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  1. This innovative tactic took a lot of trial and error to perfect and I’m happy to share it as my 1st on fmmvibe! *Tactic is set and forget, tried and tested to work on various teams* Tactical Philosophy: I developed this tactic with the aim of maximising offensive production (possession+shots) without compromising defensive solidarity. Here’s how I did it: Positional Requirements: Defence: The CBs should either be all CD or all NCB (trust me lmao). I used CDs in the Championship but find NCBs to be much more effective in the PL/higher competition. Another VERY IMPORTANT requirement is to turn on man-marking for all 3 CBs. Midfield: the triangle midfield is what provides control within this tactic. I exclusively use AP in the no 10. For the pivot, I favour two CMs but any combination of CM, BBM, BWM and DLP should be fine. Attack: the four up top cause havoc when pressing the opposition build up and create overloads in attack. The amount of goals I get from forcing mistakes and turnovers is crazy. I exclusively use IFs out wide and Ps as the strikers. Tactical Requirements: Shape: Overloading supports my philosophy to attack with urgency at all times. Narrow width keeps the team compact and less susceptible to counter attacks. I find playing at a faster tempo ensures the team plays direct and gets the ball to the front four quickly. Disciplined mentality ensures the players stick to my instructions. Defense: The high-line helps pin opponents in their half. 3-2-1-4 may sound very defensively unstable, but the front four when pressing really disrupts the opponent build up, specifically against back three systems. I’ve set pressing to all over and it works a charm with the 3-2-1-4 shape. Attack: I’ve selected the shoot on sight tactic as I prefer quantity over quality in attack. I set passing to short to maximise ball retention and maintain shape. I attack down the centre to ensure that if a move breaks apart, the ball will be in a congested area rather than out wide where the 3-2-1-4 is vulnerable. I set the GK distribution long to get the ball into attacking zones as quickly as possible and keep the game in the opponents half. Here’s the tactic in action when I battered Real Madrid 8-0: RPReplay_Final1718808961.mov Results from my last season:
  2. 4-2-3-1 offensive formation used for my Sunderland, scored more than 100 goals and won the championship 100+ points. Had to sell the best players , Clarke and Roberts on January transfer window, manage to replace Roberts with the well known Bardghy and Clarke with the central mid Ba. Let me know if you want some more info! Matteo
  3. Hey everyone, I wanted to share this tactic that I have been working on for a while, and after abit of play testing am abit more confident about sharing it. As an old school FM player who remembers the days of flat 4-4-2s being the default tactic, I never really got used to the surge of 4-3-3 high pressing tactics that are the norm these days. There's an old man inside me that gets pissed every time I see my IFs in the AM bank stop defending anything behind the halfway line. So I decided to tinker with the tactics to come up with something that 1) had flat banks of 4, 2) was best used with a mid or low block, 3) had an interesting feature so that it would not be too boring. I also wanted it to work without having to sign too many players of a specific type - for example, almost all high pressing formations require quick centre backs, which are so hard to find. Hence I came up with the below: The basic idea - the 4-1-4 structure at the base is ready to absorb pressure, esp with WMs protecting the full backs from opponent WBs - there is no scientific reason for making my entire defence man-mark, it just seemed to perform better in my preliminary tests. - a lone IF upfront with passes designed to focus his flank to create overloads down the flanks. I find doing this exposes the space that FBs, WBs or even IWBs leave behind when they move forward. It's useful to put the IF in the side where there is a WB; remember to focus passing down wherever your IF is! - the Midfield trio is a straight, shameless copy of Blackhawk. Having no AM or Central Forwards in front of the midfield means that the BBMs and RPs have alot of space to flow into and score goals. Make sure your most creative B2B midfielder is on the SAME side as your IF! In a stronger team, I find its better do a midblock as the screenshots suggest. This was pretty good for ManU in my playthrough - take note this is default boring ass man u, with NO transfers made. I had to retrain the wingers to WMs though; almost everyone defaulted to IF. It takes awhile but once they get going it was really good. I also had to recall Sancho in January after a huge injury crisis, so take note of that. Managed to win the league with a couple games to spare; I've yet to finish this season but i mean this really is quite consistent and I enjoyed it, including some really good games including 4-1s victories over both City and Bayern. If you play as a weaker team, I find that you have to do a low block (low defensive line and closing down). I tried this with a no-signing Bournemouth; got into the last European place! (Note to anyone who wants to try this: I do not recommend a play through as Bournemouth without signing anyone. This play through required close attention to player rotations and injuries as there are just so few IFs in the team, and you really have to get the substitutions and team talks just right. I hope you try and enjoy this tactic as something a little different. This is by no means an "ultimate" tactic - I encourage everyone to tinker so it's just right for your team and let me know what your improvements were! I also would like to remind all players not to discount the stamina / condition of the player, as well as team talks / morale. These play a HUGE (I personally think, too big) a role in the game results! They can be difference between a 2 nil loss and a 3 nil win - its pretty crazy. I would like to thank a few people whose work inspired me very much. @Spurs23 and @Dam0 with their Yellow Pigeon and BeastMorpher tactics, that were the first consistent tactics that really got me into the game. Everything else i tried didn't quite work for me. @DanEnglish for basically being FMMVibe's resident Pep. His park the bus tactic really inspired me; you could argue this is just parking the bus with an outlet to exploit space left behind by the modern fullback. @blackhawk for inventing his game breaking midfield combination. It works well even after what I think were some nerfs in the updates. That's all I have, as always, your mileage may vary but i hope this is something fun and different worth trying for you!
