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  1. I need a break from my Welsh save and seeing @Scratch share his wisdom, I thought i'd also do a lone striker goalscoring challenge and share some of my lesser wisdom but in far less detail as i'm quite lazy... The Club I sometimes like to choose a bit of a random club and did run a test using AZ in the Eredivisie, but if i'm going for goals there's only one club in Europe you can really use. So like the masses (no pun intended), I went for Celtic. The Scottish league has some truly terrible defenders for my boy to terrorise and Celtic are a big enough draw to get good players from the off as well as having a decent transfer budget. And with the Scottish league having a pretty good rep, the player will develop at a good rate. For the player, I like them young. I'm always on the hunt for the next Freddy Adu. Yes, they plateau until they grow up but if you can get them firing from the off, I see that as a couple of bonus seasons. I've had my eye on this chap since the Winter update so wanted to give him a spin. In my test he got to 20 aerial whilst still being 16 so i'm hoping he'll be just as good for real now. He turned 16 3 days before the game starts in Scotland and is already sitting at 15 aerial as he's a whopping 6'5". Pace could be better but shooting, movement, stamina, strength are all good for a youngster. I usually sign the striker first, 50% sell on and as low as you can get them but for some reason this time I signed other players first and had to wait for deals to go through to be able to buy him and in the meantime Bayern increased their asking price. He was £21m plus 50% so i'm hoping i've good a good roll with his stats. 4 goals in his first game suggests he might be good for this... Transfers: For me my tactic is all about the wide players and whipping in those crosses. The long term strategy is always to sniff out those wonderkids, but I wanted some oven-ready chaps too. Kostic had the best crossing in the game (out of who I could sign) so he was in. Rooney will take over when his stats are up. My long term lover, Pavon, jilted me for Wolfsburg so it's the first time i'll be doing one of these challenges without him for almost a decade i'd say. I'm gutted. Abada isn't as good as in previous versions but he'll have to do as my right winger for this year. I needed some pace in my defence so all Celtic defenders were out (so slow!) and in came Arrey-Mbi and Murilo. De Gea came in to replace the very average Joe Hart. With my tactic i just like tough midfielders who win the ball and get it to my wide players so McGregor stays, and in came Sanchez on a Bosman (I've never seen him before but my scouts found him and loved him). I'm seeing if i can convert Lorran into a CM as he has such high potential but if not i'll develop him and sell him in a few years. Billy Jenkins-Davies is Bale regen so i'm hoping he becomes less lazy. So a few signings for now, and a few for the future. Of these, Rooney, Billy, Lorran, and Jonah of course, will be the only ones i see staying for long. To fund this, i didn't use any tricks, I just flogged anyone I could to the highest bidders. But i have a lot of players that don't have any interest so the loan trick will be used - if we're breaking the game, lets use the broken parts of the game. My tactic. I always use a variation of this, and it isn't too dissimilar to others I see but this exact version got Adayemi to 152 goals in a season in FMM22 (when the corner tactic worked admittedly) so i've stuck with it. Doubling up wingers and wing backs means lots of balls coming in from wide. Two at the back as i'm a wuss. And a midfield trio of CM/BWM/CM to be static and annoying. Wide to stretch the pitch and give the WB/W double act some space. Typically I'll turn off the final third instructions when my team is levelled up as they'll know what to do then, but when they're learning, i want them to just get the ball to the big guy. I've gone with a poacher here but as discussed elsewhere TM is as good. I find the Poacher drifts to the channels too much so i will make him a TM next season so stay in the middle. How did he get on? Season 1 saw him end like this: We didn't quite get to 20 aerial but 19 is good for 16. 69 goals is also very good for a 16 year old. There's plenty of room to improve here. consistency is the main thing with youngsters but that will get better. I didn't have the money for a big money mentor so this guy has been my go to for a could of years now. £16k (k!) and he's great in the air, professional and consistent. He's a solid mentor for the cost of living crisis. Team: Wingers did what they're paid to do. WB chipped in with a few too. Results: As expected.
