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Career What can the street offer


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I went to the pit side, where I normally rest every evening, and I normally watch the kids do their training, and I said to myself, would have turned pro by now if I was still a teenager, this beautiful world has changed. oh changing that's what I'm talking about. I just came across this place today, everywhere was bushy, and when I asked, was told football hasn't been played here over 5 years oh.

Boy -> No one has ever care to asked sir, could you please?

Donx-> shhh! just go get the Boyz we got some work to do. 

With willingness and passion, it doesn't take 2 hours to arrange a little Field, we are ready and set to go.

With no fund at my side and impact of convid19, I let everyone know I'm only offering job to anyone, capable of kicking football, My mission is to impact the life of these men, by offering them jobs who's knows maybe one day they could become a professional footballer. 

No transfer market 

No incoming loan.

just pick Boyz from the street ( Gray out players)

The season is set 

Season 1

Team name

Hungerford Town


Capacity 2,500





what can the street offer.





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After i mistakenly overwrite my previous career, I hope this will carry on for long or except if I was sacked.

Season target will be reasonably achieved, as we are tasked to fight bravely against relegation.Screenshot_20200625-160403.thumb.png.ca3bd0c23faf5e525c6c899529d64dfa.png

Goodbye Adam, was previously on loan at the club, sent him packing in other to be fully focus.Screenshot_20200625-160816.thumb.png.836f73758b61b2fffefb6fca62db3302.png

First three allowed to train with us, they've fill the club form and will be tasked to help keep football going.Screenshot_20200625-161615.thumb.png.6c0f4304b94ab0bd905c01b752ddcb40.pngScreenshot_20200625-161650.thumb.png.8b2de7383d744746cabb32f120fdfb29.pngScreenshot_20200625-161453.thumb.png.f01e7b9d0775b0879f68496d48a29284.png

hopefully they can show us reason to sign a long contract.

Formation and tactics.

I like to be flexible, trying out what I think best suits each opponent, but this aren't the professionals you instruct to dribble around opponent or keep a higher defensive line, we are gonna keep this aspect pure and simple. Bully The opposition and park everything we got and shatter the dream of team's, also to show the world how important/good the street/Gray out players, are in FM.

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