  4. First time I have ever made my own tactic. Usually just copy everyone else’s. However I have been inspired by listening to Jessie Marsch’s coaching philosphy and it is very similar to the coaching philosphy I believe in. It is based on intense pressing together and fast attacking football through the middle. None of this boring backwards passing with no point in the end play. We press to score goals not to win possession and therefore we want to win the ball up the pitch as high as possible and score as quick as possible. Often the AI just cannot cope with 6 players attacking through the middle. What is needed? Defence - we play a high line to try and close the opposition in. Therefore the defenders must have good positioning and pace. I play one ball playing defender so he must have good passing. The wing backs must be quick and have good stamina because they get tired very quickly. All midfielders and and forwards in my tactic were required to have a minimum of 15 teamwork to help the tactic work and will ensure they all press together. I was lucky that I had money to spend so could get these players but if you cannot afford it this it the attribute that you should look for first in players. BBM’s need teamwork, passing , decisions and stamina. SS’s really thrive in this tactic. I choose this role as part of their role is to close down opposition defenders. They need teamwork, movement , shooting. Pace and decisions are also useful attributes. I choose pressing forwards up front as obviously their main job is to press. Teamwork, pace , movement and shooting are required. Aerial can also be useful. During the games I would normally make 5 subs around the 65 min mark as high energy and stamina is required. got about 10 goals from corners. Results I tested it with Newcastle. Obviously I had a lot of money to spend but it is still the best tactic I have used. First 10 games I was still tinkering with the tactic but after that it was pretty much plug and play player performances. As mentioned earlier the SS’s perform really well in this formation. Bruno Fernandes in particular is outstanding. I am going to keep playing till I win the champions league with Newcastle after which I will choose a different team to test with. Happy to receive any feedback of tests. Enjoy!
  5. Hello again Sorry for my language. this tactic work for me. i really love this tactic because the first amazing tactic by me in fm24 and really unbeatable. with this tactic, i get amazing results for AC Milan and Rafael Leao! im no sign any player! just conar ghallagher in second season! Tactic: First season won the league without defeat but UCL, i lost against Man City😤2-1 in semi final after 45 Games Unbeat run Second season we win league again in UCL i lost against Man City again😂🤦🏻‍♂️(final 1-0) after 50 games unbeat run. Leao, Leao, Leao! (Leao is Inside Forward!) Can Change CF to AF Share your comments.
