had no initiative in attack, so Lewis Holtby made it safe with a free kick. Result(Score): W(2-0) Man City (H) Against the ‘Noisy Neighbours’ I decided to field Johnny Heitinga instead of the unfit Scott Parker, and it backfired. BBM Fernandinho easily ran through our defence after 3 minutes for an easy goal. At the other end, Joe Hart was unbeatable against Mitroglou, who was too direct.. Another BBM James Milner scored a similar goal to make it 2-0. Kvist, who played in his ‘natural’ position rather than DM, got a 5/10. When did FMH introduce the ability to hallucinate? Result(Score): L(0-2) Carling Cup- Northampton (H) Lasse Vigen, Patrick Roberts and Moussa Dembele- the kids came out to play. Dembele quickly gave Fulham the lead. After continued attacking didn’t have any effect at both goals, we went for a balanced style- and Northampton equalised. Despite bringing on the likes of William Kvist and Nicosor Stanciu, Northampton GK beat away at least 20 Fulham SOTs to bring us to penalties. Cillessen might as well have been in goal for us after that, magic Maarten saving zero out of six penalties. Poor Matthew Briggs then skied his penalty- and Fulham’s cup curse continues. Result(Score): L(5-6p,1-1aet) NEW SIGNING ALERT Manchester United was next, but we finally secure a decent CM- Prince Oniangue. Our third and final signing this window, the Reims man looks like an absolute beast at just 2.9 M. Hopefully we can get a draw at Old Trafford, like in real life… Man United (A) At least we’re consistent in the league, finding ourselves 0-2 down within 10 minutes. That man RVP shows us why you shouldn’t ‘betray’ the Red Devils (But they are still my 2nd favourites!) Then suddenly, that man Prince Oniangue scores on his debut! It was an unbelievable goal that too, from 30 yards, unfortunately FMH does not allow replays. What a crisis at Old Trafford! It’s RVP to save the day again, finishing his hat trick and finishing Fulham. (*whispers*Holtby had a goal disallowed too at 0-0…) Result(Score): L(1-3) Verdict Mid-table, here we come! Expectations are not high this month, so 12th is an OK start. The 3-5-1-1 started well, but really not good enough against the top teams. Off the pitch, I’m happy with my signings, even Stanciu, who struggled a lot this month. On the outs, Dan Burn is a nice FM defender but he costs almost as much as our 3 signings combined. http://i.imgur.com/Z4ulZn3.png Player Of The Month Guillermo Burdisso 20 Tackling, 20 Positioning, 18 Heading, all for just 1.7 million. Nicolas's little bro has the board singing my praises.
  2. Mark Davies - 16y - Welsh - MLC - Welshpool http://community.fmhvibe.co.uk/?app=gallery&module=gallery&controller=view&id=3432 Crossing 12 Aggression 10 Pace 17 Dribbling 13 Creativity 12 Stamina 11 Heading 12 Decisions 10 Strength 15 Passing 13 Leadership 16 Shooting 9 Movement 11 Tackling 11 Positioning 12 Technique 18 Teamwork 16 Purchased for 14k from Welshpool for Hyde. You may be able to get this little gem even cheaper. On top of that, he's willing to work for peanuts (<500/wk). He doesn't have stellar shooting, and his stamina still leaves something to be desired, but at 16, it's bound to increase. His hidden stats only make him a more attractive signing: PA of 170, Professionalism 20, Loyalty 20, Sportsmanship 16 and Temperment 18, making him a class-act, and easy to work with. While he is slightly injury prone (9), he has a moderately high work rate already at 14. He'll take quite well to IT, and start showing results nearly immediately. I haven't yet seen how he'll stack up in the big leagues, but for a Conference North squad, he's a great signing that nearly any club can afford, and should be able to make his place in any lower league club's starting XI. Note: Included in the 9 August FMHVibe Update All credit in the world to jaymarvels and his amazing FMHiScout app, without which I would probably never have found this gem.
  3. Name: Gotoku Sakai Date of Birth: Nationality: Japanese (31 caps) Starting value: 4.7 million Wage: 32k Asking price season 1: 15.25 million Asking price season 2: 12.75 million How much I paid: 15.5 million Wage at my club: 110k Attributes at the start After 1 year of AI training and 2 years of IT Stats Reminds me of this guy Sakai is a solid wing back and the attributes show that. I bought him in the second season after a bidding war with Barca, other wise they asked for 12.75 mil in season 2. I've been playing him as a full back with Carvajal on the other flank as a wing back as Sakai's defensive stats are better while Carvajal's attacking stats are insane. His wage demands are quite high so I think only rich clubs should be looking out for this guy
  4. Just look at those stats for a 30 year old and that average rating? Impressive right? He could do a lot better in a tactic that favours the striker.