  2. I've had a few careers in FMM24, but none that have kept my interest for more than a few seasons or been worth writing up. Now I think I have something. It's nothing new. In fact it is just more of the same: a classic lone striker goal scoring career. My motivation this time though is to explain what I'm doing a little more. But before I go on, let me pause for a bit and explain why... The Motivation Recently, I've been thinking about people's reactions to game breaking feats in FMM, whether it be @Dai_ getting called a cheater during his recent Split 3.5KC, or Scorpio_21 from Discord getting chased off Vibe for getting a player to 160+ goals in a season (lost the link sorry) a few years before that sort of total became more commonplace. Both know the game inside out and both know how to break it to get groundbreaking results, yet to many people it seems like the results are so incredible that they must be cheating. I've had a similar reaction from people seeing some of the things I've done, like get Sesko to 201 goals in a season. Interestingly, I haven't had much criticism here on Vibe (more Facebook and places I'm not active), I think because I explain how I do things more than most. Not that anyone should have to do that though - just because I share, doesn't mean everyone should. Anyway, I got to thinking and a couple of things nagged me: Firstly, could I still achieve such high scores in FMM24? I don't think 200 goals in a season is possible anymore, as I did that at the height of the broken corner tactic. But I'm confident I can get a pretty high number. How much? Does my tactic still work? Those are questions I'd like to answer. Secondly, if you go back to the start of that Sesko thread I linked to above, you'll see I explained a lot of what I did. That thread is ancient history now and we have lots of new people here who won't have seen that. I figured it might be time for an update. And if I can show people that crazy results are possible, it might lead to just a little more tolerance, which is always a good thing. Disclaimers A few things: This career may not last. I really have struggled to keep a save going this year. I hope this one is different, but there's every chance that I'll bin it at some point (hopefully after getting a lot of explanation out). Results may vary. I've had some people who used my tactics or the things I've talked about and had good success, but also some others who just couldn't make it work for them. It's likely to be the same here. I'm not using my scouting app for this save, BUT I have seen behind the scenes info on a lot of players that I'll end up using. That does give me an unfair advantage, but I can't do much about that! I am going to bend the game for all it's worth, without what I consider to be cheating (reloading, looking behind the scenes, editing anything, etc) BUT some people may consider some of my techniques to be borderline cheating. You need to make up your own mind. And if you are doing any challenges here on Vibe, make sure you're not breaking the rules. Warning This may sound over-dramatic, but once you learn some of the tricks to breaking FMM, you can't easily forget them. It can change the way you play and while it may seem like that's the point, it can take the fun out of the game. If you like playing realistically, you probably don't want to read any further. Updates I'll list updates here so anyone reading this post later can find them more easily: Part 1 - Choosing The Club And Player Part 2 - Choices When Starting The Save Part 3 - Facilities And Staff Part 4 - Tactics Part 5 - Buying And Selling Players Part 6 - Rebuilding Your Squad Part 7 - Finalising Your Squad Setup Step 8 - The First Season - General Results and Progress Thanks for reading!
