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Chat Who’s your best young striker and why?


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I’m looking to score 1000+ goals with a player but I don’t know who to go with preferably young and high potential right now I’m trying victor osimhen since he has all round great attributes who would you suggest?

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If your target is 1000 goals, its pretty doable as long as you have right tactics and right player to support your main striker, and the right mentality to continue a long career - since it will likely be a 8-12 years career, depends on your player. Also factor in the league you want to play, different league will need different approach. 

Osimhen at the start of career is 23 years, he is a good striker that almost peaked, he won't go to any random teams - you need to factor that in 7 years he will be 30 and likely to start declining. But 1000 goals is doable for him - the same can't be said for 2000/3000 goals. 

Any striker is good, you can get established striker like him or other young striker that is under 20 yo - if you like to develop one yourself. 

Some of the recommended ones you can try if you read other people's career - best young striker is hands down Haaland. If you like to develop one yourself, you can try strikers that others already used, like Moukoko, Sesko, Scarlett, Bravo, or any other <20 years with decent attribute and potential. 

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Someone under 18 with either decent potential or a good starting attribute layout to be a complete goal-scoring striker. 


Here are my picks:


But honestly, you could do it with any young player with lots of potential and room to grow. It's all about development and tactics. 



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Strictly best u20 striker :
















There's so many to pick as long as you have the money to buy them. Pick any of these strikers and play the formation that suit them (e.g. Target man style with wingers that give lots of crosses will suit striker with high aerial or Poacher/AF that plays to your through pass) or train them even further to suit your formation (e.g. Train Moukoko's aerial ability to suit him as Target man) and play them for minimum 8 seasons and your good. 

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