  5. One of the best wingbacks in the game! He will assist like there's no tomorrow.
  6. Quintero can be retrained to play on the left and right. He will score and assist for you like only a world class player can. He's not too keen on intensive training though...
  7. THE OLDEST FOOTBALL PLAYER This isn't a normal "must win X with team Y in Z years" kind of challenge. The goal of this challenge is to post the oldest player you managed to get playing for you. In order to do this several screenshots will be needed: Screenshot of the player profile Screenshot of the player history Screenshot of the team selection screen, with said player selected (proof that he's really your player) Apart from the screenshots, he needs to actually play for your team, and I don't mean a couple of games. He needs to be in the club for at least 5 seasons. I want someone who is a part of your team like Carragher is a part of Liverpool, and not someone who was bought when he was 40 and played 10 games in a single season as a backup. But of course, as your player gets older, he will obviously play less and less games due to his stamina, and that is perfectly normal. Your results will then enter the leaderboard. Think you have what it takes to convince Giggs or Beckham to give us a few more years? Or do you have a lower league under-"old"-dog playing with a cane in one hand? Show them to us! PS: The purpose of this challenge isn't to go look for an old player just to enter the leaderboard. The players needs to be a valuable member of your squad and not someone you just bought to get in the charts. Everyone can enter this challenge while they play their normal careers. LEADERBOARD REAL PLAYERS Thomas Vermaelen, 42 years old, playing for Guiseley under manager marxistafozzski REGENS Still Empty!
  8. Name: Paul Pogba Club: Juventus Date of Birth: 15/03/93 Nationality: French (2 caps) Starting value: 7.75 million Wage: 28k Asking price: 23.5 million How much I paid: 23.5 million Wage at my club: 65k Attributes a the start After 1 year of AI training and 1 month of IT No stats as I recently just signed him Overall he is a good all round midfielder but he demands a high fee. In my opinion, he is worth every penny as I found out that a few years later Juve wanted more. He is a regular starter at my club and demands not the lowest wage but the demands certainly aren't crazy. He's one of the players I always buy if in need of a decent midfielder and if I have the money.
  9. Hello, i use fmh14 pre-editor cause i wanna put some polish clubs and players. i've got a problem, i can't create new club in editor cause it gives me an answer that i have to upload db with cities... wha i've to do if i can create staff, players, but cant crete new club
  10. hello, i'm a big fan of real madrid, so i want to have rm skin in my fmh14. Can anybody make this one for me? I'll be grateful
  11. I started off with Rangers and I'm my 3rd season with inter now. I bought Craig Jones for £100,000 now he's worth £54,000,000 and he's only 21. I bought him from Airbus Uk in 16/17 season.
  12. Hello ladies and gentlemen! And by ladies I mean our beloved Ashley. After a long period of absence I am finally back to playing Football Manager Handheld 2014. I must confess, I was eager to play this game once again and I waited a bit more for the update to come out before starting something new. "What about your Bendtner career or your FC Porto save?" you ask. Well, my Bendtner career turned out to be not as appealing as I thought it would be and Bendtner didn't perform as expected. As for FC Porto, I still have a few seasons to post and I will still do that. If I failed or succeeded that challenge, I'll let you be judge of that. Anyway, back to the matter at hand. After the update came out I've been struggling on what to play. Some 1KC's came to mind but somehow I never knew where to start or who to start with. FC Porto was an option again, to play with the new additions to the team, but we actually lost more players with the update than new players joining the team so that was enough for me to say no to revisiting FC Porto. My Gabriel Barbosa 1KC was another big option but Brazil wasn't appealing me right now because I wanted something fun and addictive, and a Brazilian 1KC can be extremely long winded. So I remembered a crazy idea I had last year. I won't tell you what it is so you'll have to guess it if you want. I left some clues here and I guess it will be fairly easy to some members, specially one in particular So, without further ado, please vote in the above poll and help me pick a league.
  13. How well do primary stats improve. for example i have found a regen (who has been in game less than season) whose stats are formidable (mirror buffons albeit not as good) except for his agility which is 9. Can i expect this to get much better with AI or should i just ignore him?
  14. Name: Sebastian Driussi Club: River Plate Date of Birth: 09/02/92 Nationality: Argentinian (0 caps) Starting value: Starting value Wage: 20 GBP How much I paid: (4 million, a bit too much imo) Wage at my club: 8.75k then 32k Attributes at the start After 6/7 years of IT Stats I lost it and I have overwritten the save First of all, I only recently got back the Everton job after a stint at Cardiff and they (everton) were going downhill. That aside, he has really good stats. Another player I absolutely love.
