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Tactics 2-2-3-2-1 - Consistent formation (Post Patch)


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First time posting a formation so please be gentle.

I've tried many formations from this site and many relied on corner tactic or simply didn't have much luck myself with them.

So after a few trial and errors I made my own, wanted to create something for the 1k goal challenge, failed somewhat but I think I created a tactic that's quite solid.

Conceded very little in the domestic league losing only 1 game to a penalty, and won everything except Champions league (was in a group with Barca, Man city) 

I've only tested in this one team, fell free to try and correct me if it can me improved .





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No need to use corner tactics  .. just see ur game in extended version on normal speed u can figure out where u lacking in set piece tactics ... Just see ur 3-4 full game .. and change accordingly.. make sure ur best players on set piece. 

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1 hour ago, Tondiisk97 said:

thanks going to test it soon! 

can you share player goals and asist?

Of course, like I mentioned this was started with the intention of trying to see if I can get endrick to 1k,

So anyone else as poacher instead of a 15/16 yr old Endrick, should get you a few more goals hopefully.Screenshot_20221209-193319.thumb.jpg.c915363109fa1e5bd2f2ffef2775ec46.jpg



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