  6. FINAL EDIT 09/6/24: After the last update, it appears that my other tactics have become less effective but this one has actually improved. Therefore, I'm abandoning all the other ones and sticking with this........ so yeah, ignore all the other ones I've uploaded, this is the one to go with!! MAJOR UPDATE 14/2/24: Just had a week off work so was able to invest some time in the game and my conclusion is that the tactic should be used as a plug and play with CONTROL mentality. If you've already downloaded it, just change the team mentality to CONTROL and save the tactic as there's no other changes. If you're downloading it for the first time, you can do so by clicking on the download link just below the final screenshot at the end of this post. The results achieved in the screenshots with Man Utd were done so by switching between ATTACKING and CONTROL depending on the match odds but United are an elite team with several world class players, however the same does not apply to 95% of teams that others will be managing so from my play test with a couple of weaker teams, it's apparent that CONTROL mentality is the way to go as it allows for greater possession, more control and more selective progressive passing and shooting with the overall results just being better for teams that don't have an abundance of world class players and even if you do, it still works great. NOTE: Once downloaded, export a current tactic from within the game and your phone/tablet will create a new folder, after which you just copy and paste the downloaded tactic into that folder. Then simply import it from the tactics screen and you'll have it in your game. However, if you're still having trouble with importing the tactic (as many have reported), obviously just copy the instructions and if you want to implement the highly tweaked defensive and attacking set-piece instructions, just scroll down on this page until you get to the screenshots. INTRO/PLAYERS REQUIRED......... With one of the major updates, I've noticed some anomalies with my two previous tactics and they aren't as effective as they were BEFORE the update so I've created a new one that works brilliantly in producing mesmerisingly slick (hence the name) and intricate passing in the final third. There's very little wide play and the attacks are focused through the middle. This is higher scoring than my two previous tactics and incredibly consistent. The heartbeat of the team is the DMC who needs to have good creativity, passing, tackling and positioning but most importantly strength and aggression as he often holds the ball up to assess options, allowing opposition midfielders that split second to get challenges in. If he has high strength/aggression, he can hold off those challenges, allowing him to either retain possession or win free kicks. A weak DMC will be a liability so make sure to get this position right (strength is an absolute necessity, aggression not as much). You'll also need a decent all round striker, a big/strong target man type like Hoijlund works really well as does a quick, flair type like Rashford. All four defenders need to be quick due to the high defensive line and the right sided centre back should be the better header of the two as he's the main goal threat from attacking corners. Work rate is very important for the three midfielders and the striker as a lot of running is required in these positions so look for 'hardworking' in the player personality details and/or coach report. Have your midfielders train 'shooting' as all three will be getting plenty of shots off. STYLE OF PLAY........... It's a 'control possession' tactic where the inverted wing backs come infield and combine with the three midfielders to create an overload in the central area between the opposition box and the centre circle. This allows for increased passing options within that central zone that are utilized to patiently probe until a through ball opportunity opens up for a forward pass. Once that happens, the inverted wing backs will sit and act as holding midfielders to defend against the counter and the three midfielders will rush forward to support the attack........... it's a pass and move style tactic that creates wonderful passing plays to open up defences. TACTIC USAGE.......... It's a plug and play tactic and the only in-game change you need to make if you want to see the game out is to use the 'time wasting' option at any point from the beginning of the second half in order to frustrate the opposition. Defensive and attacking set pieces are tweaked so to get the best out of the tactic, you'll have to download it from the link below. Corners should ideally be inswinging only. RESULTS........... In my second season with Man Utd, won everything with a win percentage of 94% (played 67/won 63/drawn 4/lost 0) which is easily higher than I've ever had before. Dominated every single game, trust me you will absolutely love this tactic AND the style of play!! DOWNLOAD available below the final screenshot 👇👇👇 DOWNLOAD HERE 👇👇👇 Franky's SLICK Tactic v2.tac
  7. I created a perfect counter attacking tactic for both big teams and small teams it starts off as a 4-2-1-3 and then creates a midfield overloads of 4 players Am,CM,A and the libero who is like a deep lying playmaker they form a diamond shape with the wing backs acting like wide midfielders to help in retaining possession and creating passing options while in possession during attacking Play and it transitions into a box shape during defence making it a 3-2-2 screen-20240527-182113.mp4 -2 hardly concede over 1 goal and I score basically according to the opposition team strength like against teams that play attacking football like Chelsea, arsenal, Manchester United mancity the team tends to score more due to something I call the "trampoline effect" meaning you tend to score more against attacking team and tend to score less against small clubs I've tested it on multiple saves before but I lost those saves and I'm stuck with my Liverpool save Note: you'll need a striker of at least 14 aerial ability to make it extremely effective. It would still work with a striker of almost any aerial ability but 14 is favorable Advanced Football V3.0(Plu.tac
  8. KICK N GO INTRODUCTION Hello everybody as you know it I previously dropped a tactic WRATH OF GOD and ARK THE GIANT SLAYER I admit those tactic were Great, but this is LEGENDARY. Today I'll be telling you I came about this tactic as you know I always love using Midtable teams in processing a tactic. BREAKDOWN So I was trying to build a tactic based on defensive mentality mainly to be very DEFENSIVE at the same time very ATTACKING and I found the balance with the DEFENSIVE mentality as it kept more possession and moved the ball patiently and decisively even though the team did not have a Great Decision making. After This had problem attacking and I tried a lot of formations and instructions didn't work until I found this. It was very effective ATTACKING wise and same time DEFENSIVE. So it had to do it Enough of the story I have built it and I trust. But since FM update can't seem to do a complete season without Missing files you know what I mean so I'll share the results of the save I'm working with EVERTON in some days before that let me share the Tactics. And you know I never disappoint. And I'm Telling you Defensive is the Best mentality for this Tactic. Thank you!!
