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  1. Hey everyone! On last seasons version, I made this tactic. So, one of the very first things I did on this version was to check if it worked. Not only does it work, it's actually better. Yes I'm Newcastle, yes they have loads of money. No, I haven't tested it anywhere else. I did this because they're my team and it was fun last time! Apologies in advance, but I'm going to repeat some of the things on that post as they are still massively relevant. General tips: - At the start of the game, I always clear any staff members out who are less than the maximum I can get to the club. - At the start of the game, I always arrange as many friendlies as possible, every 2/3 days to get the team used to the tactic and to build relationships quicker. - Always ensure that every player is being trained for the role you intend to play them. If you can't see that in the training options, you'll firstly need to re-train their position then you'll see the option to match their position on the pitch. - Throughout the season, I continually ask the board to improve the training facilities and youth facilities - to maximise the potential of every player throughout the season. - Try to have 2 players for every position. I have a saved selection for Premier League games and a separate saved selection for any cup games. Rest your best players for the league. Forgive me if they're all basic, but I figured they may be easily missed and I believe they all make a contribution to the overall game. Tactic: Here's the tactic: Players Required: SK: Nothing out of the ordinary here. I have used the template searches for this role. CD: Nothing out of the ordinary here. I have used the template searches for this role. However, I would say to make your left sided CB left footed and good at Aerial, Strength and Positioning - more on that below. BPD: Nothing out of the ordinary here. I have used the template searches for this role. WM: Whilst they are Wide Midfielders, my testing has shown that more traditional wingers (less positioning and tackling, more dribbling and crossing) work much better here. See below, the WMs get a lot of assists - so I would try to avoid Wing Back type players if you can. BBM: Nothing out of the ordinary here. I have used the template searches for this role. AP: Nothing out of the ordinary here. I have used the template searches for this role. PFs: Pacy players have worked better here for me/ Pace, movement, shooting. INSTRUCTIONS One addition this year was a Corner setup I saw on Facebook which gives protection against the counter and allows your CB to score a lot of goals: Duffy managed to score 17 in the first season: You'll see both strikers had plenty of goals here, and wingers & Box to Box mids get plenty of assists (hence the suggestion for winger types rather than Wing Backs): RESULTS We managed to win the league quite comfortably: We also won the Carabao cup (using my second team for every game): I've just started my 2nd season and made 5 signings to see how we far in Europe: Please feel free to give it a go and ask any questions, but try to take the time to read this post before you do
  2. Hello all! Playing around with this tactic and getting some goals out of it. Any suggestions on how to tighten up at the back, especially against big teams, would be appreciated!
  3. Good morning, afternoon or evening gamers... Today I won't be talking much because I have something special for ya'all looking for a long time and lasting winning tactics.... I can assure you that this tactics works anywhere no matter the league you're playing in... Just keep in mind the my set pieces are key to your glory!!! ENJOY.... Questions are welcomed drop your comments if you enjoy the tactics thanks.
  4. Started the season with this tactic after adding some players that suits the role got some decent result.
  5. Been using many tactics from this site from game came out and nothing seems to work for me.. I've tried loads of different combination from tactics are good at the back yet dont score enough goals to were they score loads of goals but let in as many at the other end so by bring the best bits together I got this.. 1st team plsy league games and kids and back up players play Cup games my plan was to not worry about the cups and try finish top 4 while signing a few wonder kids and few top players to mentor them and I dud the double in 1st season with the normal spurs defence which was best in league so I expect much better when I have defenders I actually want there lol. And question just ask. Tips. Train all players to tactics roles .
  6. I know I used PSG, but the results would probably be similar with other teams. The Trequarista is the focal point of the attack and will probably get you the most goals and assists. Going with three flat midfielders seems to be the only formation working this year. Pushing the wing backs and wingers up one position, and using an attacking shape will help you dominate weaker teams. Going less aggressive on defense and playing on balanced shape will help you concede less against bigger teams.