  3. I started playing FM in 2012 with my old PSP, and a few days ago I decided to play it again but in mobile. I have always wanted to become a legend of a club so I started a Road to Glory being the manager of the South Shields in the Vanarama National League North. Why these team? It was the best team out of the newly promoted to the league. There is not a history behind the decision, but I will try my best to win Premier League and Champions League with South Shields, also known as “The Mariners”. South Shields F.C. was refunded in 1974 and has never played in the professional leagues of England. So the club only has some minor trophies. Season 1: 2023/2024 Pre-Season Transfers: We needed to improve a few positions so we decided to sign 7 players being Callum Hulme the best out of them. Also we loaned 3 young players. Tactics and Squad: Our idea was to play an offensive game, based on pressing throughout the pitch and attacking similar to Real Madrid, having the ball to make fast attacks, with long distance shoots, a lot of crosses and trying to dribble some opponents to gain advantage. Pre-Season Matches: We played 4 matches, and the tactics looked fine, we lost against 2 difficult teams and we win against a L1 team and a VNS team, so I decided to start the season without changing anything. Season: The start was awesome we won our first 3 games, but then everything went wrong and by the 11 league day, we were eliminated of the FA CUP and 4/3/5 with only 1 win in our last 9 matches. That was the turning point and I decided to make some serious changes. I simplified my tactics and move a few players and roles to adjust the tactic better to the players I had. Also in January, we received an offer of 20m to buy our GK so I accepted it and searched for a new starting GK. After that the team started to play much more better and we achieved a streak of 14 games without losing with 11 wins and 3 draws. The rest of the season was more normal, due to some injuries, but we still managed to finish in 2º place and reach the playoffs. Playoffs: We played the semifinal against Alfreton. It was a hard game but we finally scored a goal in the 90´from a penalty shoot. The final was an easier match against because we were winning 2-0 at halftime. So finally we promoted to Vanarama National League. Team Details: - Paul Blackett scored 25 goals in 33 appearances. - Paul Blackett was the Player of the Month in February - Callum Hulme and Max Haygarth played really well and 19 and 18 goals, between goals and assists, respectively. - We get a Manager of the Month award in February
  4. CHALLENGE: Can Spain replicate their historic success at Euro 2024 using the tactics that brought them glory from 2007 to 2012? WHY? These were the golden years for Spanish football. The team dominated the international stage with their iconic tiki-taka style of play, characterized by quick passing, fluid movement, and relentless possession. It was a joy to watch and a nightmare for their opponents. By emulating this tactic, Spain not only mesmerized the world but also bagged major trophies, including the Euro 2008/2012 and the 2010 World Cup. TACTIC: The core of their strategy revolved around controlling the game through precise passing and maintaining possession. Players like Xavi, Iniesta, and Xabi Alonso orchestrated the midfield, dictating the tempo of the game and creating scoring opportunities with their intricate passing triangles. The defense was solid, and the attack was lethal, making Spain a formidable force on the field. THE RESULTS: Fast forward to Euro 2024, where Spain embarked on a journey to reclaim their former glory using the tried and tested tactics of the past: GROUP STAGES: In the Euro 2024 group stages, Spain showed their class by winning all three matches against Slovakia, Scotland, and Romania with ease. The tiki-taka style was back in full swing, mesmerizing fans and outplaying their opponents at every turn. SECOND ROUND & QUARTER FINALS: Moving on to the Euro 2024 knockout stages, Spain continued their winning streak by defeating Ukraine in the second round and Austria in the quarterfinals. The team's cohesion and tactical prowess were on full display, leaving their rivals struggling to keep up. SEMI-FINALS:In the Euro 2024 semi-finals, Spain faced off against Sweden in a thrilling encounter that saw them emerge victorious once again. The tiki-taka magic was working its charm, paving the way for a showdown in the Euro 2024 final. FINAL:In a heart-stopping Euro 2024 final against Belgium, Spain fell short in extra time, missing out on the ultimate prize. Despite their valiant efforts and stellar performance throughout the tournament, it was not meant to be this time around. In conclusion, while we may not have witnessed a repeat of Spain's golden era at Euro 2024, the memories and magic of their iconic tactics from 2007 to 2012 will forever remain etched in football history.