  9. Sorry about my language🙏🏻 i try to find best tactic for inside forward and a lot of goals and trophy winning This tactic work for me... Can change POACHER to PRESSING FORWARD or COMPLETE FORWARD im only sign victor eletu (amazing talent) 18.5M and sold tsimikas 35M share your comments.
  10. Hello English is not my native language. Sorry for any problems. I like high pressing game and fast passes and a lot goal scoring and actually trophy winning and My favorite formation is 433 so i love this tactic and work for me Tactic: Edit: In this tactic, the positioning of the wing backs will be surprise you! Sometimes they will be inverted wing back and sometimes wing back! Try this in your teams and tactics and suprise! WBL WBR and in final third set no option if you want score more goals with IFs can change CF to P and remember against Man City keep defence line Balanced and If the opposing team is using AMC(AP/SS/T/AM), you can move BWM back one line like this: Now result: Im only sign Martin Vitik(Great CB talent) and Victor Eletu(Great MD talent) Share your comment.
  11. DanEnglish’s Attacking 4213 / 4231 Here is my favourite attacking tactic - due to popular request - used in FMM23, as the match engine is pretty much the same in FMM24. The Tactic Here is the 4213 tactic: a back 4, with a central midfield 3, and a front 3 … showcased by my 2026 World Cup winners 🏆 It’s suitable for ‘good to great’ teams - edit - now with added details / explanations about 'WHY' The Tweaks I make three sets of standard tactical ‘tweaks’ - depending on my team + the opposition tactic + the score line. *New* Tactical Variants This tactic is NOT designed as 100% plug and play. Actually - this attacking 4213 is my default tactic - BUT there are 5 variants which I rotate between - depending on the opposition’s tactic + match situation. *New* The Players As requested - this spoiler contains the ‘role options’ / ‘attributes needed’ for each position. The Teams This has been successfully tested across multiple FMM23 careers … … with the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England national team, the 🇺🇸 USA’s MLS, the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 English Championship, the 🇪🇸 Spanish 2nd Division, the 🇦🇷 Argentinian league, and the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 English non-leagues … see spoiler for (a LOT) of detail 🙂 … Similar Tactics You’ll notice this has similarities with sone other tactics: Summary This attacking 4213 - with its standard tweaks - was a high performing tactic for me in FMM23 across many leagues - both with elite and lower league clubs. I would recommend it for ‘good to great’ teams: Thoughts? 🙂
  12. I've been running this tactic now over 3 season with Celtic ( I know, I know ) and have had massive success. This isnt for anyone trying a 1K goal challenge, that would be a challenge in itself!! This tactic just doesn't concede goals, it's far from parking the bus as you'll see but is so solid, I've played 130 games and conceded 38 goals culminating in winning the champions league last season. If you're after a tactic that is something a little different and not just goals, goals, goals then ....
  13. Hello fmmvibe! I have browsed this new FMM24 forum, and noticed the "Tactics" section quite barren. So, in case anyone needs a tactic to bed themselves into the game, i might have something for you - basically the same tactic i posted last year, which i now tested in this edition over a full season with Liverpool. It has all players contributing to goals across the board, with an emphasis on the front three. The fullbacks (Robertson and TAA largely, though i've also bought Valentino Barco and he's very good down the left as well - definite wonderkid) got the most assists for me, with a chunk of them coming from set-pieces but largely from crosses and the like. When in possession of a tight lead late on, i sometimes switched the mentality to "Control" or "Defensive". But in all, i've done very little tinkering over the season - i believe this is what you'd call a "Plug and Play". The tactic itself: Team results + a couple of match statistics: Feel free to let me know how it went for you, and i am open to criticism if you can think of improvements!