  15. Name: Jackson Martínez Age: 27 years old Nationality: Colombian Position: S C Role: Advanced Forward/Target Man Starting Club: FC Porto If you're not looking for someone for a 1000 goal challenge, you can get Jackson Martínez for your team. Look at that average rating and the insane amount of goals on his first season! He won't go cheap, unless you get him at the start though...
  16. Another great player from FCP, he can play anywhere in the center. I've been using him as a central defender but he's been known to perform outstandingly in the midfield as well.
  17. Marcos Rojo Age-23 How much I Paid-9million Wage at my club-21k To me 9 mil is a rip off, he can be a wingback, full back, bpd, lid, cd and bwm. plus he still has at least 10 years in him as he is only 23. 9 mil may be a bit much for some of you but it is trust me, he is worth every penny, just as good on '14 as he was on '13. Great top quality buy, sign him people!
  18. Name: Alex McCarthy Club: Reading Date of Birth: 03/12/89 Nationality: English (0 caps) Starting Value: 2 million Wage: 4k Asking price: 8 million How much I paid: 5 million + 4.1 milllion player (I didn't have 8 million) Wage at my club: 12k Attributes at the start After 1 year of IT Stats I think he is a solid all round keeper (except for the communication), my defense was not great so they didn't help him and he conceded more than he should have (Lovren had a long term injury).I believe the defense let him down again (I signed a few more defenders so the squad chemistry needed sorting out plus everyone hates Lovren, who was my best defender). Overall, I think he is a good buy for not too much money but he did cost a fair bit. I apologize for any mistakes as this is my first iScout
  19. One of the FMH13 favourites is back with his still impressive stats. Due to his age there is still a lot to improve but he already looks epic. One to last an entire career.
  20. THE GOLDEN BOOT In FMH13 everyone has done the 1000 goal challenge. Some have completed the 2000 goal challenge and one managed to stretch it to 2500. But most of them, if not all, have benefited from several circumstances: - Playing in Brazil where the São Paulo State has you facing mediocre teams - Scoring a bunch of goals with your national team against weak sides like San Marino So lets even the odds. For the purpose of this challenge only goals scored in your country's main league will count. So for Brazil this means only goals scored in Brasileirão count, for England it's the Premier League, for Portugal it's the Liga Sagres, and so on. All the goals scored in domestic cups or international or continental competitions mean nothing here. Since this has never been done, the first one to do this challenge will set the goal for this and he'll be the one to beat. If someone beats that mark, then that will be the new goal to beat. So, here are the goals and rules. GOAL - Score as much goals as you can, for your club, in the main league that he plays - The first player to complete this challenge until his player retires will set the goal for this and he'll be the one to beat RULES - Own formations only with screenshot proof; - Only the goals scored in the main league of the country your player plays in will count, so no cups, São Paulo State (for Brazil), league cups, europa league, champions league, euro, world cup, confederations cup, etc; - Screenshot evidence is required; - A career thread is advised. SEASON LEADERBOARD Still empty! LIFETIME LEADERBOARD Still empty!
  21. Emre Can is a fantastic defensive midfielder. I play him in a 4-1-2-2-1 formation as a Deep Lying Mid and he finishes virtually every game with at least an 8 rating with well over 10 tackles won and a decent pass success rate. I signed him at the start of the 14/15 season for £17.5m. I did try to see how much he costs first season but couldn't seem to negotiate any lower than £20m so maybe I got lucky but he's not the cheapest option out there. Stats at start of game: Stats for me now (17/18 season); I have been using the new IT. Here's an overview of his history: He does seem to get booked a fair amount but that me be due to my team instructions. He really is a fantastic player and if you've got the money and are in need of a defensive mid I highly recommend him.
  22. An ideal choice for a 1KC in Brazil (or in Europe). Still very young so his stats will get better. Will update this later with his history stats.