  5. Hi guys, After some nice runs winning the CL with FC Utrecht, Bursaspor, Chania (Gr), Yeovil Town, Sunderland within 10-15 years. As you see i like to start with low league team and i try to build them up to glory. As i dont really know how this works to post topics and I remember the times where people in Fifa career mode where making presentations about their careers. I really enjoyed them and thought about to make one myself with.... Wisła Kraków! I just finished (a fantastic) season 1 -> Check my results here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Q2Oi7CpNONOrayhrfA4ELd7g8SSkf7JlwZ36GkcHLAo/edit#slide=id.g27108ea7599_0_35
  6. The Ten Season Compounder Challenge Another challenge from the mind of my ol' mucker, @Rob. Ever since it was posted I wanted to have a crack at it. It took me a while to settle on a team to use but eventually, I chose one of @Rob's faves. 😊 This is the challenge: "This challenge lasts ten seasons and is all about goals, assists, and how you manage your squad. For this challenge you must: Head to any club you want; Sign your first player; Make any other transfers you want; Not use any unlockables You then play one season, attempting to smash in goals left, right, and centre, dominating the world with your managerial genius. Your score for the first season is goals and assists for player 1. For the second season you buy a new player. You play the second season, destroying everything in sight. Your score for the second season is goals and assists for player 1 plus goals and assists for player 2. Then for the third season you sign player 3. Yep, your score for season 3 is goals and assists for players 1, 2, and 3. You do this for 10 seasons, ending up with 10 players contributing towards goals and assists in season 10. Your total score is all the season scores added together. At no point can your starting or new player be already at the club. All contributing players must be signed." So, here we go. The Club Yep. The Gunners. I flirted with going to Spain or Italy but the sheer amount of games you can play in the English League and Cup's is hard to ignore for such a challenge. Player One: This kid is easily one of, if not my absolute favourite wonderkid on this year's game. Yes, I like him more than Lamine Yamal. 😳 If ever there was a player I knew I could count on to perform for the entire 10 seasons, it's him! Season 1: TRANSFERS; Lots of change to get the squad where I want it. COMPETITIONS; Invincibles! 😊 2-1 vs City in finals. 😂 PLAYER ONE - ARDA GULER; Goals - 72 Assists - 55 ____________________________________ Career total (so far) - 127 TOP PERFORMERS; MANAGER PROFILE; A great start. Shocked that we went the entire League season unbeaten but I'm delighted. Guler performed like I knew he would so onwards and upwards. This challenge is going to mess with my head. Finding out how to get the most out of numerous players later in the challenge is going to be interesting. As always, Thanks for reading. 👍 (∆ Oops ∆) 😂
  7. Attempting TT Challenge!!! In Scotland !! Celtic !! Players for this challenge!!! Mikey moore Will lankshear & Jude Soonsup-bell 2 of them signed as free agent!!! And 1 I brought with exchanging player Abada and 50% sell !!! !!! Season 1 :: transfer!!! transfer in!! Brought in a some good defenders smalling, burn and pirola !!! And some very good mid fielders like wateru endo , Nypan and Archie gray !!! Sign some free agents like young and Lacey as Lw and RW !!! And lastly signed one the best mentor in the game Christopher trimmel As he can mentor any one expect GK !! Transfer out ::: Sell almost all the players !!! Some in mid season!! Abada , tillo , maeda , yang were exchanged!! For soon , pirola, gray & Nypan !!!
  8. Welcome to my latest challenege. Noticed a few guys have been pushing the boundaries recently with goal challeneges so thought I'd just back into the game, but this time we something a little different. I will be initially going for a 1k challenege with the potential to further it, depending on how we go. So this is my thinking, I'll need your help to select a league to play in, team to go, player to use. Not too sure if you add a poll to these posts, if anyone knows let me know, so instead I will just go with the highest number of comments in say a 12-24 hour span. Let's begin. It is a challenege after all, so let's pick from the top 5 leagues. Your choices are as follows: English Premiership Spanish Laliga German Bundesliga Italian Serie A French Ligue 1 Leave a comment on which league you'd like the challenge to begin in and then we'll select a team. I think we'll just keep this format throughout the selection process, 5-5-5. 5 leagues to pick from. 5 clubs within selected league to pick from 5 strikers to pick from. Let's get into it!!
  9. Was a bit bored with fmm24 so decided to try and start a fmm24 create a club. Now all I want is as many people to join all u have to fill in the thing below there is nothing else u need to do. Now I would like at most 2 or 3 of each postion at most. So be quick. First name Last name What foot (pick one) Postion and role Best 2 attributes Worst attribute Nationality
  10. The last time I posted a career was a Triple Threat with three Brazilians - Guilherme, Endrick, and Roque - and I never finished it. Myself and the game consciously uncoupled. In fact, I wasn’t on Vibe itself properly for a while and can see it’s drifted away from being a career-based posting entity. But I am back and I want to scratch the Triple Threat itch. For those who don’t know, you basically pick three players who can play in any of the front line and try and get 1,500 career goals across them. You can include international, just as long as you are managing. Due to the rules and club, I’ve gone for our Parisian giants - Paris Saint-Germain - and opted for three French lads in the hope that I get the international job and therefore manage one of the best set of single-country players in the game. So before I announce the players, anyone want to take a guess?