  14. NOTE: Once downloaded, export a current tactic from within the game and your phone/tablet will create a new folder, after which you just copy and paste the downloaded tactic into that folder. Then simply import it from the tactics screen and you'll have it in your game. However, if you're still having trouble with importing the tactic (as many have reported), obviously just copy the instructions and if you want to implement the highly tweaked defensive and attacking set-piece instructions, just scroll down on the first page of my SLICK tactic thread until you get to the screenshots. INTRO/PLAYERS REQUIRED Hi all, I wanted to create an aggressive highly attacking tactic for 'top four teams' that deployed wing play as I was getting a bit bored of everything going the through the middle with my SLICK tactic. It's called RELENTLESS because it's relentlessly attacking in nature with everyone other than the two centre backs bombing forward. After testing half a season with my Wycombe team, I'm confident it's ready for public consumption lol. The formation is the same, as are all the player roles except for the defenders. The heartbeat of the team is the DMC who needs to have good creativity, passing, tackling and positioning. You'll also need a decent all round striker with reasonable aerial ability. All four defenders need to be quick due to the high defensive line and the right sided centre back should be the better header of the two as he's the main goal threat from attacking corners. The three central midfielders all need to be defensively sound with a good work rate (hardworking) in order to keep up with the high pressing demands of the tactic, plus have them train 'shooting' as all three will be getting plenty of shots off. The full backs need to have decent crossing and dribbling as they'll be getting forward to put crosses in, although the main strategy for opening up defences is overloads along the flanks that pull opposition defenders out of position, creating gaps in and around the box for the rampaging central midfielders to exploit. IMPORTANT........ after extensive play time, it's become apparent that for the DMC (roaming playmaker), strength and aggression are VERY important attributes. Because he gets on the ball more than any other player, the opposition's midfield will try to bully him but a strong and aggressive DMC won't allow that to happen and instead will assert his authority on games. This in turn really allows the tactic to click, allowing the attacking players to flourish. TACTIC USAGE.......... It's a plug and play tactic and the only in-game change you need to make if you want to see the game out is to use the 'time wasting' option at any point from the beginning of the second half in order to frustrate the opposition. Defensive and attacking set pieces are tweaked so to get the best out of the tactic, you'll have to download it from the link at the bottom of this post, below the last screenshot. Corners should ideally be inswinging only. RESULTS........... Strolled the league with a strong Wycombe team in it's 4th season in the top flight plus Champions League, steamrolling Barcelona in the final. Mistakenly played weakened teams at home in both domestic cup competitions and paid the penalty, otherwise quadruple would have been a probability rather than just a possibility.......... you will dominate with any top 4 team. If you try it, please let us know how you get on. Franky's RELENTLESS Tactic.tac
  15. First season - (-15 points deducted) 2nd position on the Seria A (78 pts) Winner UCL Second season - Winner Seria A ( 101 points ) ( Only 7 GA )
  16. This tactic is inspired by how Nice play with Francesco Farioli this season. Farioli started his football career as a goalkeeper coach in Italy. In 2017, Roberto De Zerbi called Farioli who was temporarily a goalkeeping coach at the Aspire academy in Qatar to join him at Benevento. Farioli was appointed by De Zerbi as goalkeeping coach When De Zerbi moved to Sassuolo, Farioli also followed the Brighton coach. Therefore, De Zerbi has a strong influence on Farioli's coaching pattern. In fact, according to one of Farioli's former players at Alanyaspor, Farioli sometimes asks the players to watch matches played by Brighton. Clearly, Nice's performance this season is almost similar to Brighton's style of play. Especially with the high wide forwards ready to beat the line, 3rd man combination, pattern of play from foot to foot and the freedom of the players to counterattack. Shape : Defence : Attack : Maybe u can change the creative freedom to expressive and change keeper to sweeper keeper if u have better team and right player Here is some article if u interested in the manager : https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=https://apnews.com/article/nice-coach-farioli-french-league-8485e07a42f8682522bfff6d6200678b&ved=2ahUKEwia39CwpeSCAxUP8zgGHUt8C344ChAWegQIExAB&usg=AOvVaw3-xrUsXP-uUJretUKPYkHX
  17. Finally! While I'm still not 100% happy with it, I have now managed to get a version of my successful FMM21 Amorim tactic working consistently. Not sure it will work for everyone and as with the previous version you will need good wingbacks that can get up and down and cross, as well as a good BPD (cut down from two I used previously to one with this version) and a good AP. Only fully tested with Feyenoord so far and won everything I was in with them in season 2. Season 1 we were third but I was still tinkering a lot so wouldn't have been a fair test to post up that one. I've also applied it to saves with Leeds, Norwich, ADO Den Haag, 1860 Munchen and it's improved results drastically with all of them. I'll add some of them to this post once I finish off full seasons with some of those. Might be a day or two for that though. Anyway hopefully it will work for some of you as well or you can adapt it for yourselves. Tactical Instructions Most Used 11 Season Final Table Transfers In Transfers Out Goals Assists Results Here is the result of me applying the tactic to a Den Haag save that I'd started with a different tactic that I couldn't get going. Applied the Amorim 2.0 on 15 OCT 21 and you can see the run the team went on to go from a bottom half position to gaining promotion. Campbell was a January loan because he suited the tactic. Most Used 11 Season Final Table Transfers In Transfers Out Goals Assists Results Happy FM playing and if you give it a go let me know how you get on!