  7. Go with 4-2-3-1 with Rangers in my first season. RB Leipzig come offer and the tactics was very very good. Cannot deny it. When come to set piece, one thing matter to me. "Mark the GK" with your striker. Midfield going up and the wing back will tuck in the midfield and thus the ball will keep in our possesion. Good luck with these tactics, guys.
  8. A plug and play tactic so you can blast through a season on commentary only settings, no need for any in-game tactical changes, just subs and you’re golden. Took West Ham to the Prem title in Season 2, plus a 4-1 win over Chelsea in FA Cup final, beat Inter 2-1 in Champs League final, then a Euro Super Cup win against Man Utd for good measure.
  9. 4-2-4 WINNING TACTIC I’ve tried many tactics and variants so far since the release of FMM22 and I haven’t managed to make any system work as well as this one. Give it a go and let me know how you get on Tips: - Your IF will score just as many goals as your strikers, make sure they’re preferably left footed and a good finisher - Some games you may go down early as it is such a forward thinking system, feel free to start the game on just ‘Attacking’ to get a feel for the game - I started my save as an attacking managerial style Tactic Underdog Success Overruling Ajax/UCL Run GOOD LUCK
  10. Today I'm Sharing My Lethal Tactic on FM 22 Mobile. Thanks to this tactic, Your Team Will Have More Shooting and More Ball Playing Percentage. 1-I just used 4-3-2-1 2- I Only Used Special System 3- Your Team Will Get Amazing Results With This Tactic 4- Finally, good luck to you all. *(If You Want To See The Tactic Is Successful, Play 10 Matches With This Tactic) *(I will post the results of this tactic in the coming days.)
  11. I have struggled with winnings in this new fm22 update although the game is fun and I love the way the opponent gets lots of chances but as time progresses I became bored of suffering to win so I decided to invent my own tactics the setup is crazy as my wing backs create space when my Inside forward attack the center I will be sharing my tactics here and if you try and it works for you more than mine please do share your tweaks with me.... I will still be working to improve it myself.... I hope it works for you
  12. I’ve used this tactic religiously for the last 2 FMM’s and has always worked for me!! As the title suggests I’ve literally just copied and paste onto this one and so far so good. I’ll continue to do some more testing with different leagues and teams etc to see how consistent it is. let me know if you give this a try
  13. Disclaimer: This tactic has set several records that have been posted in the Vibe Store. This is not plug and play, you may need to make small adjustments to player roles to make it work for your team. Also, in game adjustments are required, you won't be able to just sit and watch most games. I hope the tactic is as good to you as it was to me. Philosophy: The idea behind this tactic is to send the forwards and SS behind the defensive line while using wing backs for overlap. Ultimately, to be very aggressive attacking but not concede goals. That being said, every time I increased the width, I conceded far more goals. If you are confident in your defense you can set the mentality to attacking. The SS, RP, and BBM will be the focus of the attack with the IF scoring goals whenever the SS doesn't. Teamwork and stamina is also very important to make the tactic work. The High line is to interrupt your opponents possession, as dropping deeper gives them too much of the field. Feel free to change the tackling as needed. By default I don't use any final third instructions, instead I adjust them in game as needed. The passing style is mixed to be less predictable and to be able to move from defense to offense quicker. Passing Focus is set to mixed to be less predictable but I had some success with it set to middle. As I said at the top, this is a work in progress and I'll be sharing my results as I go. Player Traits: As a team you need a lot of stamina and teamwork. There's a lot of closing down and covering of space. The sooner relationships are established, the faster the tactic takes off. WBs: Pace, Stamina, and crossing CD: Decisons, Pace, Tackling, Aerial BWM: Pace, Tackling, Passing, Decisions RP: Passing, Stamina, Decisions BBM: Stamina, Passing, Decisions, Aerial IF: Pace, Shooting, Passing SS: Pace, Aerial (if you don't have at least 3 strong headers), Shooting FAQS 1) Tactic style doesn't matter 2) I tried using a Winger instead of IF on one of the flanks but it really hurt the goal scoring. 3) The BBM can be changed to CM if you need to play more defensively 4) The best DMC I've found is one that can also play DC. This allowed me to change into a 3 man back line in times of need. 5) I don't know if this will work in lower leagues as I don't really play lower leagues. EDIT: 6) I have noticed that if you have a CD that likes to run with the ball through the middle (Van Dijk), it will cause some major issues against top clubs. It creates a big gap right through the middle. 7) If you feel as though you're conceding too many goals I would recommend taking the DMC and making him a 3rd DC. Change the mentality to attacking. And I've had luck making the middle CD a libero. I've been using this variation when facing 3 and sometimes 2 strikers. Cheers and let me know what you've experienced with this tactic.
