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How to score more goals when dominating shots


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We have all had a game like Huddersfield where they faced 10 men Fulham at home with 31 shots (13 on target) but still failed to score; including missing two penalties, as they lost 2-0 at home.  But many don't realise that this happens in the game and often believe it is a bug in FMM and not down to their own tactics, this isn't the case though sometimes.




Being Unlucky

Sometimes every team needs a bit of luck. On this occasion it isn't on your side but your opponents. There's nothing you can do but just write it off and move on.


Opposition being ultra defensive

If your opposition is camping inside their area then a lot of shots can get blocked or wide and this distorts the shot figures as they aren't "clear cut".


Players taking long shots

Some player roles such as a Box to Box Midfielder and Inside Forward like to take long shots. They don't get in the box to take good shots but like to roam around the box taking shots even if there are better options on.



How to fix this:

Get players with good creativity/passing

Sometimes all you need to break down a defensive team is one good player who can spot a run that no one else would in order to give your player's a vital opportunity in front of the net.


Restrict your roles

If you are using Box to Box Midfielders or Inside Forwards then maybe you should consider not using these roles to make your shots less random and more clear cut.


Invite players out

Don't try and play too attacking. Invite the opposition to have a bit of time on the ball and therefore giving your players more space in the attacking third.


Have a striker with good decisions/shooting

Having a front man who knows how and when to try and put the ball into the back of the net. A good striker can score more with less shots needed and therefore will help lower the number of shots taken with more goals scored.

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