  18. Hey all. I was looking to create a realistic yet solid and strong tactic, and came up with a new idea which made us ALMOST invincible (aside from an unfortunate loss against Fiorentina). Won the treble in the first season. This tactic heavily depends on your midfield's attacking prowess. The wingers will often be as wide as possible, and that leaves the halfspaces right for the taking for your midfield. I refitted Szymanski, a natural attacking midfielder, into a B2B centre midfielder and it worked beautifully -- he got tons of goals and assists, and won the Conference League's Golden Boot. Perhaps playing Fred wasn't the best idea - while he did chime in with some goal contributions, another AM-into-CM player would have most likely worked better. I also found having an inverted winger on either the right or left works, but that might somewhat dampen your midfield's infiltration of the half spaces. funny anecdote, I also had the funniest penalty shootout of my life.
  19. Hi, this is my first time posting a tactic set-up on here, I've used it and well to be honest, i don't fully understand how they work in synergy but it just works, I will try to explain somethings to the best of my knowledge and abilities, you can find more on rdf tactics youtube I watched rdf's video RDF TACTIC on how he turned a 4-3-3 at base into a 3-4-3 diamond and wished to replicate it on mobile. I currently use luton so it's pretty broken because I'm in yr 2036 or so, but i recently tried again with bristol in League 1 and it did decent/okay. So let's get into it, we start with a 4-3-3 or 4-1-2-2-1 Defense It is comprised of a defensive full back, a sweeper , central defender and an inverted wingback. I positioned my DFB and Sweeper side by side because i learnt on here that if you place a sweeper beside a DFB, he'll never wander off , no matter what, meanwhile the CD's job would be to cover for whatever space the IWB vacates when he tucks in to form the diamond. Midfield In midfielder we have the defensive midfielder, central midfielder and roaming playmaker, i placed the iwb on the same side as the RP because the RP tends to vacate his starting area , charging forward and central, i learnt this from Mr. DanEnglish, and becomes the like the shadow striker/advanced playmaker type as he's at the top of the pyramid in position, the CM and DM do their normal roles and I've not tried other roles since they do their jobs right. Once the IWB tucks in , you have your diamond. Attack We have 2 wingers here, whose jobs in my opinion are to stretch play, dribble and create chances as well as rotation and the likes, although I have noticed one of them tends to get score goals while the other is more supporting. The 9 is a pressing forward, looking to keep the opponents defense on their toes at all. The mentality is set to Control but it can be balanced or anything depending on your situation and who you're playing against, big team and you'd want to be more cautious and so on like that. The shape is narrow, the tempo is fast and the expression is discipline (i don't know what these mean in-game, if someone knows please educate me),they just work. I set their line to high and their pressing to be all-over while turning on offside trade, you can also make their tackling cautious as you'd be looking to win balls back via interceptions than all out brawls. There's no attack pattern just play through the center , short gk distribution and short passing channels. I also added my corner kick strat (defense and attack) in the images. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I look forward to hearing your feedback and more.
  20. Hello everyone, I would like to share my tactics with you all. Always I wanted and like it to ball possession and score a lot of goals. A task almost impossible to achieve but I think I did it😁😅 At first I watched the statistics of Real Madrid and Man City and I saw the number of passes really high. I tried to emulate both for them and I achieved the half of that😅😂 Good possession ball but no goals, so I tried to keep it simple as much I can so the players can so their job. At the end those two options are my tactics: First option is 4-1-2-1-2 my main tactic: Team mentality - Control (to keep the control of the game) Width - without wingers I like to keep balanced so midfielders and strikers can go width in ball possession Passing tempo - Fast (this one was a little bit tricky, with slow tempo you get a lot of passes but no goals except from the corners or free kick. Normal tempo wasn't working like I wanted so I ended up with fast. Fast tempo I think it's much better because the players have to play quickly and with simplicity of role's they gonna have to passes simple to his teammate near to him) Creative freedom - Expressive (let the players to create space and move out of position to receive the ball) Defensive line has to be high to help for possession Pressing all over to get the ball quickly back out possession Tackling - Cautious (the players have to get the ball not the player) Final third - this one was really tricky for me but at the I got. Work into Box for more passes and less shooting from distance. When the players have the freedom to move they can receive the ball into spaces with through balls. Passing style - Short (to keep it simple and the players have to move into spaces for the ball) Passing focus - Centre (the position of midfielders and strikers is more concentrated on centre so used to you advantage) Goalkeeper distribution it has to be short so he can start the build up The second option is a little bit different, let me show you how. At first the tactic is 4-3-3 The DLP become a RP and we have to wingers as AP to help de the middle during the build up. This time is just one striker as AF, DLP or CF ( it depends on the striker you have or use). Another thing the squad had to stay narrow, because we have 2 wingers. The two AP they can play width and they also can cut inside when it's possible. For the defence it's the same as the first option. The only thing we add for final third is look for overlap. The two FB can go more forward because of the two wingers. If you want more crosses you can change the two FB to WB. You gonna need players with good abilities such as movement, creativity, passing, decisions. I hope you like it and enjoyed my post. Soon I finish season I gonna post the results. I only used with AC Milan, so I cannot tell you if work with small clubs. Let me know if works for you, Enjoy it!!!
