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Help Why im always struggling?


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Hey guys, thats a sad question, but... i need help!!, im struggling with EVERY TEAM i try to play, im not a begginer player...i know bout Tactics, Training, but... in FMM 2016 nothing works!! 

do i need something more? 

where i could doing wrong?? 

please... help me friends!! 

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Well my friend, i use to play like that...

always had success playing these tactics, but at FMM 16, i keep struggling...

no matter how, no matter what i do...

i always lose!!!

this FMM has some different to set up?, staff?, training?, something like that??

im tottaly lost...because everything that i did, didnt make any effect in this 16 version!





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Seems balanced but with lots of gaps and weird instances (first one has two players next to each other doing the same thing and unless you play direct passing it is isolating your front man. The second is more realistic but using a TM with INFs isn't realising his potential.


My advice would be to look at your teams' attributes and see the issues for example your striker is wasteful, your midfield isn't tackling/passing successfully.

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well, i appreciatte your tips Dec, but...i've already manage to fix that...

the MAIN problem is DON'T CHANGE EVERYTHING SO FAST!, when i come at a club, i use to change everything...and it's not so good
as i read in some Tips here, i started a new career and didnt BIG changes, and now it's ok...im winnining and playing well!!!
in FM 2015 i always change everything, and it works well...but, in FMM 2016 its not like that!!!, seems more realistic then..


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