  11. I’m not quite sure what this challenge will end up being but I’ve never managed in the small leagues. So why not start with the lowest ranked playable league in the game - Wales. I wanted to start with Llandudno as they’ve got great facilities for some reason so that will help me along the way hopefully, and after my last academy challenge, I believe the children are the future. Some further inspiration when trying to see why they had such good facilities: On 20 May 2021, it was announced that Llandudno, alongside Scottish Championship side Ayr United, League of Ireland First Division side Cobh Ramblers and NIFL Premiership side Portadown, had entered into a partnership with Premier League club Burnley, which was dubbed the 'British Isles Club Partnerships'. So starting with the British Isles leagues loaded, I guess I want great success in all countries? What that means will depend on boredom factors but at least win the domestic league and see what happens in the CL. Much easier for Eng and Scot but I’ll start with the lower chaps. Here are those lovely facilities: Not bad for a semi-pro club in the Welsh feeder leagues. I never could find out why they were good and it seems they even lost academy status this year and had to dump all youngsters. Not sure what we can do with these finances but I’m sure there will be a few free transfers who fancy a stint in the lower Welsh leagues…
  12. Plymouth is a big city in England without a club to play in the English Premier League or the former English Division. Well I decided to take them to the EPL and I have done pretty well with them JOURNEY This was after 9 Games was experimenting with a new tactics. After 16 games it was very tight here too many contenders in the championship save to say the last minutes FK 😭 29 games played and the team is starting to blend into my tactical instructions 37 games and we are almost there Championship is really brutal Won the EFL Championship in our first season 😎😎 Got Knocked out of the CARABAO early on While in the FA CUP we had a relatively easy run until we met Manchester United in the FA CUP Semi-FINAL. Extremely Lucky here need something special from on loan Barco who Liverpool bought for 8mil. Onto the final and we have Newcastle Was pretty easy Newcastle where out of form and I got my europa league ticket which was one the next season easily. Also had a quick stints with Scotland national team. Lost to Portugal in the Euros semi final decided to resign. The next season with Plymouth in the prem we finished third could have clinched the PL on GD but I had to play Liverpool which ended in a draw Champions League place Secured Had to face bayern in the super Cup 4-2 😂😂 Bulks of my player have been loan deals But the player leading our charge is Nelson Weiper proper Baller Outscored Haaland in our first Premier league season. Third season now maybe we can push for the PL title Updating Soon..........
  13. CHOOSING THE CLUB I decided to manage Everton because they are a massive club who have been struggling in recent years. They finished last year in 16th & find themselves there again after 6x matches this year. With some different recruitment & tactics, can I improve on last season's final standings? STADIUM & FACILITIES As seen, Everton's infrastructure is Superb as you would think for a club who have been in the Premiership for this long. Their 1st Team & Youth facilities are Superb. Their stadium, Goodison Park holds over 39,000 supporters & this looks to be easily reached most weeks! STAFF, FINANCES & TRAINING Training has been delegated to my Assistant Manager Duncan Ferguson. I improved the Staff room by making sure the Scouts & Physios were all Gold Standard. Finances are very healthy, which is due to a lot of releases & player exchange deals. SQUAD As is normal in my saves, I review the squad, see if area's can be improved, remove the deadwood & look to sign new talent. The players in consisted of players that fit my criteria - GK players had to be good(10+) at GK attributes with Outfield players being the best we could afford in PACE,STAMINA & STRENGTH. Most of the deadwood was released, exchanged, sold or loaned out to avoid a negative dressing room. TACTICS I used a slightly adapted version of my Pep Guardiola tactic from FC Barcelona 2010/11. The tactic was impressive, leading to a 14 game unbeaten streak! It was also incredibly strong defensively! New signing Ivan Toney was a revolation in his "Messi" false 9 role. THE RESULT The result of my season as Everton FC manager was surprising & breathtaking. In real life, Everton FC scraped Premier League survival with a 16th place finish. On FMM22, I managed to achieve a Caraboa Cup victory as well as a 2nd place finish in the Premier League! We started off shaky & inconsistent but grew into the league massively with hope comming from big wins to Man City which suggested we were in the running for a strong finish. The reasons for success were FINANCES, TRANSFERS & TACTICS used. We bought the best players who matched our attributes at the best prices. We tried to exchanged players no longer required for players wanted by ourselves. The tweaked tactic was unbelievable, leaving opposition defenders confused & with a snakey attacker in Toney, Richarlison & Kean who would ruthlessly punish the enemy! I know in real life Everton had big injury problems plus low confidence from poor form that spiralled. That said, maybe a different system & better deals in the transfer market MAY have improved the end result. Last Season:- STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  14. First proper go at a career on the new game...after a few tinkering and exploring this years version. Going to try rebuild my beloved Everton and take them back to the top. Built a very average squad with the budgets Everton are given....but was enough to make it into the Champions league in the first season...onwards and upwards.... Biggest tip I would give is to vary the way you play based on the fixture difficulty.....in years past I would just keep the same style for every game ,(attacking....control etc) but found that varying it along with the amount of creativity makes a big difference in this year's version. Managed to win manager of the year...and Star Maker too.....so a nice start....bring on Europe...