  21. Hi everyone, Finally made my own tactic which has been really successful for me! I’ve tried this across numerous leagues and standards and works well at all levels. I’m currently at Wolves, taking over them rock bottom in the Championship after 20 games having only scored 18 and conceded 31. In the next 26 games we ended up winning the league and ended up with a goal record of 77 scored and 41 conceded. The goals are spread quite evenly across the 5 attacking players. I tinkered a bit with the striker but noticed DLF was the best option as it kept him onside more and involved in every aspect of the attack chipping in with plenty of goals and assists. Because of this formations attacking format I was racking up around 15-20 shots a game but also most games keeping around 60% possession. Against the weaker teams it’s more like 65% and the better teams 55%. I’ve only played 5 games in the Prem with this Wolves team and have already beaten Man U 1-0 and Arsenal 2-1 making me top. I also noticed that having 2 CD’s instead of BPD’s meant they didn’t wonder too far up the pitch leaving me exposed. The CD’s still passed the ball around nicely but maintained the defensive line. Biggest bit of advice I could offer is to search for players you want to buy by the primary attributes recommended by the player role (for eg RPM, DLP, DLF). Let me know if anyone tries this and how you get one. GL to anyone who does!
  22. Alright chat ... I havent been on here for couple of years now but recently come back to footy manager. Anyway been playing with this tactic, I havent bothered looking through the tactics page so if it's been done already pls feel free to tag or or mention. Been pretty successful with this, just something about that I cant quite figure out when conceding a few annoying goals!! Also as in title depending on the league etc might have potential for a 1K goal challenge!?! Only tried it in la liga, anyway ....
  23. So, I created this tactic with an inspiration of finally being original and using something new came up with this. I signed Oshimen and Vitor Roque came in January. I messed up half the season but still won. (My bad the tactics accidently switched up to a different one I use too.)Feel free to ask any questions I will answer every single one if I can!
  24. Hey guys! I hadn't planned on playing the new version of FM because of Netflix, but I received some requests to see what I could do in this version of the game so I decided to test my old The Black Hawk in this edition. Now, anyone who followed the tactic thread of 2023 version, the various save tests and tweaks I made, must remember what I'm looking for with this tactic. For those who haven't followed, in short this is a control tactic (I'm a control freak) designed to maintain possession of the ball for as long as possible, involving the entire team in the offensive process and pushing the opponent into their own area in such a way that they cannot even attack - even if they recover the ball, they will be so far from our goalkeeper that they will not be able to create any danger. I'm not going to lie, the tactic has a serious problem just as it did last year: defensively, the team is not solid when we don't have the ball. The entire success of the tactic is based on having the ball to prevent the opponent from creating danger. Or, as a famous pundit in my country famously responded when asked who defends in an offensive team: "Who defends? The opponent defends". With a well-built team, I believe that the tactic will allow the team to dominate the overwhelming majority of games. There will always be a handful of games in which we are let down by an underperforming player, or in which the opponents score two goals in two shots, but I think no tactic can stop this. The goal is to ensure that these exceptions are just that: exceptions. The Black Hawk Those who already knew the tactic may have noticed that this is what I called the "tweaked version" of the original The Black Hawk. When I decided to test this new version of FM, I chose to start with the last version of the tactic I created to see what works and what doesn't, but I found that it worked really well in the two tests I've already done and which I'll talk about in a moment. Points to remember: 1) this tactic will require a lot of movement without the ball, as almost all individual instructions are aimed at making players move (Wing Backs, Roaming Playmakers, Box-to-Box, Pressing Forward...); 2) attributes such as Passing, Movement and Stamina are essential in all positions, later on I may not mention them in the list of attributes for each position because they are important in all of them!; 3) all players must feel comfortable with the ball at their feet, players who only serve to destroy the opponent's game are useless. Wing Backs Must have Pace, Movement and Crossing. Helps if they have Technique, Positioning and Tackling. Ball Playing Defenders Must have Speed and Aerial (i cannot stress enough how Speed is key for all this to work!). Helps if they have Technique, Dribbling and Positioning. If anyone don't has good centre backs to be Ball Playing Defenders, it may be changed to regular Central Defenders. Roaming Playmaker This is the engine of this tactic. The defensive midfielder is actually an undercover attacking midfielder, so look for attributes that suit them (last year Bellingham was the best RP I tested). Must have