  14. Started a game with Barcelona with the intention of creating a distinctive tactic that can help put them back on top in the post Messi era. The two main elements of this formation is a deep roaming playmaker, protected by two industrious central midfielders.There is also two pressing forwards in the wide forward position, their main job is to cut inside and pressurise their defence while the WB’s, CM’s and roaming playmaker look to move the ball and dominate possession and chances. Defence is balanced, with dogged attention to closing down in our own half and keeping the games tight with near enough 53 - 60% possession in every game despite bringing through some youth players with regular match day experience, (Angelo, Delap, Gavi, Abdi, Collado, Ramos Mingo) Barcelona are currently top after 23 games and have taken the Super Cup after a dominant performance against Atletico in the final. Like all Tactics, still a work in progress but it seems to provide a nice framework so far.
  15. Hello guys , I want to introduce you my tactic. Are you need 4-4-2 ? It's for you. Tip: - I started my career with an as attacking manager style. The standings and results of the first season: m That's all from me. Thanks bye.
  16. Hi all! After some successfully completed challenges I’ve started my 1st career save in FMM22. I’ve been playing FMM games for nearly 10 years, so I’m preferring the original match engine. After a 5 game run without a win, my season with Yeovil Town has turned into a fairytale as I’ve started using the tactic below: A very confident Vanarama National League win: Joe Quigley managed to score 40 goals in the league, while Charlie Wakefield provided 14 assists. However, our form was slightly declined after Wakefield’s injury in April. Note 1: Important player attributes First of all, I recommend you a Target Forward with some pace (e.g. Quigley). Although he will play as a Poacher, good heading is extremely important in this system, and most TFs have this attribute. You’ll also need wingers with adequate crossing (e.g. Wakefield) and one creative guy (RP) is enough for the midfield. In the CM and BWM roles defensive midfielders will do the job perfectly. Note 2: It’s worth trying the Attacking and Counter mentality, but Control is the best in my experience. In Set Pieces I left everything on default yet. Further testing is always productive, see you next season in EFL League Two!
  17. Well I've decided to share my first ever tactics post here so here we go! The aim of this tactic is to controll the game and take the chance whenever you get or create one. You don't need to have world class players for this since I tried it with Galatasaray and I didn't buy any players excpet the loanees whom already were in the club. Mainly I've used the more attacking tactic which is 2-3-2-1-2 and when we faced though opponent I used the more defensive minded tactic, namely 3-2-2-1-2 with a little tweak. Anyway to make a long story short we won the league and cup and finished as one of the last 8 teams in the Champions league. DEFENSIVE 3-2-2-1-2 3-2-2-1-2 SHAPE INSTRUCTIONS - Defence and Attacking instructions are the same as the 2-3-2-1-2 RESULTS That period in November when the whole first team squad had the FLU. it said Flu but I'm sure it was Covid19
  18. Mission: Play entertaining, pressing, possession based football. + 60% possession and 10-20 shots Took Barcelona without any transferes and won everything the first year: La Liga - WINNER Spanish Cup - WINNER Spanish Super Cup - WINNER Champions League - WINNER Table: Results: The Tactic: Tactic Notes: Through different matches some tweaking is required to make the the most out of the tactic. If opposition is domonation shooting/possession: Change FB to DFB and BBM to CM and change to attacing team mentality If you want to secure the result: Change the man marking BWM to CD and chang to zonal marking If no team is dominating: Change to attacing team mentality Corner set up: Delivery is mixed 1 attack near post 1 attack far post, 1 mark keeper 1 attack the ball from the edge of area 2 lurk outside area Rest of players is stay back and make sure the one who is taking the corner is one of the players on "stay back" Good luck!