  15. Last career of FMM19, so let's make it an extra wacky one 🤪 I'm going to, attempting to, recap the thoughts that flew through my mind and the actions that followed. Let's see if you're able to keep up.. Scrolling transfer pages-> Michael Gamble-> Odd name, like it tho-> 🤔 could be a career, no?-> Gamble's a free agent-> No club no money-> Ahhh, got it-> Gamble's going to gamble-> Googling biggest casino in UK-> Found: Aspers Casino (East London)-> Finding East London clubs accepting free agents-> Got one: Millwall-> Gamble goes to ATM to withdraw his last £100-> Hitchhikes to casino to try his luck-> New club: Millwall Me: I'll play the challenge - the challenge is to survive 1 season with this money-lovin' Gambling Man, and I'm going to need your help. It's simple, he's got £100 on him. He wins money, great, he'll complete the season. We win. He losses money, game over! We lose. He can place one bet at the time only! See info below. The number that 'falls' is simply the minute he scores his goal in. I'll make sure he scores no more than once per game so we'll have just one number to work with per bet 😉 You: well, you place the bets. Simply post them in this thread and I'll play every match as if it were bets, until Gamble either completes a full season or.. until he runs out of money. Example: You post £10 on Red, I'll play until Gamble scores, say 33rd min. - > Black, we lose £10. Or you post £20 on Diamond, Gamble scores in 89th min. - > we win £100. This could potentially be over real quick, after a single match 😂 Anyways, if you have no clue what's going on, just ask questions or wait till someone else posts a bet. If no bets, I'll place bets myself and after a couple updates I'm sure you'll get the gist. Ready to play? Min. Bet: £10 Max. Bet: £1000 Odds: 2 to 1 (Even, Red, Black, Odd) 5 to 1 (Circle, Square, Triangle, Star, Diamond) 9 to 1 (1row, 2row, 3row, etc.) Michael Gamble: £100 Bets: 0 Wins: 0 Losses: 0
  16. Hello everyone, I decided to bring AC Milan back to glory like old days (Sacchi/Ancelotti times). I started the first part of transfer window without money!! My profile as trainer was: reputation unknown, no badges etc. Tactic and formation: I change one thing after a few matches: DLP --> Poacher (I didn't have a good DLP) January transfer window was like this: Just 2 players for the season 24/25 Results and fixtures Players stats: The end☺️ For the next season I hope I can change a lot of player and buying young players (wonderkids)... I hope you liked it😁! PS: sorry for my English😅
  17. You know everyone here finds his way to keep this game alive. My own one is to randomise the starting nations, the tactic to use and then select a random team too. Sometimes this brings to very tough situations and to be sacked in some cases, because some roosters suit not to a specific tactic and you have no money to change that. But on contrary it is nice to study and improve tactics that are not popular. Starting nation: Holland 🇳🇱 Other playable nations: Italy🇮🇹, Germany🇩🇪, France🇨🇵, USA 🇺🇸 Tactic: 4-4-1-1 Random team: PSV Eindhoven It is a lucky choice but to stay on a 4-4-1-1 with this rooster will be the challenge. As the tactic won't work at once and the club expectations are high I choose continental reputation.