Movement, Passing, Creativity and Decisions. Helps a lot if he has Shooting as he will have a lot of shooting chances just outside of the box. Box-to-Box Must have all the usual attributes of a B2B, like Passing, Tackling, Decisions, Movement and Teamwork. Bonus if they have Dribbling, Shooting and Creativity. Inside Forwards Must have all the usual attributes of an IF, like Movement, Pace, Creativity, Decisions, Passing, Shooting. Bonus if they have Crossing. I use IFs with their foot exchanged - don't know how to say it in English, but this is to use a right footed on the left and a left footed on the right. Pressing Forward Now, this one is tricky. Stamina, of course, but here we have two options: to go for a striker to score or to go for a striker to create spaces for others to score. Last year, my favorites for this were Osimhen, Scamacca and Beto (the one from Udinese, now Everton). They all had in common Agression, Aerial and Movement as I found that these three attributes together are just overkill. If they have these, it will work, but if they also have Teamwork, Shooting, Passing and Pace, the better. Anyway, with these three guys I mentioned you guys probably are already seeing what kind of striker to look for. After all this, here are two save tests I did to get some numbers. The save tests are the same I did with the tactic last year: the first with Sporting CP (a top team) and the other withy hometown Amora FC (an underdog team, this year really an awful team). The first save test -> Sporting CP So, this went really well. I played with Sporting CP original squad, no signings, I only recalled two youngsters midfielders from their loans as Sporting CP has a shortage of them. Last year this The Black Hawk did 33W-0D-1L in 34 games, this year I got 32W-2D-0L, which is almost the same. This year it performed better defensively (9 goals conceded is insane in a first season) while also providing a staggering 84 goals (2,47 goals per game) which is fantastic for a control tactic. These are numbers for a overload tactic. We won all domestic competitions and only lose against Paris SG on semi finals of Europa League, our only defeat all season. Not ashamed of it, they are really strong and we battled them toe to toe. Starting with my IFs, as trying to put them to work was the reason I designed this tactic last year, they were really strong. They scored a total of 59 goals and made 39 assists, which was Incredible. I think they are stronger this year. They cut inside more to shoot outside of the box, they run more behind opponents back to create 1x1 against the goalkeepers, overall they look more active than last season. All the others performed as I expected. My three main midfielders (Hjulmand, Bragança and Morita) are not suited to the roles I assigned them (Hjulmand is not gifted as RP, the others are not good at Movement), but still did well. Gyokeres is an absolute beast and must be a good signing for any team. As Sporting CP is one of the "Big Three" of Portugal, I was not convinced as this might have been because of the overall strong squad The Lions have, so I tried a season with my Amora FC to see how it would perform. The second save test -> Amora FC Now, let me just say about Amora FC that we are a small team. We play on Liga 3 (portuguese third tier) and this season we have a weak, awful squad. Really, I'm afraid we end up relegated by the end of the season on real life. That would crush me... Anyway, Amora FC is a good team to test this tactic on an underdog, as that is what we are this season. We play on Liga 3, a league that has 20 teams divided on two regional groups (north and south), each with 10 teams. The first regular phase has the top 4 teams of each group go to a final promotion phase (8 teams, the 4 top teams of each group), all the others go to a relegation phase. As it can be seen, we won the first phase and got a place on the promotion phase. We ended up second place, so we not won the league, but were promoted. Also, we were knocked out of Portuguese Cup by Farense only on extra time, they are a team from portuguese first tier. I'm really proud of all this. Amora FC has one of the worst squads of the league (it can be seen how almost all games were graded as 3 or 4 of difficulty), but we managed to get promoted. Now, what I learned from this save test is that in most of the games we were slightly better than our opponents, but we were let down by individual mistakes, both in our defense as our IFs missing goals (my IFs are terrible, terrible even for portuguese third tier). Overall, we clearly overperformed and I do not believe an AI Amora FC ever to get even remotely close to get promoted as we did. For example, in the first save test with Sporting CP, Amora FC was dead last by a long range. This was it. Two successful save tests, I believe the tactic has some tweaks in it to perform better, but by now I believe this is already good. Now I will try it on Premier League, last year I did a save test with Wolves, this season I may do one with Brighton. Latter will post updates of how it went.
  25. Tried to use a data based approach to this tactic, and it seems to be working well so far. Went on a good run through the season, having lost to bayern only so far. Hopefully it brings some success to you all. basis for the tactic: play a 3421, central focus, short passing, through balls as below
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