  23. Lossemy Karaboue Age 25 How much I paid 4 mil Wage at my club 13k When I bought him, I was thinking of him as an understudy to the legendary Franck berrier (mm96's iscout) but after a a supersub appearance against Barca in which he netted 2 goals, he never looked back, seriously cheap and well worth the money for someone entering his prime
  24. The Manchester United David Moyes 4-2-3-1 This season Man Utd have not been playing well at all, and many people have blamed the players ie Tom Cleverley for the poor performance. They are well out of the title race, 7th and 15 points off Chelsea with only 12 matches remaining. A top 4 berth could be possible but this would depend on an inform Liverpool, Spurs, who have been better with a traditional 2 up top and the sturdy Everton dropping points. This could mean that Champions League being thrown out of the window and top draw players could be snubbing Utd because of no Champions League football because top price money. Some may say that the tactic is to blame and Moye's defensive-based tactics, if this was FM I could fully recreate this with the set-pieces and more player roles and player mentalities but in FMH this may be harder as its less detailed. Here I bring you the Moyes 4-2-3-1 or a shape similar in a 4-4-1-1 but there are 2 player role modules as Moyes may have messed around a bit. Anyway here's are the player roles Module 1 Module 2 The Instructions The famous defensive shape and less famed offensive shape Key 1-Goalkeeper 2,3-Left/Right Backs 4,5-Centre Backs 6,8-Defensive Midfielders 7,11-Wide Midfielders 10-Attacking Midfielder 9-Centre Forward Note The defensive shape is assuming the ball is on the left side of the pitch near the penalty box and the offensive shape is assuming the ball is 3/4 of the way between the centre circle and the penalty arc. Observations The defensive half is completely clustered with players to limit space while the attacking shape has 2 almost stationary Centre Backs and 2 Defensive Midfielders that barely venture forward, the attacking is focused towards the centre but there is also some width offered via attacking Full Backs and occasionally, that 1 Winger. And just like in real life the Number 10 is all over the place. First, the player roles Goalkeeper-Goalkeeper Nothing really special, the classic goalie, no sweeper keeper in FMH but then only Bayern use it in real life. I always look for good positioning but that is only habitual, reflexes, agility, aerial are key and throwing and kicking are good too, positioning is good for me but some may not be the same and most would consider, communication, technique, teamwork and positioning as luxuries. Player(s) to use in current Man United squad -David De Gea Centre Backs-Central Defender I was stuck between Limited Defenders and Central Defenders as this year United's defenders barely venture forward this season and don't really go past the halfway line. The main reason I chose Central Defenders as they pass it safe and short while Limited Defenders may just boot it away Player(s) to use in current Man United squad -Nemanja Vdic -Jonny Evans -Chris Smalling Full Backs-Wing Back This year Rafael and Evra move forward a lot and always try to put a cross in, Evra has had a few good headers this year too. Full backs would be too conservative for me so it has to be the popular Wing Back role. Crossing, stamina, tackling and positioning are key for this role. Player(s) to use in current Man United squad -Rafael -Alexander Buttner -Patrice Evra Defensive Midfielders-Deep Lying Midfielder/Ball Winning Midfielder Michael Carrick played an integral part of Man Utd's 2013 Premier League title as a creative hub, this year under the new gaffer he has played okay but not like last year. Still an almost first choice for Moyes as Cleverley is too unreliable. As for the other half of the midfield 2, Darren Fletcher walks into this list after coming back from injury. He plays the role of the destroyer, he breaks up the opposition's play and moves the ball onto the more attacking players. Passing and creativity is key for the Deep Lying Midfielder while all the standard Ball Playing Defender attributes for the Ball Winning Midfielder. Player(s) to use in current Man United squad Deep Lying Midfielder -Michael Carrick Ball Winning Midfielder -Phil Jones -Darren Fletcher Central Attacking Midfielder-Box To Box Midfielder There were two possible roles for this, the Advanced Playmaker role or the Box To Box Midfielder role, I felt Wayne Rooney's work rate this year has made him an undroppable member of the Starting 11, he is a creative player but this year the creative outlet is more prominent elsewhere. The reason I made him a Box To Box Midfielder is because this year he has dropped very deep to get the ball and develop play and helps out a lot with the defense, he runs up and down the pitch for the whole 90 minutes so credit to him as he has been one of the top performers. An all round stat spread is needed. Player(s) to use in current Man United squad -Wayne Rooney -Marouane Fellaini Left Attacking Midfielder-Inside Forward/Advanced Playmaker Most of the time this year David Moyes has selected Ashley Young in this position, quite questionably too. This year Evra has always been looking for the overlap with the Left Winger and an unorthodox wide player who likes to cut inside by the name of Ashley Young fits into this system perfectly. This is also reflected by Moyes' time in charge of Everton, Leighton Baines who was by far one of the most productive players was always looking to maraud forward and having Steven Pienaar on the left who liked to move to the centre suited him very well. When Adnan Januzaj and Shinji