  18. **Why FC Barcelona is a good choice?** Choosing FC Barcelona as my team was a no-brainer. The club's rich legacy and commitment to developing world-class talent make it an irresistible pick. Did you know that FC Barcelona has won the La Liga title a whopping 26 times? That's the kind of winning tradition that drew me to this amazing club. **The Jewel of Catalonia: Stadium & Training Facility** Stepping into the iconic Camp Nou is a feeling like no other. The passion and history that fill the air at this legendary stadium are truly inspiring. Our training facilities are top-notch, providing the perfect environment for our players to grow and excel. **Building a Dream Team: Staff Members & Financial Stability** Our team of staff is almost complete, and I'm proud to say that we have some truly world-class individuals on board. Delegating training to our Assistant Manager has allowed me to focus on other critical aspects of management, and our finances are in relatively secure hands, providing a stable platform for our club's operations. **Unleashing the Potential: Squad Overhaul** We've made some key signings to bolster our squad, bringing in fresh talent to elevate our game. These additions have injected new energy and skill into the team, while allowing some players to explore new opportunities elsewhere. **Embracing a Winning Philosophy: Tactic and Style of Play** Inspired by FC Barcelona's legendary 2010-2011 season, we've adopted the explosive 4-1-2-3 formation, with three pressing forwards leading our attacking force. This high-intensity, possession-based style has been a game-changer, unlocking defenses and dominating matches in thrilling fashion. **The Sweet Taste of Victory: Glorious Triumphs** Our hard work and dedication have paid off in spades. We clinched the Copa Del Rey and secured the La Liga title, showcasing our dominance and skill. While we faced a tough loss in the Champions League semi-finals to a formidable Manchester City side, and were runners-up in the Supercopa, these experiences have only fueled our determination to strive for even greater success. STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGER STATS LEAGUE STATS
  19. @MikeF tried to give us a better Wales, but they tore down his dream almost immediately. I do not have such noble plans for Guilsfield as I play my 4th season with the club with the smallest ground in the Welsh Leagues. Fresh off our greatest result here: I'm not convinced I can deliver as quickly as Mike, but there is something wonderful about managing all the way down here. For clarity, this season has also included a 5-3 defeat to Forfar, which had East Fife looking on with envy.
  20. As the title suggests. I'm going to attempt a split 3kc. That's 1500 goals and 1500 assists for one player over the course of an epic career. 😳 It's another career inspired, or should I say, I was challenged to complete by my mucker, @Rob. He's always throwing challenges at me and this one tickled my fancy. I started one on last year's version but ran out of time. I was using Arda Guler at Rangers and it was going very well so assuming the tactic still works this might be achievable. 🤷 *** I'll be using international goals towards the total as long as I get the job, of course. I'll also be using International assists. They are totalled at the end of every season anyway so, why not?! If anyone has an issue or doesn't agree with this then feel free not to follow along. 👍 *** So, the club I'll be using for this challenge; A little bit of a cop out but if I'm going to get near this target then I need the best resources possible and City have the absolute best starting point. The League is more difficult than other options but City are that good it shouldn't be much of an issue. Hopefully. ... And, the player; The best wonderkid in the game this year, of course. Choosing a player from a top nation is also important for when/if international management comes. First season coming soon! 👌
  21. Multi 1k Challenge - with Spurs Kids. I've been playing a lot of saves (usually 4-7 seasons) and i realised that one of these Spurs players always becomes their main talisman or a good secondary attacker. So, I've decided I'm going to do the 1k challenge with all of them. One by one. But not with Spurs cause that's boring. There are 4 kids that are always good in saves if they get minutes: Jamie Donley Dane Scarlett Mikey Moore Alejo Veliz And then there are Five other kids who can be hit or miss but if they're good, they're really good. These are: Damola Ayaji Will Lankshear Oliver Irow Jude Soonsep-Bell Herbie James These are from a save i started just to get starting point Screenshots. Anyways, my plan is to attempt 1k challenge in different saves with all 9 of these lads and find out who actually can hit the goal the most. The Teams: I've decided I'm not gonna play in Scotland or some other smaller league. Nah. I'm playing only in the top leagues. But I'll be using the best teams as usual. My teams are Manchester City Barcelona A. Madrid Real Madrid Bayern PSG AC Milan Inter Milan Juventus I will be starting with Juventus and Mr. Herbie James. Lemme know in the comments which player you want to see in which Club! [If you wanna see a different club please suggest, just no Arse-nal.] Oh and I always start with the following Profile. I like the idea of being a great orator who motivates players but also scares the heck out of them 😂. Anyway that's all for now. Will update when I finish soon. Kindly send recommendations.
