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Chat Concerning logo packs in FMM 21


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Hi guys! Sorry if this post comes out as a bit of a rant, but I'm tired of people complining and annoyed at the guys of FMMVibe about logo packs and why they are not there. They CAN'T include them, it's not like they don't want to.

Let me break it up to you: "Normal" Football Manager logopacks WORK in FMM21. If you have any logo pack in your PC, just copy the logos file into your phone into [PHONE NAME] > Documents > Sports Interactive > FMM21 > graphics.

One change you have to make, to have National Team logos, is to go into your national teams logo folder and, in the config file, replace the /Nation/ part with /Team/ . Another user explained it wonderfully, I'll try to link his explanation here.

That's it, no more mean or aggresive comments towards the guys behind FMM Vibe please. It's a great website and we should enjoy it as it is.


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Here is the comment of the guy that solved the national team logo problem, huge thanks to him!

Something else, logo packs can be a bit large (around 2,5 GB) but you can remove all the "Small" logos from it, as they don't matter. With the "Normal" logos is enough, as the game rezises them automatically from the original 200x200 or 180x180 size.

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