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Help He Can't Go the Distance


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Which CM/DM role has the tendency to hit it longer or play the riskier passes? The deep lying playmaker is not that guy. He doesn't have the balls to ping one over the defence. He's Mr recycler. I'm not looking for Jorginho. I'm looking for a progressive passer. Xabi Alonso, Scholes, Ashley Westwood. These guys spray long passes all over the pitch. I play direct counterattacking football. I'd like a ball magnet from deep who isn't scared to hit it long. 


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36 minutes ago, Xaint Chris said:

Will smallbone from Southampton Is good at that

Or Robert skov

Infact I prefer Robert skov 

added 0 minutes later

The roaming playmaker role by the way

Roaming playmaker ticks the "ball magnet" box. But he doesn't tick the "deepest midfielder" box. He usually ends up in the final third. No, I don't want that.  I'm trying to recreate Sean Dyche's 442 at Burnley.

Ashley Westwood was the deepest of the midfield duo at RCM. He would collect the ball from the center backs and play forward passes. He didn't hesitate to take risks. Of course, McNeil was the main creator. But Westwood was the deeper creator. Everything else went through him. Most touches, most key passes, most progressive passes. He was high on these lists. 

Making your deepest player constantly create chances only points to one role that isn't in this game. The Regista. Or if we just had player instructions, I would tell my guy to play more direct/risky passes. 


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