  22. As a 10-year veteran (world-class FM?) of the game, I just feel like creating this thread to share some of my best players over the years with the community. For me, the most enjoyable part of the game is to identify and develop the BEST players (mostly regens) in the game. The below players are of course without in-game editor and any changes to game codes (I'm on iOS). Please enjoy! ******************************************** 1. Best Defending (20) 🪨 Van Dijk Regen - FM21 Sergio Ramos Regen FM23 ******************************************** 2. Best Attacking (20) 🥊 Messi Regen - FM21 ******************************************** 3. Best Physical (20) 🏋️‍♂️ Hakimi Regen - FM21 ******************************************** 4. Best Goalkeeping (19) 🧤 Neuer Regen - FM23 ******************************************** 5) Best Player ⭐ The GOAT 🐐 (Total Stats: 337/340) Overall (19) Mental (19) Attacking (20) Defending (20) Physical (20) and here comes the most exciting part... 🔥 With the right team talk to achieve "motivated and inspired", he is actually a 340/340 in game!!! 🔥
  23. Man. United REJECTS FC An FMM23 career - with the 2023/24 transfer update What If … ? Think of all the star players Manchester United have lost / sold over the pre-Ten Hag years. Ibra. Depay. Pogba … er … Rojo … … what if one club reunited them all - replacing Luton Town - what if we setup ‘Man United Rejects FC’ ?! Tactic For season 1 - we will use this beast from @sscout - it’s a two at the back, overload tactic … … to be honest - it scares me 😱 Coaches It’s surprisingly difficult to find 4 coaches who are ex-Man United - but we did manage it. When legendary 73 year old Assistant Brian Kidd retires, I’m hoping Tom Huddlestone would have retired from football to take on a full time coaching role. Players … So which players should we bring in?! Ex Man Utd - players must have ‘Man Utd’ in their player history in FMM (excluding loans). Pre Ten Hag - players must have left Man Utd in/before the same summer that Ten Hag joined. Depth - we need at least 2 players for every position (yes including full backs) for a three season career. Thoughts? 🙂
  24. It's not strictly the IALWTTT challenge as I'm not starting unemployed, but I liked the look of @deepheat83 effort at taking a team from the bottom of the FMM24 pyramid to the top using only existing and academy players - no signings at all. In start contrast to the oil money flowing at Human Rights FC in Newcastle, I thought I'd attempt to create a premier league rival with South Shields. Sitting mid-table in the National League North in real life, the expectations were for a top half finish. So here we go... Season 1 The team isn't great and the facilities are both 2 star for training and youth. Our first youth intake: I never trust the star system as I believe its relative to your current squad as opposed to based on PA but I'm happy to have a couple of hot prospects in the first batch. Here are the highlights... Jobson has the barebones of a RP which will fit my system well. Olusesi has amazing pace so I feel he has more to offer than just a BWM but lets see how he develops. Russe can play anywhere so will be a very useful utility player, nice pace too so belongs on the wing somewhere. The result: I spent the first half of the season trying to get my previous low league tactics to work. We started off playing a "we'll score more than you" approach but after a couple of 7-4 thrillers it really wasn't sustainable. We scored 100 goals but conceded 77. Towards the end of the season I settled on a completely new system which i'm happy with as it's much more stable. I'm hoping it'll work through the divisions. It wasn't pretty but we won promotion through the playoffs - a great result. We need a better rep and money to get better facilities and attract better youth. How did the new boys do? Jobson is coming along well with a 7.8 average over the season. Olusesi didn't develop too much but I have plans for him for next season. I'm training Russe as a winger as expected with the stats but also getting him fully green as full back so he can cover a lot of areas. Onwards and upwards (hopefully)
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