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Chat Copa Libertadores Qualification

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Hello! I’m trying to become continental champions on every continent available in a single career. So far I’ve won the Asian and African Champions Leagues, now onto South America (Argentina). The only issue is I don’t know how to qualify.

I won the league in my first season and to my surprise only qualified for the Copa Sudamerica. Other teams, who finished much lower down in the table than me, are somehow in the Copa Libertadores. I don’t get it. Does continental qualification also go off the three year average table (that FM unhelpfully doesn’t let you see) like relegation?


I just don’t understand this league system at all. Last year we only played each team once. This year we play each other twice. Finish top of the league, only qualify for the secondary continental competition. Finish 8th, qualify for the Libertadores. I don’t get it and any help would be great!

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