  19. DISCLAIMER: This tactic is not plug and play. There will be matches where you'll have to change passing style, final third instructions, and even the formation. This is a new variation to my previous tactic. I've made some changes to the roles, specifically this is designed for a DMC like Jo Kimmich to play as the RP because I feel like the BWM in the previous tactic was wasted. The media always questioned whether they belonged in the team. The goal is to break the records my previous tactic set. Team Stats to look For: Stamina, Teamwork, PACE, and Decisions. Player versatility is a must. Specifically in the midfield. The reason this tactic works is because Kimmich can play anywhere from MC to DC. You need a player like that, with the ability to handle the load of dictacting tempo. Player Traits: CB: Pace (Important), Tackling, Aerial, and Decisions WB: Pace, Crossing, Decisions, Stamina DMC: Creativity, Stamina, Teamwork, Decisions, Passing CM: Passing, Decisions, Stamina, Creativity, Teamwork BBM: Same IF: Pace, Teamwork, Passing, Shooting T: Aerial, Pace, Strength, Passing, Shooting, Teamwork On Set Pieces, the AML is set to Lurk Outside Area, and T is set to Attack Near Post. The reasoning is I want the T scoring the goals. This works best if he has good Aerial. You will need to change it occasionally to mixed instead of near post because the AI will start defending the near post heavily.
  20. Hi all, sorry for my bad English and the screenshot's Italian language. Just want to share a cool tactic that gave me the Italian Championship and brought me to the EL final (that I lost 1-0 at 93' because of Maignan's mistake... shit happens, he is a great GK anyway). Some tips for this tactic and about my season (21/22): - Call back Yacine Adli from the loan. I love him and I wanted he became the star of the team. I taught him to play SS (Shadow Striker) and he is really good. 12 goals and 10 assists in the season. Loved him. - Bought Dominic Calvert-Lewin to play TM (Target Man). Good effort, but Ibrahimovic and Giroud were not so bad despite age (10 goals CL, 13 Ibra, 10 Giroud). - But the team star was Leao as AF (Advanced Forward) near to the TM: 28 goal on 44 games! - I started to play Tonali as RPM (Roaming Playmaker), a role I think it's very close to the real Tonali, but in mid-season I changed to DLP (Deep-Lying Playmaker) because I needed someone closer to the defensemen when the new possession began. Before there were like a hole between the defensemen and him. - Kalulu can learn to be a great WB (Wing Back). - After several attemps, I chose for NO final third instructions to leave my players free. If you want one, Early Crosses worked well. I hope you can find my tactic fine!
  21. This was my first save on FMM22, I just plugged whatever so I could start playing and it turned out really wel This is my first time posting a tactic so bear with me. I didn't except it to do well so I didn't save all the results.
  22. Hello friends, I have developed this great tactic that is giving me good results in the league, it is my first season I have not finished it yet, I hope to win the league and also the champions league, you can use them.
  23. Hello fellow vibers. i want to share the same old content i always share to you again. its giving me some great games . If you have the patience and test the tactic, my first advice is loan players so you will have enough to rotate in the leagues where games come close. second advice - accept goals against and some huge losses at first, if you are building a team. third and last advice. Give contract to 3-4 young Grey players from the reserves every year. Mentor them and give them playing time. The reward is endless the thoughts for the tactic is : ATTACK and never look back. those of you who know me, i havnt mingled around with roles or much else - feel free to try it. best regards Anders
  24. Chris1428 for Bilbao FMM 2020 worked brilliant for me in Serie C/B with Pisa. Bought free transfers for with attributes for thier resp. roles. Also used a great corner setup (from this forums). Can only guess that it will work in higher leagues as well. No credit for me, just wanted to share the info. The tactic:
  25. Hello! This is the tactic that I have started my save with. I will update you with progress. It is influenced by several tactics that I have seen on FMM Vibe over the years. Any questions, please let me know!
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