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"Why is my Player not performing?" Guide

Why is my player not performing?

Sometimes it may be hard to distinguish why your top player has stopped playing so well or how come the new £100m signing was smashing them in for Barcelona but at Chelsea he cannot hit a barn door. These 5 helpful points are more often than not the core reasons and learning them can help you identify what needs changing in your policy.



This is often an issue with younger players however some older players can suffer from being inconsistent too; looking at you Mario Balotelli. Inconsistency is a hidden attribute within your players' profiles and you cannot access it but if you notice the players burst in form or play well on odd occasions they can suffer from having a low inconsistency rating. There is nothing you can do about this but wait for them to grow out of it if they ever do or sell up.



A players mood can tell you a lot about a player. In their profile screen you may get indications a player is going to hit a dip in form as he may be overconfident and therefore will take games at a lighter mentality causing him to miss opportunities and not play at his best.



Sometimes all a player needs is a bit of a rest. If they are coming back from injury or playing a lot of games then a player can be tired and not to the best of his ability. Waiting until they are fully fit again at 100% they will start performing as they have done in the past.



When going up leagues or having a player transferred from a lesser leagues a player may struggle due to a lack of ability or experience in the new league. Sometimes a player may do a job while others around him are but can suffer from an inability to perform to the level required or bowing under pressure.


Playing Time

Players often need a bit of consistency from their manager to play well every week. A player is at his best when he is settled into a team with familiar players around him. Chopping and changing the squad every week will cause a more notable dip in performances than if they are playing every week apart from a reasonable amount of games off due to tiredness and prioritising games

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