Kagawa were playing there, the attention shifted towards them, they were the creative hub as demonstrated by Kagawa against Leverkusen, although he was playing in the hole in that game, you can always see him drifting around and cutting inside and young prodigy Adnan Januzaj has been a great young talent in his breakthrough year his magic feet and marshmallow touch certainly helped. If you really want to recreate this role pick a player with low strength as he needs to go down easily to earn United soft penalties. Player(s) to use in current Man United squad Advanced Playmaker -Adnan Januzaj -Shinji Kagawa Inside Forward -Ashley Young -Nani -Danny Welbeck Right Attacking Midfielder-Winger/Advanced Playmaker When Antonio Valencia was playing on the right he is always going to naturally stay wide and ping those crosses into the box and while Moyes may not be a fan of the old school Winger, Manchester United have always developed play on the wings prior to the Moyes takeover and Valencia still shows a trace from the past and a reminder of the Ferguson Era. With Juan Mata's introduction though the attention has shifted toward the club record signing and his ability to find space for himself, may not be a 37.5 Pound buy so far but that could be all subject to change. A world class talent on the ball, he is hard to mark and can make clever touches around the box while allowing Rafael to bomb forward for attacking options. Although Mata is obviously more comfortable in the Number 10 role but he has been slotted into the David Moyes' 4-2-3-1. Player(s) to use in current Man United squad Winger -Antonio Valencia -Nani Advanced Playmaker -Juan Mata -Shinji Kagawa Centre Forward-Advanced Forward Robin van Persie was the 2012-13 goal machine and has been banging them in for fun last year, he leads the attacking line and is one of United's most valuable players recently. He needs to be strong to outmuscle defenders, he needs to be good in the air with the crosses from the Wing Backs, he needs to be strong with the ball at his feet and can take the ball past his man. Movement and positioning so he can get to the right place at the right time. Decisions is extremely important as he needs to decide when to make the run, when to pass, when to shoot and when to hold up the ball. Although he could be playing as Complete Forward, the Advanced Forward role is more suited to him because in Moyes' strict system, no player can just simply ignore tactical instruction. Player(s) to use in current Man United squad -Robin van Persie -Danny Welbeck -Javier Hernandez Things Applying to the Whole Team Teamwork is a must as Moyes' defensive shape needs a lot of team cohesion to make it work properly and it makes it harder for the opposition to have available bodies. Stamina is also a priority as the players need to be at it for the whole game running up to the final third to provide bodies and options and running back to restrict space for the opposition Now, the strict instructions Mentality-Balanced This could have been Balanced or Defensive but Manchester United still look to attack as that is part of their nature so I went with balanced, defensive would also reflect the mentality but still, it's too extreme Passing-MIxed For most of the season United was passing short but then came this crossing game against Fulham, long balls were played to the widemen to deliver the ball into the box. For this reason it had to be mixed. Tackling-Normal Manchester United are in no way a Stoke City and are not physical brutes, while they are willing to go in for tackles so cautious wouldn't even be considered. Pressing-On This was a must as the team always retreated to a defensive shape with man to man marking. There are exceptions though as in matches where the opposition like to keep the ball in the centre where most effective players are like Arsenal, United left the marauding Full Backs open as in that game most of the play was going through the middle. Offside Trap-Off Manchester United in 2013/14 have not been holding a high line and have always stuck with the same deep defensive shape so Offside Trap has to be off. Counter Attack-Off The way Manchester United are playing it would not suit a Counter Attack system at all. They play the ball too slow and by the time the ball gets moving, the opponent has already retreated to a defensive shape thus rendering this system useless. Men Behind Ball-Off United have certainly played a more defensive style in contrast to the previous years but containing and parking the bus is a different story and they are simply not that extreme. Other things Results I don't have any, this was for fun and giggles only would not mind if any of you tested it out, actually I'd quite appreciate it. So... Hopefully this has helped you understand David Moyes' system and that maybe you could try it out, suggestions, good and bad are welcome
  25. Name: Bernard Anicio Caldeira Duarte Date of Birth: 09/09/92 Nationality: Brazilian (5 caps) Starting value: 4.2 million Wage: 29k Asking price season 1: 41 million Asking price season 2: 14 million How much I paid: 14 million Wage at my club : 80k Attributes at start After 1 year of AI training No stats I recently just signed him Bernard was quite a surprise to me really, as I thought he would cost a shitload, as Shaktar recently signed him for quite a lot of money (21 mil?). At the start of season 2 he was transfer listed and I made a 9 mil bid which was rejected but they wanted 14 mil so I just signed him. He is a star in the making with quite good PA (170-correct me if I'm wrong). In terms of value for money, I give him 10/10 and you can get 10+ years out of him
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