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New York Soccer 24! 1.0.0

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New York Soccer!

The Big Apple meets the Beautiful Game. Eight of the great city's football teams have formed a new high-profile league, from the mighty Cosmos to the newly-formed Brooklyn FC.

Only seven clubs had signed up in time for the draft, so all the best players and top coaches went to them. At the last minute, the Irish-American community club Lansdowne Yonkers have been put forward as the eighth side, though they can barely put a team together and have a tenth the budget of everyone else.

It's down to you, Coach Murphy, to lead these little underdogs from Gaelic Park on the outskirts of the city. Can you scramble together a team on the tight budget available? Can you hold your own against José Mourinho, Rudi Garcia and the other high-profile managers in the league? Can you lead Yonkers to soccer glory? Will you be the new Fairytale of New York?


---You must stay within budget, playing in dollars, and salary shown as "annual" in the American style---

The Five Boroughs

Show why Yonkers is called the Sixth Borough by stomping on the homes of the snooty five - win away games in one season in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx.


Majorer League Soccer

Show MLS who's boss by winning the CONCACAF Champions Cup - bonus points if you be an MLS team in the final.


You call that football?

Build Gaelic Park up bigger than the MetLife Stadium - more than 82,500 seats.


An Cluiche Peile

Win the league only using players from Ireland or Northern Ireland.



Download everything in this post.

Close FMM24. 

Unzip the folder db_archive_2431 to data/com.netflix.ngp.footballmanagermobile/files/application_support/SportsInteractive/FootballManager24Mobile

The folder name may differ depending on your phone, but you're to put it in the same place as the folders for "Caches", "Logs", "Preferences", and "Temporary".

Go into the Caches folder and delete everything in there.

Post the changes.txt to data/com.netflix.ngp.footballmanagermobile/files

Put the logos in data/com.netflix.ngp.footballmanagermobile/files/documents (you may have to create this folder)

Put the saved game in documents/sportsinteractive - keep going through these until you see your saved games, it might differ depending on your phone. You may have to replace one of your existing saved games.

This part is tricky, so if you have problems, post a reply below and I'll try to help. Don't DM me, post it here so other people can read it if they have issues.


Thanks to @simbak for the database!

changes.txt logos.zip fmm_save_1.fms

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